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JUNE 2023

Why CNN Wanted to Show Misguided Russian Missiles? Here is the Answer.

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We should wait numerous information bombs aimed on Russia.

Why CNN Wanted to Show Misguided Russian Missiles? Here is the Answer.

Written by Ahmed Rajeev for SouthFront

The recent piece of western propaganda against Russia met my previous prediction number 6 on western propaganda, which was published in 3rd October. I clarified there that the west will claim its supremacy over Russian weapons and they would say Russian weapons are not good and those weapons eventually kill only civilians.

CNN approved my prediction and threw a so called information bomb that blasted as, the mid-range Russian missiles aimed for ISIL den actually hit in Iran, not even in Syria.

Yes, it was propaganda that intended to seek some achievements.

Firstly, the corporation funded western media have to perform a historically disturbed duty of glorifying their military supremacy all over the world. The western power needs to inspire its own citizens, who are paying huge taxes and supporting government expenditure over budget based military supremacy, so that the citizens can feel zeal to pay more taxes. Ironically though, that tax money is being used to breed terrorists regularly who already made the huge part of the world unsafe for the westerners.

Apparently Russia is spending ten times less money on its military and defense than the US, and with such small budget compared to the US, they are doing excellent in home and recently in abroad. The Joint forces led by Russia have damaged significant number of terrorist dens in Syria within one week.

That is a sheer blow to the American military supremacy. They have been engaged in a battle against ISIL for more than one year but only helped to spread the fanaticism worldwide.

On this sudden shock, the west realized that all their previous efforts are falling under unanswerable question regarding ISIL and CIA backed terrorism in Syria, they took the chance to use their propaganda weapons with as usual lies, and this time without a well-prepared one. Western media found an equation of lies to kill as much as birds possible with a single shot arrow.

Secondly, their aim was to criticize Russian military by questioning Russian missiles accuracy and efficiency. They tried to taint the collective fighting spirit of the Russian citizens on ISIL and inject a feeling of military weakness.

Thirdly, It was meant to create a small crack between Russian and Iranian military unity in the fight against ISIL. Even it had the possibility to ignite a racial hatred amongst Iranian against Russians.

Fourthly, bringing up front such questions on their own military effectiveness in Russia’s inside, initiating intolerance inside of Iran about the Russia led war, seeking possibility of a hypothetical crack between Russia and Iran would be very tantalizing for some western policy pundits. After that so called ‘CNN info bomb’ blast, it was clearly noticeable that, since the western media has worldwide agents and pet journalists, suddenly those people found festivity to reverberate loudly on ‘Russia bombed Iran’ issue. Surprisingly those western journalists didn’t care to get any statement from Iran; the country according to them was bombed by Russian Mid-range missiles. So, that propaganda helped the west to re-communicate and a reunify their agents worldwide for waging information war against Russia led bloc simultaneously.

Fifthly, if you can prove that Russian weapons are not so hi-tech enough, then there can be a negative change of demand of Russian weapons in world arms market, where the west will seek to sell their arms by proclaiming that their weapons are better than the Russian weapons.

Finally, this psychological warfare has the potential to give some momentum within the wannabe terrorist communities. It is another clear sign of how the west always keeps its terrorists cheered up by telling that their enemies are ineffectual against them.

Now it is certain that, the US backed western media will launch more such attacks in future, and it will be increased rapidly within a month. It is a clarion call to all the independent and conscious journalists to uphold the truth. It is hard but achievable with pragmatic efforts.

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Nick Olson

Fired from the ships of the Caspian Flotilla missiles found their targets in Syria, said to CNN about the alleged incident with missiles official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Major-General Igor Konashenkov. “In contrast, we do not tell CNN, citing anonymous sources, and the show starts and our missiles struck their target in near real time. I can not say anything, but any professional in this field knows that in carrying out such operations, always fixed the target image before and after the impact, “- commented on CNN in communication departments to Facebook page of the official representative of the Russian Defence Ministry.

“Over Syria is working around the clock, our group of drones. Therefore, no matter how distasteful and “surprises” for our colleagues in the Pentagon and Langley yesterday hit with precision weapons infrastructure LIH in Syria – still with all the running ship missiles found their targets, “- said Konashenkov.

“It’s a fact. Otherwise would have to admit that located at a considerable distance from each other objects of terrorist groups in Syria LIH yesterday detonated themselves, and almost simultaneously, “- said the representative office


this is just standard practice for the western mainstream media , put a nonsense news with no proof, and then let other media reference this news as if it is a ‘fact’ .. just like the ‘fact’ how russia invaded ukraine in droves and destroyed ukraine army , a ‘fact’ without a single ‘photograph’ from the vaunted satellites..

the western media have been for so long totally subservient and acting as a official mouthpiece for the western government.. they are lying to their own people , not to the rest of the world , because everyone else in the world except the americans know the lies …

american public are the most ignorant and uninformed people with regards to foreign policy/news.. they foolishly think their media told them the truth with objectivity .. that’s what you get from the ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ people..

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Oh yes. The US could sell weapons to a country along with advisement on who to attack. The US weapons are inferior to Russian as the Russian can pinpoint kill ISIS and have shown it.

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