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Why are EU parliament members afraid to talk to Russia?

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Italian member of the EU parliament says they are afraid to express their viewpoint on a dialogue with Russia


Why are EU parliament members afraid to talk to Russia?

Elisabetta Gardini, an Italian member of the EP’s so-called group For New Dialogue With Russia, expressed her belief that it takes a lot of courage to say that you support the idea of a dialogue with Russia, courage that obviously most European countries don’t have.

“We support the initiative of such group because, as you may already know, it takes guts to voice this kind of a standpoint in European Parliament. If we don’t support anti-Russia sanctions, we end up in blacklists”, — She said. “This is an odd situation, for many are just afraid to speak out, and we are not sure who sees eye-to-eye with us and who doesn’t.”

Gardini also stated that members of the group believed that the sanctions against Russia were inadequate decision without any possible good turnout for any of the European countries. It wasn’t helpful to solve the essential problems that it was meant to deal with. The new group wants to promote a new solution to the problems between Europe and Russia using the means of the dialogue. It was created by the French politician Nadine Morano and has representatives from different European state and parliaments with different political views. Sergey Naryshkin, a Russian Parliament speaker, expressed Russia’s openness for dialogue and support of the group’s intentions.

Maybe we are witnessing the beginning of the awakening of the EU countries; maybe they finally want to differentiate themselves as sovereign countries, something we haven’t seen in a long while. Or maybe this is the echo of their long dying sovereign voice. Only their further decisions and voice will tell.


Yoana Manoilova,

South Front

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Jos Boersema

On 18 September ’15, 20:00, Forum, Groningen, Netherlands, a public debate between an E.U. member of (show-)Parliament (being former FNV labor union public face and chair, lady Agnes Jongerius, current party PvdA, S&D faction in E.U. show-parliament), an economist for the powerful business club VNO-NCW, and an active member of the FNV labor union was held, about the topic of TTIP (the radical and lawless economic merger of the E.U. with the U.S.A.). During this meeting Agnes Jongerius said in public, that they where afraid for Russia in the European Parliament, and that therefore they where huddling back under their ally America. This was not said as a criticism, but more as a matter of fact, or even an explanation of why the E.U. (show-)parliament members are considering and perhaps should consider to support the TTIP ratification process. She also conveyed that in the E.U. parliament, they are focusing on geo-strategic battles, like for example they have an hysteria (my words) about China becoming a powerful place able to set rules and standards and they – the E.U. and America – want to head that off and dictate rules and standards to China before China can dictate rules and standards to them. To do that, they want to combine and force China to comply. She literally said that they wanted to create a document that China then would only have to sign on the dotted line, concerning rules and standards.

This is another method of how the Americans are milking the war in Donbass. It gives the Americans the ability to create a specter of fear against Russia in the E.U., which causes an instinctual reaction to unite with America.

Members of the long since rotten national political parties that are committing high treason against the Peoples will by having created and sitting in the European show-parliament, lack the intellectual maturity to understand the geo-strategic games of America, and also the level of organized crime that has America in its grip. It should not surprise anyone that members of the treasonous E.U. show-parliament are put on blackmail lists for disagreeing with America, by the corrupt and fascist E.U. and American bureacracies who are ruining our nations. This is just the start. Bribery has always been in full swing at the E.U., which was originally founded by Nazi lawmaker Walter Hallstein as the first E.U. President. After bribery comes pestering, comes blackmailing, comes vicious personality assassination in the media, then will follow threats, death threats, accidents, and assassinations of family members of the MEPs who become a problem. Some of this is already known to have occurred, against what is probably the only credible politician that is left at the national level in the Netherlands. An absurd scandal was created about that man complimenting another lady about her hairdo or clothes, which he meant to be a courteous act that any Dutch women would be delighted with.

As an example of the roaring corruption and greed at the E.U. it might be interesting to notice that this former labor union spokesperson herself is implicated in selling out the labor unions, and then had to leave her top post. Predictably she ended up in PvdA, and now sits in the European Parliament. Unfortunately a lot of people in labor unions still support the E.U., and lack the honesty to admit that it is all high treason because nothing of it has been directly ratified by the people. In the E.U. part of Europe a most dangerous phase is now beginning: the E.U. is more or less entrenched. It is more or less politically unlikely, that under anything resembling normal conditions it can be overthrown. That means that the E.U. has a diminishing reason to put up a good show, to further its own entrenchment objectives. They seem to have taken the initial hurdles. Because modern politicians are so decadent, so shortsighted, and the ferociousness of the criminal networks behind them – particularly in the USA – it seems likely that they will be increasingly unlikely to control their own criminal, immoral and stupidity tendencies, for lack of an urgent reason to do so. As long as the E.U. was altogether new and crazy, unwanted and rejected, they needed to put up a good show to stay in place. Now that they’ve just steamrolled ahead against popular will, and with a war with Russia to scare the population under their wing, and other games, why would they still care to control their own criminality as much ?

Hence I suspect that in the next 15 year, we are going to see a major increase in organized crime type behavior at the E.U. centers of power, which is also caused by the increasing power that they wield and the amount of money that can be stolen there. It has already been reported years ago that Italian organized crime is increasingly working together with the European Union bureaucracy at the local level in Italy. These criminal networks from the various regions where organized crime is of a highly professional standard, anywhere in the E.U. system, are currently creating networks of influence in the E.U. system, and therefore moving in on its power centers. That is a matter of common sense, anyone with a brain can see that happening just by the simple nature of these groups and their interests.

The question of a resurgence of nationalism in Europe is a double edged sword. In one sense it is sorely needed to repair our lost rule of law and democracy. On the other hand it can roll over into a crazy extreme of ultra-nationalism and fascism, which then becomes a weapon against the labor unions and labor class during a collapse of the western economy under the weight of the bailouts, QEs, unsustainable State debts, and the crushing monopoly industry that the lawmakers have failed to shatter. The resurgence of ultra-nationalism will cause the moderate left and even moderate right, to try to counter those groups with a simplistic pro-E.U. posture. Hence even out of a resurgence of radical nationalism as opposed to sensible nationalism, the E.U. enemy will be able to milk that to entrench themselves even further thanks to the superficial thinking and social reaction modes by the rest of the political spectrum (most notably the far left).

All in all it looks all together bad, and it is all a long way from a correction process, in my opinion. it is very unlikely I belief, that under current conditions there will emerge corrective movements, because the masses continue to be glued to their TV sets (instead of reading South Front, and others in the real media.) The war with Russia and the problems with excessive immigration, which can both be played to strengthen the E.U. (if the media can turn it that way), are cards that the E.U. hasn’t fully played yet, because these are developments that are in their opening phases. Probably those of sensible heart and mind, will remain a small fraction, blackmailed, ostracized, hated, until the situation becomes so unbearable for the masses that they will have little choice but do something against the growing E.U. corruption system. Such a turn around could be a years or decades away, although in modern times things seem to be speeding up remarkably compared to the past. We have to dig in to stay for the long course. Eventually the corruptionists will have to fall through the rot that they are. The pain the masses suffer, will sharpen their minds eventually. Too many cheap goods from China and the plundering of dwindling natural resources are still keeping the mind of the masses clogged up for now.

What do you think ? ;)

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