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Why are EU parliament members afraid to talk to Russia?


Italian member of the EU parliament says they are afraid to express their viewpoint on a dialogue with Russia


Why are EU parliament members afraid to talk to Russia?

Elisabetta Gardini, an Italian member of the EP’s so-called group For New Dialogue With Russia, expressed her belief that it takes a lot of courage to say that you support the idea of a dialogue with Russia, courage that obviously most European countries don’t have.

“We support the initiative of such group because, as you may already know, it takes guts to voice this kind of a standpoint in European Parliament. If we don’t support anti-Russia sanctions, we end up in blacklists”, — She said. “This is an odd situation, for many are just afraid to speak out, and we are not sure who sees eye-to-eye with us and who doesn’t.”

Gardini also stated that members of the group believed that the sanctions against Russia were inadequate decision without any possible good turnout for any of the European countries. It wasn’t helpful to solve the essential problems that it was meant to deal with. The new group wants to promote a new solution to the problems between Europe and Russia using the means of the dialogue. It was created by the French politician Nadine Morano and has representatives from different European state and parliaments with different political views. Sergey Naryshkin, a Russian Parliament speaker, expressed Russia’s openness for dialogue and support of the group’s intentions.

Maybe we are witnessing the beginning of the awakening of the EU countries; maybe they finally want to differentiate themselves as sovereign countries, something we haven’t seen in a long while. Or maybe this is the echo of their long dying sovereign voice. Only their further decisions and voice will tell.


Yoana Manoilova,

South Front



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