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Why a simple game looks complicated?

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Why a simple game looks complicated?

Written by Ahmed Rajeev exclusively for SouthFront

It seems that some western media starts to praise the Russian airstrike in Syria against a cluster of terrorist forces. Especially New York Times recently published an article of appreciation for Russian attack on Syrian terrorists. But NYT didn’t forget to mention the western claim that ‘Four Russian missiles landed in Iran, though Iran officially rejected that American Claim.
There were other developments in the global political stage; such as the Saudi delegates recently visited Sochi to have a negotiation with Putin but unfortunately for the Saudis it only increased the amount of Russian fighter sorties on terror targets.
On the other hand Turkey is in terror and turmoil when the general election is due for November. Nobody is interested to have a long term agreement with Turkey now. But the incidents of Turkey have a great impact on current war, politics and geopolitics in the Middle East. It is clear by now that the US has the only option in hand to keep the lead and that is to spread the controlled and armed radical Islamism throughout Middle East and gradually in Europe.

The well designed Syrian Refugee crisis and their sole destination towards Germany reminds me of an article published back in 2008 titled ‘Strategic Engineered Migration as a Weapon of War” by Kelly M. Greenhill. That article gives an insight of how migrants can be used as a weapon of war.

According to some reports, those refugees not only contain general civilians of Syria or Libya, but also CIA trained terrorists who took their first hand war experience in Syria and Iraq. It is clear that US is storing a huge chunk of Radical Islamic Terrorists in Germany and other places in Europe, with the help of present European government. And those terrorist will be used according to the need of the US in future.

Turkey’s National election is due for November. Already the country is under severe threat from ISIL and other terror groups. If Turkey’s election process fails to elect a single party for the power, and if there is some kind of coalition, then turkey will be emerged as another ground for war of religious separation.
It seems the current policy of US goes with Mr. Erdogans AKP party and US will try to keep AKP in power for their longer term goal of spreading Radicalism to Europe and Middle East. The truth is Radical Islamists are now at the heart and at the gates of Europe.

On the other hand, the US and its historical ally Israel are continuously sending weapons to Saudi Arabia. Even fighter jets and attack helicopters. There are reports that the US sent arms are being used heavily on the Yemeni population. This Saudi monarch, having so much influence on Qatar and Jordan is actively participating into the war of Iraq and Syria and now against Russia by supporting the Radical Islamic Terrorists.

Recently, the tension between Israel and Palestine gains momentum. Palestinian resistance and Israeli arrogance are now paving ways for new front in the war of Middle East. It seems that in an area of turmoil where the Russian force is changing the game; Israel comes out subservience to the Russian might. So, Israel began to beat the comparably unarmed Palestinians to remain into the focus of Middle East power circle. And this political step of Israel will eventually breed more religious hatred and fanaticism amongst Muslim Arab.

The Situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating fast, the on growing military activities of Taliban after Mullah Omar’s death and simultaneously ISIL upsurge in important provinces give hints of a strategy to contain Iran and pressurize Russia. The American policy maker felt tempted to pressurize Iran and Russia from Afghanistan, which is the birthplace of CIA-backed radical Islamism. The US is using their old assets in Afghanistan when those two parties (Iran and Russia) are busy with Syria-Iraq war on terror. In other words, Afghanistan is a historically proven ground for USA to nurture proxy wars. It seems the US is still operating from Afghanistan of its proxy terror front by training and supporting the fraction of Taliban and ISIL. In near future the US will increase its presence in Afghanistan to open an efficient front of terrorists to fight against Iran and Russia. Readers must know that, the post-Taliban increment of opium production in Afghanistan is primarily focused on Russia to destroy Russian youth as much as possible. Pouring life taking drugs is a modern day weapon of warfare.

Let’s come to the New York Times again and its recent appraisal of Russian airstrike on terrorist targets in Syria. You must know that, a powerful American news outlet like NYT does not spend huge amount of money to praise and appreciate Russia. As a news media their main vision is to uphold the American Supremacy, but why NYT and other powerful people from the opposition block of Russia suddenly changed the tone? And why at the same time Washington refused Moscow’s diplomatic proposal on further talk on the Syria issue?

Many media are reporting that, ISIL is retreating from its strong hold when there seemed an apparent victory of Russian led multinational force. I would say this retreat is not the final game; in fact they are now regrouping with a new name but with the same Wahhabist ideology. The Syrian Arab Coalition may be its new name. The CIA trained Al-Qaeda still has the potential to train and lead those wahhabists. It seems they may strike back after the election of Turkey with the urban guerilla warfare strategy.

So, the US diplomacy is now playing the good cop bad cop game with the Russian policy makers. One part of them is defaming and pressurizing Russia on Syria issue when the other part is inspiring and applauding them. This good cop bad cop game intended to create dilemma in Russian policy updating with the changing situation. The US is one hand alluring Russia to engage more into Middle East conflict where the other creates confusion. So, the US is trying to influence intelligently some Russian policy makers for a prolonged war in the middle-east when the CIA is preparing with arms and training with another bunch of terrorists for the future.

The coming phase will never be easy for Russia because the plot is thickening more. Since the Russia doesn’t have any empirical intension in Syria, Russia should get escaped soon from this fast condensing trap. Firstly, Russia should take every step to weak significantly or destroy the terrorists before the Turkish election. Secondly, Russia must try to finish the war and post-war settlement completely before the US presidential election. Thirdly, it is a good time for initiating an all-out attack on the enemy forces if all their positions are identified. Fourthly, the world Sunni community should be addressed with respect. It is a religious tradition of certain Arabs, so the diplomatic approach towards Sunni population should be a priority. Fifthly, Russia must convince Europe that if some catastrophes happen, their leader the United States will remain safe because of the Atlantic Ocean. Sixthly, on a post war scenario Russia must have a strong voice in the Middle East by creating a joint task force with the interested countries to tackle and eliminate terrorism from the Middle East.

Finally, when the world’s only listening to the force, what else you can do to convey your message? So, this war needs a quick demolition of the enemy before it catches you and let your message be heard from the every corner of the world.

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