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Who’s The COVID-19 Winner? Corporations. Who’s The Loser? Everybody Else

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Who's The COVID-19 Winner? Corporations. Who's The Loser? Everybody Else


In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, when an economic crisis is just gaining speed, and when hundreds of thousands are losing their lives, and many more are losing their livelihoods, it’s not all so grim.

Especially if one refers to transnational corporations, including (but not limited to) – Big Tech, Big Pharma, various large-scale social services, as well as companies that accumulate data and process it (intelligence, in a way).

The global fortune of the world’s dollar billionaires rose 27.5% during the global pandemic, reaching $10.2 trillion at the end of July 2020 (up from an estimate of $ 8 trillion in early April).

This is a new maximum that surpassed the previous record – $ 8.9 trillion at the end of 2017, follows from the Billionaires Insights 2020 report prepared by UBS and PwC.

The standard cutoff point for assessing the size and wealth of UBS and PwC billionaires is April 7th, but this year the study decided to extend it to the end of July to cover the “transformative effect of COVID-19” and the stock market recovery from the March flop.

As of April 7, there were 2,058 billionaires in the world – 43 fewer than in 2019. Their total fortune was estimated at $8 trillion.

By the date of completion of the study, July 31st, the number of billionaires had risen to 2,189, and their fortune reached $10.2 trillion.

“The fortune of billionaires reached a new high thanks to the V-shaped jump in the stock market in April-July 2020,” the report outlined.

In the first half of the year, the pandemic practically stopped part of the global economy, “causing a storm in the stock markets.”

In just a few weeks in February and March, the fortune of billionaires decreased by 6.6% compared to 2019, by $564 billion. However, by the end of July, their wealth exceeded last year’s level.

2019, by contrast, was marked by the first decline in wealth in five years.

But overall, over the 2010-2020 decade, the fortune of billionaires has nearly tripled, from $2.8 trillion to $ 8 trillion, and their number has more than doubled from 969 at the end of 2009.

The US, expectedly has the most billionaires.

Next comes China, then Russia, India and Germany in that order. Sixth position comes for Hong Kong, it should be mentioned that even if Hong Kong was considered as part of China, their wealth wouldn’t be near that of the US’ billionaires.

The situation in Russia was analyzed in a report by RBC, citing data from Forbes and other sources.

The combined fortunes of Russian dollar billionaires increased by 15.8%, from $392 billion to $454 billion, from late March to late May, according to Forbes Real Time counter.

During this period, the main owner of Norilsk Nickel, Vladimir Potanin, who took the first place in the Russian part of the Forbes rating this year, became the most wealthy over this period.

During this period, his fortune increased by 32.4%, from $19.7 billion to $26.1 billion.

However, subsequently, due to the accident near Norilsk with a fuel spill and claims brought against Norilsk Nickel, the businessman’s fortune decreased by $3.6 billion.

The global billionaires’ philanthropic spending also hit a record, according to UBS and PwC. They have committed more to the fight against the pandemic than ever before in history.

About 209 billionaires have publicly pledged to spend $7.2 billion on direct financial investments, the purchase of goods, equipment, etc.

“Our research shows that this is the largest amount that billionaires have donated in a short period of time, even after adjusting for inflation,” the report says.

Representatives of the United States donated the most (almost $ 4.6 billion), followed by China ($ 678.8 million). The authors do not exclude that in reality the distribution may look different, because in the United States, charity is a part of business culture and it is more often announced publicly than in Europe or Asia.

Philanthropists were divided into three camps: financial donors (175 billionaires, or 84%) donated $5.5 billion; manufacturers (24 billionaires) converted their factories to produce protective equipment; entrepreneurs (ten billionaires) helped solve specific problems.

What field was the most profitable?

For most of the past decade, the wealth of representatives of different industries grew in comparable volumes. However, in the last two years, representatives of technology and health have taken the lead, and the coronavirus has only widened the gap.

In terms of wealth growth, billionaires in technology (up 41.1% from April to July) and healthcare (up 36.3%) are noticeably ahead of the rest.

The quarantine has accelerated the growth of digital business, and the pandemic has boosted the wealth of equity holders in drug and medical device companies developing coronavirus vaccines, therapeutic drugs, and medical devices such as mechanical ventilators.

The most modest growth was observed in finance (12.8%) and the real estate market (12.9%).

At the same time, the fortune of billionaires has become less stable than at the beginning of the decade.

Of those whose fortune reached $ 2billion at the end of 2009, 153 people have already lost this status. Nearly half of them, 70, have dropped out of the billionaire category in the past two years.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa suffered the most “wealth erosion”, followed by the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas.

2020 was a pivotal year, accelerating the transition towards a more digital economy.

To assess the “evolution of wealth”, analysts developed the concept of “innovators and revolutionaries.”

Based on financial statements and open data, they studied the business models of companies – how much they introduce high and new technologies in the development of products, services and business development.

Innovators include the majority of billionaires in technology (94%) and healthcare (71%).

The innovators increased their fortune by 17%, to $5.3 trillion, in the previous two years and the first seven months of this year.

At the same time, the wealth of traditional billionaires grew almost three times slower – by 6%, to $3.7 trillion.

Some industries have shown their “backwardness”. Analysts ranked as innovators only 37% of billionaires in financial services and 17% in real estate.

In addition, PwC interviewed 84 of its partners with billionaire clients.

Thus, the majority (66.3%) of the latter expect a U-shaped scenario of the crisis development – a slow recovery.

The top 5 worries of billionaires are as follows: recession (20.1%), growing political polarization (18.1%), market volatility (15.1%), financial crisis due to the global recession (14.1%), government restrictions (12.6%).

Seeing the scale of state support, billionaires understand that states will look for ways to make up for budget losses.

55% expect an increase in taxes on luxury, 46% – an increase in direct taxes (on profit, property, income), 36% – an increase in transparency requirements, 33% – an increase in indirect taxes (VAT, excise), 28% – an increase in control and supervision.

Wealthy families expect tax hikes, Yekaterina Lazorina, partner of PwC tax and legal practice, said:

“It is possible that countries will revise their approach to tax payments, stimulating investment in the economy and introducing a tax on luxury and windfall profits.”

This is, indeed, partially worrisome for billionaires, but these issues appear much less significant than those of the general population, regardless, analysis such as these show who actually suffered the brunt of the pandemic, and continues doing so.

Not that it was any secret.


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Great Khan

Jew bitch, big winner sell weapons and lies.


Jew are like albanians, just happen to have been selected to do the job for bankers due to their sectarian setup


who is the winner? jewish bankers


due to the pandemic, liberal governaments have decided to oppress workers strikes much more compared to the pre-covid period. On the workplaces safety measures aren’t really efficient, not only to avoid the spread of the virus, but safety measures such individual protections, low pay-high timetable, as well as the lack of social rights in the western world.

Because of the pandemic, strikes and mass gathering are forbidden. And rulers/lords are exploting this fact to increase the production over people’s risks and lives.

Zionism = EVIL

You are 100% and also suppress human rights under the Pimpeovirus scaremongering. The so-called liberal democracies have been exposed as far worse police states.


The number of Covid cases and deaths is vastly inflated to justify Orwellian global lockdown procedures. Not only are liberal governments doing this, most others are doing it as well. The cloth masks everyone is forced to wear on their faces are next to useless, they can cause facial rashes and infections.
comment image


Sorry to hear that. What you say concerning re-breathing viruses and other stuff the body is trying to eliminate is true.

What we have is an overload of PhD’s telling us stupid stuff. Chris Martinson for example says a mask will reduce viral load. Now I am not a PhD,,, BUT,,, looking at things logically the mask will likely increase viral load as the viruses your body tried to discharged was breathed back in… but… he is a PhD. No common sense necessary for them.

Hope your brother gets well. Sadly he will likely be counted as a Covid Case requiring hospitalization.


That is a screenshot from a person I never met.

Tommy Jensen

Its off course not healthy or natural to breath through a mask all the time like that. Perhaps it could teach people not be be so obedient but decide on their own.

Zionism = EVIL

The fucking JEWcunts and Bilderberg parasites who else? the developing world has suffered the most, India-South Asia, Africa and Latin America have had a 30% increase in poverty.


Even before colonialism, their standard of living was lower than before. The only difference is there was less environmental destruction and less degeneracy without any Liberalism or Cultural Marxism. Race always played a fundamental role in how people behave that influences the state of their society. Blacks in the US commit crimes at a disproportionate rate to everyone else. Despite only being 13% of the total American population; they carry out 55% of all theft, vandalism, assaults, rapes and batteries. Most of these crimes are committed by black males between the ages of 15 and 35. This has very little to do with poverty, poor white communities are much safer, friendly and generous by contrast to all black communities and dark Hispanic communities (Mestizos, etc).

Tommy Jensen

Are you sure? comment image

Tommy Jensen

comment image


The shit show continues, instead of me drooling something I will give you an extencive one an Investigative Report made by an accosiation of French reserve army officers, it goes thru so much but I skimmed thru and found it intresting, regarding whatever that may come, if this world goes down into the Great honking new reset ( i know of another one, and they occure regulary by other means, in ca 300 years interval, where the last one was in the late 1700, witch means, everything you think you know about history is just pure hoggwash).
This is the reason I ask people like Africans, look at old maps, ( from late 1700 and older) take an really close look at them, and then tell me, where the hell is the Sahara eh… desert.

This is and should be regarded as an Tour de Force in basically everything when it comes to the CONvid bullshit and so on, also incl sumplementary food, to medicine, and in it was even things I forgot, like the nutrial benefits of drinking clay, etc, nice one, highly recomended.

WE should start an new Nurenberg tiral, not like the original witch was an total sham, like ICC is to day and so on, mainly because the first one was based upon cracking nutts and everybody tells then what they are ordered to say, but an new one, where the Gates of Hell is in it to other western Ministers an mass, for crimes against humanity.



1: This is not a Covid 19 Pandemic…. It is a PCR Testdemic.

The PCR tests only for the presence of whatever its looking for. It CANNOT determine INFECTION,,, it CANNOT determine VIRAL LOAD. It is completely useless as a diagnostic tool,,, which is why they’re using it. To scare the shit out of you.

A PCR Test average cycles is 37. Increase the cycles, increases the positives. They are using 45 cycles. Almost guaranteed positives.

2: The Virus does not exist scientifically…. A CDC report July 13, 2020, under a heading of Performance Characteristics:

[ “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available] , assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…” ……………..my brackets

3: If no Covid 19 virus isolates are available then how do the know it exists and what in God’s name is the test looking for! “in vitro transcribed full length RNA” —- What the hell is that? Per Springerdotcom….

Abstract. In vitro transcription is a simple procedure that allows for template-directed synthesis of RNA molecules of any sequence from short oligonucleotides to those of several kilobases in μg to mg quantities.

Oh that explains it all!

4: Since they have no isolate what are they basing their vaccine on. Same guesswork as above?

5: So the masses of idiots are hiding in their basements full of toilet paper—– why?

6: Conclusion… You are being scammed, conned, had, etc. (LOL)


Winner is the instigator of the crisis: banking aristocracy (and its multinational network, soros and french scumbags funded Wuhan lab). Crisis was delivered by their new top dog: China

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