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Who is managing the United States behind the scenes

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Although it seems that Russia doesn’t really care who will be the next president of the United States, because it doesn’t actually matter much, but it is still very important who will replace Barack Obama, writes the RIA Novosti philosopher Vladimir Lepehin.

Who is managing the United States behind the scenes

Published at IN4S; translated by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

The United States, judging by everything, is the only country in the world founded by the big landowners, industrialists and bankers. The founders of the United States have managed to create a principally new system of government, in which the property, power and ideology do not control the royal family and the Church, but the oligarchs, explains Lepehin.

Throughout American history, the author reminds us that whoever is in the ruling class and whoever is elected president of the country, the ones who really control the country are the filthy rich.

However, the pass in their closed clubs have never been just a situation of property but also fidelity to its caste.

“It is very much clear that in such system of government the positioned leader of the country cannot be a politician who is not under its control. And where else could the president come from when the entire political system from the bottom to the top is structured so that without a serious financial support of the mentioned clubs (provisionally called ‘Republican’ and ‘Democrat’), a person cannot become even an ordinary congressman? “, asks the author.

It is obvious, writes Lepehin that in such a system of government the president of the US represents only a decoration. True policy of this country is not embodied by the chief of the White House, but the state apparatus which is absolutely loyal to the establishment and American values. The task of this apparatus is the control of the President himself and his actions, notes the author.

Lepehin states that in the 20th century there were only two exceptions in which American presidents were more or less independent.

The first was Franklin Roosevelt, who in times of economic disaster in 1933 and then World War II got a carte blanche for independent operation.

The second was, according to Lepehin, John Kennedy, a Democrat who unlike Roosevelt had no mandate from the oligarchs and who therefore was unacceptable to the American system of government, not only in the ranks of Republicans but also among his own Democrats.

The tragic removal of John and Robert Kennedy then became the foundation for all other Americans who later sought to enter the big politics of the country. And the rules of this policy so far has not been challenged by no one, including Barack Obama, says the author.

Why is Hillary dangerous, and Donald Trump interesting

“We should applaud Barack Obama. He took the presidential position with having some ideas, and tried even to implement some of them, “writes Lepehin, citing as an example his program of reforms of health care and education.

Obama, however, like his predecessors, had to face the fact that the realization of any kind, even a slight idea in America is impossible without the support of the establishment.

“I suppose, however, that the American president responded the gray eminences who blocked his ideas by sabotaging several of their demands. He went out to meet the oligarchical lobbyists in connection with Libya and Syria, but has ‘raised a handbrake’ for calls of ‘severe responses’ to Russia’s conflict with Georgia, the Crimea and Donbas. He signed a decision to extend the sanctions against Russia, but probably with no particular satisfaction, “says Lepehin.

Many people call Obama “the American Gorbachev” because of his inconsistency and indecision.

From my point of view, Obama will go down in history as the president who has tried to bring something positive in US policy, in contrast by the way, from the cynical Hillary Clinton who is hurrying to the authorities,” writes Lepehin.

In light of all this is undoubtedly interesting and provoking candidacy of Donald Trump – a man who, as it is claimed in his commercials, made himself, as well as the left Democrat Bernie Sanders, who is committed to fight against terrorists in alliance with Russia, according to the author.

In his opinion, as a billionaire, and therefore a man of independent peers, Trump could destroy the vicious connection with the structures of the shadows and their puppets as head of state. “It is possible that this link might sway also with Sanders’ says Lepehin, but he is skeptical about the possibility that this will actually happen.

The ruling class of America requires the president-controller. But the problem is that in this class there is no longer a unity as it was before. Bankers finally alienated themselves and divided in particular, supranational caste, and thus are the contradictions of the Republican and Democratic Club within the US establishment and came out at the strategic level, explains the author.

Today, the Republicans do not demonstrate the political correctness by electing women as the head of state. In terms of the erosion of American identity they need a stable and conservative president.

Bankers, on the contrary, requires that the head of the White House embodies a new supranational identity. This is how the African-American Obama is and this is how Hillary Clinton will probably be.

It is possible that the presidential elections in 2016 are the first in the history of the US nationwide election campaign in which the ruling class does not have agreed positions, concludes Lepehin.

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