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Who Is Behind Attacks On Illegal Oil Smuggling Infrastructure Of Turkish-Backed Militants?

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Who Is Behind Attacks On Illegal Oil Smuggling Infrastructure Of Turkish-Backed Militants?

The Oil Stills of Al Mansura near Al Raqqah Photo: David Rose

Submitted by Khaled Iskef.

It is well known that Syria suffers from stifling economic crises. The most severe of them hit the fuel sector, in which the Syrian state may soon emerge from a shortage, until it faces another shortage, within the ongoing petrol, diesel and gas crises in all the Syrian governorates.

These crises are the result of the thefts of the Syrian oil derivatives by America and Turkey, which control most of the Syrian oil fields in the north and east of the country, noting that the largest number of these fields are under the American and SDF control.

This control and the thefts of the oil derivatives, their smuggling and selling outside of Syria contravene all international laws and norms saying that the sources of the subterranean wealth in any country belong to its people and are managed by their state, and any external control over these sources is a violation of the national sovereignty of the country.

Who Is Behind Attacks On Illegal Oil Smuggling Infrastructure Of Turkish-Backed Militants?

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Amid the aggravation of Syrian crises and failure of diplomatic efforts to secure the transition of the Syrian oil to its owners, the Syrian government has recently changed its approach towards the theft operations that affect the oil wells, especially since these important strategic materials have come under the control of terrorist organizations and armed factions affiliated with Turkey directly from the fields under the US control.

The new trend appears through the targeting operations that have affected several times the illegal oil burners, the militants in the areas of “Jarablus” and “Al-Bab” in the northern countryside of Aleppo, especially since this oil comes from the areas controlled by the “SDF”, meaning that the SDF supplies the militants with the stolen Syrian oil at a time when all the regions of the Syrian state are suffering from crises.

This confirms that the Turkish claims about its intervention in the Syrian war in order to fight the “SDF” are false, as it’s supplied with oil from the areas under the control of the factions and the terrorist organizations through the support of “SDF” , which has become categorically rejected by the Syrian state.

Some locals believe that the recent attacks, although are unprecedented, are nothing but an announcement by the Syrian state that it will no longer remain silent about the abuses and thefts of its oil, that it will defend the rights of its citizens, and it will not accept the continued loss of these resources while the country is experiencing such severe crises.

The Syrian state takes into consideration the Russian efforts that seek to achieve understanding between the Syrian state and the “SDF” with regard to the oil resources that the SDF controls, noting that these Russian efforts wouldn’t have existed in the first place if it was not for the continuation of the Syrian stance towards the “SDF” at its moderate level, among the rejectionists. Due to its violations of the Syrian unity, and the calls for it to abandon the foreign support, considering that the Kurds are part of the Syrian component.

In the recent times, understandings have emerged between the “SDF” and Damascus, with Russian coordination, which stipulated to open the door for transportation of flour from silos and warehouses under the control of the “SDF” to the regions of the Syrian state.

This is an important consensual step that could pave the way for the return of part of the stolen Syrian oil.

However, what is certain for the Syrian state is the dependency of most of the “SDF” decisions to America that supports it and controls the largest number of the Syrian oil fields, in contradiction to the international principles and laws.

The thing that completes the American crime against the Syrian people is that the theft of the oil derivatives that are the right of the Syrians and their sale outside the country, coincide with America preventing the entry of fuel into the country through supplies from foreign countries, through the unfair sanctions imposed on the country and forcing various countries to submit it, as it has placed dozens of obstacles for the countries that break this blockade, such as Russia and Iran.


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thomas malthaus


With no domestic opposition, Tayyrip Erdogan can have it both ways, wherever he pleases.


Jens Holm

50% dont support Erdogan and Turkey has several problems. It can change.

Very strange Sputnik cant see the three biggest townd in Turkey already are runned by the opposition even the local governess has low influence.


Lets get real,Syria is doing the right thing for now by destroying those oil tankers full of stolen oil,but the only solution is for the SAA and allies to launch attacks on the SDF and also at some stage launch a massive attack over the Euphretes and take those oil fields by force.

Ivan Freely

The SAA is going to need serious backing in dealing with CentCom before crossing over the Euphrates.

Jens Holm

Thats right. They never will get it from Russia. Maybee they should pray for Muhammed instead of Allah. Muhammed was a warrior too:)

Freemon Sandlewould

Syria needs some asymmetric response or some world event that is so shaking that they can make their move under cover. Barring that they are going to have to slowly and surely squeeze. Breaking the oil business model is the first step.

Jens Holm

I think its kind of funny Assad systematicly kill Syrians, destroy its building and other facities and even burn the fields – and now maybee the oil too:) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/38262550832200b3ffd34caa3862c01e6585fed5ac858c4f6f5fb40fc6083c7e.jpg

You are all barking mad. The only ones having any real plans for Syria are the PYD Kurds and none of You like them – so funny:)

erwin vercauteren

get lost with your delusional fantasies and apologist lies Kurds are pathological crooks and criminals in Europe they are the greatest source of heroin dealers in the suburbs just like the Chechen are their best customers these ethnicities just like Jews and gypsies are hated for some reason they have always been robbers and looters true history and so are the western Catholics and Anglo-Saxons pigs that is why they all get along so well the real alliance of evil bastards and cultural looters

Jens Holm

Hard to see its related to, what I have written.

It would be nice if only they and we were thecriminels in the whole world. Maybee You define crime different then me. I think so.


The Americans are the only ones who have a ‘real plan’ for Greenland so I guess you’d be happy to step aside and let them have it huh?

You twist fighting an Islamic insurection led by mercenaries paid for by enemy states into “Assad kills his on people” …. of course he killed syrians …. they were trying to take down the legitimate government and replace it with a theocracy that burned prisoners alive in cages.

You present yourself as a reasonable, liberal minded Dane but you support some seriously twisted shit my friend painting ISIS as something akin to flower children protesting the Vietnam war who were mowed down by Assad and Kurdish nationalists as busy little beavers working to build a better Syria.

Jens Holm

Denmark with Norway has had Greenland for many centuries, and its decided by treaties how things are. USA alredy has the Thule Airbase there and had had one more.

But there are 2 steps. One is the Inuits there decide themself for most changes because they are an autonome. Next we as a country decide too.

I dont think we have problems with a base more there again or fx a drone station. You read Trump as he is USA in those matters. He is a was as well as we are open as descriebed.

Its also minus in economy. Today the rest of us pay about 300 million dollar to them. There are only one mine, which can pay off. There are minerals there, but its deep behind mopuntains vertical to the sea and there is no available and possible transportation. So far there are ice too.

So Ypur Hillbilly reflexions wont be as You might assume. It is true corners of Greenland can be important, Importance is a relative.

Jobs up there mainly will be by international high tech companies as well as a few Inuits if things change. Thats how mining is.

So far they mainly take up fish, seals and scrimps from the sea. Those grow slowly and that kind of joibs cant be expanded.


I dont twist. I tell You You thats so many dont like him and his for good reasons and also tell You why. What happens there didnt come from high above but escalated slowly as putting more and more tea in a cup. There was no suddenly by americans, turks and they have been in minus conflict with Israel long time before I was born – and lost. Almost everything is used for weapons, police and intelligense for infected hard control by few feudal like plunderes not even expanding the many productions to get more. They are incompetent in almost any kind of organisation and based on control.

It has been a free green grass for the Baathists. People in Islam are obeyers and easy to handle. If they kind of panic and riot, they act as sheep too. You just are agressive. Sometimes a couple of barking dogs are enough.

There is no legitime Goverment of Syria. There has been none such tool for decades. Furthermore the ones, which are there are not sekular but use Islam and vomens right too, so the vomen ven are kept more stupid and illitarate as men.

Any devellopment is not supported or stopped. They are not even able to produce oil and gas from fields, which are empty because that part also lives in the old days.


Obvious You cant read or dont understand based on knowing nothing about what coun tries are. Most of those Jihadists are made as a opposition to Assads. The same goes for Kurds. And You seemes to have forgotten all the Shammar emmigrants all the way from Raqqa to Abu Kamal and up to Hasaka.

Most of them are not as bad and agressive, when You treat people better and systematicly help them and Yourself by improvements. Even konservative Shammers are ordinary normally peacefull people, when You give them some real influence.

But Your primitive reaktion is a lack of knowledge. In Syria You have millions, which dont like Assads. You also has millions OUTSIDE Syria, which like none of the people in Syria of today. If those supported Assads, he and his had won the internal war long time ago. How many soldiers can fx 6-7 mio give – maybee 100.000. They prefare to be poor far away and some are even in tents.

So I dont paint. most of them and even today support they grow just as Turks do even with the very moderate sometimes old fashion Kurds.

I have about 70.000 comment here. None says I descriebe ISIS as You insinuate. I tell You why they are there and has become so many and many even has arrived to help to a system of the worst, which is a contrast to the worst, You are in deniel to see.

Liberal is not as You describe it here. We ask people and debate and by that decide in the Country and the Local parlaments. So I tell You the most important tools for silently to erode extremists away is sober influence and responsability by structures for all with less but much more relevant control + TRUST

Parle, debate, all being represented at least as numbers is not in Syria.

My oppion is written many times before. WEe have no friends there. We never will have no friends there. The best solution is a wall around You west of Istandbul and in the Northern Caucasus. If You act less bright the Our pigs Ypou only are oil out and food in to fair prices. If You feel overpopulated, we can send in weapons, so You can kill more faster.

Not a single svimmer from there. 50% never integrate and cost a frotune doing hardly anything then looking back in time and at football matches from there. Syrians also has high overcrime here compared to others. We cant see which are the ones, which are not eveen they are the wast majority.

Our best Syrian friends are abroad in Syria and as long as they stay in Syria, they are Our friends. We even will parashute pigs we dont like to You, if You starve and by that cant kill each other.

I never has supported any danish engagement all the way from ASfghanistan. The same goers for what happend in Vietnam.

Now go and kill each other. When You do they wont come here. WEe already has Our own extremists and dont need ISIS and other kinds of Jihadist supporters. I kind of love, they went home and hope more will be killed.


Didn’t you mistake Israel and its handling of Palestinians with Asad?


Everybody knows the terrorist factions actively burn the agricultural fields – the direct intent is to create grain shortages and civil unrest in Syrian society. This is merely a localized tactical action, within the broader foreign led strategic, sanctions led, economic war against Syrian state (economic component of ongoing US Regime Change Policy).

Ford Fairlane

They are separatists with their own plans. Any real country would fight them to the death.

John Mason

Russia had the terrorists on the run and virtually defeated back in 2017 but Putin who was honoured with being a tactical genius pulled out and reduced the Russian military in Syria which in turn allowed the US to move in and set up their bases. More going on in Syria than what is led to be believed. Syria won’t get back any time soon any of its lost territories if ever.

Just Me

I am surprised that SF has not published the latest video of a super Iranian underground missile city unveiled yesterday in the mountain hinterland of Sistan. It would control all access to the Persian Gulf.


Jens Holm

If so Teheran will be a lake.

Jens Holm

Assads cant even make military control for the areas they have by support from Hesbollah, Iran and Russia.

Whats Your purpose. Turks also will take more – and as proposed from somewhere here – they migt take the NE fields too.

Jens Holm

A start would be Iran and their shiity associates left.

Oliver Eitel

finally my boy from Tel Aviv shows is color…..

Liberal guy


Jens Holm

You might need this https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7299d93cf56c8195d489fba4b480997febdd09a10d0b74636f9cb1a1c0a6d5c2.jpg

Jens Holm

Thats what we are and asked in by the Bagdad Goverment. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/32885870f66c052982d0666863c293c8693c05c364a7acc02159f3fe91d4a061.jpg

Assad must stay


Assad must stay

theyre nothing but liars

Jens Holm

It doesnt. Their world is not that narrowminded.

If so they anytime has taken the full production in North East. Whats the matter with You??????


There will be no withdrawal of US forces or end of the Syrian war with the current Biden Jewocracy entrenched in Washington. This leaves only a resumption of clearing operations by the Syrian government coalition to recover territory.


“She met her Jewish husband, Douglas Emhoff, on a blind date in San Francisco”

– 5 Jewish things to know about Kamala Harris –




The Jews rape 1,000 children worldwide every week. Which are felony crimes that non Jews are sent to prison for every day. Blood sucking Jew baby raper.


Jens Holm

They probatly give better candy then You. Try sushi https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d3744fd1a65d0bcfb153fb715b58c02aaa838eabe1422e0527103f5b46e63b2d.jpg

John Mason

When the conflict is eventually over and Syria is victorious the Syrians need to round up the Kurds and those tribes that assisted the terrorists and their supporters and offer them the choice of an immediate departure or a bullet in the head and f..k global opinion; the global community is not paying the price for all of the losses and tragedies that Syria has suffered.

Jens Holm

I wonder why so many dont like You.

Davide Herzog

Antifascists are criing and raging !.Are they leaving for Siria to fight against Russian and Sirian fascists ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e45df31c4eeb881e6ea58b24b56b8cde4ca21a9b65fc0b643c0533ad78b14a8.jpg

Jens Holm

Soon Saladin anduncle will be there too https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/25af639653165f55ae0f9bdce223fa58ee1eb8669e485b88ec37ebfa1de7cad8.jpg with the 8 passports will be there too


Given terrorists low-tech and low-safety approach to transferring, storing and refining oil – the oil soaked stacked drums, soaked ground areas, soaked clothes and gloves, splashed tanker sides and dripping pump hoses – can only imagine the scale of intensity for such an unprepared environment being suddenly struck with high-explosive ordnance. Bad for business.

El Mashi

“There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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