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Who Controls What: Syrian Oil And Gas Infrastructure Map

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Who Controls What: Syrian Oil And Gas Infrastructure Map

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This map provides a general look at the current military situation in Syria and the sides’ control of the country’s oil and gas infrastructure.


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Nasty US regime it is always about the fu**ng OIL. ALWAYS


And the central banks.

Ceasar Polar

And the gold stored in the central banks. Those are 1st objectives. 2nd the Gold. 3rd saw KO’s in the targeted country to syphon more of the oil, illegally, and sanction all other country that tries to sell or buy oil from the target country. —-> ZioNazis at work.

Ceasar Polar

Beautiful map update, Thanks SouthFront!

klove and light

Zionist plan getting fullfilled………another part of syria under direct NATO occupation with thehelp of the sunni Islamist terrorists which now again have a “save haven” in syria under the umbrella of NATO.

Putin you r a Zionist pig.death to america.death to Israel.curse on the jews.

Russia and USA, two sides of the same coin.controlled by satanic zionism that serve the final satanic Zionist Agenda of a one world Government with Jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish Leadership.ALL nations that RECOGNIZE this ILLEGAL SATANIC Entity named Israel are part of the Agenda.This includes Russia,usa,eu,uk,china etc…


Go away you Israeli sack off shit.

klove and light

Home Syria Late night footage from Syrian Army’s offensive in northeast Latakia Syria Late night footage from Syrian Army’s offensive in northeast Latakia By News Desk – 2019-10-26

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:00 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a major attack on the strategic town of Kabani and its surroundings last night in a bid to finally take control of this key area. However, after several hours of fighting, the Syrian Arab Army was forced to retreat after suffering heavy losses at the hands of the jihadist rebels. https://youtu.be/rgz-SBu1udU


Fuck off jackk ass.

David Parker

And that video of a few tracers is supposed to be evidence of an SAA defeat? BS!


I miss Philip Giraldi’s great articles here at SF. So I’ve gone to other sites to read them. He may be former and to an extent perhaps current CIA. But his analysis is some of the best on the planet. His most recent article sums up much of the current Jew problem as it relates to Syria is a single paragraph:

“To give Trump his due, his original announcement that he was removing ALL U.S. troops from Syria made powerful new enemies in the Israel Lobby, which has been backing the president because of his many favors to Tel Aviv but which has never really liked or trusted him. Israel has long, and even openly, promoted the breaking up of Syria into its component tribal and religious parts to enable the acquisition of even more land in the Golan Heights and to reduce dramatically the threat coming from any unified government in Damascus. It has also seen the Syrian civil war as a proxy conflict fought by the its poodle the United States against Iran. Israel and its friends in Congress and the media will, to say the least, be disappointed if the war is now truly ended and the U.S. military is withdrawn.”

– An Imperfect Bit of Statecraft –


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