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Who Benefit From Terror In Europe, US Political Chaos And Regional Wars?

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Who Benefit From Terror In Europe, US Political Chaos And Regional Wars?

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There has been a peak of extremist activity in Europe in recent days. The formal reason that triggered the process is the publication of the cartoons insulting the Prophet Muhammad by Charlie Hebdo. Subsequent events came very quickly: teacher’s beheading, the forceful comments made by E. Macron and followed by a series of terrorist attack in France and Austria.

This crisis is certainly due to European interior problems. Such a turn of events has been expected. Sooner or later, the accumulated contradictions had to result in an escalation of violence.

At the same time, an important process is taking place on the global stage – the US presidential election, which splits local society not only by political preferences, but also by religious affiliation, race and lifestyle. The escalation in Europe coincided surprisingly with the peak of the election campaign in the US.

The vote fraud is the large factor of the presidential election in the United States, according to Donald Trump:

Who Benefit From Terror In Europe, US Political Chaos And Regional Wars?

Investors are extremely wary of the current events. Contested election, further turmoil, and possible destabilization of US political system will surely affect financial markets. Both sides of the American political struggle admit, or even state the inevitability of protests’ eruption in the United States, regardless of the Presidential election results. They will push investors away from the dollar.

There are not many stable currencies or save heavens left in the world. In the Euro-Atlantic region, the main competitor of the dollar is the European currency, the euro. As a result of the crisis, Europe can gain significant competitive advantages on the global market, and the euro can strengthen its status as the world currency.

This scenario is at odds with the interests of a significant part of the Washington establishment. Thus, it is highly likely that there will be or have already been attempts to organize pressure on the European economic system and the European currency.

Both opposing forces in Washington need a certain pause in foreign policy in order to sort out the interior disputes. Thus, both forces today are interested in high-profile destructive events in various world regions, which would occupy the local political leadership and political elites with their own problems.

In these conditions, the ongoing wave of terrorist attacks in Europe and the recently erupted war between Armenia and the Turkish-Azerbaijani bloc in the Nagorno-Karabakh region appeared to be pretty well-timed events that contribute to the interests of the Washington establishment.

Of course, the American intelligence services cannot be blamed for contributing in some way to terrorist attacks in Europe. On the other hand, there is a probability different from zero that it was in their interests, for example, to delay the transmission of necessary information to their European counterparts. Or it could support the increase of the immigration flow from North Africa, which was taking place in recent months. Or the promotion of protest activity in Europe, for example, in Poland. All these events negatively affect both the general socio-economic stability of Europe and the European currency.

It is likely that a similar approach is shared by the UK, which has become the main partner of the Americans in the international arena. If both the US dollar and the euro lose their positions at the same time, the British pound and the UK itself as the financial center of Europe will gain the most.

Who Benefit From Terror In Europe, US Political Chaos And Regional Wars?

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Another destabilizing factor for Europe and the South Caucasus, the war in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, also faces little concern among the current US leadership. Instead, the Turkish expansion to the region, which is accompanied by the increase of presence of radical militant groups in Nagorno-Karabakh (most of members of these groups have views similar to those of people that carry out terrorist attacks in Europe) and the subsequent destabilization of the Caucasus are also in interests of Washington and even NATO. This does not only allows to draw attention of the European political and business elites from the instability in the United States, but also creates conditions for the strengthening of NATO positions near Russian borders. In the future, points instability created along Russian borders could be used as a part of the coordinated campaign to destabilize and dismantle the Russian state.

If we even totally reject the ‘conspiracy style’ theory of politically motivated manipulations, it seems probable that not U.S. or British elites but their financial speculators would try to use instability in various regions to organize swing trading. While the Washington can seek to temporarily weaken the Europe’s position, global financial elites are interested in lasting destabilization in any part of the world that they have enough capabilities to provoke.

Indeed, both factors, the growth of the terrorist threat in Europe and the instability in the United States, are mutually reinforcing and would allow financial speculators to derive super profit from market volatility. In general, all the current crisis phenomena, such as political instability in the USA, socio-economic tensions in Europe, global problems caused by the coronavirus crisis, contribute only to global financial speculators. All the while, the main losses are incurred by ordinary people.


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    1. Dicksonrp says:

      Americunt DeMockRacy at its best.

      1. Great Khan says:


      2. Jens Holm says:

        Not at all. Its old crap from the old days and should be reformed. Last time it could not even elect the one, which had the majority of the voices.

        The all or nothing is very bad because 49% gets no seats.

        A somple way could be one seat for 1 million votes. So if a state had 20 mio. voters and one got 48% of the votes and one got 52%, they would get 9 and 11 seats.

        We have this in Denmark. We even has a compenator for the whole country adjusting with availabe extra seats, so the 48 to 52 a little inaccurate is adjusted and made more accurate.

        By that hardly none feel their vote us a waste of vote, because its more then 95% NOT.

        You also should not registrate as voters because You already are by Your constitution. We have to have a legal addres if we move and within 14 days and get punished if we dont.

        By that everybody get a letter(which today could be mail by Our E-BOX). Here we get a letter telling what to vote about in short terms, we are told where and when and we have to have ID with picture one if there are irreguarities incl mistakes and cheeting.

        Whe we vote its as You do in schools, countyhalls annd like that.

        Here we get the list to vote on by giving our birthday. Its poplical party members of different parties which do that job, so they can keep and eye at ech other.

        And then we vote.

        Its added to the letter for voting, that we can vote by letter and we can get help, if they fx dont trust their nurce.

        In most places, there is flyer, where private persons or organisations donate free transportations. Its forbidden for them to talk politics or even give the handicapped and old ones anything.

        Out of that context, we are more organized and all has to have a bankaccount and a bank cant deny that but make restrictions for it like “no creditcard” and no minus is possible. The Goverment are allowed to take childsupport from there as well as a few other kinds of debt until a low level.

        We also dont have Your stupid version of tax, where You – as I fx see in Old Judge judy – all has tax returns.

        Number one is we let Your employer take the main part of You tasx direct to the RIS. They know You salery and we almost all are paid pr month. Next You by computer or telfone can adjust Your tax as You wish. We sometimes get a better job, we sometimes get a lower paid one and we sometimes has no jobs, so we can adjust in a few seconds.

        If we cant estimate Ourself, we call the local County or RIS and they calculate relative accurate estimates for us. They say “relative acurate”. They know that if You normally pay 50% in tax and gets a 12 dollar job, You should not go to only 40% in tax but 45. By that You have what You keep and deserve and only gets very low taxreturns or no suddenly pay to RIS for 1000s of dollars.

        If You are an american, I will tell You, that You should learn from the rest of the world and take in good parts already invented.

        I wish Biden will win this, but actually You need reforms and fx like Sanders. You keep even the best of the poor as unproductive their whole life. Here in Denmark we see those people as well as the rest of us as investment. And yes, there is a waste but the cost benefit anytime says it pays off.

        In that I also see You should blame many of the poor ones but very much change their minds. They cant climb away from the wellfare with no help. They are bound by traditions from old days and some of the black fx still act like slaves, but too many of the white ones – I am white – also treat them as slaves.


          1. Ace says:

            You seem to be on drugs or something.

      3. Zionism = EVIL says:

        The fat orange tub of lard moron loudmouth Trump is gone, now a senile old fool with hair plugs and dementia will be the patsy for next few years until he dies. No real change really, the Jew deep state is still in power. The most disgusting and laughable aspect is that in a failed shithole of 230 million, they could only find two washed out old white men to run in this farce. Americunts are ignorant dumbarses extraordinaire. Let’s hope they burn the shithole down.

      4. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Americunts are the most ignorant dumbarse morons on earth. the orange moron’s son just tweeted this idiotic map.

        Donald Trump Jr has been widely mocked after posting a map on social
        media which suggested US-ally India would have hypothetically voted for
        Democratic nominee Joe Biden for US president, while archrival Iran
        would have backed his father Donald Trump.

        On Tuesday, as polls opened for the US presidential election,
        businessman Trump Jr jokingly tweeted his electoral “predictions” in the
        form of a global map coloured in blue for Democrat and red for


    2. Lone Ranger says:

      Its an obvious cheat by the demonrats.
      Question is what will Trump do about it.
      More importantly, whom will the U.S. military side with?

      1. RichardD says:

        The military says that they’re going to stay out of it. So whatever ends up being offical is probably what they’ll go with.

        I agree that the steal is on and the democrats are trying to use corruption to get their way with an official seal of approval using more fraud and crime in election process, courts and elsewhere.

        Will Trump be able to make the system work properly? So far he’s had limited success with that. Which is why the situation that now exists does exist.

        1. Great Khan says:

          JEWS….benefit…Great Khan ….always know TRUTH….

          1. RichardD says:

            Yes, that’s the main problem.

      2. Ivan Freely says:

        The rank and file usually are Conservatives. My guess is that they’re going to let it play out until there is no other option.

      3. Jens Holm says:

        You again show You know nothing about us.

        Our mulitaris as well as diplmasy always are controlled by Our Govermenets in its different versions.

        In USA its divided in power for the President and the “War commity”. The USA military are more independent then in most country to do their jobs more as they wish, but they have no polical power.

        Basics are the president can declare war and like that – but has limited ressources, so long time expensive things has to be given by the war commity.

        Yopu might know “McCain” which after many years died by a tumor. He was Leader of the war commity.

        I see no obvious cheat by Democrats. I see they here and there should count one more time. and so far no manipulations.

        And Yiu cant say something like for sure. In severalk states parts of the votes by letters are not even counted for the first time.

        I think I can see the letter votes has a majority for Biden, but complaining about votes still in the leter box uncounted is far out and more an evil routine wishing 330 mio amerricans not well.

        As a minimum I will add they and we do vote about things and are able to replace the leaders. Sometimes it becomes worse but we do elect again and try better next time.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Try to adjust your LSD dosage Jens…

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Our armed forces are commanded by the politicians and dont take side. You can find all about at internet – if You have interney. I dounbt that even You seemes to be an expert in too much LSD.

          2. Great Khan says:

            You really STOOPID….you no AmeriKKKan…you Jew hahhahahhaa

          3. Jens Holm says:

            You are stupid. You are the one, which dont see, Im no american.

            But I do know how most of their structures are and can explain them.

            Im sure I prefare to be a Jew instead of someone like You. We are dping fine being 500 mio. Jewsin Europe and just as many in North America.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            You are watching too many disney movies.

          5. Great Khan says:

            He…dumbo character….hahahhaa

          6. Jens Holm says:

            ItsYou Granfather unshawed

      4. Great Khan says:

        JEW….who else…hahahhaha

      5. Frank says:

        Frankly nothing. US military is cuckold to the cabal.

      6. Zionism = EVIL says:

        No matter which puppet old clown they put up, the Americunt failed state shithole will burn and go down.

    3. Frank says:

      Frankly speaking, Trump has won the selection, but is unpalatable to the deep state and cabal who have a bigger agenda. Biden is the patsy senile president.

  1. Rhodium 10 says:

    That map is not accurate..in Shusha and around are no more than 50 AZ special Op soldiers operating….Armenian troops are close to Fuzuli area targeting AZ troops with Mortars and ATGM..

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      How is that relevant to AmeriCUNT election farce? LOL

  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Operation Gladio B.
    Most the terror networks in Europe for the past 50years were created, trained, and armed by CIA black ops.
    In fact most of them are a continuation of nazi stay behind troops with new leadership.
    They killed Aldo Moro as well.
    Never forget, never forgive.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      I hope the Marsians wont find You first.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        I hope you will get off of LSD.

        1. Great Khan says:

          He very stoopid mamtu…hahhaaa brain lost in drug….

          1. Jens Holm says:


  3. RichardD says:

    These numbers don’t appear to have changed much in the past couple of hours. I’m starting to wonder if the counting has been stopped due to the fraud.


      1. Jens Holm says:

        Benny Hill Billy has spoken.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Why dont You go to school and learn to read whats behind those numbers.

      Its told so many times by TV, radio and internet what its all about. If the number of votes dont change its because the manuel and letter votes has been able to be counted.

      The election by that is OVER apart from they might find a few votes here and there. Insinuating it might be fraud says You have no idea abou´t whats going on.

      It does change in a few states. The main reasons are, they have many votes by letter. There can be other reasons. One important one could be they do have to recalculate a country becuause some votes are not included or counted twice. Those are not fraud but shit happens even it should not.

      I do it with potatoes to my garden even I dont grow many of them. Thats not fraud but bad omen.

  4. Jon says:

    Don’t be silly. There will be no insurrection in USA. Dems will have House of Representatives and White House. Republicans will have Senate, and Constitutional Originalists will control Supreme Court. Power is thus divided and no side can be in control. That is what Americans like: the three branches of government checking each other so that radical change is impossible. The structure of governance in USA is ingenious and provides long term stability. Don’t expect big changes in foreign policy either. State, DOD, and Intelligence have long pursued a bipartisan agenda and Trump was unable to derail that agenda in any significant ways. His reinvigoration of Euro funding of NATO, his Mideast peace initiative, and his withdrawal from foreign wars will be his enduring legacy.

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      Trump didn’t withdraw from any foreign wars. Granted he didn’t create new ones but he allowed the existing ones to continue. News of troop “withdrawal” is nothing more than relocating them to another region / nation.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Haha. I think Trump is smiling looking at Russians in Syria:)

    2. roland says:

      Trump gave the keys to the Whitehouse to netanyahoo remember.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        I remeber that. The key was 600 ton and there are no keyholes in the White House apart from the wine cellar:) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/61894f409d420c2ba11d23945ef2cfba2c947e36c20275d4cd62f04f12f63d69.jpg

        So You have a webcamera on or think You closed it. Some pedofile little girls are watching You.

        1. roland says:

          Yea I know I know more than you think

    3. Great Khan says:

      Great Khan…..agree…no change…Jew con-troll AmeriKa…hahahhaha

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Western are all Jews because Yiur definitions are wrong. If we are runned by Jews I any time prefare that from anything else.

        Please give some link and inspiration for something better.

    4. Jens Holm says:

      Thats right. Its about which President You choose. In foreign policy he compromized well with the republicans.

      But as we also saw with the “Obama care” this came in a very limited and bad versuin, because the oposition were able to block and minimize it.

      It repat myself. Its very much about getting better candidates for presidents as well as needed reforms are hard to make come through.

      Its still my ippinion they get Biden but the need is a Sanders.

    1. RichardD says:

      It’s increasingly looking like the democrats and deep state have sufficient control of the US election process to steal the US presidential election from the actual winner using massive voter fraud.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        If You will find the deep state look up into Your behind near the brain.

    1. Harry Smith says:

      Is your AR .22lr? If it is than you have a perfect weapon for urban environment.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Nobody else are, where he is. Right now he is building a town:)

        Here is Sherif there too. Selfdetonaters are only allowed to detonate themself.

      2. RichardD says:

        That’s a Keltec Sub 2000 folding .40 S&W carbine.

        1. Harry Smith says:

          Sub means submachine? Is it leagal?
          .40 SW has really good balance between power and recoil.

          1. RichardD says:

            This one is semi auto. Keltec may have full auto versions for the government.

            .40 S&W coming out of a 16 inch barrel adds about 200 fps in velocity over a handgun.

            You could stop a brown bear with the right ammunition.

            In this platform the recoil is very manageable for aimed rapid shots.

  5. Jens Holm says:

    The assumed socalled peak hardly exist. We catch most of those morons.

    The winners are the right wing fanatics and the loosers as usual will be Our muslim moderate well integrated ones.

    We see other results too. The Turkish childcare center naming themselves grey in their brains seemes to be restricted in France because of Erdogan. Is that a Victory?

    We have seen exact the same for “Gülen schools here”. Local Turks here hardly trying to remain connected well to Turkey now cant learn to speak, read and write Turkisk. Those Turks didnt care if it was Gülen or what They got culture by that.

    But I am fine. Danish Turks now go to danish schools and many integrate better and faster having no choise. Turkish parents has moved close to those Gülen schools by patriotisme.

    Is that a succes ?? More like an Erdogan desperat selfie too. I love Erdogan for that. A part of the Turks living here are still the same as when they came in 1970 and not even follow the modernisation in Turkey.

  6. Icarus Tanović says:

    Of course, the American intelligence services cannot be blamed for contributing in some way to terrorist attacks in Europe… And then this: On the other hand, there is a probability different from zero that it was in their interests, for example, to delay the transmission of necessary information to their European counterparts. Or it could support the increase of the immigration flow from North Africa, which was taking place in recent months. Or the promotion of protest activity in Europe, for example, in Poland. All these events negatively affect both the general socio-economic stability of Europe and the European currency.
    Well, it is pretty OBVIOUS that American inteligent services plan this just to destabilize Europe and Euro, just before elections.
    Jesse Ventura says that between two evil players, Biden is lesser one. I believe him.

  7. cechas vodobenikov says:

    US ruling class always prefers democrats–more corrupt and imperialist…impoverished stupefied Americans are obsequious–they submissively vote when they are presented w 2 choices, a cadaver and an idiot

    1. Jens Holm says:

      5.37 CET the resuslt for 99% in Wiconsin was like this:

      Joe Biden
      Democratic Party
      49,6 % 1.630.542 votes

      Donald Trump
      Republican Party
      48,9 % 1.610.007 votes

      Jo Jorgensen
      Libertarian Party
      1,2 % 38.414 votes

      Brian Carroll
      American Solidarity Party
      0,2 % 5.253 votes and finally

      Don Blankenship
      Constitution Party
      0,2 %

      That data is easy to get from the Wisconsin Elections Commission, which reported a total of 3,684,726 registered voters as of Nov. 1. Wisconsin has Election Day registration, which means that the voter registration numbers are likely even higher than the total reported on the state website on Nov. 1.

      source: https://www.factcheck.org/2020/11/viral-posts-misreport-data-on-registered-voters-in-wisconsin/

      The RichardD source someone like this inhekted with som % alcohol or bad intensions. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/04c3aae73324873499c0f7c62f4ab38d249b328cf842cee17c5372529d522529.jpg

      Only 1% is missing now. For RichardD its probatly a hangover with applecider:)

  8. Me&Myself None says:

    While I don’t care for either Biden or Trump, but I am glad the big useless divisive buffoon lost. The idiot reminds me of Boris Yeltsin. He concentrated all of his energy and the taxes payers money to solving Israel’s problems while things are crumbling at home and lives are being shattered.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      I do understand parts of it. I have been payong to UN for those Palestinians since before I was born. At least the Jews are paid by USA.

      And always “taxpayers money”. You of course would prefare those money of probatly not even Yours, should be given to people doing asbsolutly nothing their whole life.

      I do understand USA dont like UN anymore. We westerns contribut to most money paid in, because we make money. And we for more and mpore strange reasons even give them to Our enemies.

      Why care about who is killing who in ME. We have only friends there as long as we pay them for it.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      The only sensible comment here so far. Touche.

    1. RichardD says:

      What Stone is saying in this video is that AZ will flip from Biden. Due to the remaining uncounted votes being in Trump areas. Due to the remaining uncounted votes being in Trump areas. AP disagrees and has already declared AZ as a Biden win. As of right now there are approximately 300,000 uncounted votes there. And Trump is down by 70,000. So mathematically he’d have to win 185,000 of the remaining votes to win the state and win the election.

      But Trump has similar leads in PA, GA, & NC. With fewer votes left to count. And AP won’t declare him the winner in those states. So AP may be biased against him. I’ve watched Biden come from behind in all of these swing states that he’s been declared winner of amid ongoing reports of fraud in those states.

      My view is that the Democrats are in engaged in election fraud to try to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Whether Trump can get a corrupt judicial and political system to function adequately to prove that and be declared the winner is questionable. He’s been successful enough doing that so far to get as far as he has.

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