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Whitewashing Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Encourages Far-Right Forces

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Whitewashing Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Encourages Far-Right Forces

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Ukraine has already become a new hub for the far-right globally.

Written by Uriel Araujo, researcher with a focus on international and ethnic conflicts.

On April 9, Japan’s Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSAI) removed from its 2021 handbook on international terrorism the labelling of the Ukrainian Azov batallion as a far-right neo-Nazi organization. It has also issued an apology for describing it as Nazi: “Recently, there have been cases of misinformation published as though the PSIA recognized the Azov battalion as a neo-Nazi organization. We regret the occurrence of this situation.” Moreover the PSAI clarified that such previous description did not mean that the agency independently classified the organization as such because “The 2021 guide includes data collected from various open sources, including foreign and Japanese media, research institutes, and others”.

Although Japan is of course an Asian nation, one can still arguably count this recent development as yet another example of the larger Western campaign to “whitewash” the aforementioned Ukrainian battalion. Already in 2008, French economist and philosopher Guy Sorman, wrote in a Japan Times piece that “the West” has become a kind of a mind set in such a way that sometimes even Japan can be considered “Western”.

The “modernization” process, as it is understood today, includes institutional changes (which normally presuppose European Enlightenment values), and thus it is often hard to tell the difference between such process and so-called “westernization”. Westernization projects can be described as an instance of Occidentalism or Westernalism which often has foreign policy consequences, even for emerging powers. Thus, adherence to the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) can at least partially be considered a political expression of westernization – a goal Kiev has been pursuing.

Since the post-war period, the idea of “fascism” has become a kind of shadow mirror of the image the West has tried to create for itself. Instead of describing a set of specific features, it has often been used as a merely accusatory category. This is why a very heterogeneous group of political actors such as left-wing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, Russian President Vladimir Putin, former US President Donald Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and many others have at times all been described by journalists and intellectuals as “fascists”. Similarly to “populism”, the concept of “fascism” today has also become a residual category that can be used to name anything that does not fit within the aesthetic, behavioral, and institutional expectations of Western sensitivities.

This is particularly ironic because real Fascism and real Nazism were products of Western civilization. And the case of Ukraine, a Slavic country who has both embraced Fascism and embarked on the road to Westernization, short-circuits Western narratives.

“Whitewashing” the Azov battalion, regardless of the complicit Western media and the immense propaganda war is not an easy task, though. Its open usage of the Nazi Wolfsangel is hard to ignore, for instance. Over 7 years ago, a Guardian piece of news by Shaun Walker described Ukrainian Azov fighters as Kiev’s “greatest weapon” in Mariupol in 2014 and 2015, and properly described them as having neo-Nazi “leanings”. In a March 30 CNN piece, Tara John and Tim Lister once again write of the neo-nazi “leanings” of this organization (curiously employing the same wording), and adding that Putin “exploits” this fact.

Rather than denying the Nazi “leanings” of this paramilitary group that was integrated into the Ukrainian National Guard in 2014 (an untenable task), well-informed analysts are left with the uncomfortable option of trying to downplay it. For example, in his February 27 interview to Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, Benjamin Teitelbaum, a University of Colorado international relations professor, comments on Moscow’s denazification military goals claiming that there are about as many Nazis in Ukraine as in Brazil – an absurd statement. He adds that “for them, it is like dressing up [as a Nazi] for Halloween.”

One might try to downplay it as much as one can, but the truth is that the Banderist and neo-Nazi overtones of post-Maidan Ukraine have been discussed since 2014, and they are abundantly documented. It has partially hampered Polish-Ukrainian relations and, more recently, Greek-Ukrainian relations also; the Ukrainian chauvinistic policies of far-right ethno-nationalism and the official glorification of genocidal Nazi collaborators as national heroes have been denounced and has polarized Ukrainian society (to the point of escalating into the Donbass civil war) and so have the human rights violations as well as Kiev’s state terrorism and genocidal violence employed in Eastern Ukraine. A March 16 Deutsche Welle article properly describes the Azov combatants as “extremists defending Mariupol” and as “far-right radicals”.

One should note that Azov is not the only neo-Nazi military organization freely operating in Ukraine since 2014 regardless of its current president being a Jew, it is merely the most famouse one. Thus, in order to support post-Maidan Ukrainian nationalism, one needs to “whitewash” its neo-nazism. However, this could have unintended consequences – for example, paving the way for rehabilitation of fascism. Turkish-Ukrainian ultra-nationalist cooperation has been going on for a while, and, more recently, many Azov commanders who fled to Poland will likely establish alliances and dialogue with European networks.

In this scenario, while NATO keeps arming and training Ukrainian mercenaries, Europe can expect an increase in crime, terrorism, and extremism within the European bloc, in a situation reminiscent of the infamous Gladio Operation during the Cold War – when the US funded European neofascist and neo-Nazi groups as a secret anti-Soviet army. The SITE Intelligence Group, a private organization that tracks extremist groups, warns that there are far-right militias in Europe ready to join Ukrainian nazis in their struggle.  Azov recruits  foreign volunteers and mercenaries, and Ukraine has already become a new hub for the far-right globally.

Notwithstanding any valid criticism one may have of the current Russian military operations conducted on Ukrainian soil, the hard truth is that there is today a global wave of russophobia – and it now includes the possible rehabilitation of Nazism in the West. It is about time real neo-Nazism is described for what it is – and properly denounced.


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So, again in this times of muddy water and war foggs, somethings must be crystal clear I azume. As much as I agrees with some of it in this article I disagrees with the narrative in total, to me, as one whoms family lost everything by been kicked out, forced relocated, from Russia to Finland/Norway, witch happened and stil do to millions with devestating effects, ignored by large, I find this nationalism debate desiturbingly distorted.

I consider anyone living in my homeland as a part of our nation, regardeless, it dont matter who incl race, color or creed, also it boils down to social and cultural norms, and somehow, this have been compared to certain regions where other imputs is a part of some nations/tribes history and cultural norms witch also inflicts morale and consciousness, while others like my tribe whom never did warfare apart from protecting our land, somewhere down the line, some people cant distingwish shit from shinnola, its anoying and by an “obscure”, twist, if I said I was some some nations in Africa, you would nod in aknowledgment and be suportive of whatever agenda, but the moment I as a white say it, the narrative spinns 180 deg, in an hart beat and Gass chambers, swisticas, you name it, etc, is dragged into this.

You people are a sympthome of something gone really wrong, and the narratives witch is like 50 shades of different oppinions and miss/consepts teached or indoctrinated with, confuses most people, and also a kick to the just? side, uh…. witch dont make anything in any way better, dooling down everything to an mere soup of nonsense, and dont forget, arrogance and ignorance, weaponised stupidity, while their bed sides are buring, and food riots not a thing of the past, like snow, remeber that one.

Ah… just a side note. I am acodingly to the Chines, a Fire Horse. Have a nice day. Take care.



AZOV Nazis. The evidence has been the since and before 2014 after the Ukrainian coup. You would have to not critically or care not to see it. Trouble is, by the USA and NATO states backing it, they are complicit in the war crimes. Worse yet it, it will only create erosion of their societal and institutions to back such evil.

JFS Brasil

Salve NR!

Chris Gr

Nazism is not just an European phenomenon. If you see in Africa, Omar al Bashir, Idi Amin, Mobutu Sese Seko and Hutu power were African variants of fascism.

A Fellow

And really, one can point out that Marxism was a product of Western civilization too. Its adoption by the Second & Third Worlds also entailed quite the bastardization of it.

First the Soviet Union failed to spread its revolution westward after WWI, and its supposedly transitional dictatorship of the proletariat instead ossified into the bureaucratic monolith of a permanent managerial class. Then, after WWII, it found the capitalist powers able to conventionally contain any further advancement by it through conventional conquest (North Vietnam taking over the South being the one real exception).

It defaulted during the Cold War into two methods which inverted fundamental premises of Marxism. Firstly, it fostered cultural subversion in the West (despite the primacy of an economic base over its cultural superstructure) which actually coincided with the decay of organized labor and serious leftwing partisan challenges in economics. Secondly, it supported Third World anti-imperialism (despite the union of the planet under several conglomerates being what lays the economic base for an international socialist polity) which actually entailed appealing to smaller native propertied classes and undeveloped subsistence societies. Ditto for China.

What came about after all this? A collapse of Lenin’s revolutionary state, its clients dropping communism when their sugar daddy disappeared, Mao’s red peasants becoming the sweatshop labor for world capital, and Western leftism betrothed to a widening menu of cultural minorities but to the deepening neglect of the bottom economic majority.

Chris Gr

It was not just an European phenomenon. It was everywhere. For example, Ba’athism was a mix of communism with Arab nationalism. On the other hand, we had some fascistic movements like Young Egypt and Golden Square and also some reactionary populists like Muslim Brotherhood.

The capitalists wanted to destroy every socialist state. This is true. But on the other hand, socialist states failed because an 100% state economy will fail because of no new capitals. Capital is not evil but some capitalists are. Those woke mobsters in the West are in fact reinforcing neoliberalism. While neoliberalism supports economic degeneration the woke mob supports cultural degeneration. Two sides of the same coin.

The revolutions in Syria or Libya were supposed to be democratic in nature but they weren’t. They were reactionary. But if we have revolutions in for example, Central Asia or Southeast Asia and even the southern states of Africa then we won’t witness a reactionary awakening but a national socialist awakening because those states are not really entangled with religion and status but with nation and tribe. Democratic ideologies are becoming obsolete and non-democratic ideologies are springing up.




These guys promised that they will never change their insignia, watch after 1:15min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxJi1Ti8Qso


LightSabreEye Cannel The AZOV guys promised they never change their insignia


LightSabreEye Cannel The AZOV guys promised they never change their insignia. watch this video after 1:15min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxJi1Ti8Qso

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