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Whitewashing Al-Qaeda: MSM Continues To Campaign For ‘Reformed Al-Julani’

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Whitewashing Al-Qaeda: MSM Continues To Campaign For ‘Reformed Al-Julani’

Abu Mohammad al-Julani, leader of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda)

Extensive efforts of MSM to whitewash al-Qaeda’s main branch in Syria, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), are gaining momentum.

On February 2, Martin Smith a reporter for the American Public Broadcasting Service’s Frontline investigative series, proudly announced that he had interviewed the terrorist group’s leader Abu Muhamad al-Julani in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

HTS has been ruling Greater Idlib with an iron fist for several years. The terrorist group did not only use the region as a base to launch terrorist attacks, but also clashed with other factions and repressed the local population.

On his Twitter account, Smith shared a photo he had taken with al-Julani, who appeared wearing a Western-style suit for the first time ever.

Most Syrians on both the government and the opposition sides were quick to criticize Frontline for giving HTS and its terrorist leader a platform. However, a number of Western journalists and researchers, living outside of Greater Idlib for sure, were far more interested in al-Julani’s nice look, trimmed-down beard and his Western outfit.

In 2013, the US State Department listed Al-Julani as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist.” Four years later, the department announced a $10 million reward for information leading to his capture.

The US had no problems with Frontline’s little visit to Greater Idlib and their warm meeting with a terrorist who fought against American troops in Iraq. There are no details about any legal action that was taken against Smith and his team (spoiler: because there was no such action).

Nevertheless, the State Department’s Reward for Justice program was quick to remind those charmed by al-Julani’s new look of who he is.

“Hello, good looking al-Julani, nice suit,” the Reward for Justice program posted on Twitter. “You can change your outfit, however you will remain a terrorist, do not forget about the $10 million reward.”

Frontline’s new report on HTS and its leader is the most recent in a series of propaganda stunts meant to whitewash al-Qaeda in Syria and present al-Julani as some sort of a “reformer.” The MSM attempts to whitewash HTS contribute to instability in Greater Idlib and encourage the terrorist group to go on with its hostile behavior.


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Pave Way IV

Martin Smith just walked away from a $10 million reward? Hell, I would have folded Julani in an uncomfortable position and brought him back in my carry-on suitcase for that kind of scratch. Smith has no credibility as a journalist (I mean, PBS and all…). I wonder how much the U.S. State Department had to go over the $10 million to get Smith to pimp the head-chopper? I’m getting to feel I’m in the wrong business.

Simplekindof Man

Interested in a joint venture? 50/50 the spoils that are left over after…. expenses.

Pave Way IV

We can always chop some expenses.

Jens Holm

It was in Lira. He didnt have that big truck:)

You seemes to wonder a lot and in a very biased way.

Not reliable ??? As of July 2016, Frontline has won a total of 75 Emmy Awards and 18 Peabody Awards. In 2020, Frontline was also awarded an Institutional Peabody Award.


Compared to many other sources from there, they certainly are reliable. You probatly dont like them, because they also tell the backgrounds for most things and are very good at it. Many Americans has the same attitude like You. They all has very dirty laundry themself.

Simplekindof Man

Rewards and honours mean shit. Fagots rewarding aßholes and so n… Nobel’s Oscars and the like….

Jens Holm

Thats how it is for him an probatly You too. You take a well known Russian propaganda media and use it as it represent USA.

And ID-ing medias and even many times during many years does it for most people here. Its the same for other products.

Maybee Your Fagots are like this too :(


Simplekindof Man

Oh stfu Jens.I half read your comments when I’m really bored but I don’t do you the honours usually as you don’t make sense anyway. Spend your time more wisely and go learn some English,you might get taught common sense in the process. Good bye.

Jens Holm

This is a fast media, so my english is semilar to english english and american english because I live in that world. Correct commas ands spelling is not correct.

I dont care. I dont think that the point in good or bad communication. Scores on world level says danes are among the best to use english well.

Here I meet people with less complicated lagugages having a lot of Harams and Old Uncle Marx limitations, which has no langugage at all for, what I write about. There are so many things which by that is lost in tranlations and in contexts semilar to mine.

Even Muhammed and Uncle Marx critiseised economy based as Ours by debt. and none of them are succesfdull, even explained many times, Ypu deny to understand Our systems are based on GOOD debt.

By that western Economy looking as minus in Your context any time has to be subtracted good debt, which makes productions by machines and servises as well as houses.

It was there again yesterday several times. The USA middleclass was described as having having only debt to up to the roof, and even the children hardly in shirts which by the way didnt make the money, should get notning, when the parents die.

But thats not how it is. As random example You buy a 100.000 dollar house You add 5.000 from savings. And then You pay back added interest. So every month the house will be a little more Your own as Your own instead of own responsability only.

So after many years, You fx own 80.000 dollar of the house and by that (on the street) abtually has 80.000 dolllars – even You have 20.000 dollars in remaining pay. Thats because the debt is in the House and not Yours, because the house can be sold for those 100.000.

And You can get loans by the money, You have paid back. They can be for a new kitchen, a new roof mayubee for an extra room for Your mäny children.

The ignored vitals are it has a high value having a house or a car every day instead of having only money for the chimeny or the tires.

Maybe cows and goats is easier to understand. You nuy them for not much money but You by work and education feeed them well and they every day gives You milk and You sometimes makes cheese. Yopu cut them and can sell teir hair for clothe as well.

As lkong as You are able to that, You make money for paying back Your debt and feedd Yourself and Your family. When th animal is old, You can sell the meat and maybee buy a new one for that amount of money and go on as usual with a new nice producers well assisted by You feeding it and keeping it well.

Simplekindof Man

Ok,that sorts it out then. It’s your “Ameriken English” Vs my (post)” colonial English”to blame. Come on Jens really? Language is the cornerstone of civilization and no you’re not just missing a comma here and there. Install some app maybe, either case do some learning. As Duolingo says 15 minutes a day can teach you a language,,what can 15 minutes of social media do?

Pave Way IV

Jens, you toothless old crackhead ideology hooker…

Jens Holm

Its as I write. Its difficult to get relaible information and if not, You cant go on for more complicated and advanced things and remain in Your own selfcreated deep dark state.

It not like that, where I come from. We have filthy liars here too, but we also by free speeach has tools to keep it down or at least lower it.

I dont think this is about ideology or not. I respect things, which work, but I dont respect people which says their stuff and life works – even its not, and even so all the time want me and my kind of systems talked down and eroded so its denied or even crashed to their own level.

To me succes is not others has fiasco.

So I write about Yuir kind or familar ones at least could copy and implment some of the many things, which work here.

The differences are very visible and most reasons are too.

Wishing You well is no hooking. If You want a better life You have to make changes. If not You will remain them same. And if You insist in remaining the same, dont blame me and the bilions, which just dont prefare to live in Your seflcreated Crackmire. The old days dust is created by Jews and not som westerns, jews, christians, assyrians, armenians and for that matter kurds and maronittes.

The symbol and proof for that unfortunatly is Israel too. They are, what You could have been. Instead I see that REgion remain excat the same. The only changes there – good and bad ones – are western ones. Much as old jokes telling that arabs only know cellpjopnes, because they are first class for detonations.

Pave Way IV

Emmy? Oh, Jens… Peabodys because Frontline occasionally does choke out a thought-provoking piece. They are a reliably both liberal and neocon biased – which is fine. But they seem oblivious to this and increasingly insist on being the thought Stazi, policing up ‘disagreeable’ ideas and virtue signaling like a toothless old crackhead ideology hooker. I don’t confine my ideas to any echo chambers of bias – Frontline is always worth listening to. I simply scoff at Smith and his ilk whenever they try to be edgy in their usual cringeworthy Middle East ‘reporting’. I’m embarrassed for them.

Jens Holm

Well organs good or bad ones should not be descriebed as American ones if they are financed sky high by Russia.

Well organised even having many prices for it american ones should not be descriebed as highly unreliable as well.

You buy Smidt because he is closer to Your normal sources and therefore easier to eat. Smidt by that clean Your own very dirty corners and removes sober critics from the rest of the world.

Thats clever blindfolding of its best. I only read ME from them now and then, but I know them jsut as Sputnik and others.

Pave Way IV

Here’s what the CIA says to think:

PBS is up there at the top with a ‘slightly’ left bias. Kek. Hey, those bastards left off SouthFront!



Jens Holm

That happend several years ago. They were accepted to be kept alive as long as they didnt make anything outside Syria(and fighted Assads).

I assume they since then has got a little help mainly from USA.

Where do the author know from, the meeting witn an american was warm and friendly ?? But I do make sense Bidens would support them a little more again. Idlibs has a hard time and has had it for several years.

And snakes changing to new clothe is not unfamilar for me. Even butterflies start with an egg and even something with no contraseption before that.

To me they are like ISIS in local matters as Pest against Colera.


HTS is currently the strongest terrorist group in Syria with over 30,000 fighters , I think in the coming years the USA will be using those mercenaries to challenge Russian , Iranian presence in Syria since they don’t pose a threat to Israel or American interests in the country .

Jens Holm

I might see the same. Biden might help those people a little more as replacemenet from the withdraw to the oil districts

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

it is common knowledge in Iraq that these groups like ISIS, HTS, al nusra are creations of USA and its vassals and of course with Israel involved. Even the pro American parties in Iraq are aware that groups like HTS and alqaeda are American and British creations and continue to be operated by them. alqaeda has always been CIA / MI6 assets used for many purposes. It seems very few rulers or groups are not run by CIA/MI6/Mossad including agents like Sadaam Hussein and most of the current Iraqi politicians. It reminds me how historical figures like the king hussein and his father were on USA and British payrolls

Jens Holm

Allah dont want them and make USA & Co feed them.

You are highly incorrect for Iraq. There are several shiit milisia financed by mainly Iran.

Things in the collapsed Ottomans actually works for Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrein, UAE and KSA assisted by the inhabitants themself and the ones, which finally collapsed it and partly for the Turkish Oil Company and Suez.

You expect they all are like You. Well, they are not. They actually are able to define themselves as very different countries solving their internal things according to their learning and tradition..

Its makes no sense to chaotic relations to what countries are as well as honor and respect is redefioned areas populated by people, whcih all behave as almost one united Funnyfarm.

People like that very visible i Lebanon, Syria´, Iraq and Yemen hardly deserve countries at all. They and You not even dont know what it is. Fx countries are Regions, which include people and dont exclude any as well.

And of course those others like Jordan are helped. The rest of the world often is like that. We help each other and often for own benefit too. We like oil and gas and also companies can drill for it, so those countries has money for devellopments and in this educate and make jobs for its growing population.

You probatly try to unite very different muslims and not even know parlamentarisme actually is talking and debating with each other to find solution and consensus for all.

They also write sober history books making less agression to their own people as well as the neighbors.

I finally will remind You that the Ottomans had no infrastructure left and no people to run anything at all. Apart from the Saudis, they and Ypou not even liberated or transformed all living there into “NON Osman and Oswomen”. You forget that part. too. So those 3 kings was chosen ones. Which other choised had the fatalistic pacifists therefor uniting anything. I have seen none in my history book.


Fog of War

” Even the pro American parties in Iraq are aware that groups like HTS and alqaeda are American and British creations and continue to be operated by them ” Explain Turkey’s role in this then. Why is Turkey protecting the ZioWest’s creation ?

Joakim Normen

Because they have common interests, to destabilize the region and it’s no secret Sultan Erdogan wants to bring Turkey back to their Ottoman glory days

Fog of War

So they all work together ultimately. Thanks for clarifying my point.

Freemon Sandlewould

CIA paid mercenaries == Al Qaeda == ISIS.

Jens Holm

I wonder when You have seen any stability there. But killing maronites, armenians, assyrians and kurds even gassing them of course dont count .

Assads also has been genosided and palestinians against Jordan too.


Well if he was obliterated by a Russian airstrike we wouldn’t have to worry about this. :]

johnny rotten

Juliani is a gay bully from the neighborhood, nothing challenging, rather think about how they entertain friendships and business with real criminals of the size of Nettanyhaoo, this is certainly more concerning.

Jens Holm

Gays are the best. They have time to be well educated, they make a lot of money and pay tax to the ones having many children. And they make no children themself.

Hasbara Hunter

This seems more like a desperate attempt to boost your self-esteem

Jens Holm

I speak for those countries and the main parts of the people, which do their best to include all citicens.

I see it here every day. Most here has to confirm the are not gay several times a day. Here thats waste of time, because the sexual minorities are a part of us by birth. They has not asked to be born as such as well.

It goes for women too. They are not lowered by restritions and psyco and fysical force. Im sure Our vomen are much more clever then most men here and You women are kept unusefull, unproductive and stupid by Your way of handling things bad.

Following Human rights for all decided by UN is no attampt even its very correct we boost Our GDP by it. Danish women produce 22.000 dollar each. Thats the same as Saudi men does. Danish men makes 35.000 dollars each in GDP.

So we must do something right . Is it self esteem to be able to produce more and take the rewards for it. We dont think so.

I think its very embarassing for You having nothing better to do, then blaming those people.

Simplekindof Man

Last comment,yea forced “equality” of outcome and income is true equality…. Cut my balls to be equall to others(of all sexes)without them? The idiocy…

Fog of War

” have many children only for fun. ” That is highly illegal in most civilized countries.

Jens Holm

No its not.

As in a danish movie: Children are terrifying. Even so we dont stop making them:)

Fog of War

So pedophilia is legal in Denmark and you support it ? Good to know what you’re attracted to.

Jens Holm

Maybee You should read the rest before that…

Hasbara Hunter

Moderate Headchopper Abu Muhammad al-Julani, a member of the al-CIAda branch was personally chosen by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (aka Elliot Shimon) to establish an al-CIAda branch in Syria & expand the Yinon Caliphate…

Jens Holm

I remember that. Every catched civilian was not killed, if their behinds could be tatooed into an American flag. The 11 stripes was made by whipping and pics sold to women only:).

chris chuba

But a non-verified assertion by Mike Pompeo is taken is the Gospel of Mark that Iran is the main Hub of Al Qaeda based on an unverified assertion of the #2 man being killed in Tehran. Not even U.S. Intelligence agencies backed up that claim.

Has there been even one Al Qaeda attack linked to Iran?


Great ISIS Heroes Fighting for The Freedom of the Bidet-Harass guvmint!

Alekai Mordechai

Sorry!! We don’t negotiate with terrorists.


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