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White House Says Assad Prepares For Antoher “Chemical Attack”. Another False Flag Expected Soon In Syria?

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The White House claimed on Monday that it has a “potential” evidence that the Bashar Assad government was preparing for another chemical weapons attack that “would likely result if the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children.”

Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that the activities were similar to preparations taken before an April 2017 attack in Idlib. He added that if “Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.” No more details were provided.

The problem with the April attack is that the White House and the Pentagon as well as numerous US speicla services have still failed to provide any proof that the Syrian government was behind the alleged attack.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley further accused Russia and Iran for any future “chemical attacks” that may take place in Syria.

However, it looks that the Pentagon and the US State Department have been suprised by the White House announcement.

The Los Angeles Times (source):

“Several State Department officials typically involved in coordinating such announcements said they were caught completely off guard by the warning, which didn’t appear to be discussed in advance with other national security agencies. Typically, the State Department, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies would all be consulted before the White House issued a declaration sure to ricochet across foreign capitals.”

The New York Times (source):

“Several military officials were caught off guard by the statement from President Trump’s press secretary, but it was unclear how closely held the intelligence regarding a potential chemical attack was.”

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John Mason

Best that Assad dropps a few missiles onto the US bases in Syria, bet they will find the chemical weapons their.

Joe Doe

Assad is very limited and very few option what he can you and he is on his own. As Russia has failed Syria as good decisive protector. Therefore, there is no much he can due

Justin Ryan

Best Assad can do is keep winning!
Let the US send their cruise missiles!
So what, it will cost the USA 200 million for 36% to reach their destination and cause minimal damage like last time!
The world wont buy it and see it for what it is!
Russia will increase their air defences more so until almost every inch of liberated land has a Russian base upon it!
The USA will be force to either bomb russian bases and start ww3. Or to give up!
But i guess if Israel is calling the shots its gonna be ww3.

Red Tick Alert

I would actually prefer China to SHOOT a few, but either or is good….


You have got to be kidding me……

This is it, if the Russians don’t do anything about this BLATANT FLASS FLAG!! I’m done… Whats the use..

Iran can’t intervene too greatly since they don’t have a good enough Air force. And it’s obvious why the US would release such a statement, they want to attack Syrian forces because they’re winning all over Syria.

~shakes head in disbelief~ my god… someone stop the rogue states of America….

Red Tick Alert

But they do have the missiles (Iran that is) and proven to work as well, blitz the areas held by ISIS, the US and all rebel groups (except the SDF) for now…. and see how the worm (SDF) turns on it’s pay masters…. my view only.


I hate to say this but the Pentagon has been waiting for an good excuse to go to war with Iran for decades now. And make no mistake if the US is willing to bomb Syria than it will find a way to bomb Iran in the process. To them its a two birds with one stone sort of deal.

Here’s the skinny, The US/Israeli/Saudi axis is pushing the Allied Iran/Syria/Russia (sort of) powers to see what sort of reaction they will get out of them so in turn the axis will gauge what it is they can or can’t get away with. So far all the axis can do is some small bombings here and there as well as support for known Jihadis in the pursuit of making sure the Allied push to regain as much land as possible is slowed down or side tracked as much as possible. The recent Israeli bombings in the South-Western region of Syria are proof to this concept. The militants will lob a couple missiles/mortars into Golan heights and Israel will call upon the right of self-defense and hit Syrian positions the same positions that the militants want to advance on. This form of attack has been used by the US multiple times already during the course of this war. The most blatant so far was the US air force strike that killed some 90 SAA soldiers who were in battle with ISIS, the official line is always “it was a mistake, we wanted to hit ISIS targets” blah blah blah, at the same time the attack happened ISIS and other militants from other groups advanced on SAA positions. Same as is happening in Southern Syria regarding the Israeli Air strikes.

But this recent news of the US having “intel” on the SAA planning on another chemical weapons attack (when the Russians have already proved Syria has none left) is just a way for them to hit SAA positions all over Syria where the SAA is advancing. Most likely US wants to hit bases and positions in Eastern Syria that are near US backed forces, this will allow the US back forces to advanced easier and without much confrontation. Make no mistake this upcoming false flag will be the big one (they want to stem the Allied powers operational initiative as soon as possible because if SAA/Hezbollah/IRGC/Russians reach Deir Ezzor the war is effectively over with ISIS shattered and cut apart). Syrian and Iraqi border will have more supplies and possible troops pour in.

If Iran shoots at the US with their stock pile of advanced field tactical ballistic missiles than Iran has to commit to a war the Pentagon has always been willing to fight. This will throw the entire region into a shooting war frenzy as old rivalries and scores will have to settled for good this time. Israel will attack Iran, Saudi will attack Iran, Iran will unleash its thousands (I’m not exaggerating here, they literally have thousands of ballistic missiles in storage and hundreds ready to be built at a moments notice) on Israel and Saudi assets, then bigger world powers will either have to calm the situation or ride the storm out by choosing which sides they want to ally with.

Its for this reason that I just don’t have much faith in Russia as an A class friend and ally. Their record is ok but just not what is expected of an ally. Iran on the other hand would have put everyone in their place if they had the operational capacity to do so. Reason why the US put military arms embargo sanctions on Iran was because Iranian pilots have a good kill ratio (They have very skilled pilots) and if they were allowed to have a modern Air force they would be unmatched expect for the Israelis.

Long story short. We all want to see the Russians step up the rhetoric and put their foot down, but the majority of their Air force has left Syria and only some jets and a good amount of Helicopters remain. This is barely enough to fend off from the Hundreds of US military scattered around the Middle East. Iran would last and throw heavy punches in the beginning stages of the war but will wane as the US will push HARD for air control of both Syria-Iraq and Iranian Air space.

Whose to say what will happen but this past month has been astounding regarding US/Israeli/Saudi aggression against the allies.

Red Tick Alert

I totally agree with everything you state unfortunately; but I believe the boat has sailed.

I am a little more optimistic than most therefore it is my view only.

Forgetting the nukes; you talk about the hundreds actually it is tens of thousands) US military scattered around the Middle East, it is irrelevant – what you are seeing are the last days of a dying empire.

Regards Syria, you are seeing pure panic and desperation, which makes them even more vulnerable.

The World has turned and it is too late for the US to do diddly, apart from make themselves look even more foolish and embarrassing …. they do want a war and it will come whatever and whenever; so be it.


Iran may not have strong air power but it can send in thousands of more troops to finish the terrorists and Russia should also send in several thousand troops. The “Deep State” is freaking out at impending defeat of their jihadist proxies in Syria.

Daniel Martin

How would this even be possible since Assad has no more chemical weapons, even John Kerry confirmed this while he was secretary of state and a part of the Russian-U.S brokered deal to remove all Syrian CW in 2014 If i can recall it correctly, he even teweted about this on his official state department twitter account, check it out yourself. Second why would Assad even if he had CW do something so stupid like this these final hours of the Syrian war, when the terrorists are being rolled back by the SAA on every front? And last but not least, who would benefit most from such an attack, Assad or the Terrorists that are being annihilated everywhere?


That is why in criminal investigations motive is so important. Who has the most to gain from a crime.

Joe Doe

YOu have to realize this day’s power matter. International law and treaty and who is right or wrong is swept under the carpet. The power control everything

Andrew Pate

You have got to remember the US have worlds best liars and liars supporters that repeat but never question and Trump is meant to be the Commander in Chief but he takes his orders from the deeper state and he dont question them.


i guess he saw it on the Saudi crystal ball..comment image

Wahid Algiers

The nigger slave of incest g. w. bush Colin Powell during his worldwide lying and in preparation for to grab the resources in Iraq and of course, to do what Israhell wanted.

Red Tick Alert

If you sampled what was in Powells little magic bottle; you will find it to be crack “from the hood”.


Also Dorthy and Toto!

Justin Ryan

LOL, they find any reason OR make up any reason to GO ALL IN and Escalate! Thats all the USA knows how to do is ESCALATE! because they dont know how to win!

A.”we are losing this war”
B.”Then start winning it”

A. “We cant, they are outperforming us”
B. “Then drop some bombs on them like the Israeli’s do”

A. “We have been but it doesnt seem to work! It just makes us look like the bad guys”
B. “Then make them look like the bad guys and start bombing them”

A. “OK, how do we make them look like the bad guys”?
B. “hmmmmm, just use the chemicals weapons thing again”

A. “But what about Russia? they wont accept this!”
B. “Ummmm, just use more cruise missiles than Russia can shoot down. We will call it a HUMANITARIAN BOMBING CAMPAIGN like we did in Lybia”


The game is old and fundamentally simple. You DON’T get to call it stupid as long as it works.


Typically, the State Department, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies would all be consulted before the White House issued a declaration sure to ricochet across foreign capitals.
So State Department, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies make political decisions and the White House is under their control. Strange democracy!

Solomon Krupacek

they have already the list of names and photos


“Similar activities” – you mean handling deadly substances without Hazmat suits and strapping it on explosive ordnance even though it’s not suppose to be exploded. And yes, dead people smelling of blech and WH witnessing plumes of gas, quite normal since sarin is odourless and invisible. What Spicer really means – we have rehearsed the charade much better this time and are ready to give it another go…

Red Tick Alert

You forgot the wearing of sandals…

Unfortunately this one has all the Chemical resist clothing and gloves of course (LOL); but:comment image

Alex Black

I love the flip flops!


Interpretation- ‘The white house is preparing to attack’. I hope this helps those not
yet fluent in white house new speak.

Pave Way IV

Everyone knew this was going to happen. The U.S. got cucked at al Tanf and Mattis blew a gasket. Trump has been watching Fox and CNN ever since then for reasons to attack Syria again.

Then France (!) comes up with their CW ‘red line’ a week or two ago – completely out of the blue. No doubt pissed off because nobody believed their fake Khan Sheikhun victim sample analysis (provided by head-choppers in flip-flops via Turkey from intentionally murdered Sarin victims).

Next, Israel freaks out at the prospect of losing 1) Kurdish oil pipeline through Deir EzZor, al Tanf and through Jordan to Haifa, and 2) Israel’s land-theft of the UNDOF zone and Syrian air defense sites currently being held by their al Nusra pals.

Saudi Arabia is on the brink of regime change, slowly losing their hopeless Yemeni ‘war’ and now a Israeli-firster Crown Prince ready to take over the throne. Beating up on Qatar wasn’t too smart either – Qataris are nuts. The Saudis need a win in Syria like yesterday.

The Kurds are about to be back-stabbed by the U.S. but haven’t finished stealing Raqqa for their Pentagon masters yet. Now the SAA is nipping at their heels and the U.S. has to bomb the SAA to protect them. The U.S. is desperate here – the Syrian land/resource theft isn’t quite complete yet.

This is the exact kind of bullshit false-flag you can expect from the psychopathic sore losers in Washington. Nothing will surprise me – the U.S./Israel/GCC will kill as many ‘beautiful babies’ as needed to justify a massive attack on Syria. They think (‘hope’) Russia and Iran will just sit on their asses like last time. Who knows? Maybe they will.


That statement by spicer is the green light for the jihadis and the white helmets to swing into action.

a 5yr old could see through this, utterly ridiculous, america/israel are a cancer a plague upon humanity

John Marks

And this despite Seymour Hersh’s exposure of the last al-Nusra ‘fake-flag’ atrocity:


Psychopathic yes, but more and more “sore losers” seems to me just the kind of thing that the Russia-friendly press says. They are *determined* they won’t be losers; if they can’t win, simply destroy enough and it’ll all have been worth with. Victory conditions are asymmetric and so are costs–at least as long as money is so cheap to the USA.


An excellent appraisal of events. We live in dangerous times and I sense panic in the US and Israel.

Michael Qiao

its a blog so I won’t trust it


Thank you for the link. It gives a fascinating diary of events for several decades by the US and her allies. As the saying goes ‘ Greed is more powerful that war ‘.

Real Anti-Racist Action

That article was do good and in-depth, SouthFront should publish it on here as ‘Opinion’.
Much more people really should read it. Thank you.


Good post Paveway. The pressure to do SOMETHING must be immense. That’s a great environment for bad decisions.

That Guy

IF the SAA has any chemical weapons left, they should be used on the US bases in Syria, followed by a rapid and coordinated advance on these bases, and I’d be happy to see this happening in Al Tanf.


The forces along the iraqi border, and those heading to dier ezzor plus the forces bumping up against the sdf are about to get hammered, it is utterly ridiculous this theory the americans are pushing, they just dont care.

i feel the russians wont engage american forces directly, assad way to get bent over penetrated rather roughly

Andrew Pate

Russia will have to act as it has set its red line if they cross the river and its time the US got a bloody nose and Russia has to kill Americans and their coalitions members not the Terrorists. That is the pilots that risk their lives for American imperialism.

Joe Doe

This has been already proof by american and Israeli that Russia is paper tiger and will do nothing, except cheap talk

Andrew Pate

Well I can understand Russia does not want to go to war like US/NATO says it does, that Russia is US biggest threat, and has virtually surrounded Russia but Russia will go to war even if it means nuclear.

Joe Doe

Yes, Russia is already surrounded and if gonna be war, he war will be on Russian soil, but before that americans will have to conquer first IRAN, N.K or at least contains those 2 countries

George King

Joe, Really? Putin has already declared that when surrounded and you know their intentions you must strike first and relentlessly. NATO in Europe will be defeated in minutes and simultaneously American soil will be the battle field and its populations with it. Who would win? The correct answer here is Russia will not perish due to a lot of reasons and would recover. What ever is left of the US population will have hunted down and lynched every one involved in this and then some!


In all fairness Russia DID go to war; they just don’t get to choose who shows up to fight on the other side. They’re only a normal country, and succumbed to wishful thinking about the nature of their enemy.


The good Maj. Gen. Konashenkov drew a red line already last October; that ship has sailed. The “red” that counts would flow from the bloody nose you mention.

Red Tick Alert

My guess –

The SDF will back off and counter US orders.

PS The PMU in Iraq and the Syrian forces in Syria (obviously) are buddies.

PPS The Russians will have to engage, otherwise they lose all credibility and the ME

My view only.


“The available intelligence made clear that the Syrians had targeted a jihadist meeting site on April 4 using a Russian-supplied guided bomb equipped with conventional explosives. Details of the attack, including information on its so-called high-value targets, had been provided by the Russians days in advance to American and allied military officials in Doha, whose mission is to coordinate all U.S., allied, Syrian and Russian Air Force operations in the region.”

“None of this makes any sense,” one officer reportedly told colleagues upon learning of the decision to bomb Syria, according to Hersh. “We KNOW that there was no chemical attack … the Russians are furious. Claiming we have the real intel and know the truth … I guess it didn’t matter whether we elected Clinton or Trump.”

According to Hersh, Trump “could not be swayed” by 48 hours worth of intense briefings and decision-making following the initial reports of the alleged chemical weapons attack. Hersh, who reportedly reviewed transcripts of real-time communications, explains that there is a “total disconnect” between the president and his military advisers and intelligence officials: taken from the article Seymour Hersh US Lied About Syrian Chemical Attack Then Bombed Them Anyway

Andrew Pate

Yes I dont know if this will post but it is meant to be a discussion between a security adviser and a soldier.


yeah read it, follows the same track, pretty funny shame the subject matter is so serious

we really have entered the twilight zone


Yes a great article , was it 21st Century Wire ?


Die Welt–and *very* interesting that the Krauts suddenly allow something like this to be published.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

This US administration is criminally insane and think that the rest of the world is stupid. If they continue on this insane path soon there will be lots of bodybags being taken back to the US with the remnants of US military.

Joe Doe

They will continue as they have no opponent that will stop them. Russia has failed as good protector and again americans has proof many time that Russia is paper tiger and cheap talker

Red Tick Alert

Really; how long has Russia been in Syria and what advances have the Syrians with their backing made ?. It is not a Hollywood film you know.

Just sit back and watch, the clock is ticking down until the victory.

Joe Doe

You also have to understand that Assad also invited Russia to protect Syria against any attacking SYrian army and cities. How many times Russia has done that and what Russia will do to prevent division of Syria? Up to now I see Russia has failed as a good protector and Russia will failed to prevent creation of different zones, as american will stay in Syria and this is given

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Don’t want you to be dispelled from your moody reverie of the almighty US being omnipotent here. This game is going to get a little harry for the US they only recently received a shipment of Sarin from Levechko in Tiblisi , Georgia where the last batch in 2013 came from. This time it took a more direct route and no stopping in Turkey .

António Baptista

I believe Russia has the DUTY of doing so: “to protect Syria against any attacking SYrian army and cities”.
– By convincing Syria to give up its chimical arsenal – which constitued its only means of MAD agains Israel – Russia MUST have granted some assurances about it.
– For its (Russia’s) own credibility…

That’s why I hope invading Israeli’s warplanes shoud be downed systematicaly…

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

The trick is to defeat the US without starting WW3. Better some temporary humiliation than one hundred million dead people all over the world. The US cannot win in Syria, so let’s be a bit patient and continue destroying the US allies on the ground. Once they run out of allies, the US will leave Syria and Iraq. Let’s keep cool…

António Baptista

In my understanding the question about this is not accept another ‘temporary humiliation’. Aggressions to any one’s sovereignty should be confronted in UN’s General Assembly – as they violate the International Law. The same with US’s covert bases in Syria’s territory.
This other UNLAWFUL US’s attitude MUST BE INDISPUTABLY VONDEMNED in international forums.

Brad Isherwood

Partners get to stay….

Solomon Krupacek

and who will do this?


There are two types of insane: people talking into their shoes and eating out of wastebins–and sociopaths. You can just walk around the former; you CANNOT turn your back to the latter. The US doesn’t care if the world is stupid or not; they simply observe that they haven’t been stopped yet.


I do hope so as its the only way the American People will wake from their trivia induced slumber.

Brad Isherwood

Murikans luv da action. … comment image

Joe Doe

Most likely there is preparation on the way for fabrikate chemical attack, by american and american proxies to have pretext to attack Syria again. The americans just send verbal message to see what RUssia rection will be. As many time before americans again just proof that Russia is just paper tiger and will only have cheap talk and nothing more

As many time before, Russia leadership will failed to formally and decisive react. I would say weak and cowardly Russia leadership created situation where americans and its allies attacking Syria at will without fearing that Russia will react. War is like fire, when fire is small its easy to contain, but if do nothing the fire goes bigger and is harder contain. At the beginning Russia could easily stop this by reacting with swift action by using one or 2 of their Air Defence System and rightfully protecting SYria that was invaded by SYrian government. Now when fire is a lot bigger and gone be even more difficult to put the fire and in SYria case we will see more aggression against Syria.

Russia has failed Syria as good and strong protector. Therefore, I am not surprised that countries like Montenegro, Finland, Sweden, Norway and more will come leading towards NATO and Americans, as they see NATO and americans as decisive protectors with action, not just cheap talk

Solomon Krupacek


Andrew Pate

Syria needs to kill a few Americans first so they can go home in body bags since they are only protecting their territory. If its okay for America to kill Syrians I cant see any reason for the US to complain after all they are not beautiful babies only American mercenaries.

Joe Doe

Syria will need better military hardware and better train army , before can do anything. Right now the SAA barely keep head above the water. I hope Assad is in process obtaining better arms, if not he jeopardise Syria future and himself, as he can’t count o Russia to protect Syria

Andrew Pate

Russia has to come to Assads defence and turn defend now into offense and kick the Coalition hard with the red line they have set.
Also Russia should call a UNSC urgent meeting declaring exactly what will happen if US attacks any Syrian Iranian Hezbollah and Russian troops.

Joe Doe

Russian leadership has shown many times weakness and that had failed protect Syria and will failed this time.

Andrew Pate

I hope you are wrong but according to RT the Kremlin is making itself heard but the US just blocks its ears.

Joe Doe

I hope, I am wrong too, but I am realistic and Russia behaviour does not give to much hope. We will get another cheap talk and this will be the Russian reaction, IN addition, now to contain americans will be a much more difficult that was at the beginning


I have begun to understand that Trump’s election rhetoric was earnest and relevant for how HE thinks. He felt that Obama did not have Putin’s respect, and was determined to get it. Alright so you play along and humor the guy. But Putin overshot wildly by cowering under the bed, and now he’s lost Trump’s respect.

Joe Doe

Trump did what he needs to do. Keep happy the military and military industrial complex to keep him safe and gain popularity at home. Putin thought Trump can be his good friend, but Trump play Putin to his advantage


All agreed except “needs to” may go far beyond Mr. Trump–derailing China’s OBOR and protecting the petrodollar. IF Putin thought Trump could be his friend just like that, what advice is he even getting. The other side thinks “nothing personal, just business”.

Joe Doe

Trump is businessman and he doesn’t look for friendship, like Putin. Trump is control by the establishments and he is playing along. China will do nothing, as has to much money invested in america. CHina will play to its advantage, even at the expense of Russia. Putin is part of Oligarch and the main task is to protect their assets

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Trump is a buffoon he knew full well no intel existed to support the assertions made by the media and the war party and Trump was going to prove he was a powerful man . The Intel chiefs said they believed it to be the Rebels responsible for storing chemical weapons in the building they held a meeting with several high ranking leaders. The US air force knew the 500 pound bomb was a conventional bomb . Then they covered up for his very illegal actions considered to be a war crime ordering those Tomahawks . This story is better covered in Seymour Hersh’s article in Hersh’s big scoop :Bad Intel behind Trump’s attack on Syria www:counter punch.org .

Volker Burkert

Thank you for setting this troll (Joe Doe) straight.


Trump is just a puppet. The neocon “Deep State” is at work here.

George King

The reality is that “Finland, Sweden, Norway and more ” and their populations will be evaporated in the first few minutes of any confrontation and will not even be informed by the US as fodder for Empire. This is coming apart now (NATO & EU) as we have seen the talk about European Alliance for Defense is in most of the capitals including Germany. The Gig is up but will it be to late to matter for the sucked in Vassals?


The loyalists would do well to NOT be off guard.

Wahid Algiers

Yes, of course Mr. Assad is. But first of all he wants to eat 12 little white us-ameican babies. He prefers them only with salt and a little bit of ras al-hanout.

General Surena



America will again attempt to create her own reality by staging another False Flag chemical attack BUT I think we have reached a point where any serious intervention by US forces illegally in Syria will be responded to in such ways that will cripple the USA.

The US and Israel now support their failing terror mercenaries openly and without shame.
The world is looking on and will have no remorse to see the US
“Hoist With His Own Petard” ‘Shakespeare’.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Surely is rabid reaction as now S-400 operators lock on US fighterjets over Syria provocking stress situation to US pilots as they see how are they being tracking from long distance by attacks radars!…

George King

Do not overlook the navies in the Middle East as all US and NATO carriers will be on the bottom in the first hour of events. Russia has one and it will not matter they can reach from the Black Sea and beyond. The sandal robed warriors of Yemen will then exact their revenge on the house of Saud.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia has nuclear submarine Oscar class, Yasen class and Akula class…monitoring US air carriers near Korea, Northfolk, San Diego and Indian Ocean!…to attack these air carriers in case of war with long range antiship cruise missile!..if USA lost their air carriers his military power will hard hit!

Gerhard Pleyer

Whit house is spreading lies and poison against others.
White house must stop to support Terrorist Bands like israelis, ISIS or AlQaeda….

Terence Silvestre Jr.

As I said in a previous comment, after the stupid Israelies pretexts of last weekend, now it will be the turn of their American master making such false and stupid excuses that no one with any common sense would never believe them.
Because for at that time, what benefits and military advantages would the Syrian government take by killing innocent civilians with chemical attacks?
The only beneficiaries of always are the same damn terrorists to the services of the damn government of the United States of America, manufacturer and sponsor par excellence of international terrorism.


Seems to me the lying pukes are now including Iran and Russia, according to Nikki Haley’s UN BS, in liability for any CW attack. This is a change in strategy that is very dangerous. To accuse Syria is one thing, but they are now essentially including Russia and Iran in their threat. I’m used to the US war mongers doubling down, but this is truly insane. Looks like they are finally desperate enough to try to push Russia into a corner. Stupid fucking idiots.


White House guy A: We are losing in Syria. We need to bomb and slow down these SAA advances.
White House B: Yeah, how about response to more ‘chemical attacks’ that shtick never gets old.
White House C: True, but after that last shaky scenario, may have to come up with some actual post event evidence…not just seal off the ‘scene’ again from any independent inspecting parties.
White House B: There you go, always with the negatives already…fine, how about we just claim ‘advance knowledge’ and say we were forced to bomb Syrian army to prevent an impending planned chemical attack?
White House B; Dammit, great idea, let’s do it!

Nigel Maund

This is complete and utter bullshit from the US Deep State as they issue this warning as their pretext for going to war with Russian, Iran and Syria. No doubt the CIA / US / UK will create the chemical attack as a false flag event, which is what we are all now used to and seeing with ever increasing frequency . It’s high time Trump cleaned out the Deep State. However, as events are proving, he’s a lame duck President as they have set out to destroy his Presidency from the outset supported by the US MSM “mocking bird” media and have to a large degree succeeded. Now they want WW3 to hide their past 70 years of utter crime, murder and international rape and pillage of the world’s assets and natural resources; and, moreover, the financial shambles, massive wealth transfer (to them) and all out human misery their evil and lousy corrupt system has created. Maybe the people will wake up and hang them all from the lamp posts when they realise the epic scale of their crimes. So now they need a war to distract the people with smoke and mirrors and the fog of war.

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