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White House Mulling First Nuclear Test In 28 Years As ‘Message’ To Russia & China

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Remember when we were all told that somehow President Trump is actually Putin’s “useful tool” and Russian “asset”? For those keeping track, first Trump dumped the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), then as of Friday he nixed the Open Skies Treaty, and now even New Start is said to be on the chopping block.

And now it’s the very same newspaper that peddled Russia-Trump drivel for years (among many others) revealing the administration is actually exploring conducting a nuclear test for the first time in 28 years ultimately as a “message” to Russia and China.

The Washington Post reports it was under serious discussion during a last Friday (May 15) “deputies meeting” of senior national security officials at the White House.

White House Mulling First Nuclear Test In 28 Years As 'Message' To Russia & China

Image via Extra.ie

The proposal is said to have been shelved for the time being, or as one Congressional aide criticized bitingly: “There are still some professionals in the room who told them this is a terrible idea, thank God.”

According to an anonymous senior administration official cited in The Post the proposed US “rapid test” could provide clear leverage in arms negotiations with Russia and China for a White House conceived trilateral arms control deal. Admin officials have long said, whether related to the INF or New Start, the old Cold War and post-Cold War era treaties remain insufficient in terms of taking into account rapid advances in technology thought to be in the hands of especially China – a central rationale for the United States’ controversial exit from the INF.

Though there’s little to no affirmative evidence, as Beijing officials like to remind the world, Washington has of late charged both Russia and China with ‘illegally’ conducting low-yield nuclear tests, which both countries have denied. In Beijing’s case it’s believed China’s military is able to conceal such provocative tests at an elaborate underground testing facility.

A senior admin official told The Post the idea of a US test is “very much an ongoing conversation.”

White House Mulling First Nuclear Test In 28 Years As 'Message' To Russia & China

Via The Hill

Elsewhere former defense officials with knowledge of the discussions blasted the deliberations: “They discussed underground testing in the context of trying to bring China to the table for the trilateral agreement,” a former official cited in The Guardian said.

“Among the professionals in the administration, the idea was dismissed as unworkable and dumb. The NNSA [National Nuclear Security Administration] is definitely not on board. And it seemed like that state [department] wasn’t on board either,” the official criticized.

There hasn’t been an American nuclear test (that’s officially known about at least) since 1992, upon the end of the Cold War and collapse of the USSR in the year prior.

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Back in the 80s they called the neocons the ‘crazies’. Good to see they are holding up their namesake.


May I recommend that the US nuclear test is located in Washington DC ?

AM Hants

Won’t Russia know exactly where it will be, a long time before it is primed?


Schhhh, AM. That’s our little secret :)

AM Hants



MI6 will accuse us with ‘highly likely’ evidence that we have been putting an exotic gel on nobs if we are exposed, AM. :)

AM Hants

ROFL owing to reading the wrong way. Monday morning and lubrication, guess I need a coffee, before I get into trouble ha-ha.

However so agree with you. Must admit, with all the insanity around at the moment, including ‘double speak’ and Orwellian Ministries, I do wonder then they will get round to rounding us all up?

Peter Moy

To borrow a line from the movie “Cross of Iron” (1977) – ….. “the exterminator is long overdue.”

Assad must stay

so they want a new arms treaty with russia and want to start testing nukes again, YEA MAKES ALOTTA SENSE, NEOCONS!!!! LOL YOU GUYS ARE HOPELESS!!!! JUST GIVE UP, THE EMPIRE IS COLLAPSING!!!!


a bungling fool in the white house is bad enough but an erratic idiot in the white house is much worse, as this latest caper shows.

AM Hants

Meanwhile the world has moved on.

What would make laugh is if Washington DC tried out testing, at the same time Russia was testing their missile defence system. As Elvis used to sing ‘Return to Sender’.

Whenever Trump is losing, he threatens, hoping nobody calls his bluff, but, offers something in return.

US World’s largest debtor nation, with over $23 trillion national debt and allegedly $500 trillion domestic debt.

China creditor nation, with over $1 trillion US bonds. So much more, but, too lazy to go find the figures. Only has around 300 nuclear warheads, but, enough for their needs.

Russia, creditor nation, with over $550 billion, currency reserves and a fifth are gold. Defence budget $47 billion, with active service hypersonic and a missile defence system, the envy of the world.

Trump spends around $750 billion on defence. Largest military, most expensive mitary, but, way behind the power of the Russian military.

Do believe Russia and China will be having a good laugh, over a pint of beer, ignoring Trumps threats. They have seen it all before.

Assad must stay

trump has been so bad for not only US image in the world but regular americans psyche and personality, just listening to him talk really degenerates your mind, the way he reasons and justifies things brings out the worst in people, and just makes one a worse person in general, i had high hopes for him when he was first elected but its clear now he is just another ziotool

AM Hants

I wanted him, owing to a chance of 50% peace. Unlike Clinton.

Now, I just view him as an old Vaudeville Showman, reading from the MIGA script.

Watch how the UK is working to the same script, without using a ‘showman/person’ to front it? Boris has limited time span, where entertainment is concerned.

Seriously believe that the finale is all planned, but, sensationalism is being used, to keep the Satanists entertained.
We are just pawns in their game. It would be so boring without ‘divide/hate/conquer’ from the masses. Zombies V awakened, bring some excitement to the game.

Assad must stay

i wish we could get rid of them, nobody needs them, they are parasites on humanity, holding back human progress, wanting everything for themselves and giving us crumbs

AM Hants

So true. I can no longer vote. My first thought it is a vote that approves genocide. My second thought, which includes those that are innocent, is it is vote in support of encouraging pedos. Seriously feel nothing but disgust, when it comes to the majority if politicians.

Assad must stay

same, i dont think i will be voting this year, nobody worth voting for honestly

Ralph London

Vaccines for all in usa…or also N america? esper wants them by the end of the year – 200/300 million or more – what happens if people already have the anti-bodies to cv in them? They won’t need a vaccine then, will they?
By then, what will the unemployed number be? Isn’t the us army starting a recruitment drive? If trump gets back in, maybe – hopefully – he’ll shelve it.

AM Hants

What I do not get, is one of Trump’s faces, is not a fan of vaccines. Which is why he got Robert F Kennedy on board. Then another one of his faces is cheerfully voicing he will purchase 300 million vaccines for the 19th strain of Corona Virus. Thought Bill Gates was donating heavily to the Clinton Foundation and not the Trump Empire!!!

Ralph London

That is why I said trump might shelve it when he gets a 2nd term – hopefully now ‘playing along’ with them.

Doom Sternz

This is not the actions of a normal functioning Superpower who is in control. This smacks of desperation and weakness. The US is collapsing faster than i ever expected.

cechas vodobenikov

expected in a military dictatorship populated by automatons—more please…the US is already morally and culturally impoverished—soon they will financially impoverish themselves


About time, The U.S should show both Russia and China who is the true superpower in this world. Great news!

Anthony Papagallo

From Forbes:
Last year in the United States 180 thousand students graduated university with a STEM degree.

Last year in China 5 million students graduated university with a STEM degree.

You dont need to be a genius to see who is going to own the future.

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