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White House Losing Initiative in Syria

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White House Losing Initiative in Syria

After it was announced that the Russian passenger plane that crashed over the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt was brought down by a homemade bomb placed on board, as well as a series of attacks in Paris, Vladimir Putin ordered Russian forces to increase anti-Daesh operations. According to the Russian leader, the perpetrators must understand that retaliation is inevitable.

Russia attracted strategic bombers to attack Syria, the number of departures doubled. In order to meet the Russian president’s instructions, the general staff developed a plan of the air operation, providing for an additional draw to strikes from the territory of the Russian Federation of 25 long-range aircraft, eight advanced Su-34 bombers, four Su-27SM. Strikes will continue in accordance with the approved plan.

Moreover, Military space forces are to increase space alignment, running over Syria, by implementing military satellites and adjusting their orbit. 10 satellites have been already involved in Syria.

The Russian President and French President Francois Hollande agreed to coordinate actions of the military authorities and special services in the course of the operation in Syria “against terrorist organizations.” The ships of the Navy of the Russian Federation will provide cover for aircraft carrier battle groups the Navy of France during the operation against militants of ISIL in Syria.The Russian military is to cooperate with French colleagues, who fit on the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” to the shores of Syria, as with allies.

After these terrible events politics of some countries began to speak about the change of their position on the situation in Syria:

The terrorist attacks in Paris forced the West to reconsider its attitude to the actions of Russia in Syria. In the last year West was focused mainly on the threat from the Russian side. But now, having carried out a series of well-coordinated attacks, ISIL again attracted major international attention to the threat posed by terrorism. Russia suddenly appeared as a partner who has a plan for the immediate reduction of the existing threat.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that world leaders agreed to “important steps” to stop the financing of terrorist groups, vowing to confront extremist ideology of terrorist propaganda.

To all appeals to send ground troops into Syria, for example, US President Barack Obama responds negatively. He said that the country will not change its strategy and continue to apply only to air strikes on the positions of the terrorists “of the Islamic state.” He called the possibility of a ground operation in Syria «a big mistake».

An important question remains about the possibility of ground operations of Russian troops in Syria. Some experts and leaders believe that the issue has matured, it is necessary to make it impossible to sell the stolen oil, knocking out from under their feet economic ground. But the main purpose is revenge for a series of terrorist attacks.

Officials had no information about the ground operation. But this question can not be ignored, as two sources in the Pentagon have already reported, Russia may be preparing limited ground operation in Syria.

In particular, the US television became aware of the deployment of weapons that allegedly can be used to implement such goals. With high probability we can say that in Syria have already been deployed Russian military advisers and instructors, focusing on artillery and battle tank crews training, as well as staff advisers on brigades level. Despite all the suspicions, Russia continues to categorically deny the possibility of a ground operation in Syria, claiming insolvency of such accusations.

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