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White House ‘Declassified Report’ On Chemical Weapons Attack In Idlib: Propaganda Or Incompetence?

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

On April 11th, the White House released a “declassified four-page report” on the alleged chemical weapons attack in the village of Khan Shaykhun in the Syrian province of Idlib.

The United States accuses the Syrian and Russian governments of providing disinformation and “false narratives” regarding the attack, adding that Washington is sure that the Assad government is responsible for the attack.

However, the report provides only a “summary” of the United States’ version of the situation. According to this version, the US possesses intelligence and evidence of the attack but cannot reveal it because of security classifications.

It is stated in the report that the Syrian government maintains the capability to conduct a chemical weapons attack to prevent “the loss of territory deemed critical to its survival”. Then, the “declassified” report just retells the story provided by hard-core “pro-opposition” media outlets and activists -in other words, supporters of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and Ahrar al-Sham (a radical Islamist group that had cooperated with ISIS until 2014). It should be noted that the report added some “fresh” facts to the opposition story – for example, it argues that some “personnel historically associated with Syria’s chemical weapons program” were at the Shayarat military airfield. However, this part lacks evidence.

Additionally, if the guys from the White House really believe that the “Assad regime” suffered some notable setbacks across the country or in northern Hama itself in early April, then they are hardly aware of current situational maps of the area.

By April 4th, pro-government forces had reversed nearly all gains of the “opposition forces” led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in northern Hama, a detail curiously omitted from the report. Since then, the situation has been more or less stable. Furthermore, Khan Shaykhun is far away from the current frontline. However, the report promotes the idea that the Syrian government was pushed to use some “chemical weapons” to save itself.

Then, the report once again refers to videos posted by the “opposition” and reports provided by “human rights organizations.” The document emphasizes that “the opposition could not have fabricated all of the videos and other reporting of chemical attacks” because it is too complicated. We recall that the so-called White Helmets and media activists linked with them are the primary source of the initial reports.

The rest of the paper is dedicated to the blaming and shaming of Syria and Russia for a wide range of issues: from conducting a chemical attack to pushing false narratives about the attack. It’s interesting to note that the document, as well as US diplomats, say nothing about the need of investigation of the incident by the international community. The proper investigation of the incident is especially important amid contradictory claims made by various sides interested in pushing their own agendas regarding the issue.

It is clear that the whole pretext and explanation of the Syrian government’s desperate need to use chemical weapons against some target far away from the frontline, as well as the inability to provide any real confirmation of allegations as to who actually conducted the attack, looks very questionable.

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The US is even amateur when telling abject lies.


Even practise make perfect doesn’t work for them.

Carol Davidek-Waller

You can’t reclassify someone that was never classified. No professional Intel officers are standing behind this report. Pro terrorist social media and known ISIS collaborators as sources? Refusal to cooperate in an investigation by neutral experts? Everything is wrong with this picture.


We know they are lying. They know we know they are lying. We know they know we know they are lying.

They don’t care. That is not important. What is important is that their allies support them unconditionally and the lies give them the cover to do what they want (invade Syria) while their media pushes the war bandwagon for all they’re worth.


pretty much lol


Right on!

gertrude van voorden

Yet the human collective memed by MSM buys it so they have permission to continue their evil actions. The real question is who is in in this game or are all worldleaders/Free Masons just playing their roles to dupe the majority of humanity, whilst they get rich with this play.


The real answer to your real question is what’s called “the Deep State.” Un-elected rich important people in the banking sector, MIC and intelligence services etc. They have the money and means to force compliance and so we see even anti-war presidential candidates turned into irrational sounding warmongers not long after taking office. (Remember – this was both Obama and Trump.)

Either that – or the seats of power are infested with Mad Cow Disease.


Do like good cops do, ask “Who benefits ?” Certainly not Assad.

Michael Drysdale


Rodney Loder

It’s emerging in China a great feeling that Xi was invited to visit the US just to be humiliated, nothing was even discussed on trade except insignificant issues and the chocolate cake boasting by Trump revealed the contempt he has for China on the World Stage, it appears obvious that in Trump’s mind the portal to China’s submission is humiliation, I think it’s like their laser weapons idea to defend war ships, that burning is better than banging with a solid object or an explosive device must come from the darkness of being in control while asleep, the US has finally snapped.


Trump is a liar and a manipulator, using predatory business mindset to achieve political goals. Xi and Putin should be aware of this and not fall for empty promises. Continue the rearmament programs while US wallows in its delusion of grandeur and strength.

Rodney Loder

He probably doesn’t lie except for a reason, I think he’s feeling like something is possible if he can just convince his public that he has something special to offer I think he thinks like that because he’s being mind controlled by Hillary’s telepathic operatives he would not know himself, but all the signs are there, if only I could take him up on the mountain and meet my contacts in Heaven, I was up there yesterday and today, in fact I was told that truth is a quality of consistent positions, when quality is something novel, it can’t make you or others feel bad or bored, Americans are very boring so truth might be impossible coming from them, (boasting is boring), apart from that I was told when I was high (up the mountain) invention is coming across rudiments which have possibility but no meaning so the trick is to give something in possibility a meaningful expression, I think this is what Hillary’s mind control operatives are going for, if they were confident of success Hillary would have been the guinie pig herself, you know the most sought after job in prison is the pigsty (I won’t say why) Hillary would say the pigpen, she will record while Trump plays the pig.

gertrude van voorden

Most likely they all belong to the same gang. People should stop making it personal about Trump, for it is not, He was just handpicked by the real power to play this part.


The whole gang will taste the wrath of God.

Gary Sellars

The Chinese are not stupid. Xi will smile along, but inside he is thinking “what a bunch of idiots” while he waits patiently for the kabuki to finish and he can get on his plane and go home….

Stupid Uh’murikkkanz think they are “impressing” Xi with their “strength”, but instead they are making themselves into a mockery…

Rodney Loder

China can change very fast, Mao Zedong had for example an 8; child policy if that was the best you could do, after the Gang of four Deng Xiaping conducted the Capitalist Revolution that ended up with the one child family now it’s two, this is what I got by to believe China and Xi Jinping aren’t going to do a great leap of faith, 2 is enough, Trump thinks a great leap is possible because he believes that the Chinese upper middle class have got the same capacities as the US upper middle class which could magnify itself like it did against the Gang of four and the Cultural Revolution, I agree with you, Trump is making a fool of himself, he means to attack North Korea thought and Xi could become an ostrich, that’s what Trump is selling, Obama’s idea about lots of takers being willing to hold his shirt while he goes into fight is lost on Trump it was just too deep a thing to think about.

gertrude van voorden

Cannot get out of my head how jewish women were sent to China to marry chinese men, so they could produce jewish children with chinese surnames, to play a part in chinese politics. Too far away, too little info i keep wondering which current chinese politician belongs to that group and how strong the Zionists are in China. The first jewish state is near China, the autonomous jewish oblast in Russia. Another thing we were lied about in 1948.

Rodney Loder

I don’t know of any practice like that, our Jews were all sworn atheists except for the Bund of Poland and they didn’t really survive the counter-revolutionary war of the 20’s, don’t know why you can’t get it out of your mind it’s just another abstract quality with designs to represent the State. 1948 was after the assimilationists Jews had been vanquished by the British Foreign office who hated Jews some say that’s why they replaced them with Zionists, I think now that it was Allah because they wiped out His property which were the Levites, the problem with the secular explanations is that the ethos has been undermined by the expression of spirituality, (the Holy Ghost) and Christianity was complicit, fortunately Allah knew this would happen and was prepared with the safety net religion of Salafism. This is particularly relevant to China because China had defeated the Mongolian Khan’s and by mid 15 century was the leader of Civilization but Allah needed the West to be dominant so (p) Abraham’s Religion could come to fruition, which it did now Salafists​ are the Chosen People and I RtLoder is the Commander of Faithful.

william serrahn

If you are implying that the Chinese were doing that to get some Jewish genetics into the population for financial and negotiation acumen, I don’t think that it was necessary as the Chinese are the Jews of Asia. I learned that at the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville. I visited the Chinese exhibition on the last day and everything they had was being sold, especially the Terracotta soldiers. They weren’t shipping a dang thing back to China.


If Trump attacks NK (and he will) and China support his war (or not oppose it), than Xi made a deal with the devil. Remember Davos and Xi’s speech praising globalism?

Rodney Loder

There are not many people can see it like that, your right Globalisation is Financialization China and Britain and the US have all the same vested interests US has resources but can’t compete outside of financial expropriation Britain has no resources and no capacity to financially expropriate that’s why they​ left the EU to set up a corporate tax haven with US connivance, China has some resources but not enough for an affluent consumer service dominated economy, the Soviet Union should have been the World’s dominant Super Power because they were resource laden with low population, value would be vastly different now had they survived. The reason Xi won’t join forces with his economic look-alikes is because Globalisation is Financialization only one financial environment can exist at the one time, a good example of that is the invasion of the Congo DR Rwanda and Uganda were 2 such financial entities and the inevitable happened.

Keithon de Bique

China will never side with America at all if they stupidly strike first.


That is the way I understood it, however, Trump being the ignorant uncultured boar that he is, is claiming a great success.

When I heard that delicious chocolate cake comment, I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought, what in God’s name has happened here.

Rodney Loder

I know but what makes some people cringe makes others salivate, now saliver is an awful connotation and food is a good source of energy confectionary I’m not so sure about maybe his energy isn’t so great he hasn’t rose up much in the polls, I think it jumped from high twenty% to high 40% probably not enough to support an​ intervention, Americans so far aren’t buying it, I’m pretty sure it will all blow over quickly.


The best thing to do for SAA and the Russians is continue with the offensive, and have contingency plans to respond forcefully if US tries to carry out a similar attack by ALCM or B2 bombers. Shoot them down, and destroy the point of their origin.

Jonathan Cohen

They should move forces west to crush HTM/AQ and let US and ISIS kill each other for a while.

Douglas Houck

To their credit the US (and just about everyone but the jihadists) did want an investigation but Russia vetoed their draft resolution. OPCW is starting an investigation, but not much more than looking at all the videos/images and chemically analyzing some samples. Supposedly some blood samples were taken, so somebody can actually discern if sarin was the neurological gas used. Something was used, although everything, such as number of fatalities, etc. is highly questionable at this point.

That said, this is obviously propaganda not incompetence, mostly for the US and its allies own populations. The one issue they have had problems with was the motive. Why would the Assad government use chemical weapons as he was winning, and just before a donors conference in Geneva? I don’t know how many totally false news stories in the US press I’ve read about why President Bashar Al-Assad would do such a thing. Most Americans don’t follow the war and have no idea they are being fed a load of BS (i.e., Syria was about to lose the Hama Military Airport and panicked, or that somehow this amount of terror on the civilians of Idlib would be a game changer).

At this point there is no convincing argument from the US for why the Syrian government would use such a small amount of sarin, in this particular town. I have seen only one crater, (no houses or buildings smashed), with a small pipe in the bottom of it. MIT Prof. Theodore Postol makes a very convincing argument with the US governments own images that it was a relatively small improvised pipe bomb with ~10 liters of sarin that was released. The pipe found in the bottom of the crater is too short and small to even make a rocket.

If Syria has reacquired the ability to manufacture methylphosphonyl difluoride, why use such a small amount. Why didn’t they drop multiple 500 kg bombs? Although hard to make, once you set up a facility lets go for volume.

Similar to the 2013 gas attack, the US is going to have a hard time keeping their narrative as the truth. Not that most Americans will care. “Assad evil, US good, therefore, let’s bomb them”.


You make many good points here. Hopefully the Trump administration is just making a lot of noise, and will back off from all this BS of being a globalist. I think he has won the battle against MSM and deep state for now.

Douglas Houck

Your last point does appear to be true.

I’m not seeing much since the Tomahawk cruise missile attack about investigations of President Trump and his advisors being in the pocket of Russia’s Putin.

I still vacillate between President Trump being in over his head to he is a genius on controlling public opinion. Maybe both?

gertrude van voorden

Most likely he is being played by the military industrial complex. Just a puppet.

John Mason

Trump has won nothing, he is with the deep state, always was and always will be.


Russia vetoed a draft resolution because the goal of the provided suggestions was to blame the Syrian government. P.S. The standoff in the UN Security Council and issues that appear besides it are worth a separate analysis.

Douglas Houck

Ok, your on. :-)

First and foremost this UNSC draft resolution of condemnation is kabuki theater to the max and everyone is using it to justify how they want the story told.

I went to a lot different sites including the UN’s and nowhere could I find the actual text of the resolution. The best I got was Reuters saying they had seen the draft text but nobody linked it. If someone has it, I’d love to see it.

Regardless, I’ve seen enough to do a quick review.

All of the stuff that Russia disagreed with is generally left out of the western press’s write up where the US draft resolution is always pitched as reasonable requests. It never ceases to amaze me how the news is reported.

Was Russia justified in vetoing the draft resolution? Yes most definitely (but not because it was blaming Syria).

I kept seeing that the US wanted the flight logs from the Syrians, which seemed reasonable to me, while the Russians never mentioned needing such in their earlier draft. In thinking about it more and seeing some of the specific language it made no sense, and the request is just to hassle and threaten the Syrians. From RT’s article. https://www.rt.com/news/384534-un-resulution-syria-chemical/

“Unlike the earlier drafts of the resolution on the alleged incident, the final document did not lay the blame for it on Damascus. It also referred to the incident as the “reported use of chemical weapons” rather than stating that such use did take place as a fact.

However, the draft leaned heavily on the Syrian government in terms of demands to submit to an investigation of the incident. It said inspectors chosen by the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) must be given prompt and unrestricted access to “any and all sites” they choose, provided with flight plans and logs they request, and given the names of military officers “in command of any aircraft” they probe.

Damascus would also have to “arrange meetings requested, including with generals or other officers, within no more than five days of the date on which such meeting is requested.”

In the event of non-compliance with the terms, Syria could be exposed to military action mandated by the UN Security Council under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

The rebel forces controlling Khan Shaykhun were only asked to “provide delay-free and safe access” to the site of the reported incident.”

It gets weirder. Why helicopter squadron commanders? Nobody believes they have anything to do with it. from Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-resolution-idUSKBN17702K

“The draft text, seen by Reuters, says Syria’s government must provide an international investigation with flight plans and logs for Tuesday, the names of all helicopter squadron commanders and provide access to air bases where investigators believe attacks using chemicals may have been launched.”

and why does the UN need Syrian flight logs anyway? Both the US and Russia have the only comprehensive data set of everything that was flying that day. The US has already stated that the SU-22 that they believe dropped the bomb that morning took off from the Al Shayrat airfield. The US should give their radar logs and be quiet.

As I said at the beginning, this draft resolution was intended to simply hassle and threaten the Syrian government. And it doesn’t matter anyway as it appears that the OPCW is already going to quietly investigate although to what extent is still somewhat unknown. No reason that all the various nations don’t already know that. If the OPCW group is not accepted by everyone then people will just cry foul at the end. And maybe that is what everyone wants.

The British say they have analyzed samples proving it was sarin but who knows. I would love to see the chain-of-custody manifests for those samples. :-)

Kabuki theater indeed.

Jonathan Cohen

US and YPG should guarantee the Russian bases so they all can turn against Assad and Saudis for banning abortion; which created all this terrorist cannon fodder in the first place. Most Americans would cheer if Russia bombed Saudi Arabia like Trump promised. Fewer, but still many Americans would cheer Iran for doing so. We certainly wish Russia had stayed in Afghanistan long enough to prevent 9/11. Did Russia bring abortion rights to Afghanistan like they did Uzbekistan and Kyrgistan???

Jonathan Cohen

How many kids died from US depleted uranium chemical weapons? wildlife too? how many whales? Americans love whales, (though Iraq is inland)

gertrude van voorden

50 % of the women of Fallujah suffered miscarriages or had extremely deformed birthdefects. Curiously now all of Fallujah is being destroyed, possibly to get rid of the evidence. Most likely white phosphorus and plutonium warheads were used by the americans. White phosphorus also used in Gaza and the world stay silent.

Tudor Miron

Don’t you fall for US/UK lies so easily. Russia voted resolution that demanded investigation? That resolution offered by US/UK stated that Assad is to blame and than something about investigation. Russia says that it is not possible to blame someone before investigation and offered it’s own variant of resolution that demanded transparent investigation. Don’t even start pushing that zarin ballsh$$t here – look at some previous articles here where it is clearly explained that it could be many things but definately not zarin. Douglas… do you really believe that Assas did it? Give me one logical reason. Do we have to buy that he’s an idiot? That idiot outlasted Obama and many others, so that is a fact that guy knows his hockey.


Who are fighting as terrorists in Syria?

US, UK and Israeli proxies.

They are killing Syrians by their own Syrians. They have made these Syrians like robots by inserting hallucination drugs in their bodies. Its advantages are less casualties in US armies and international political protection.

Brutality is unacceptable in international law but US, UK and Israel have founded near the way around.


Most of their ‘own Syrians’ are not even from Syria: Turks, Libyans, Saudis, Algerians, Uzbeks and Tajiks, all paid monthly by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the U.A.E.

gertrude van voorden

I just wrote a similar comment replying to someone. They can now also chemtrail all those drugs and vaccins. I just read an article how in 1940 Niacine was supplemented to americans/veterans, to uncreate having made them into killingmachines. So it is clear they know or a long time how to manipulate the brain. That said most likely it ties in with the overlarge egos of muslim men believing themselves to be superior to women but also to all non muslims. That said most likely Islam was inflitrated by krypto jews just like all other religions were. French christian sects created by spanisch krypto jews and later inquisitioned by the Inquisition court also founded by a jew. That poses the real question. Who are these people that either created a people, called jews or used a certain existing religion? When you google the origin of the Assassins, you will find they originated from a people in the Middle East, forced to become jews. Where i learned that is impossible, one is only jewish when born from a jewish mother. Historians claim all of our history of the past 2000 years is fake/frauded.

Keith Smith

One train of thought seems to be a saudi/israeli drone air strike which dropped the chemical weapons. At the orders of Tllerson. This seems to be what is unfolding in alt media sources. MSM still full of s h1 t. US and UK postponed indefinitely the UNSC investigation then US ordered the Syrian strike. UK seems to be a little too keen for syria war


This war is not against president Dr. Assad but against all Syrians. US and UK are playing with the future of all Syrians and killing them in brutal way. Is this international law?


Four page ‘report’ = toilet paper

Zaphod Braden

MIT Professor’s Report debunking Syrian sarin attack https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Vs2rjE9TdwR2F3NFFVWDExMnc/view —————————- Where are the sanctions on ISIS? ISIS never runs out of ammo or supplies ….. WHY?! That equipment is flowing into ISIS and we never shut it off …….. just like we never bombed their oil convoys (TO TURKEY) until the Russians did. We never bombed their miles long parades with flags until the RUSSIANS did. We have done such a GREAT job of fixing Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, we make Assad look like a kindly and benign Grandpa. POISON gas? How about Depleted Uranium, White Phosphorous and God Knows what other fiendish toxins that even our own Troops are dying from. And so much of it is Thanks to our “intelligence” srvices who are 100% WRONG 99% of the time. —————————- ………… So we will no longer provide cluster bombs, white phosphorous, depleted uranium, to Israel and Saudi Arabia? Will Trump bomb Israeli airbases the next time Israel uses Cluster Bombs, W.P., D.U., on Concentration Camp GAZA? Trump is going to demand Israel sign the NPT and open it’s nuclear facilities up to International inspection?

gertrude van voorden

First question should be who are those people in ISIS/Daesh. Read the Franklin Cover up written by John de Camp. Know how Christopher Stevens, died in Libya, was rumored to have kidnapped libyan children for the US elite and know it has been proven that in wars many children are/were kidnapped. I also read an article years ago how many of these kidnapped or bought children are kept in cages by the thousands, mindprogrammed through traumabased, torture and that the plan was to let them loose in the end. Creating countless Manchurian candidates. It is said that those in ISIS are on extremely effective hard drugs. Those wounded in ISIS are treated over the border in Israel. It is not that difficult to creat killingmachines using drugs. US soldiers have to sign they will take multiple antidepressants when prescribed, even when that is forbidden for civilians. They are also vaccinated with unknown substances, some whistleblower claims caused veterans disease.

Nigel Maund

The US Deep State just lies non stop and cannot be believed under any circumstances. The objective is provide “evidence” based on lack of verifiable facts to support its own nefarious propaganda. In this respect the US “Deep State”is way more insidious that WW2 Nazi propaganda and is actually criminal in what is says and intends to achieve. Trumps failure to deal with the “Deep State” once and for all will be his and America’s complete undoing. By contrast, Putin’s stature rises in leaps and bounds and the Russians continue to tell the truth. Is this issue escaping intelligent people in the so called “West”- NO definitely not!!


The USA have a long history of the rule of law and judicial rigor. They would never condem anyone without the burden of proof. This burden of proof is obtained through logic and scientific evidence as shown in this documentary I found on youtube


I hope this puts to rest all questions about America’s comittment to truth, justice and the American way

william serrahn

New boss same as the old boss. Eerily similar operation to “Monica’s War”. The U.S. navy was locked and loaded for days waiting for the false flag. Where were those other 36 Tomahawks landed? Perhaps someplace in the Jihadi held desert where those warheads can be salvaged for car bombs?

Supposedly this was also a message to North Korea that Trump is a wingnut and not afraid to attack their nuclear and missile infrastructure. Problem is that almost the entire U.S. Navy’s carrier force are in home port at this time. They had to reroute the Carl VInson because the Reagan is not available. Trump must be having a hissy fit with the Admirals that his expensive navy is all AWOL at the time when he wants to fly the flag off NK.

Georg Dieling

in this time nothing is incompetence, only straight plannings by warmongers, !!! SO, ALL ACTIVISTS buy your weapons !! ………… we will live in a storm


A Rare Book: ‘’Hebrew is Greek’’ by Joseph E. Yahuda

Why and how did the book disappear? The answer remains an enigma. If one searches the well known libraries of the world, the book may not be found. The Oxford library has one copy, but strangely enough, this copy has been on-loan for many years. If curiosity is aroused as to what the book is all about, electronic pdf versions of this book are available on the Internet. However for the real and original book one is required to pay dearly.



Max Palmisano

they know that those who are agianst them can not do nothing and on this way prepare themselves to target again one, nice sunny day, even the people around them. tipical behaving of dictators and phsicologyicaly unstable persons who have all the power in their hands


I voted for Trump and I would do it again but I have serious doubts Trump can make real headway in Syria UNTIL he admits he was mistaken about the ‘False Flag” Gas attack and apologises to the Syrian people. A week ago (Aug 3 2017) President Bashar Assad told a news conference the missile attack (59 cruise missiles) on his airport was actually ordered by and made to happen by the ‘Dark Government’ and Trump had little to do with it..! Which was a great opportunity for my President Trump to step up and admit he might have made a mistake, but I saw no ‘public’ apology.

Can't Comment

After the last Chem attack the OPCW said they were going onto the ground to investigate who it came from… Quite a coincidence that it was the exact area the US fired their cruise missiles at.. (trying desperately to cover up any remaining evidence of their own terrorists doing that attack).

Can't Comment

Every American should be forced to sit and watch the footage filmed by a Russian drone that shows a SU-30 returning to base after bombing ISIS, but the droned stayed where it was (looking at a hospital) and from out of the clouds came a A-10 Warthog that opened up on the hospital and bombed it before flying away, within 30 mins the US claimed on Twitter Russia had bombed a hospital.

Keithon de Bique

Nikki Haley’s shame of a display at the UN fools few – excluding her lying gov’t who know they’re lies. When Barack threatened Syria its president disposed of its gas.

Cheryl Brandon

When was the last time the USA/CIA/ actually spoke the TRUTH?

Don Machiavelli

Can’t disclose info because ” the security ”. Sounds resonable, would anyone disclose the info which incriminates him?

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