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White Helmets Preparing A False Flag Chemical Attack Near Aleppo: Russian Reconciliation Center

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White Helmets Preparing A False Flag Chemical Attack Near Aleppo: Russian Reconciliation Center

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The White Helmets “rescue group”, together with the militants affiliated with Al Qaeda are preparing to stage a chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib province, the Russian Reconciliation Center said citing a tip from local residents.

White Helmets members, who operate only in territories controlled by anti-Syrian government militants, were noticed arriving at the town of Ma’arat al-Artik, about 11 kilometers northwest of Aleppo.

As per the reconciliation center’s hotline on the evening of February 3rd, they were preparing a “provocation with the use of poisonous agents.”

Approximately 15 White Helmets were spotted in the town, together with militants from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

Local residents reportedly said that they had delivered about 400 liters of chemicals to the town.

The Reconciliation Center named the militant commander involved in the plan as Mahi al-Din al-Am, saying it was the same man who helped stage and film the graphic aftermath of the alleged chemical attack at Khan Shaykhun in April 2017.

The center called on the militants to abandon their “criminal plan” and called on Turkey – which recently sent troops into militant-controlled Idlib – to exert “all possible pressure” to prevent a false flag.

There’s been somewhat frequent reports of potential false flag attacks, and there’s been also several attacks that have taken place and have been blamed on the Syrian government, its forces, as well as the Russian forces supporting them.

Following the 2017 Khan Shaykhun incident, the US launched missiles against Syria; another air and missile attack was launched in April 2018, after an attack at Douma near Damascus. There’s been quite a bit of controversy with evidence surfacing constantly proving that the Douma attack was staged, but it generally falls on deaf ears.

In the renewed offensive on the Idlib province’s militant strongholds, the Syrian Arab Army, together with support from the Russian troops are making steady progress and have already liberated dozens of towns from terrorist control.

Turkey has heavily opposed the operation, and has said that it would strike the Syrian Arab Army, a potential false flag attack would provide justification for a Turkish response in Idlib.


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Peter Jennings

The Syrian admin will have calculated the compensation needed for the damage done by US knee-jerkers because of the false flag at Khan Shaykhun. The ‘helmets’ should be preparing like good little terrorists because they will soon be very busy.

The UN will do what the UN do best…and ignore anything not produced or vetted by their US/nato propaganda dept.


The birdie whispered into my ear: “it’s Iran’s turn to be blamed for the next chemical false flag, if it happens near Aleppo”,


I think they have overplayed this excuse but Trump & the talking heads will fall for it again.


I don’t get this strategy. Creating a fake chemical attack did not save the head choppers in East Ghouta and the Idlib Terrorist Reservation is now only half the size it was, probably even less, then it was at the time of Khan Sheykhun, when Al Nusra and friends could actually still launch offensives. As in major ones that caused the SAA to redeploy forces from all over Syria to stop them. Not two armed Toyota’s and a suicide scooter attacks like they can muster today. And those two cruise missile attacks did fuck all to stop the SAA from finishing off one Jihadi enclave after the other. As a strategy to stop the collapse of the Jihadi cause in Syria staging fake chemical attacks has netted fuck and all. Absolutely nothing. Only a full and prolonged US air campaign can stop the tide and Trump knows his electoral base doesn’t want another war. Let alone in Syria about which his base cares even less. He has got the Democrats fucking up the primaries for him. All he has to do is not fuck up and ride out the good economy to re-election. Going to war in Syria gains him nothing.

Now Turkey might try something, and Erdogan might get the Russians to not actively stop him, but the Syrians do have air defense systems of their own, including the S-300. It has been restored to such a degree that the Israeli’s no longer enter Syrian territory and instead lob standoff long range weapons from Lebanese and Jordan airspace. The Turkish air force is nowhere near as well equipped and modern as the IDFAF. And just like Turkish tanks are easy to pick off due to their lack of modern protection, so is the TAF. Now the Turks may threaten to shoot down Syrian aircraft with their S-400 systems, but I highly doubt that they would shoot down the RuAF from still bombing the shit about Idlib Jihadis. And if the Russians supply the SyAF with Russian transponders there is nothing the Turks can do but check out any aircraft flying over Idlib by the naked eye. Which would make their own aircraft S-300 fodder.

James Kira

“russian scorched earth political solution reconciliation center for kufar and their apostate allies”

good american

Everyone knows that the white helmets are the propaganda arm of ISIS and alquaeda supported by the US. Russia has already been painted as brutal evil ones that like to kill civilians. What would they lose if they accidentally dropped a laser guided rocket on their heads?


I’m thinking that Russian intel plane will be somewhat involved too :)

AM Hants

I wonder who has taken over the position of James Le Mesurier? Why was the ex-Blackwater Mercenary, who set up the heavily Government funded White Helmets, living in Turkey?

No doubt the crisis actors are all in place and will we still recognise the kiddies, that have no doubt grown up by now?


A couple of interesting articles, over on Stalker Zone, that so need sharing. They do link into the same crowd who fund and support the White Helmet branch of the CIA/MI6.

New Declassified Details of the Yalta Conference… https://www.stalkerzone.org/new-declassified-details-of-the-yalta-conference/

Ukraine – a Conveyor Belt of Neocon “Aid” Embezzlement… https://www.stalkerzone.org/ukraine-a-conveyor-belt-of-neocon-aid-embezzlement/

AM Hants

Remember one of their previous crisis actor/false flag episodes?

White Helmets Filmed ‘Human Victims’ After ‘Chemical Attack’ of Syrian Army – Russian MoD… https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/202002041078225893-white-helmets-filmed-human-victims-after-chemical-attack-of-syrian-army/

Would they be so stupid to stage another one, whether blaming Syria or Iran, when the OPCW Report is still under the media spotlight, owing to what was left out?

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