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White Helmets MI6 Co-Founder Found Dead, MSM Blames Russia

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White Helmets MI6 Co-Founder Found Dead, MSM Blames Russia

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On November 11th, White Helmets “rescue organization” co-founder and former MI-6 operative, James Le Mesurier was found dead near his home in Istanbul, Turkey.

The body of former MI6 officer was found in Beyoğlu district on November 11th by passersby who were going to mosque for the morning prayer, according to the statement issued by the Istanbul governor’s office. He was found with fractures to his head and legs, Turkish media say, and is believed to have fallen from his balcony.

The White Helmets official twitter, too, confirmed his death.

The former MI-6 officer also received an OBE from Her Majesty, The Queen in 2016.

“Recently, according to his wife, he was experiencing severe stress and was taking psychotropic drugs, including injections. At the time of death, he was at home under the influence of sleeping pills,” an unnamed source of RIA Novosti claimed.

The White Helmets “rescue organization”, notorious for its whistleblowing of “chemical attacks” and other incidents is accused of working with terrorists, notably by Russia, Iran and the Syrian government. There’s a plethora of evidence to back up these accusations.

Regardless, a conspiracy is forming in MSM, claiming that Russia assassinated Le Mesurier.

“Russia hates Le Mesurier because he was instrumental in establishing the White Helmets civilian rescue service. The White Helmets operate in Syria, helping to save civilians suffering under attack from Syrian regime forces and their Russian and Iranian allies. The Russians despise the White Helmets because they obstruct Russia from killing civilians to force the Syrian resistance into submission. Last week, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs attacked Le Mesurier on Twitter, accusing him of being a British intelligence officer and a terrorist.”

The report completely disregards the fact that James Le Mesurier was, in fact, a British intelligence officer, who even received recognition by the Queen for his service.

Also, pushing somebody from a balcony has “Russia written all over it.”

“Throwing people from fatal heights is effective and has the pretense of being accidental. Second, befitting their broader assassination philosophy, the Russian intelligence services revel in using window-fall assassinations in a target’s home or place of frequency as a calling card. Third, because each individual window assassination fosters a broader fear among other prospective Russian targets that they aren’t safe in their own homes or offices. This fits with the Russian affection for covertly entering homes of those they wish to intimidate and moving things around. Each element finds roots in Russian intelligence service humor.”

And, of course, Russia and Turkey’s recent warming of relations, which didn’t specifically start months ago, but rather years, means that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is on Russian President (and “evil overlord”) Vladimir Putin’s “strings.”

To further substantiate the “Russia killed him” narrative, of course, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, in her briefing on November 8th mentioned James Le Mesurier.

It makes very little sense for Russia to accuse him of having connections to terrorist organizations and then assassinating him. The natural action, following such a revelation would be to simply detain him and extract some information from him.

And those mostly under jeopardy of having information about them revealed would benefit the most from his death.

Essentially, the only side that has interest in James Le Mesurier dying are the parties that wish to hide the fact that the White Helmets “rescue organization” is little more than a local al-Qaeda propaganda branch, that also partakes in false flag operations, which has repeatedly been proven.

During the November 8 press briefing, Russia’s Zakharova said the following:

“Moreover, a number of researchers (I repeat, this is not about Russian analytics, but about foreign ones) indicate the presence of J. Le Mesurier with terrorist organizations during his time in Kosovo, where, according to some sources, his team included members “Al Qaeda.” We would very much like to hear an explanation of these facts from London. He is the founder of a Danish NGO, Mayday Rescue, sponsored by the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Qatar, the Netherlands and the United States. Officially, this structure is engaged, as stated, “in protecting civilians during conflicts and natural disasters,” but in fact participated in the preparation and financing of the “White Helmets” and now provides outreach support for their activities in the Western media.

In addition to participating in the Syrian conflict, Mayday Rescue noted projects in Somalia and Lebanon (about Lebanon and what is happening there I was told), where, under the guise of creating a network of volunteer rescuers, it supported local anti-government forces and organizations. “White helmets” were involved in a number of Latin American countries in carrying out massive informational aggression against legitimate authorities.”

It makes much more sense for those that were under jeopardy of being revealed if Russia detained him to assassinate him, rather than Moscow to simply kill off a potential asset and source of information.

But, when have Russian actions made any sense, according to MSM?


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