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While Trump Warns Tehran Of Censorship, Facebook’s Thought Police Censor Pro-Iran Tweets

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While Trump Warns Tehran Of Censorship, Facebook’s Thought Police Censor Pro-Iran Tweets

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Written by Mac Slavo; Originally appeared on SHTFplan.com

The hypocrisy is unbelievable.  In order to comply with United States sanctions on Iran, Facebook’s thought police have taken to censorship on behalf of the government.  At the same time, President Donald Trump warns Iran not to use censorship.

It’s become painfully obvious that the ruling class wants to get us into another war, where the young and poor are shipped off to die while the politicians and government defense contractors get rich. And the hypocrisy is becoming noticeable. Backed by the ruling class, Big Tech’s censorship is nothing new, however, this time, it’s an excuse to propagate a war:

The International Federation of Journalists condemned the censorship effort as “unprecedented in the history of social networks and in conflict with the very innate actuality of media.” In its letter to Instagram, AoIJ Tehran noted that numerous Iranian state media accounts had been removed and 15 journalists had been censored recently, which goes against and freedom of speech principles.

These massive Big Tech corporations are Thought Police for the US government: Facebook and Instagram are removing posts expressing support for Iran’s top general Soleimani,” journalist Ben Norton tweeted. “They say it’s to comply with US sanctions, but how do posts violate sanctions? –RT

The answer is: they don’t.  The problem is that the war sentiment and the idea that slaughtering people for our freedoms in other countries is gone.  The elitists that need a war to profit off of it can’t convince the public to fight and die for them unless they control the narrative.  That’s why speech is being censored.

Big tech is just another arm of the U.S. government.

Hypocritically, while Facebook was acting as “thought police” on behalf of the US government (the rulers who think they own everyone), Washington has been championing free speech and warning Tehran against restricting the Iranian people’s internet access. U.S. President Donald Trump personally addressed the anti-government protesters – in Farsi, mind you – reassuring them of his unwavering support, according to a report by RT.

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US is the ultimate shameless hypocrite.


Hypocrisy almost beyond belief, but that is the “New America” since 9/11. Th internet will be next. “The Borg” want that assimilation.


The verdict of history is still out on the so-called 911. The real culprits will prove far closer to home than most realize. Even most of the shambolic make-believe report was redacted. US runs on lies, corruption and stifling any semblance of truth from Gulf of Tonkin to Iraq WMD, 911, and the recent totally illegal cold blooded assassination of a respected Iranian general on a peace mission far from home in a third country. US behavior is worse than any outlaw.


“Deep state” did 9/11. Neocons (almost all Jews), AIPAC (Jews), IsraHell (Mossad-Shin-Bet), some top people from CIA & FBI, MI6 and US military. Together with Chaney and other in that gang called US “government”.


we need a new cycle of social media big bang

Ceasar Polar

America is a full NAZI state. And americans are too stuffed with GMO, Fluoridate water, coke and meth to realize any of it.


Worse than a nazi state, it is an Ashkenazi state.


Who will deliver democracy to the usa?

Ceasar Polar

Democracy was already delivered to the USA by the zioNazi askhenazis a long time ago. The US was supposed to be a republic that defends the freedoms of each citizens through its constitution and safeguards its government through bonds purchase and gold standards. A democracy is when you have 51% ruling over 49%. When the zioNazis walk as masters since a democracy means also a system ruled by jews, nowadays you can even hear them call Saudi Arabia a democracy. Gold standards were replaced by the printing machine and Shlomo moved in every central bank of the US. Bond purchases to finance gov. spending was replaced by the printing machine of Rothschild and co. The US is a full ZioNazi state.


The simply cannot afford a campaign in support of Soleimani that might catch the imagination and lead to millions of inconvenient questions, even anti-war movements etc. They are literally ruling by deception!

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