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Where Is Russia? And Other Rhetorical Questions Being Asked In Armenia

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Where Is Russia? And Other Rhetorical Questions Being Asked In Armenia

Supporters of the de-facto ideology promoted by the current Armenian govenrment led by Nikol Pashinyan. Click to see full-size image

The Armenian government is quite obviously pro-Western, and during the war against Azerbaijan it is still refusing to change this posture despite regular public demands to Russia to provide it with a direct assistance in the war in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

This is an issue for Armenia, since Russia is the only reason Azerbaijan (and Turkey) have not moved towards employing even more severe means in their offensive.

However, with Russia’s diplomatic measures to impose the ceasefire in Karabakh obviously experiencing serious difficulties, the moment in which Armenia could simply lose Nagorno-Karabakh is likely drawing near, if the war escalates further.

Experts in Armenia, war-related blogs and public activists appear to increasingly be asking the question why the government is refusing to change its diplomatic posture and move towards a closer cooperation with its traditional ally and guarantor of sovereignty.

There the main thesises of one of the Armenain military blogs (exclusively pro-Armenian) currently covering the conflict in Karabakh:

If you make an excursion into history and remember who was the backbone of the self-defense forces of Karabakh during the first war, it will suddenly become clear that these are Afghan soldiers who served in Afghanistan in the ranks of the Soviet army.

Not caricature fedains in taraz who look like people who robbed the theater of a young spectator.

Not the “spirited Lebanese Armenians”, of whom one and a half people came from the total number.

The main force at the front was the Armenians who went through the war in Afghanistan. From an ordinary soldier to a general.

Now 25 years have passed and the absolute majority of those who fought in those years (especially when it comes to senior officers and generals) are already people of extremely respectable age who, well, are in no way suitable for participation in hostilities.

Armenia was supposed to intervene in the Syrian conflict on the side of the Russian Federation back in 2015 and with a much larger number of people.

Why? Well, if only because the Armenians would not have to learn how to fight Bayraktars in real time in 2020.

It would already have cadres who understand how Turkish attack UAVs behave.

How Turkish military intelligence works.

There would be a huge number of people who received real combat experience.

Artillerymen, UAV operators, reconnaissance agents, ATGM operators, special forces units that could act in conjunction with the tacticians.

And today the experience of these people would be invaluable and it would allow Armenia to greatly reduce losses, both human and territorial.

Any army without participation in military conflicts rusts. Especially when it comes to the army of a third world country without any military history and well-established military traditions in principle. The war changed a lot from 1994 to 2020.

Syria was a great chance to get a whole layer of officers and soldiers with real combat experience in modern military conflict.

Furthermore, it would be a good reason to receive a certain amount of weapons from the Russian Federation as a result of gratitude for the help.

Instead, when Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan came into power with populist anti-Russian hysteria and a pro-Western agenda, the de-facto policy of Armenia officially turned towards supporting the intentions of such persons:

Where Is Russia? And Other Rhetorical Questions Being Asked In Armenia

Russia, go away from our country. Click to see full-size image

Where Is Russia? And Other Rhetorical Questions Being Asked In Armenia

Click to see full-size image

Where Is Russia? And Other Rhetorical Questions Being Asked In Armenia

Russian Army – Go away from Armenia. Click to see full-size image

Where Is Russia? And Other Rhetorical Questions Being Asked In Armenia

Click to see full-size image

As such, when no direct military support (in terms of the involvement of the Russain Armed Forces) comes from Russia’s side and Yerevan ultimately loses the Nagorno-Karabakh region, it would likely be because many told that the Russian military and Russians need to go back home.

However, somehow, despite being under a very pro-Western government, the official Armenian propaganda is now questioning why Moscow hasn’t come to the rescue, since it was “obligated” to support it against Azerbaijan in the war for Nagorno-Karabakh.

And, of course, that would make sense, since there is a military deal between Moscow and Yerevan – Russia would come in and assist in the case of a direction aggression on Armenian soil.

However, Nagorno-Karabakh is a self-proclaimed independent republic, and the Armenian government has not initiated even initial steps to recognize it or officially make it part of Armenia.

As a result, Nagorno-Karabakh is a sort of limbo, for which Russia has no obligation to provide assistance, it is not an official part of Armenia, so a more vocal and reasoned call for assistance needs to be voiced by those same people who were full of pride and excepted that the West would solve its issues simply by rejecting any relations with Moscow.

The current situation in the Nagorno-Karabakh was in details covered by SouthFront in June 2018 (after the Pashinyan-led coup in Armenia) in the analysis entitled “Crisis in Armenia and Balance of Power in South Caucasus“:

The changing geopolitical situation around the world, especially the Middle East, the intensified cultural-ideological and class struggle both within individual countries and globally, continue to provoke reactive political processes. Recently, a new crisis has erupted in Armenia, a state in the South Caucasus. The balance of power, self-perception of local ethnic groups, and the influence of socio-economic and cultural ideological groups on public policy have significantly changed in the country. These changes are multidirectional, increasing the risk of a new armed conflict.

On April 12, an acute internal crisis started in Armenia, a post-USSR nation and a traditional ally of Russia in the South Caucuses since the 1990s. The Armenian opposition triggered this crisis and used it to pursue a regime change, using various, among which unconstitutional, measures. Following a series of street riots from April 15 – May 2, Nikol Pashinyan, an opposition leader and a leader of the neoliberal, formally pro-US political party “Way Out Alliance”, became prime minister. Armenia is a parliamentary republic. Pashinyan gained his post on May 8 using a mobilized pro-opposition minority and pressuring the parliament with riots. The change in power occurred without bloodshed and without the direct actions of external actors.

Despite the formally pro-western position of his party, Pashinyan changed his public foreign policy rhetoric after the situation had entered into a revolutionary phase of the race for power. These changes are based on the need to act in line with the internal political situation and geopolitical reality. The bulk of the Armenian population does not consider themselves as the so-called “liberal thinking part of the middle class” neither economically nor culturally. In addition, there is an acute regional issue – an unresolved territorial dispute over the Nagorno Karabakh region and some nearby areas between Armenia and its Turkic neighbor Azerbaijan, also a post-USSR state. Pro-Armenian forces captured Nagorno Karabakh in the early 90s triggering an armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Further development of this conflict and the expected offensive by pro-Azerbajian forces was stopped by a Russian intervention in May 1994. By mid 2018, Nagorno Karabakh and the nearby areas are still under the control of Armenian forces, de-facto making it an unrecognized Armenian state – Arts’akhi Hanrapetut’yun (Arts’akh).

The 2018 political crisis and further developments did not strengthen Armenian positions over the Nagorno Karabakh issue. At the same time, the political situation in Azerbaijan remains stable. Azerbaijan, despite all existing problems, continues to develop, has a population over 3 times higher than Armenia and the economy is almost 4 times higher than Armenia’s GDP. At the same time, Azerbaijan maintains good working relations with Russia in almost all issues of the bilateral relations. Additionally, Azerbaijan is a natural historical ally of Turkey.

Turkey has recently overcome some of its differences, restored and strengthened its partnership relations with Russia. Additionally, Ankara has reached a tactical compromise with Iran. This along with successful actions in Syria allowed Turkey to significantly increase its influence in the region. Iran has also strengthened its positions through participation in ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. Teheran moved its positions closer to those of Russia and Turkey. In turn, Russia has expanded its activity far beyond the South Caucasus and is now employing an active policy in the Greater Middle East. The activity of these leading regional states has obviously come into conflict with the interests of the establishment in Washington. Each of these three countries, has its own format of relations with the US, which in each chase is characterized as uneasy.

From all the aforementioned regional players, Russia is the only power, which has been a strategic ally and a military defender of Armenia and its interests. Armenia is a member state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Eurasian Customs Union (ECU). It’s interesting to note that reading Wikipedia articles in different languages, it’s not easy to find info about Armenia’s participation in the CSTO and the ECU, which are crucial for this state. It’s also hard to find out the real role of Russia, Turkey and Iran in the modern history of the Southern Caucasus.

Meanwhile, the importance of the Armenian foothold in the South Caucasus for Russia has decreased. The importance of the Russian military base in Armenia has decreased because of the expansion of Russian military infrastructure in the Middle East, including naval and air bases in Syria. The political importance of Armenia has also decreased because of improved Russian-Turkish relations, which are strengthened by major joint economic projects, including the TurkStream gas pipeline and the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. At the same time, Armenian has little economic value for the Russian state or private companies. Its only value is found in the nostalgic memories of a part of the Armenian diaspora with Russian citizenship. Additionally to the aforementioned factors, the Russian political leadership seems to be more cautious in forecasting and assessing the course of Armenian foreign policy, analyzing in depth actions and rhetoric of representatives of the Armenian elites. This shift was expected. For a long time, Armenia has pursued a foreign policy that was significantly at odds with the foreign policy position of its formal strategic ally. Furthermore, while enjoying Russian military protection, Armenia has declined to support Russia over key issues on the international agenda. A number of representatives of the Armenian elites, including the diplomatic corps, have claimed in unofficial conversations and remarks that Armenia should move to the pro-US camp.

The current situation is the result of a number of factors, including the social stratification in Armenia and the cultural-ideological influence on Armenia’s youth and elites. For example, the integration of rich Armenian families into the inner circle of the Washington establishment through a large Armenian diaspora in California; constant propaganda aimed at rewriting history and changing its focus; direct financial support of nationalist movements and neoliberal globalists etc.

Besides these, another factor is the cultural-ideological dominance of implanted postmodern consumerist values in the post-USSR states.

However, there are objective factors, limiting the maneuverability of the relatively pro-Washington establishment in Armenia:

  • Armenian elites understand that without Russian’s participation region it will be virtually impossible to ensure the presence of Nagorno Karabakh in the zone of influence of Armenia; and possibly, the independence of Armenia itself. An analogy with Israel and its patron, the US, can be useful here. Without direct US support, the existence of an independent Jewish state would be impossible in the current situation;
  • Armenia receives a notable cash flow from Russia through transfers from the multi-million Armenian diaspora, which includes employees as well as small and medium business owners. These people, in general, are still committed to conservative ideology or, by virtue of their age, retain the physical memory of events that took place 20-30 years ago;
  • A number of ethnic Armenians keep large amounts of capital in Russia.

These restrictions do not allow Armenian elites to change foreign policy sharply without incurring painful consequences.

Despite the existing inconsistencies, Russia has taken an active position on the Armenian issue. All the necessary measures were taken to preserve Armenia in the orbit of Moscow’s influence.

However, this situation changed during the recent political crisis in Armenia. Surprisingly, Moscow distanced itself from the developing events. This Russian attitude has quietly contributed to the regime change carried out by the pro-Western minority. This was done despite repeated remarks by Pashinyan in favor of the Euro-Atlantic integration as the main priority of Armenian foreign policy. Later, during the power seizure, understanding the problems of Armenia and the region, Pashinyan changed his public rhetoric supporting the strategic partnership with Russia. However, his personal position as well as the position of his neoliberal party are well known and are unlikely to have changed.

The question arises, why did Russia choose a course for complete self-elimination and non-interference in the current crisis in Armenia?

Some believe that this may be linked to the possibility that the Russian leadership has drawn a lesson from mistakes made during previous actions in post-USSR states, for example from their failure in Ukraine or their partial failure in Georgia. So, the Russian nonintervention could well be linked to concern for its public image.Another point of view is that Russian strategy is based on the realpolitik approach. In the current regional situation, Russia will gain revenue from any developments of events in Armenia. The following scenarios or their hybrids are possible:

1) If the new Armenian leadership changes the country’s foreign policy course, or even breaks the military base agreement with Russia or withdraws from Russia-controlled international organization, Azerbaijan would, earlier or later exploit the new conditions to take back what it sees as its own lost territories – the Nagorno Karabakh region and nearby areas. The restoration of territorial integrity is one of the key foreign policy and military tasks of Azerbaijan and the ruling family of Aliyev. Turkey, still a NATO member state and a formal US ally, supports Azerbaijan in this intention.

If Armenia loses Russian support and an armed conflict over the Nagorno Karabakh region resumes, Azerbaijan’s forces are likely to take control of this area within 1-2 weeks. Certainly, the US would voice protests against the Azerbaijani actions and present an ultimatum to Azerbaijan but only if its forces enter into the territory of Armenia. In this scenario, Russia would act similarly and then, after the expected new internal crisis in the country triggered by military defeat, Russia would restore its influence in the region.

By then, the Nagorno Karabakh issue would be resolved because it would be in the hands of Azerbaijan, which is supported by Turkey, a NATO member state and a Russian partner in the region.

2) If the new Armenian leadership implements a double standard policy, de-facto conducting anti-Russian actions but keeping a pro-Russian public rhetoric and standing on ceremony, Moscow would get a formal pretext to reshape its presence, first of all military, in the region. Strategically, the military infrastructure in Syria is much more important for Russia. Additionally, Moscow would get grounds for shifting its diplomatic rhetoric over the Nagorno Karabakh issue, thus achieving closer cooperation with Turkey and Azerbaijan. If in this situation, Azerbaijan triggers the resumption of armed conflict over Nagorno Karabakh, Russia would remain a formal Armenian ally and a guarantor of its territorial integrity. Moscow would intervene into the conflict both politically and militarily, but only as far as necessary to prevent violation of Amrenia’s borders. Russia would not contribute military efforts to restore Armenian control over Nagorno Karabakh should the region be captured by Azerbaijan. In this scenario, Russia would keep and maybe even strengthen its position in the region once again acting as a defender of the Armenian nation.

3) If the new Armenian leadership shows political awareness and becomes engaged in not just a formal, but a real strategic alliance with Russia, the development of economic and cultural relations with the West would not detract from this alliance. Then, the Nagorno Karabakh conflict would remain frozen until the next major shift in the regional balance of power or until a political settlement of the conflict becomes possible. Russia would at least maintain its current influence and would maybe further improve its public image. While Armenia keeps a strong military political partnership with Russia, it is unlikely that Azerbaijan would make an open attempt to resume full-scale military hostilities.

4) The most unlikely scenario is that Armenia would fully shift its foreign policy course towards the US and enlist full support from its new “strategic” ally. The Russian military base would be replaced by a US one and the US would become a guarantor of the independence of Nagorno Karabakh or at least a military guarantor of its current undefined status in the case of a new round of military escalation with Azerbaijan. This scenario is extremely unlikely. Yerevan has little to offer Washington in exchange for the inevitable decline of US relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey. US forces are already deployed in the region, in Georgia. A new US military base in Armenia would not change the balance of power in the South Caucasus and the Middle East. Economically, Armenia also has nothing to offer the US. So, the only possible Armenian offer would be blatant anti-Russian propaganda in the Ukrainian or British scenario. In this case, Russia would turn to Azerbaijan, strengthen its alliance with Turkey, actively destabilizing the situation in Armenia itself, creating additional problems for the US in the region.

At this stage, it looks like the Armenian leadership is balancing between the scenario 2 and 3. In the future, the situation will develop depending on the level of strategic thinking of the new Armenian leadership and the inertia of the crisis situation created by Pashinyan, his supporters and sponsors for coming to power.

Analyzing the situation in the South Caucasus, one should remember that “the great game might never end”. A possible shift of Armenian foreign policy would certainly trigger a change in the local balance of power. Following unavoidable fluctuations, the system would return to find a temporary balance at a particular point. The big game will continue.

Some Turkish and Russian analysts believe that if Nagorno Karabakh returns to Azerbaijan’s control, a more stable system would be established in the region. This system would meet the needs of all three major regional actors. This position is based on the premise that Armenia is able to hold the system in its current quality and actually control the disputed territory only thanks to the balance between the formal traditional alliance with Russia and the unspoken patron-client relations between the Armenian elites and the Washington establishment.

Taken as a whole, the political crisis in Armenia is just the continuation of the events of “the Arab Spring” and “velvet revolutions”. It has once again confirmed the growth of global economic, demographic, cultural and civilizational issues paradigmatic to the development of civilization over the past 30 years.


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Servet Köseoğlu

Ungrateful Armenians aint bluffin,they look like a fellow nearly dead with consumption.What happened darling,are we cross? xD


” they look like a fellow nearly dead with consumption”
Next time tell them they do sunbathe … but to wear sunscreen so that their sun does not burn …. not all Mediterranean types ha ha ha ha


Do you know what? I am satisfied with what Erdogan is doing. He has put the european and american cowardice on show. Today he sent another warship to Greece, this time in their territorial waters. And can you wonder what happened? NOTHING!!! The EU has started barking, soon Macron will start threatening Turkey. But nothing will happen.

If the west must die because of its incompetence, let it be. I am fed up with bull****, idiotic elites, “professors” that pretend to rule it all, lgbtq-alpha-epsilon-phi perverts.

Sometimes, a good dose of savagery is needed to wake up the idiots. Humanity needs to be purged in blood.

Random Dude

In such situations diaspora in western countries is mostly active and the help is not without strings attached. Armenia has 3 power centers, Moscow, Diaspora and a government that balances in between (used to).

Great Khan

Russia save Armenia or Azeri brother make kaputenheimer!

Kishan Chali

Pro-Russian Armenians have to spread the word that Russia can’t help a pro-Western govt. in Yerevan, and not when anyone is attacking Armenian soil.

Random Dude

I never understood these protests. Why would protesters expect other nations fight for them. Why not instead of protesting go and fight yourself?

Fog of War

All according to plan.


Looks like Armenia is the that is one going to ´fuck´ itself.

Rafik Chauhan

Armenia Goverment is PRo western so why they are asking Russia help and why they dont ak EU or US for help. Look like Armenia people are hypocrite they dont know which side are they. Where is your uncle sam to help. they will not bcuz they are more intrested in turkey and Azerbijan relation then you.


If Russia separated the world into pro-western and anti-western, why it keeps pushing for NS2 which is a major business with westerners? But smaller countries are not allowed to do business with the west.

cechas vodobenikov

more Ukrainian confused pseudo thinking


Sounds like a Ruskie is out of vodka

Lone Ranger

Russia aint separating, the U.S. does.
Its simple common sense, why should Russia help to trolls whom called them an occupying force.
Well Russia is proving they arent.
Armenia should solve its problems alone like adults…


And that explains why the most advanced Russian toys in Armenia like S-300 and Su-30 didn’t work. Russia turned them off to show who’s daddy.

Lone Ranger

Nope, it was the Armenian leadership, pimped by the CIA, playing the victim card to force Russia into a war against Turkey and Azerbajan, sorry, wont happen.
Armenia has the means to defend its airspace, they better push the on button till they still have done assets left.


S-300 and Su-30 as well as Iskander are under control of generals not politicians.

So even if the president has relations with America, the Armenian generals have relations with Russian military who is already there.

USA can’t turn them off, Russia can.

Lone Ranger

Can they?
Whats your proof?
Georgian SAMs worked fine in 2008…
Generals do what they are ordered, if not thats called a revolt and armed insurrection, in war thats punishible with death, even the most hardcore general will think twice before risking his life.


Armenia had long time military relation with Russia to have pro-western generals. Their president is new there, his power over military is very limited.

Lone Ranger

Hearsay and speculation…


Truth hurts.
Try to handle it.
Grow up.

Lone Ranger

Indeed you should ;)


Where is your Russia to help with arguments when you need her? :)

Lone Ranger

Where is your Pimpeo to help with arguments when you need her? :)


I always have Putin to joke about.

Lone Ranger

Great english…

catalin zt

Again the anglo-saxon single neuro!


Your mom has more neurons in hers ass.


It was Russia who decided to sabotage Armenia because they wanted to trade with the West, like Ukraine, instead of participating in Dugin’s Eurasian Union skyzophreniac dream.

Lone Ranger

It was U.S. who decided to sabotage Armenia because they wanted to trade with the Easr, like the rest of the Free World, instead of participating in Pimpeos Euroatlanti skyzophreniac dream.


It was the crappy Russian weapons that made possible Azerbaijan success. Russian weapons are not going to sell well in the next period. Buyers will look for drone warfare.

Lone Ranger

It was the crappy Americant intel and fake support that made possible Azerbaijan success. CIA intel/support are not going to sell well in the next period. Buyers will look for Russian warfare like did Syria.


In Armenia there are Russian soldiers like in Syria. That’s why NATO and Israeli drones work so well, to show the little greens they are sitting ducks.

Lone Ranger

In Armenia there are Amercant soldiers like in Syria. That’s why NATO and Israeli drones work so well, to show the little greens they are sitting ducks.


You reached your bottom low, can’t go any lower than this, you are too smart to go deeper :)

Lone Ranger

You reached your bottom low, can’t go any lower than this, you are too smart to go deeper :)

Lone Ranger

Treason from the top.
Shame on Armenia.
Time for a revolution to evict CIA pimped whores…


Treason from Kremlin.
Time for revolution to evict muscovite oligarchy and their puppet.

Lone Ranger

Treason from Uncle Sam.
Time for revolution to evict muscovite oligarchy and their puppet.

Tommy Jensen

Off course, and it is Russia who has imposed economic sanctions, closed down the Swift transfer system, and threatened economic strangulation for innocent Western countries who dont bow for Russia’s NS2 and Russia’s BIG usury banks.


And stilll Russia is desperate to build that NS2 and trade with the West. Or are they sadomasochistic slave role playing or the country can’t survive economicaly without selling its gas to EU and and humiliate themselves for survival.

Tommy Jensen

Russia and Europe have always traded, even during the WW’s. No one says no to a deal.


They hate the West but they can’t live without its money, what a coursed life.

catalin zt

Westernes paedophiles, perverspervert,liars, build facesave face,the “specials” ha ha because mr mr reptilian Rotschild (the rotten child of satan) has malefic business there….


So you are against the Nord Stream 2…


I think the only reason is to discredit Russia in the eyes of average Armenian. It’s obvious that as long as Armenian current leadership keeps going on its path, working against Russia’s interest and actually looking for American help but loudly asking for the Russian assistance, Russia won’t lift a finger. Especially since the Armenia proper is not under attack.

But such public requests and statements create a question in the minds of population “Why Russia does not help us?”
They keep playing this game enough and it affects the way average Armenians think about and look at Russia, some sort of guarantee that a reversal of 2018 installation of the sock puppet by the people becomes more unlikely.

OTOH, There is turmoil brewing inside Azerbaijan. Georgian statement about closing its land and airspace for weapons transfer from Turkey and Israel to Baku turned out a big lie. Large shipments of anti-riot gear are sent there because Azerbaijanis are publicly and on the internet (the part that still works there) are organizing for protests. The ceasefire turned out to be bad for Aliyev because with an exchange, the number of dead, injured and POWs become apparent. My contact there tells me they are angry because the Aliyev regime hides the causalities and they look at Armenians that every day announce their losses.
Both sides attack civilians (Azerbaijan started by shelling cities, towns and villages and in turn, Armenians proved they are not beneath attacking civilians). The fleeing population move towards Baku and are angry. If Armenians manage to hold a couple of weeks, not only cold weather will be on their side but also they can create a real headache for Aliyev regime which will not be easy to brush off.

If Aliyev regime and his ally cannot quickly retake large or at least considerable amount of territory the political situation for he and his gang becomes really hot.

Arman Melkonyan

Good stuff.

Rhodium 10

Armenia diaspora in USA, Canadá and France beside another EU and LatinAmerican countries are pro west and fund Pashinyan colour revolution!…so Russia has a Dilema…Geopolitical interest ( to keep Armenia bases close to Iran ally and Georgia& Turkey enemies) or business interest with Azerbajan and Turkey…..if Support Armenia in NK will have problems with Azerbajan and Turkey ( economics&Business)…if dont support Armenia and Azerbajan&Turks retake NK will have a problem to keep military bases and also with Armenian diaspora in Russia most of them Russian citizens!…I bet that Russian military staff will allow AZ to retake NK..but later Russian military will support Armenia to retake Nakhchivan autonomus region with the excuse that can be turn in a pseudocalifate full of HTS and Turkish backed terrorist like Idlib!

Harry Smith

Sorry, but your forecast is not linked at all with the reality

Brother Ma Rumi for Sencer

Seems true to me. Most Diaspora Armenians I have met are moneymotivated and thus Americano-centric. They genuinely care about Armenia back home but only on their terms. If it is true that Diaspora Armenians put in Pashynian, then it has come back to bite them on their posterior! The shame is that the Diaspora Armenians won’t bleed and die for their fck ups ,it will be the real Armenians back home that bleed for the spoiled Diaspora’s fckups!

Lone Ranger

Wrong question.
Right question, where is real Armenian leadership?
I only see CIA pimped whores and traitors.

catalin zt


Антон С

Children of Soros, enemies to themselves. Color coup in Yerevan made Armenia weaker. It’s one of the reasons why AZ decided to attack now. Liberalism kills. Modern, perverted version of this.

catalin zt

The SCUM of this World,the anglo-saxon khazarian sewage!

Great Khan

Armenistan ungrateful donkey, Russia save little donkey from Azeri brother, tiktoc.


This is a REPOST


Sounds like the Armenians are making the same mistake as the Kurds, betting on the wrong horse. Turkey is a predatory nation and America and the EU will not save you from them.

cechas vodobenikov


catalin zt

Well now they feel the anglo-jewish perverse stab in the back! All the countries who stud with this monsters got the same betrayal!

Arman Melkonyan


Stop right here: “…[Armenia’s] only value [for Russia] is found in the nostalgic memories of a part of the Armenian diaspora with Russian citizenship.”

You are openly lying.

Armenia’s one significant value for Russia is the fact that Armenia is a wall between Turkey and Azerbaijan, subsequently Central Asia. The Turks believe that removing this corridor separating them from the other Turkic republics would greatly improve their fortunes. This is actually a groundless and stupid Turkish obsession — what’s going to change in real economic terms if Armenia is overtaken by Turks? — but it’s highly useful to the Russians as a psychological tool to manipulate and guide Turkish perception and compliance with Russian interests.

In short, the Russians think they can induce the Turks to behave more pliantly as long as they hold the prize (kirmizi elma of the east) that the stupid Turk (whom the pure-blood Turkic people of Central Asia do not identify with at all) lusts after.

That’s why Armenia is highly valuable to the Russians for in fact Armenia acts as the proverbial tight leash on which the Russians keep the perfidious genocidal Turk to serve Russian interests.

If the Turks were able to get past their hubris and onerous self-importance, they would see that a direct land connection to Azerbaijan will not bring them much additional economic gains. They’re already pumping Azeri oil to the Turkish Ceyhan port and doing whatever business they can with the Turkic republics of Central Asia.

The irony is, it is only the Turks’ hatred of and obsession with Armenia that’s making Armenia valuable to the Russians.

And whatever help Russia provides to Armenia is motivated by this cynical and self-interested reason.

Not by the “nostalgic memories” of a fondly remembered common past.

After all,

It was the Russians that enabled the Turks to conduct the genocide of the first Christian nation of history all the way to its cynical conclusion of the creation of a truncated Armenia for the purposes of keeping the Turkish dog on a tight leash.

In a very real sense, both modern Turkey and Armenia are Russian creations under Bolshevik/Jewish rule and guidance: https://allinnet.info/history/russian-assistance-to-turkey-in-1920-1922/


This comment is too sane. Don’t you know you have to worship modern Russia and Putin in these comments?

Great Khan

hahaha Putin Jew……

Trap Is Not Gay

That’s the USA, paid shill.

Arman Melkonyan

Putin is a traitor to civilization and the Christian world.

However I believe that he’s in bed with NATO where they are just negotiating their respective spheres of influence in Syria and elsewhere, evincing absolute contempt for the welfare of the people they dominate.

There is nowhere you can turn to in this world.


Dear Arman Melkonyan realize that war is part of our live.
The world is so made. We have to accept it.

Arman Melkonyan

You are confusing war with honor, truth and reason betrayed by Putin and his ilk.


I am finding your answer in DISQUS only and on the article “Where Is Russia? And Other Rhetorical…… i am deleted with your comment. Interesting. War is a horror.

cechas vodobenikov

comic stupidity

Arman Melkonyan

Says somebody who doesn’t have a counter argument so we must believe him.

Tommy Jensen

Exact what I have been saying. The innocent Armenian people want freedom!

Arman Melkonyan

Turks keep repeating the meme that it was insane for little weak Armenia to attack Azeris; that there is no rational reason for Armenia to start a war they know they will lose. That all that the Azeris are doing is defending themselves.

All the best Turkish intellectuals, journalists and retired generals are on Turkish TV 24 hours on end repeating the same lie which they know is a lie.

Turks are entirely intractable psychopaths who believe that if they lie you must believe them.

Not ONE of them, left, right or center, even considers the possibility that it was the Turks and the Azeris that attacked. They accuse the Armenians of bringing in foreign terrorists when the whole world knows it’s the Turks who are bringing ISIS headchoppers from Syria to the Artsakh battlefield.

Turks are not normal.

Tommy Jensen

True. A long history of betray.
However, the Turks I meet are ok as long as you dont mess.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The obvious solution is for UNSC peacekeepers in Karabakh.

Tommy Jensen

Eaxctly what I have said and I was right again.
The Armenian people want freedom, human rights to gay marriages, McDonald whoppers, cocaine and a clean green clima change society with IMF and ECB usury loans.
The innocent Armenian people want to be like an American and Putlinsky cant take that.

cechas vodobenikov

armenians want to be like self uglified freedom hating LGBT amerikans? “the people of amerika accept a level of ugliness in their daily lives nearly without precedent in the history of western civilization”. Yuri Bezmenov
sure they will embrace your black lives matter plywood villages…LOL

cechas vodobenikov

the ungrateful armenians now cry—perhaps they can beg like puppies for help from trump…sure he will send them a “get well card” after they convert to the Republican Party


In Russia they say when Putin is silent and does not make any attempts except diplomatic work you can bet he has already 5 steps ahead of all this political idiocracy from the western Atlantic alliance it will take only a few iskander rockets and Armenian submission to change all the situation and put the Azery on their knees they both need Russia and both have also witnessed the US shambles and crumbling dying hegemony OF THOSE IDIOTS of NATO & US watch how this will unfold and all in positive sense for Russia IRAN CHINA AND THOSE WHO USE THEIR BRAIN IN THESE COUNTRIES they will not risk angering Russia what the west does not seem to see is that many of these ancient Soviet Republics are eager to return and willing to be part of a new kind of absorption into the new Russian Federation and this is a fact but you will never read or hear about this on MSM and western EU media they had a great debate about this topic of the Duran channel this week


So, whom on earth wrote this piece of shit, huh, SF.

Fascinating isnt it, while the Russians thru the centurys have thrown Armenians under the buss to suck up to the Turds, and I could link to storys and crimes against Armenians but it seems like the Hurrah patriots have flooded this site and nobody bothers to read anything anyway, but the truth is, what do you scums expect, if you dont exclusivly deals with Russia in everyway or with everything, dont sit on the airport and await like trained dogs to welcome any Russian that comes and parade them thru the citys with whatever turist etc, and if you dont do that its because you are an ZATO patsie, jesus the quality have plunged, and why sould Armenians, most of them probably dont have any problems with Russia, but never forget the previous Gov whom was rotten to its core and was for decades fully backed by the Russians, and did nothing to the Armenian people, and then came an Western suck pupet, smouth talk and had an easy case because Armenians where fustrated, but hey, Russia liked the previous scumbag, and you ignorants wounder why a lot of Armenians dont exactly arent extatic when it comes to wave Russian flags either, there are a lot of controverisal issues, where the Russians have treated the locals as sub-humans and so on and ignored them, what on earth do you expect, Russia isnt an knight with shining armor, just because of some sites like Faker and others claims they are.
You can fool some people some of the time, but dont expect all the people to be fooled all of the time.

Again, I read sites witch is openly lying, deliberatly, becaue of ignoring the basic fumdamentals, when it comes to referendums, they are openly operating with different consensusses, take Crimea, yeah, we all agrees that this referendum instigated by the people was just and they, the Crimeans, got what they wanted, but when it comes to Artzahk/NK, then its suddenly someting else, yeah, Sorre-Ass backed, yup, f… the wish of the people, this few lines tells me everything I need to know, then we have the open lies, like NK belongs to Azeris, witch is nowhere near the facts, Armenians are not fake, Azerbaijan is, NK is if you like it or not, by the people in that region thru their referendum, becomed an an autonomus republic like a lot of them are to day, just look to Georgia and the hyprocrasy among the Russian hurrah patriots are nauseating.

Just because, its like a lot of the articles I read in the MSM, because of an group of people with banners
waving witch are openly advocating something, dont mean much, other than some people are stating their opinions, and this Article is riddeled with frauds, and somewhat denies anything else than this present Armenia is run by the west, I am ashamed of this open idiot propaganda, and the comments whom somehow never bothers to see a tiny bit longer than whatever lenghts their dicks reaches, witch isnt far, makes this sites regarding the Azeri instigated war, to an bloody freak show.

But this, the range of the openly Russian treason, the backing of ISIS/ugh…… rebels?, witch is because of ISISrael and the Turds, since they all backs Azerbaijan, isnt an surprice, its just becomed glearingly obvious, it was there already in Syria, Libya and now in the open, their explanations is just raving nonsense, the political giberish about whats and whom is legale is even more revealing, and all in all, it have shown those of us whom is netrual that the Russians, is rotten to their core.
Putin is playing 5d chess, hehe, that is so f…. idiotic its hillarious, what rock have you morons been under for the last 5 years, tell me, ignorant fools.

Thanks for that, whatever doubt I had, is comepletely removed.


Kishan Chali

Russian intelligence services and Pro-Russian Armenians have to spread the word that Russia can’t help a pro-Western govt. in Yerevan, and not when anyone is attacking Armenian soil.

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