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“Where Is the Evidence?”: Malaysian PM Slams MH17 Investigation As Not Impartial And Politically Motivated

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"Where Is the Evidence?": Malaysian PM Slams MH17 Investigation As Not Impartial And Politically Motivated


Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said that the investigation into the 2014 crash of the Malaysia Airlines-operated Boeing in Ukraine was not conducted in an impartial manner, but was rather focused on simply pinning the blame on Russia for political reasons.

Speaking at a press conference at the Japanese Foreign Correspondents’ Club on May 30, Mohamad revealed that Malaysia has not been allowed to examine  the plane’s flight recorder so far.

“For some reasons, Malaysia was not allowed to check the black box to see what happened. We don’t know why we are excluded from the examination but from the very beginning, we see too much politics in it and the idea was not to find out how this happened but seems to be concentrated on trying to pin it to the Russians. This is not a neutral kind of examination“, the prime minister said, as quoted by the Malaysian National News Agency.

The prime minsiter said that there was not enough evidence to blame Russia and the missile may have been launched by both the rebels and the Ukrainian government.

They are accusing Russia but where is the evidence? We know the missile that brought down the plane is a Russian type missile, but it could also be made in Ukraine. You need strong evidence to show it was fired by the Russians, it could be by the rebels in Ukraine, it could be Ukrainian government because they too have the same missile”.

Besides this, Mohamad said out that he did not believe that the missile had been launched by such a “disciplined” party as Russia.

The MH17 flight crashed near the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. All 298 people on board died.

Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) said the team was convinced that a BUK TELAR missile was used to down MH17, and that it originated from the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade (53rd Brigade) of the Russian Army.

Both Malasia and Russia were excluded from partaking in the investigation. Moscow repeatedly denied the accusations about its involvement in the tragedy. It also described the case as a political motivated and said that it had provided JIT with evidence proving that it was Ukraine’s Buk systems that hit the Boeing. This information was ignored by the investigators.

Blatant violations of the impartiality of the investigation has raised serious doubts about the real goals of the JIT, de-facto controlled by the EU bureaucrats and the US. However, mainsream media outlets and Western diplomats ignore this problem and push their “Russia is guilty” narrative.

If one translates the recent remarks by the Malaysian prime minister from the diplomatic language to a direct speech, he will find out that he stated that Malaysia has little doubts that the MH17 was intentionally shot down by the Ukrainian government. He also points out that the side controlling the JIT and thus the investigation is concealing the criminals, hiding data and limiting the participation of third sides in the ‘international’ investigation.

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Toronto Tonto

You could jam the evidence down some peoples throat and they still would not see or believe because dollars are in the way .


Blame the Gov control of media

Concrete Mike

Your better off talking to a wall than that ukro cumdumpster.

Concrete Mike

Fuck off biased peice of shit.

Its ukraines fault, they sent the plane over the warzone.

Simple as that!

AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

Not just sent, deliberately diverted.

S Melanson

Yes under the direction of the Ukrainian Security Service or SBU. If Ukrainian leaders had concerns that the rebels may acquire advanced air defence systems from Russia – the speed with which they accused the rebels and laid out how easy it would be to get a Russian BUK System tells us this was anticipated as possible and even likely.

So why did they coerce air traffic control in Kiev to divert the flight path to fly practically right over the Donetsk where some of the heaviest fighting

Not to mention tailgating the commercial jet by two Ukrainian fighter jets. This gives the appearance of three military aircraft in formation, something commercial jets are not known to do.

AM Hants

Didn’t they also instruct the plane to lower flight path, so it would be in firing range of the SU25 ceiling zone?

Aren’t the German relatives suing Ukraine, for violation of the Montreal 1999 Convention. Where the nation, whose airspace the plane flies through is responsible for the safety of plane, cargo, crew and passengers?

This article shows the flight paths, before and after the MH17 went down, including doctored versions.

MH17 Two Years On: What Really Happened and Why… https://21stcenturywire.com/2016/07/26/mh17-two-years-on-what-really-happened-and-why/

These are the flights that were taken down, over Donetsk, just before 17 July 2014?

Ukrainian aircraft losses during the Ukrainian crisis and War in Donbass

Roundel of Ukraine.svg (2) Ukrainian Army Aviation – 2 May 2014: Two Mil Mi-24 helicopters were shot down during large-scale operations during the Siege of Sloviansk.

Roundel of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Army Aviation – 5 May 2014: A Mil Mi-24 crashed after it was shot down by a heavy machine gun manned by rebel forces.

Roundel of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Army Aviation – 29 May 2014: A Mil Mi-8 helicopter was shot down by rebel forces between Kramatorsk and Mount Karachun, killing 14 on board, among them General Vladimir Kultchysky.

Roundel of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Air Force – 6 June 2014: An Antonov An-30 surveillance plane was shot down by Separatist militias from Slaviansk with two shoulder-launched missiles. Ukrainian authorities initially claimed that the pilots survived, but they later reported that five crewmembers were killed in the action, and two others missing.

Roundel of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Air Force – 14 June 2014: An Ilyushin Il-76 transport plane was shot down as it approached an airport in Luhansk, killing nine crew members and 40 troops on board.

Roundel of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Air Force – 14 June 2014: Rebels claim to have shot down a Sukhoi Su-24 with a portable anti-aircraft gun after it had dropped cluster munitions on a local police station.

Roundel of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Air Force – 19 June 2014: A spokesman for the militia in Donetsk stated that they downed a Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi Su-25 during the battle in Yampil.

Roundel of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Air Force – 24 June 2014: The Ukrainian military says one of its helicopters, a Mil Mi-8, had been shot down by pro-Russian rebels in the east near Sloviansk, killing all nine people on board.

Roundel of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Air Force – 2 July 2014, one Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-25, tail number 06 blue, crashed due to a technical fault while landing at Dnipropetrovsk International Airport.

Roundel of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Air Force – 14 July 2014: A Ukrainian Antonov An-26 transport aircraft was shot down by a surface-to-air missile over eastern Ukraine while flying at 6,500 metres (21,300 ft).

Roundel of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Air Force – 16 July 2014: A Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-25, tail number 03 blue, was shot down over eastern Ukraine near Amvrosiivka town

Toronto Tonto

He who pulls the trigger is the killer and that was PUTIN .


Yes, he interrupted all his scheming politics, traveled to Ukraine on horseback without a shirt, got in a BUK TELAR and pulled the trigger, got out and rode a bear back all the way to the Kremlin.

Concrete Mike

And then he ate.bear for supper!!

Case closed!!!

Concrete Mike

No it was your chums, the ukro nazies.

Putin was flying his own plane with his feet at the time.

See i can make up shit on the fly, just like your script writer!


LMAO…not very smart, are you?




Indeed, clear evidence like the serial number that can be traced all the way from manufacture in 1986 to delivery to what is today the 223rd anti-aircraft defense regiment of the Ukrainian armed forces. Literally black on white.

AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

bUt We hAVe SAtelitE pHotoS

AM Hants

You have just reminded me that Russia did provide the serial number of the missile, including records, showing it was the property of Ukraine.







What is of great intrigue concerning those documents, is the Ukrainian warehouse where they stored the documentation, for their buk missile arsenal that would have either corroborated the evidence of these documents or proven Ukraine´s “innocence”, went up in a ball of flames destroying everything inside. Coincidence? I don´t think so.

AM Hants

Luckily Russia kept records.

Do you notice, how there weapons warehouses, also go up in smoke, just before an audit is due?


I did notice the kiev junta has provided nothing of any importance that may prove they are not complicit in the destruction of MH17.

AM Hants

I wonder if the Brother’s Grimm, have discovered South Front?

Must admit, they are either using different names, or perhaps simply disappeared? Have you seen them around lately?


LOL!!!! Have I seen them lately? Oh yes…I have been debating them for the last week or so on Fort Russ. Both are complete obfuscating idiots as you know.

I think we have broken all of Fort Russ records for the amount of comments on any one of their articles. https://www.fort-russ.com/2019/05/zakharova-netherlands-authorities-continue-to-conceal-the-truth-about-the-crash-of-mh17/

I have no doubt they will find their way here. And yes they do use different names. It is fun spotting them. :-)

AM Hants

Will go and have a look. Occasionally pop into Fort Russ, which I used to like.

Have they gone back to gender neutral?


LOL!! again!

One is most definitely a tranny, the other is its boyfriend.

AM Hants

Just been over and just seems like Groundhog day, where Brother’s Grimm are concerned.

AM Hants

Cracked up laughing at one of the images. Thought it was Brother G for Grimm, trying to look cool, back in the 60s. but, do believe it is older than that.

The other one, well, do believe we share the same initials, minus my surname haha.


I have seen your debate with the bozo’s on Fort Russ but I could not joined the fun. Apparently, I was blocked from the site so I sent an email to Flores asking him why and he stated that it was not him but Disqus that blocked me without his permission and that they did so to a few others as well. Democracy working for us all.


That is weird. The same happened to me on RI, with my old Otto310 username. I was told by the RI staff they de-banned me, by pressing all the right buttons, but if I have any difficulties it is down to Disqus.

Toronto Tonto

They don’t keep them stupid they make them when required , just like their history .

AM Hants


Which is why they are official records from Soviet times.





Ukraine, where the records were stored, was subject to a fire and lost the records. Their again, there are a lot of fires in Ukraine, where classified or weapon storage is concerned. Especially when audits are called for.

Now here is a video of the Ukrainian team, presenting their findings of the so called missile. Strange how it is in such good condition, considering what it was involved in. Notice the serial number.

36 seconds into the video, below, you will see missile, complete with serial number.

Ukraine Home Goal – Investigators: Russian military missile downed Flight MH17… Investigators: Russian military missile downed Flight MH17

Serial numbers of missile that downed MH17 show it was produced in 1986, owned by Ukraine – Russia… https://www.rt.com/news/438596-mh17-downing-russian-briefing/

Toronto Tonto

And Russia took 8 months to draft that up after the plane was down try again . Its so easy I could have fudged those papers, next .


Why don’t you engage your brain a bit before you post? The JIT published the Serial numbers in May 2018. Russia responded in Sept 2018. That is 4 months. During that period they researched the paper trail which is literally on physical paper and in multiple locations, and they had the material declassified which would be a long bureaucratic process even in the most liberal of democracies. At the same time, we are still waiting for the US to declassify their radar tracks, which they have refused to share with the JIT even though John Kerry claimed in March 2016 that their tracks showed the missile trajectory. Their refusal is much more suspicious than the time taken for Russia to publish the paper trail of the missile.


WOW, you are being hammered and have nothing to work with.


Most evidence points to inept Ukrainians holding a live fire exercise that resulted in this unfortunate tragedy, US involvement also can not be ruled out as they have a history of deliberately targeting civilian airliners.

AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

Hey cool you are still using my lines.

You could also brainwash someone to the level of a religious fanatic, a-la Toronto Tonto Which makes your post extremely ironic. Although I am pretty sure you do this for free (across multiple platform as well ;) )

AM Hants

This evidence?

Kolomoisky apologising. Python Missile. Suicide of the Ukraine Pilot, who returned with a missile missing, from his military jet, on 17 July 2014? The Donetsk Forces, on the Australian Documentary, talking of the two Ukraine military jets, tailing the MH17 and the Mh17 being taken out by them and the Donetsk Forces finding the other crashed military jet. Why did Ukraine send a civilian jet through a war zone, when there had been problems with Ukraine Military Jets being taken down? What was the ceiling zone of a SU25, before June 2014, when upgraded and using oxygen to assist the pilots? Why was there no forensic analysis from the shrapnel fragments in the entry and exit holes, which would prove the DNA of the missile/missiles, which took the MH17 down. Showing whether it was an ground to air missile, air to air missile or combination of both? Why were there no autopsy results on the pilots? Why did the Dutch Safety Team ignore the evidence, presented in a court of law, by the manufacturers of the BUK missile system, which stated what Soviet missiles Ukraine still had in active service, relating to the BUK and the different, updated missiles which Russia used? Why did the BBC delete a video with witness statements, of the military jet shadowing the MH17? Why did NATO refuse to hand over their radar intelligence? Considering the Breeze exercise, focusing on air communication and using Aegis Destroyers, in the Balcan sea, ended on the 17 July 2014. Why did various airlines complain about the NATO exercises, interfering in their communications with air traffic control? What happened to Carlos the Spanish Air Traffic Controller? Why did the US refuse to hand over their intelligence, considering one of their satellites was activated at the time of the accident and John Kerry specifically stated the US would be able to confirm it was Russia’s fault? Why did the Dutch Safety Team completely ignore Russia’s intelligence, including satelite and radar? Why did Ukraine, knowingly send a commercial plane, through the war zone, knowing that they had no primary radar working, owing to being taken out for maintenance reasons?

AM Hants


Breaking: ‘Silenced’? Ukrainian Military Pilot Accused of Attack on Boeing MH17 Found Dead https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/03/19/breaking-silenced-ukrainian-military-pilot-accused-of-attack-on-boeing-mh17-found-dead/to support comment:

New Evidence: Did Google Down MH 17, Killing 238?

‘…Following MH17 into “enemy territory,” according to Kiev officials, were two SU25 “Frogfoot” attack aircraft. This is the key, and where Google got involved.

Only a day before the attack, the SU25 had a flight ceiling of 60,000 feet and a range of over 600 miles, much more with wing tanks and no bomb load. Its speed, well over 600 mph made it a capable fighter at altitude using its powerful guns and air to air missiles though it was generally tasked for ground attack.

For those easily fooled, the rationale for establishing the “service ceiling” for the SU 25 was based on a loadout with only one pilot oxygen tank. A second tank, however, doubled the “service ceiling” due to greatly increased high altitude range to 46,000 feet through the actual “flight ceiling,” with diminished handling is over 60,000 feet.

SU 25, fast and maneuverable at 31,000 feet and much higher despite…’


Breaking: Documents Prove Kiev Downed MH17…



AUSTRALIAN POLICE, DUTCH PROSECUTORS BREAK WITH DUTCH SAFETY BOARD AT FIRST CORONER’S COURT INQUEST ON MH17 CRASH… http://johnhelmer.net/australian-police-dutch-prosecutors-break-with-dutch-safety-board-at-first-coroners-court-inquest-on-mh17-crash/

S Melanson

Thank you for this. I am familiar with the points you raise and so I know the effort involved. So again, thanks.

AM Hants

Been following it since it happened. Just want justice for those who lost their lives and answers for the families. RIP.


And you would be waiting at the other end, to see what you could pick out.


We are all now witness to two of the various investigations undertaken by the OPCW and the JIT that have revealed the partisan control over these various investigations and concealment of ‘awkward’ evidence by the US and EU deep state, and as a result the destruction of trust of most of the world in these ‘Venerable’ Western Institutions.

If the Black Box had shown that Russian assets were responsible, it would have been shown to the world in a frenzy of flashing lights.

The fact that the Black Box data has not been disclosed must be due to the information it contained being counter to the ‘ Its the Russkis wot did it’ Narrative.

This is a disgrace, and further evidence that Western democracy is a complete sham, and always has been in my opinion.


You said it all Florian, thank you.

AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

This. 1000 times this.

One thing that is also never mentioned, is the fact that Kiev has a VETO on the release of any information to the public. Basically if they do not like what the investigators have found, they can VETO it and we would never even know. Why would Ukraine have this king of power, if they are being investigated, while a country that is blame (Russia) and the country that has suffered (Malasya) were not allowed at the table?

Imagine a trial of a murdered (or whoever) who said he does not want a witness or a family member to be in court, while at the same time having the power to take the detectives in the backroom and decide what evidence is released, and which isn’t. Finally, the investigation was constantly scrutinized and Kiev was criticized because they would never release any information that they were asked citing “private and sensitive information”

Yeah no sh*t it’s sensitive…

And as a cherry on top, Ukraine claims to have magically intercepted a call where the rebels supposedly said they downed the plane; This recording was released almost instantly (with western MSM printing titles like “Putin’s Missile” before the plane even hit the ground, let alone any investigation) with the recording eventually being debunked as fake, as they were cut from 3 different conversation all together. This alone shows that the media, Kiev and US were already ready to tar Russia. But we will never talk about that….Russia bad. US good.


This the true fase of Western Democratic Values. Its ugly and spattered with the blood of innocents.

AM Hants

Cameron, the Prime Minister, when the UK took control of the Black Box, but, no details forthcoming.

He was replaced by May and look at her behaviour, together with Boris Johnson, when he was Foreign Secretary, with regards Russia?

Then have a look at who controls things, over with the ‘Integrity Initiative’ lot, and how they link into Ukraine and also the Skripal false flag.

Now May has gone, together with Cameron, if Boris does not get the keys to Number 10, will ‘Integrity Initiative’ still try to control Westminster, together with the Common Purpose Crowd? Now why don’t they want the Black Box intelligence released?




Why did Kolomoisky, who is the Comedian aka President of Ukraine, mentor, apologise for taking down the wrong plane and how does he fit into the ‘Common Purpose/Integrity Initiative’ crowd, over in the UK?

Kolomoysky: Sorry about the MH17 – but it is a trifle – ENG SUBS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrfKZUttEwE

S Melanson

I have commented before on the egregious conflicts of interest involving the investigation

1) Russia is excluded but Ukraine is a full member

2) Malaysia, the nation that is the most highly motivated member to determine what happened yet they are only given observer status – they have no official voice in the process.

3) Ukraine is not only a full member, but as one poster has pointed out, Ukraine controls what content goes in the report and what does not. Let’s see, this stuffs god Russia bashing material so into the report it goes. Wait, Russia could object. Oh yes, they cannot, the are not represented on the committee

Sounds fair to me


I have a feeling that this corruption of supposed US Democratic Values will not end well for the US. I am sure that even her vassal states snigger at US failures.

The tipping point will come after a grave US military mis-calculation or a major upheaval in the US itself of some sort. Financial, ethnic or naturel disaster I think.

After such an event that weakens the US there will be an outpouring of hatred around the world toward the US and US interests abroad and even Western Vassals are likely to allow this to happen. If anything the pent up hatred of the US will be greater in the vassal states.

Noone has ever a tyrant Empire and those who have grovelled before the US secretly feel the most butthurt .

Even when the British Empire collapsed, there were few tears from their colonies.

Toronto Tonto

You are not party to the important people that have seen the evidence , nice try minion troll.

Luke Hemmming

You sir are an Idiot. I can do ad hominem attacks too. There were lots of importand people who weren’t privy to the evidence including the Malaysian investigators and the Russians doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this is a biased, corrupted and improper investigation, but hey your just a fake ass jew child rapist so what would you know about been proper and unbiased? Canadian indeed! Hows the weather in Haifa troll?


You are a blind fool. It obvious that the truth has been covered up and that Russia has been falsely accused but you are too stupid to see it.


Correct. 1. It is Malaysia’s Plane, owned by a Malaysian company, flying to Malaysia. 2. Ukraine ‘CLAIMS OWNERSHIP of the AIRSPACE the plane was flying in. – They CHARGE money for Airlines to fly through THEIR airspace – and as such THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for the Airspace they claim ownership of. 3. Ukraine CLAIMS that their RADAR was Not Working on the Day but were still able to DIRECT the plane on multiple occasions to change its course, change its altitude and MOST IMPORTANTLY – lower its altitude down to the edge of what is considered the ‘civilian flight corridor’ over Donbass. 4. Many other airlines were already DIVERTING their flights around Donbass either over Russia or over the Black Sea.

So… it’s a multitude of circumstances that PRECLUDE Russia from any sort of responsibility for the downing of Flight MH17. – ie: its a classic FALSE FLAG event designed to ‘pin the blame on Russia’.


Yes, indeed. Also USA has not released satellite data that they have (probably tons) – one is not at fault thinking that it would reveal too much of the truth. BTW I flew east with Lufthansa over Ukraine two days before MH17 was shot down. I was a bit baffled that they did fly over Ukraine still at that point (BA had stopped that weeks before). All I saw was clouds.

Zionism = EVIL

Dr. Mahatir is an elder statesman known for telling the truth and it is obvious that the dumb Jew owned Uki holohs are being used in a propaganda war against Russia. The fact is that MH-17 was most likely downed by Americunt navy (infamous for downing civilian planes) or Uki arseholes who were holding exercises of their pathetic military..


This is actually a pretty big deal, with the prime minister of that country giving it thumbs down.


When the Asian meltdown occurred in the late 1990’s Malaysia didn’t allow the USA to pillage Malaysia, and so has been a target of America ever since. The US also shot down MH370 near Diego Garcia, you can tell that by where the flotsam made land.


Malaysia was also a vocal critic of israel – found israel guilty of genocide against the palestininans in 2013 before the 2014 shoot-down, by an israeli-modified su25 in one account

Black Waters

After the U.S coup in ukraine, ukraine has become a rogue state.


Just like its rogue state master.

Zionism = EVIL

Ukraine is not a state, or ever was. It is an integral historical part of Russia known as Kievan-Rus and Russian Orthodox religion and history started there . Ukraine is a new Jew construct and as fake as Pisrael.

AM Hants

Keep asking questions Malaysia. Together, with one of the Dutch MPs, who is asking questions, concerning Ukraine.

Now Cameron has gone, May is on her way out, is there any reason why the UK will not release the information that was on the flight recorder? Why, has no information been released from the UK, concerning the Black Boxes, if everything is kosher?


kosher is the word eh


Goyim, you need not know the truth.

AM Hants

Talking of Ukraine. I wonder why ‘You Tube’ banned this video?

Ukrainian Officer: I Have Killed Your Children And Will Kill MORE! Texas Censored! Watch the video that YouTube PULLED from his channel in cynical abuse of TOS… https://www.fort-russ.com/2019/05/ukrainian-officer-i-have-killed-your-children-and-will-kill-more/

Tudor Miron

Two words – cui prodest? When anything happens – look who’s the beneficiary, who’s actively using what happened and you know who’s behind it.


The Malaysian PM makes an excellent point – since the 2015 Russian-Syrian intervention, Russia has repeatedly proven very disciplined in face of near constant US controlled provocations in variety of forms and locations. In contrast, the post-2014 Ukrainian regime has repeatedly proven highly volatile, and engaged in all manner of reactive and self destructive actions – not least the constant government shelling of the towns and citizens in eastern region of the country. Based on this track record, which of the two is more likely to have engaged in a rash action like the MH17 shoot-down? Likewise, if there was any actual conclusive evidence against Russia – as opposed to western political hearsay and innuendo campaign – we would have seen it splashed all over the western MSM long ago.


MH-17 was shot down by either NATO or Ukrainian corrupt and inept military and the western poodles were quick to blame Russia even before the bodies hit the ground. They did similar crimes by deliberately shooting down Iran Airbus 655 over the Persian Gulf. Iran Air Flight 655 was a scheduled passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai, via Bandar Abbas, that was shot down on 3July 1988 by an SM-2MR surface-to-air missile even after being identified as a civilian airliner, resulting in 290 deaths, mostly women and children.

Toronto Tonto

Russia is also responsible for the polish plane crash , plenty of Russian coverup there to . They still have not given the damn plane back to its owners , killers the putin clan are.


Anybody with a brain knows the USA committed this crime, they paid subhuman Ukrainians to do the act, but Uncle Samuel the Jew paid for the hit. Uncle Samuel the Jew also shot down MH370. And Uncle Samuel the Jew also shot down IranAir655.


There literally is not a single shred of evidence supporting that theory. Not one. You need much thicker tinfoil in your hat.


Russia is also responsible for flouride in the US water supply and chemtrails


Oh yes. And they mind-controlled the US to fake the moon landings.

Rodney Loder

The missile responsible was the property of the Ukrainian Government since the 1980’s, identified by serial.numbers which are not disputed, the black box was never found and the crash site was off limits to everyone except the Ukranian Gov the flight was diverted for that precise reason.

Mattias Dahlström

Further no claim has come from the Ukr/NATO side that the rebels had or used a TAR radar necessary for long distance detection of the Boeing. The radar on the BUK launcher is short range : for it to provide the fire solution it needs warning for the wreckage to end up where it did. Had the rebels fired using just the BUK launcher the wreckage would have been in Russia – or so I have been told – I am no SAM expert. Then Ukraine shelled the wreckage site. Come on….

Rodney Loder

If U remember the Orange Revolution was a success in January 2014, like Gadaffi, Viktor Yanukovych made the mistake of pivoting to the West who of course made impossible demands which he rejected and having done so, then fled to Russia to avoid arrest.

January 2014 the Orange Revolution of Tymoshenko was ousted by the street gangs who supported Poroshenko and he became the leader of the alt-right Fascist movement and the Government of Ukraine.

6 months later MH 17 was shot down as a provocation to invite the EU and US to step up and engage Putin, but they declined.

There was a lot of talk at the time about two Ukranian fighter jets who seemed to be watching events unfold, and also a lot of talk about the now missing radio operator that diverted the MH17 flight which wasn’t routed over the conflict zone until changed by that Air Traffic Control Officer.

I don’t think anyone is claiming the Donbass Rebels had access to intercept capability, as far as I know the official story is, and has always been, that it was the Russian Federation which fired the BUK missile.

For 2 weeks the Ukraine Government would not let anyone near the wreckage and claimed it was still held by Donbass Rebels, Poroshenko changed his mind several times and only let international observers in for hours at a time while the Fascists were destroying and planting evidence, the crash site was a very large area because the plane was blown apart in the air, but even over 40 square miles the black box should have been easily located by its detector, which would have the recorded flight instructions which the radio operator related, I think he is now presumed dead, although he made many statements before disappearing.

The new PM of Malaysia is not really a US puppet like the old one, but Australian PM is very much a US/ israeli firster, but even so this will put pressure on Zelensky to stand up to the street thugs that threaton to assassinate him, and if Zelensky or members of the new Government come forward that would expose Morrison as a conspiraor complicit in the murder of his constituents for political purposes.


“Malaysian PM Slams MH17 Investigation As Not Impartial And Politically Motivated”? Really? Many have stated the same since day one. Clearly the JIT investigation is a joke. Nearly 5 years has past and still, we are waiting for the US to jump in and save the day with satellite pictures they claimed to have. Rest assured that if the US had such proof, they would not have waited at all to make them public if they pointed at Russia.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x