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When you say, “the US wants to solve Middle East crisis”

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When you say, “the US wants to solve Middle East crisis”

Ahmed Rajeev writes about “the Fifth Column” and his vision how to solve the problem exclusively for SouthFront

The so called civil societies or the political elites or the fifth columns of the modern world, that mostly follow western liberal philosophy, still say that the US wants to solve the crisis of Middle East. So, why are they advocating in favor of the US? Why they desperately want negotiations?

The Fifth Column

The civil societies around the globe share common ideology of liberalism, capitalism and globalism. That liberal ideology and capitalism and its protector the US made them powerful. Those civil societies do not want to reduce their social power and positions that are very opportunistic, very privileged and very authoritative. They know very clearly that their Ideological job is to promote capital-based liberalism. So, when their center of political ideology is attacked by counter Ideology, you can see them trembling.

The west led by the US is the main patron of these political elites. The west has the program, system and the setup to develop such civil societies around the world. These political elites mainly work through NGO’s and social service organizations. They always maintain media and political communications to express their western point of view into a local or international crisis. The fifth columns are the derivatives of the so called democratic society or if a society wants to practice democracy. But you cannot see their presence in an autocracy or monarchy.

The Fifth Column and the US hegemony

It is clear by now that the US has been supporting the so called revolutions of Middle East and providing ideological and military weapons to the unaware people to breed more terrorists. The US foreign policy has created a giant hatchery in the Middle East to produce religious hatred through terrorism. In this 21st century, the first and the second decades are being bloodied by the US foreign policies that only seek the global hegemony through blood thirsty oppression. And those so called political elites have been giving them intellectual and political justifications since the Bretton woods conference.

A conscious intelligence and Dasein should not trust those civil Societies or the political elites or the fifth column. Because after the 2nd world war those so called fifth column have to serve the western interest and to inject the color revolutions according to the demand of the US foreign policy. Otherwise those fifth columns become powerless and merge into forth column. So, the Fifth column only sustains with the western foreign policy.

Fifth column network and the present world crisis

The US made fifth column was highly affected by the global economic crisis struck back in 2007-2009. Their network shrunk noticeably to preserve energy for the future. Now, the time has come to them again when the alternative powers such as Russia and China are paving their ways to the world stage. This time this fifth column is coming up with heavy morality, war ethics, Human Rights, Racial equality, ultimate justice, climate justice, moderate terrorists and many other upcoming social programs. And their main target is the mediocre opportunists of the society, and unfortunately those mediocre people create peoples consents. When the world is changing politically, economically and militarily this fifth column will try to stop it with all their forces to remain in previous power position. Now, they are trying to spread the war of the Middle East worldwide. But this time they took the mediaeval strategy to upsurge conflicts between religious groups. They have been giving fuel to the Middle Eastern conflict and now they are working in for Europe, Latin America, Balkans, Caucasus, south Asia, China and many places according to the US interests of wealth and geostrategic plans. They are now working to prolong the war between ISIL and Russia by spreading terrorism worldwide through all diplomatic means.


A state must destroy or control its fifth column if it really wants a collective sovereignty otherwise the state or its ideology can be hijacked by them with the support of the west. A sovereign state must have laws or control manual for the fifth column too where there is a hidden or sometimes open control manual for the all other four columns of a State.

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