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“When Saudi Arabia Was A Jewish Kingdom” And The Newly-Formed Persian Gulf Jewish Support Group

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"When Saudi Arabia Was A Jewish Kingdom" And The Newly-Formed Persian Gulf Jewish Support Group

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On February 14th, six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) formed the very first association to enhance regional Jewish life.

The report says it is the “Arab Gulf”, trying to rename an area called the “Persian Gulf” for easily 6,000 years.

The six GCC countries are as follows: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. All of them staple US allies, while some of them even signed normalization deals with Israel.

The Palestinians appear all but abandoned, at this point.

“While maintaining our independence, this new association allows us to pool our resources to the betterment of all Jews in the Gulf,” said Ebrahim Dawood Nonoo, president of the new group.

The new forming is called the Association of Gulf Jewish Communities (AGJC).

The AGJC is a network of the Jewish communities (people-to-people) from the GCC countries who are developing Jewish life in the region.

While each community is independent, they share a common goal and vision: for Jewish life in the GCC to flourish for the benefit of both residents and visitors.

Under the leadership of Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie, based in Dubai, and president Ebrahim Dawood Nonoo, based in Bahrain, the group is partnering on different communal programs and services so that their resources will enhance each other.

“The Gulf nations have been very supportive of the growth in Jewish life, but as more people move in and come to visit, we must tend to their educational, cultural, spiritual and religious needs by establishing programs and institutions to service these increased needs,” said Abadie.

“Each one of our communities has so much to offer the other. While maintaining our independence, this new association allows us to pool our resources to the betterment of all Jews in the Gulf,” said Dawood Nonoo. “While our Jewish community has been part of the fabric of Bahrain society for more than 100 years, we appreciate the needs of some of the smaller or newer communities in the region and believe we can help them flourish and navigate growth in this part of the world.”

Meanwhile, Haaretz, an Israeli outlet published an article in which it said that Saudi Arabia, before Islam, was a Jewish kingdom.

The article is called incredibly misleading, and it is very open propaganda.

Responding to the highly controversial title of the article, many social media users shared the article with questions over the premise suggested by David’s report, questioning whether or not the well-known presence of an ancient Himyarite kingdom and its Jewish connection point at the claim of “Saudi Arabia being once a Jewish Kingdom.”

Some commentators wondered if the report aims to support future claims of Jewish rights in Saudi Arabia, similar to the Zionist discourse that justifies the establishment of modern-day Israel in Palestinian land on the basis of historical and religious connections to the land.

Others are still wondering when will Saudi sign a normalization accord with Israel under American influence, despite the Biden administration being formally less supportive.

The newly-formed anti-Iranian and pro-Jewish association, however, is a big step in that direction.


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johnny rotten

Rich traitors have always sold their people to sit at the table of foreign masters, but it often happens that people do not agree to let themselves be sold to foreigners who are comfortably seated trading on the stock exchanges in London and New York, then heads begin to roll, this story never ends, it seems destined to repeat itself indefinitely.


What do you mean was? Still is Yehudi Arabia.

Hadi Heidary

southern Persian Gulf states are very aggresive toward iran to say the least , its funny how western propaganda and politicians try to portrait it the other way around.


Sure they do, because they need to hide history, like the fact that Ziodi Arabia and the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine are both Zioterrorist British imperial abortions, behind a thick layer of bullshit.


“”” Meanwhile, Haaretz, an Israeli outlet published an article in which it said that Saudi Arabia, before Islam, was a Jewish kingdom.”””

There was no Jewish kingdom before Islam, Jews were defeated by Romans, Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD, Jews went into a long diaspora; prior to Romans they were subject to the Seleucid, Greek, Persian, Babylonian empires…..etc.


they mean the kingdom we wiped out it was an attempt not really a functioning kingdom


Last Jewish king was Zedekiah, enslaved by Nebuchadnezzar after the siege of Jerusalem in 587 BC.


we destroyed their walls and their armies and the arabs mostly enslaved them which is why they are so angry at arabs when it comes to their treatment of jews but i say they should have boiled them death or used scaphism on them because they deserve not better


Filthy Jew Liars… Hebrews never had kingdom outside IsraHell….. and those Arab prostitutes copulating together with the Zio-Jews…pathetic..


Jew hating scumbag … you’re just ignorant


Good goy


Again with the goy?

Are you ignorant?

You’re the goy …. lol

Are Y’ALL regarded?

It’s a rhetorical question … eh?


Hasbara Hunter

this jewish kingdom wannabes should remember who wiped them out because we are still here


Google … Himyar or the Jewish Kingdom of Himyar

If you can read English … you can inform yourself

Yes … anti-Judaism Hate is strong on SF

Thankfully … the Jews/Zionists/Israelis are sovereign and can take care of themselves … eh?

I’m keeping score … eh?

Whose winning so far?

It’s a rhetorical question … eh?



No one wants the jewish vermin ruining their countries.


Israel is the Jewish State … they’re great at hunting vermin like y’all … eh?

Leave them alone and you’ll be spared …. attempt to do harm … Yossi knows … eh?

Offense is the BEST defense ….



Well we can agree here! Jewish mongrels should have their own country and stay there forever and never leave. So if you can take all the jews of the world and keep them contained there, that’s good news! Leave us alone and never return!


That’s happening as we speak … the Jews will disappear from most of the Western democracies … through intermarriage / divorce / assimilation / hate

Just give it a little time … it’s already going … going …g…


Also dont forget to bring with you your degenerate brainchild ideas, like SJW culture, Transgender culture, anti-white racism and all those sick jewish inventions. We dont want these things in our countries. But I fully support jews who want to become transgender mutants! I’ll invest some money to help you pay for your frankenstein surgery if that helps. SJW culture in Israel is very good!


anti-gay … anti-Jew … anti-trans people

‘and his own sweat smells the best’

Ray Davies

Ya … you’re a picture of the past that’s already dead and YOU don’t know it … human dinosaurs … eh?


itibi ra

Geez, you’ve drunk all the koolaid *and* eaten the container as well… What an ignorant goy you are! Do you wear a leash to?


Coke Zero … is my choice for drink … eh?

Concrete Mike

Hah little bitch trying to be threatening are you?

Little nazi punks like you dont scare us.

Oh please come hunt me mr vermin hunter, since you dont have a job or a life you should be able to eh? Come show me your mighty offense?

Go fuck yourself , you represent the 4th reich.and we will never listen to you, EVER!


Don’t listen cementhead …

You raise what flag?

The US flag?

Don’t make me laugh slug

YOUR cousins are gonna suffer …



As a Jew you know very little of your ancient history. Judean kingdom ceased to exist with the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BC after the royal family was killed and their last king Zedekiah
Himyar present day location Yemen converted to Judaism…..that did not make them Jews, Jews are the descendants from the 12 tribes originating with Jacob’s 12 sons.


The destruction of the First Temple in 586 BCE … ok

Did you forget Cyrus the Great allowed Ezra and Nehemiah to return and start the rebuilding of Jerusalem?

Did you forget the Hasmonean Revolt against the Seleucid King Antiochus Epiphanes IV … which led to the Hasmonean dynasty?

As for Jews and converts … Did you forget that the Arabian Peninsula had MANY Jewish tribes including in today’s Yemen … once the Jewish King conquered the territory from Christians …. they converted to Judaism …. eh? Among Jews … no one mentions convert once they’ve converted … they’re referred to as Jews … hello?

Don’t tell Jews how YOU an anti-Judaism Hater defines Jews …. lol

AND … you’re the ‘smartest’ one here on SF?

C’mon Man ….



“”” Did you forget that the Arabian Peninsula had MANY Jewish tribes including in today’s Yemen … once the Jewish King conquered the territory from Christians …. they converted to Judaism …. eh? ”””

You are confused, there were no Jewish kings conquering any Christian territories. The leading power at the time was Roman Empire.
The 12 tribes had their inheritance in the promised land.


You’re ignorant …

The Koran mentions Jewish tribes, the Banu Qurayza and the Jewish tribe in Medinah among them …

You failed to respond to the fact the Temple in Jerusalem was rebuilt … hello?

The Hasmonean Kings?

Ignorance is Strength
Big Brother is Watching … eh?

Leif Manson

Hilarious that people scream cultural appropriation over Felafel – the best fast food there is. Jews lived in the Middle East and cooked felafel, shwarma, bourekas, and halvah. Russian Jews ate borscht. What next? The Italians stole our Pita and called it Pizza?

Joao Alfaiate

Let me tell you what is going to happen here. This story is the proverbial nose of the camel in the tent.

Soon the New York Times will prepare a similar store; true or not, it does not matter. Remember the Times’ Judith Miller conjured Iraqi WMD out of thin air. It will be picked up by the Jewish Telegraph Agency and similar outlets. It will begin to appear on Christian Zionist websites.

Next the Jewish Lawfare Project will bring suit in the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York i. e. New York City and attempt to attach proceeds from Saudi oil sales as compensation for property in Arabia which was unlawfully taken from the Jews in the 7th Century AD. The Court will issue an injunction freezing ARAMCO assets in the USA until the case can be adjudicated.

A jury will be empaneled featuring Mr. Goldberg, Ms. Cohen, Mr. Margolis, Ms. Birnbaum…you get the picture.

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