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What’s Going On And Who’s To Blame

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SouthFront and the Hypocrite Twins present a sarcastic video on topical issues.

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Toni Matsi

Hauska pätkä.

Aleks Black

So freaking funny and true.

John Brown

Good video I agree with most of what it ways except about the part
where they say the Rothchilds are no longer rich controlling banks etc
this is totally false. There is a vast amount of verified irrefutable information which proves the Rothchilds are richer then ever and have more control over all major banks and central banks then ever before. I guess they had to say that so this video would
be allowed by the Rothchilds on the internet.

Jorge Flores

This is the only report i dont belive and this why you guys dont get my 20 dollar support this year .


Not bad – Central banking thing can be presented much more clearly, just say money is issued out of nothing which then has to be repayed with debt – debt comes from central bank, money to pay debt comes from central bank, debt goes up perpetually = slave sytem.

Bernie Matthews

It’s no secret that Russia has also been part of perpetual war in the Middle East Especially with arms sales since world WW2. Russia along with Iran and Syria and Lebanon have been a part of perpetual war just as much as the US, Israel, England Europe, the Saudi’s and Qatar. All this while Turkey is hedging it’s bets on both sides of the fence While gaining ground on it’s purge against the Kurds. The west has been conducting a perpetual war in the region since the signing of the Sike, Picot agreement. The perpetual war in the region Russia has been going for about 70 years and is no different. Both side are fighting over power and influence in the region and the rich recourses in one of the largest deposits of `crude oil’ and gas in the world.

It’s also no secret anything Russian foreign ministry sais about supporting Kurdish interests is just propaganda as there not going to upset the leverage in the region there now experiencing with dialogue with Turkey. It’s also interesting to mention Russia has long been supplying weapons to both sides in Armenia’s conflicts with Azerbaijan.

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