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What Will Be The World In 2017?

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The influential British magazine about economy, finance and international relations – The Economist, annually puts encrypted predictions about upcoming political events and processes on its cover. What does the magazine predict for 2017?

What Will Be The World In 2017?

Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

The London-based weekly “The Economist” magazine boasts a nearly two centuries history of successful analysis, publications, forecasts and comments from which benefit tens of thousands of readers in Europe and North America. Although based in the UK, the established during 1843 magazine owes more than half of his drawing from readers in the US and Canada, and has highlighted a global view of the world. The magazine is owned by prominent British and European families such as Cadbury, Rothschild, Schroeder and Agnelli, so its messages often appear as a barometer of sentiment in the European political and financial elite. About these families scale of impact speaks the fact that only the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles company, managed by John Elkann (grandson of Giovanni Agnelli) is responsible for between 4-5% of the gross domestic product of Italy. Among the popular predictions to come true on the cover of the magazine in recent years, was Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency, the increase in the value of gold, the outflow of capital from Britain and so on.

The authors of last stylized collage referring to 2017, have decided to surprise their readers with eight tarot cards, in which along with the esoteric meaning are hidden important political predictions for the coming year. The selected eight cards represent a selection among 78 traditional tarot cards, dividing 22 big secrets (arcana) and 56 little secrets (arcana). The eight selected cards are only the major arcana. A comparison of the traditional meaning of tarot card images with those presented by the authors, makes decryption of the encoded messages easy. Some of forecasts such as surprises in the elections in Germany, France and the Netherlands, the collapse of the European Union in its current form, and the isolationist policies of President Trump sound sensational and revolutionary at first reading, considering the current political order.

The first trump card on the cover of the Economist for 2017, is a tower card (The Tower), whose traditional meaning is sudden and destructive change, a crisis. The flash knocks down the existing order of false idols, to create a new one.

The approaching 2017 will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in the Catholic Church, starting with Martin Luther’s 95 Theses. Next year is also the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia. The plot of the card represents God’s destruction of the Tower of Babel in the image of “Europe – many languages, one voice.” The forecast can be interpreted as the collapse of the globalist European Union in its current form, and the revival of two historical forces stationed on the right and left – the religious conservative right and left progressive socialism.

The second arcana chosen for the cover is Judgement, connected to the biblical Revelation of St. John. The importance of the card in the traditional tarot symbolism is reflection and reassessment.

The Economist’s collage shows Donald Trump seated on a throne made from an American flag along with the symbols of autocratic monarchical authority – a scepter and an orb (nation). The artwork represents the authors forecast that the United States will enter a period of isolationism under the presidency of Trump, abandoning the idea of ​​imposing a corporate world dominated by the US and concentrating on domestic problems.

The third trump card in the selection is The World. The symbolism of the tarot card includes four natural elements interpreted as four zodiacal constellations (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio) and makes reference to Revelation. “The World” foreshadows an end of the cycle of life and a break before the beginning of the next cycle.

In the cover image of the Economist are presented three influential global political and financial centers, provisionally called Washington, the Vatican and London (The White House, the Basilica “St. Peter” and a Masonic pyramid). The magazine’s message is that in place of the ending international order constructed to impose American corporate hegemony, the leading global centers will be able to offer a new structure for the world on the principles of secularism and progress.

As the fourth card, the editors of the magazine chose The Hermit. The wise old man is portrayed atop a mountain, holding in his right hand a lamp with the Star of Solomon – a symbol of wisdom. The meaning of tarot card is introspection, finding answers as to why events in life are the way they are.

The encoded message for 2017, is the awareness of the elites in the US and the European Union, that North America and Europe are not a singular spiritual, cultural, economic and political space, with all the ensuing consequences.

The fifth card in the series is Death, meaning the abandoning of all secondary and concentrating on what is needed and actually vital.

The image on the cover suggests that for a part of the world elite, the danger of two potential disasters for humanity is still genuine – the use of nuclear weapons and natural disaster.

The sixth card selected by the editors is The Magician. In the traditional notion of tarot cards the Magician is associated with the planet Mercury as a bridge between the spiritual world and the world of man. Its meaning is creative power, the capacity to take power from the universe in order to fulfill wishes.

The Economist predicts significant technical progress in 2017 in the field of 3D printing and generating a three-dimensional virtual reality.

The magazine makes the most concrete political forecast with the tarot card Wheel of Fortune. The symbolism of the card is linked to the life cycles between good and evil. The drawing presents the idea that what we have for granted today, can be changed completely tomorrow.

The magazines illustration presents German Chancellor Angela Merkel, France’s National Front Marine Le Pen and the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party Geert Wilders, pinned to the wheel of fortune. In the foreground of the picture are two boxes with ballots. The magazine forecasts that twists are possible, which could lead to Angela Merkel’s fall from power, a victory in the Netherlands parliamentary elections of the anti-immigrant right-wing Freedom Party, and a Marine Le Pen victory march to the Elysée Palace.

The last selected card is The Star, whose meaning is renewal, a return of faith and hope.

In fact, most of the hidden messages behind the cards do not constitute a description of future events, which in itself is difficult to predict. The editors of the Economist magazine are doing something more important – acquainting us with the processes taking place behind the scenes of international politics and finance. Whether the majority of predictions will come true is too early to say. The first event of the political calendar to indicate whether the events described in the magazine can become a reality, will take place on March 15 with parliamentary elections in the Netherlands.

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The Economist does faithfully reflect the views of the US/EU political/commercial elitists, hence the non-stop absurd demonization of “Putins Russia ” and hysterical fear-mongering to promote NATO aggression. Still, you don’t need a Tarot card reading to know that Merkel is finished, gone, vorbei, vorueber. She has lost all credibility and legitimacy – she must stand down and STAND DOWN NOW !

Marek Pejović

Trump’s scepter and orb doesn’t mean tyranny, in my opinion the meaning of royal power here is in sense of effective power and great authority – he will not be a puppet not ineffectual president.
second meaning of monarchic symbols is the thought of kings as divinely preordained to rule. also interesting is that he is in the card of Judgment: in my opinion, the nature of his power will likely be “to judge” the current system – or as he calles it, to drain the swamp.
Wheel of fortune is interesting as it’s a single wheel. meaning that all three are connected. we see Merkel and who conservative figures. in my opinion, Le Pen and Wilders will through their election normalise and legitimise the ideas of national conservation and anti-immigration stance, which will resonate with the german population. two ballots represent two choices: national conservation or complete national openness.

Joseph Scott

The Tower represents both the destruction of the existing order, and also an escape from the oppression of that order. On the card, we see the classic Masonic ploy of the so-called (inaccurately) Hegelian Dialectic: the use of an artificial and deliberate opposed Left and Right to break down structures they see as obstacles, and lead to a unified middle point between the two.

Judgement is a decision, a choice about how to proceed. Whatever he actually proves to be, Trump represents a very definite change of direction in the prevailing view in society. That trend is not just seen in the USA.

The World, sitting next to Judgement, shows that the entire international order as it has developed is is being reviewed. There we are, and we must decide where to go now.

The Hermit is indeed finding answers within, and elucidates the growing trend for people to make decisions and take actions outside the existing structures. People are less and less satisfied with the established ways of doing things. Even the tendencies of governments to manipulate events through unofficial organisations like NGOs, private military contractors and the like represents this trend.

Death is sudden transformation, either voluntary or involuntary. Sometimes, either to see the truth on your own and adapt, or life forces it upon you through catastrophe. Society still hasn’t fully confronted the issues depicted in the card. The longer they hesitate the more likely these events are to teach them the hard way. It may also represent a willingness of the elites to use such catastrophes to force the changes they wish. Freemasons classically telegraph their intentions and actions to the world in code, as an important part of ritual. Thus, they have not deceived those who have the eyes to see, and they give you a choice of sorts.

The Magician is both the power and the tyranny of knowledge. Knowledge can give one powers that seem inexplicable to those who lack the same knowledge, but information can also become a trap. We become so sure of what we think we know that we stop objectively seeking facts, and become prisoners of our worldview, blinded by our very education. Likewise, when there is too much access to data, it can overwhelm our ability to process it; it becomes difficult to separate the essential from the inessential. Technology, which is knowledge made material, can help us attain new heights, but can also be a crutch that enables lets us neglect basic skills and decline, to forget old wisdom as ‘irrelevant’. Things like 3D printing, holograms and virtual reality are upon us. Will they help us accomplish more, or allow us to further lose touch with reality and sink into a new level of feeble decadence? Will we see more, or will we be entranced by an even brighter, more colourful and pervasive world of illusion, distraction and propaganda?

The Wheel of Fortune is fluctuation, luck, the rise and fall of things. Right now, Merkel is still on top in the polls, but things can change, often very quickly. Everything has it’s time to rise and fall.

The Star is our hopes and dreams. They can inspire us, and they can delude us. It would be interesting to see a high enough resolution image to see whose faces are in the stars in this image.

Serge Bernard

CRACKING THE ROTHSCHILD CODE by Serge Bernard, Astro-Tarologer
Decrypting the tarot cards on “The Economist” cover about Rothschild visions of the world for 2017 on Planet Trump. Click the link below for the complete interpretation.
Version française aussi disponible sur le lien ci-dessus.
In light and harmony, Serge Bernard

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