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What Russia, China & U.S. Are Afraid Of Following The Fall Of Afghanistan Government?

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What Russia, China & U.S. Are Afraid Of Following The Fall Of Afghanistan Government?

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While leaving Afghanistan, the United States left $85 billion worth of weapons and military equipment that fell into the Taliban’s hands.

The Sunday Times has published an illustrative infographic, showing the new Taliban’s equipment. The group will benefit from more than 22,000 Humvees, 42,000 pick-up trucks and SUVs, 16,000 night visions goggles and devices, 64,000 machine guns, and 358,000 assault rifles.

What Russia, China & U.S. Are Afraid Of Following The Fall Of Afghanistan Government?

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Thanks to the United States, the Taliban is now equipped no worse than Tajikistan,Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan combined. At the same time, the Taliban fighters have much more combat experience than soldiers of the regular armies of these countries.

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Imagine that, the terrorists in the US just dumped all those weapons close to Russia and China.

One good turn deserves another. I think Russia and China need to help those poor Mexicans who are being murdered daily by DEA death squads. A few thousand MANPADS might be able to take out DEA flights.
It may also lead to the shooting down of civilian aircraft, but it didn’t stop the Yanks from giving away their SAM systems to terrorists.

Ukraine uber alles

why does china have such a tiny little ding dong like the russian poodle? why is ukraine so big? all the russian ladies love the real slav


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Last edited 25 days ago by Hationars52
The Objective

Keep dreaming! There will never be any military alliance between Russia and China. Russia is quick to engage in wars despite having a much weaker economy than China. The Chinese are cautious towards any kind of military engagement, and that has helped them maintain good relations with almost every country. By allying with Russia, China knows that it’s opening itself to possibilities of conflict that Russia may provoke somewhere around the world. Chinese support for Russia will be limited to UN votes. Putin has been desiring this alliance for long, but it simply isn’t going to happen.

Russia surely doesn’t want Sharia on its doorstep, but that is exactly what the Taliban will do. This war booty for Taliban will be used to defend Afghanistan in case Russia wants to try its luck the second time.


STFU guppu……..you and your jihadi musings…..get lost.


Thats ridiculous. Why are they scared? The Taliban’s winning strategy was suited for a war of attrition in its own country with massive popular support. It makes no sense for them to want to invade other countries. They would lose in a month.

L du Plessis

Russia and China will definatly be able to control the Afghan northern border

Ukraine uber alles

putin is worried when they find out he is not a real slav but jewish


Anyone who doesn’t see that the u.s. purposefully armed the new and improved tallywackers are idiots.

Funny, the tallywackers already know how to operate their new equipment too.

But it’s not China and Russia that will be the target of the CIA’s new proxy terrorist army. Not at first anyway.


Interesting, if not China and Russia who then?

Tommy Jensen

The purpose is to blackmail China and Russia’s Companies on their OBOR and rebuilding projects in Afghanistan. A US/Taliban deal and military protection scheme.

Last edited 21 days ago by Tommy Jensen
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