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JUNE 2023

What Is US-led Coalition Planning To Do With 1,000 ISIS Members Remaining In Jails In SDF-held Area?

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What Is US-led Coalition Planning To Do With 1,000 ISIS Members Remaining In Jails In SDF-held Area?


A new report of the New York Times (NYT) revealed that the around 1,000 fighters of ISIS are currently detained in about seven jails of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeastern Syria. According to the report, which was released on July 18, 593 of the captives are foreign fighters who came to join the terrorist group from 47 countries around the world including France, Germany, Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Morocco.

The NYT revealed that personnel of U.S. Special Forces visit these jails multiple times each week to “offer expertise about how to secure and run them,  and to help process new captives using biometrics and interrogation.”

Furthermore, U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham and Jeanne Shaheen visited the SDF’s jails last week. Both Senators expressed their satisfaction with the condition of the jails, which are funded by the U.S., according to the NYT.

“The jail is better than I thought it would be. The people running it are better than I thought they would be … But now I’m worried about the larger situation. It’s not really as sustainable as I thought it was. The detainees are going to be out on the street — or dead,” Graham told a reporter of the New York Times.

The fate of the imprisoned ISIS fighters remains unclear to this day. The report said that the SDF has abolished the death penalty, which means that the Syrian terrorists will remain alive as for now. Regarding the foreign fighters, the SDF can’t hand them over to their countries or charge them as the US-backed group is not recognized as a sovereign government. Due to this they will likely remain in these jails.

Previously, many reports accused the U.S. of cooperating with commanders and fighters of ISIS. This included alleged evacuations of ISIS members from the ISIS-held area to northeastern Syria, strikes on Syrian government forces during their key battles against ISIS (for example in Deir Ezzor) and others.

This high number of ISIS captives in the hands of the SDF raises concerns that when these persons are freed by some reason, a new wave of ISIS-linked or “post-ISIS” activity may soon be observed in some key regions around the world.

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Behead them all

Gregory Casey

Castrate them all and cut out their tongues


Send them to Israel!

You can call me Al

10-1 they go to African Countries.


Israel will arm them and send them round the world to wreak havoc just like they’ve been doing all along

Tom Choads

What they probably will do is either let them out to cause chaos, or bring them straight to Western countries to cause chaos.


Send them to Erdogan!


Yes he’s responsible for arming them anyway


They are foreign secretly trained terrorists that came to Syria to harm Syria’s population and country that they destroyed, they have no right whatso ever just to be bombed and die in group ! They have NO ID identificationplates like regular army’s so considered has spy’s with the same destiny, to be judged by god and sended by President Putin ! Bad luck to have selected the scumbag Camp ! Otherwise they will be used by the US on other theaters !


do as they want…..send them to their fucking virgins, burn them, piss on the rest overs, of with them into the desert

Promitheas Apollonious

many of them are already send to albania and kossovo.

Rafik Chauhan

kill them all they are not human they are devil or hand them over to ressitance force they will deal with them

Rafik Chauhan

or hand them to the people of Syria and Iraq justice will be done


Who’s that? https://www.yahoo.com/news/captured-isis-fighters-iraq-justice-swift-conviction-certain-174952840.html


Just fuking make them all invalids, shoot them in legs or smt, they are walking evil, make them permanent damage so they can’t walk, hmm, but that way they will be clone to VBIED attacks like I have nothing to live for. If it was me I would execute them all.

You can call me Al

“If it was me I would execute them all”………… ME TOO.


The non-Muslims might not understand is that they are considered a martyrs, and Allah can ask the fire to be cold and peaceful on these people as he did with Abraham. The concept of death in our religion isn’t a scary one but rather, we prepare for it daily to meet him. He is not a Man in the sky like the Christians believe, in our religion he is beyond matter and space, something no one can imagine. And any Muslim will consider them lucky.


You can look at it like you want, but dead they can do no harm and f you like dead that much you should pay to be killed , but if possible I wpuld do it for free. Anyway it will be a relieve if they are killed for both.


The hereafter is better we may be sad but in this moment you with Allah you and your children, this life is only a temporary one we all have to meet our lord.

Richard M

Like your Daesh heroes a lot, don’t ya?


I believe Santa Claus is a far more holier and humanlving men as your Allah ever will be. Honestly what do muslims and islam produce is a lot of rhetoric and cruelty, all the rest you stole from real civilisations.


My first thought is, ice ’em. But then I think of how subjective the term “ISIS affiliate” is, especially when looking at the conditions of Iraqi jails. Article says that they csn’t be charged as foreign fighters since Kurdistan is not a recognized state, well I say what to stop them from trying them all anyway? There were times when the US Army took some ISIS hotshot into our custody, and of course weird rumors were spread, but we can’t send all of them to Guantanamo….

You can call me Al


Is that a rhetoric question ?.

1. Castrate the bastards. 2. Leave them in their cell, bleeding to death for a week. 3. Then invite any pro-Assad citizens to surround the prison and release the vermin outside. 4. Burn them all, once dead. 5. Send proportional amounts of what’s left + 1 genitalia to all heads of state and politicians in the US.

No-one will say a word.

S Melanson

I suggest parachuting them into the mouth of lava spewing fissure 8 on the Island of Hawaii in the hopes they will plug the hole and serve some useful purpose.


Hey, that hole serves a useful purpose. As long as it keeps on spewing lava Hawaii will keep on growing and not slowly disappear into the sea, like the string of islands to the west of Hawaii, that used to be the mouth of that volcanic plume.


They will be unknowing Mossad/CIA assets. They will get an Arabic speaking Mossad handler.


Options for the U.S. What to do with THEIR-ISIS-Headchopping Mercenaries:

1: You can Set them Free. 2. You Can taken’m Back to America. 3. You can send them back to their Countries of Origin. 4. You can Have’ Fight in another Orchestrated War. 5. You can use’m for One of Your False Flag Attacks. 6. You can Ritually Behead them in a Luciferian Seance. 7. Or you can Simple Burn the Prison & Prisoners..

See U.S.A. You gotta lot of Options here… just Pick one you like Best..


The good side is suffering like never before, labelled by its enemies as terrorists or bad people. The people who followed every verse of their religion, the people who sacrificed their lives and gave all wealth to support their jihad and the poor people. The one who died on the front lines so their families can live peacefully in future. In land without corruption and evil interests. And all you do is spitting on them. Not every problem can be solved by bullet. In the name of human rights and democracy you commited the worst genocides in the history of mankind. https://youtu.be/LtGG-ojvV5g


Bibi Satanyahu is Shitting His Pants right now… He & His ZioNazi Buddies & Freemason Brotherhood Organised your Whole Show… Including Abu Bakr al-Mossadi & all that… you all believed the Talmudic Wahhabi Crap they told you that’s your own Fault don’t Start Cryin’ & Moanin’ because you get Exterminated now…You came for the Greater Caliphate of Oil & Chopping Heads…to Rape Women & Men… Steal their Gold & Their Belongings… You are the True Demons of Satan… And IsraHell will get what it deserves just like you folks… the story is over…may you all burn in your Hell…Amon


I understand you, every side needs their own propaganda which fits in the mindset of certain people to lure them into fight, in which they die for somebody else thinking they are fighting their enemies but its only ilusion. Many souls from the east beleived they are fighting Israel or USA but in the end they killed their brothers. You can judge me. Judge us. For the things we’ve done. People say that we are crazy. But when you look upon the world, and see the same things that I do, do your eyes not fill with horror? Islamic communities are being torn apart, walls being erected and more nations established. Islamic leaders are too impotent to act. People lost their humanity and turned into calculating cold beasts. They weight decision on what fits them more, to gain more to fulfill their bottomless greed but in the end you will destroy yourselves. And you will take all with you not only humans but also animals and plants. The whole planet will die in this course of bottomless greed.


I judge Humans by their Character… not by Religion or Color of Skin…. Greed & Lust for Power has brought the World to the Shape it’s in.. in a very Short Period of time.. My Congratulations to Humanity.. I am very proud of them… Man has chosen his Faith & is responsible for his or her own actions…Middle East for Middle Easterners…Reconciliation & Different Leaders… is up to them.. not up to the West…IsraHell is a Troublemaking Beachhead of the West… so it got to move somewhere else…


Then don’t judge all people who joined the Islamic state or support it as bad people. There are very different people, some brutal and violent and some peaceful and forgiving. Like in every nation on earth, in every religion and in every community. I see and feel that there is one universal truth, and this truth is not nice to us humans but we have to accept is as reality and submit to God’s will.


ISIS Beheaded Humans from the Early Beginnings many Psychpathic Criminals from the West Joined them… if this is the sort of Religion People Think Represents Good… then there is Something Wrong with those People…Really… I can tell you that if I see anyone in a War that lays his dirty Hands on a Kid… I will Chop his Head off even if he is on my side… so Yeah Good & Bad is represented everywhere…


it is bad if you look at it from such angle thinking about inoccent enemies, angels and the evil force which punished them for no reason. One good thing is they didn’t started all the violence so can they be considered the good side? They did what the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan is doing now. When Saddam fell in Iraq most of his regime officiers and secret services members were kicked out of their jobs by the US invading army which took over the country. They later created movement of restoring the Islamic state caliphate. Way before the events which shaked the whole world. They tried to do it peacefully but they get nowhere, government ignored them. When the revolution started in Syria by US backed rebel groups, the Islamic state leadership (consisting of Saddam top ranked generals and intelligence) realized that they can use this disorder created by America as starting point for their Caliphate efforts way earlier than planned according to leaked documents from Iraq the Islamic state establishment was planned to begin in late 2022 in gregorian calendar. They showed no mercy to their enemies as nobody showed mercy to them before. There is one golden rule used by good people: Never judge somebody you don’t know well, his background and why he acts as he acts. If somebody puhes you into corner you will turn into beast too. In war time enemy combatants are legal military targets according to islamic law they can be beheaded or excuted by bullets.

Now the US vassals (governemnt in Iraq) are making contracts to extremly overpriced US hardware at expanse of the people. In a country with once best School system in the middle east, with free education for both men and women. Now run by the US “advisors” they brainwash new generations, changed our history and are taking over us. We lost the most unique moment to free ourselves from the blood sucking parasite. Now all hope is gone, we are lost and we will be their slaves like most of the countries in the world. Once Moscow will be nuked in the near future there will no power which will resist them. There are only few nations on the list now.


There are two Options at the Moment:

Option 1. The Great Empire is coming Down… which means that All the Loss of Blood, Death & Suffering Caused by the West in the Middle East is coming to an End…. Thanks to Muslims & their Fight themselves… And for the First time in Hundreds of years you can start (re) Building the Middle East the way You want it’s Yours….Unity between Sunni & Shia will be a Main priority…Respect other Faiths… the World will appreciate that…

Option 2. The Leaders of: Iran, China & Russia are Already in this New World Order plot….

I rather skip option 2 because that would mean very bad prospects… Let the U.S. shoot some Nukes.. Their Elitists don’t want to Die… IsraHell is a Different Story… they have the Samson Option… and want to Sacrifice all the Israelis…


The major problem is that the empire is too big to fall, nobody can compete with it but there is possibility that it will be destroyed from within but very small one because of the intelligent organisation structure of deep state. They are smart enough to use more sophisticated tricks into tricking enemy that they are dumb or they are weak but no they are not. China is very easy target for them and their power of money. They are actually very infected and pulled into the system. There are two planes of events one for the public and another for the elites. I don’t know about Iran but enemy which canno’t be broken by money will be defeated by their vast military force. This is why China is safe for now. North Korea is not very interestring at them moent it is too much trouble for little benefit. They pull money from the whole world now they are saturated, they have enough time and can afford to lose more money or resources than their enemies. But they will get rid of them before the big resource crisis and probably they will slowly start to eat even some of their vassals when it happens. (I don’t know how many years ahead, there are qualified people to calculate it, but it should be at least 100 years from now).


I have no Troubles with Elite to begin with… if this Elite consists of Righteous, Brave & Wise Men with Digity…and a sense of Justice I Honour them…

If the Elite Consists of Greedy Lying, Deceiving, Treacherous, Narcissistic Authoritarian Supremacists…that like to Sacrifice people because they don’t give a Shit…then I feel the Urge to Call for a Revolution & Hang them all…


And about the kids, don’t trust the medi lies seeking popularity or baiting clicks. Remember the fake story of Evil Muslim taking a young Christian girl as sex slave with this picture in it? Here is the truth: https://youtu.be/nIGsrvYAJ18?t=54s




They were actually joking and the translation is sometimes misleading (by purpose). Even if it was true and not a joke it is still small sample of people to judge them as whole group across Iraq and Syria. There is another but different story. You can enable english subtitles. https://youtu.be/OECszL0uIa8


It doesn’t really matter….it is what it is…. U.S. Troops Out of the Middle East… Rebuild IsraHell somewhere else or shove it into the Mediterranean…ISIS was Created by IsraHell, the U.S., the United Kingdom, France, Wahhabistan, Turkey….and some others..they were just like the Muslimbrotherhood, Mujahedeen, al-Qaeda, FSA, HTS, al-Zenki…CIA-Mossad Deep State Assets


Send them to Afghanistan.

northerntruthseeker .

Honestly, is this entire article a trick question?

Here you have US run SDF forces having US run ISIS “terrorists” “detained”…. The answer is apparent that the US will either “integrate” these fraud “ISIS” forces in with the SDF or suddenly claim that the majority have suddenly “disappeared” only to be redeployed elsewhere against the Syrian government forces…


To Allah we belong and to him we will return.

Richard M

Hand them over to Iraq. Iraq will tech them how to rope dance!

Richard M

Pair them up in cage matches, to the death!

leon mc pilibin

They will fit in very well as cops in USA

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