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What Is Known About Detained Members Of Moscow’s “Liberal Opposition”


What Is Known About Detained Members Of Moscow's "Liberal Opposition"


Western and Russian mainstream media outlets are on fire over the actions of the treacherous ‘Putin regime’ that is detaining peaceful Moscow demonstrators that sometimes ‘democratically’ call to identify police offcers and murder their kids

Several anti-government protests have been held in Moscow since July 27, when the first unauthorized rally took place in Moscow. The formal reason declaring by the organizers that instigate clashes with police and reject a dialogue with authorities is that a few opposition candidates failed to collect the needed number of signatures to participate in the upcoming election to the Moscow City Duma. Mostly, they were denied registration for the elections due to the presence in the subscription lists of the names of dead people and other serious violations. During the July 27 rally, protestors clashes with police. 1074 of them were detained by police.

The protests in Moscow are also interesting because of their composition: About a half of the protestors ‘fighting for the democracy’ in Moscow appear to be not living in the city. Up to 80% of them do not have an official job. Up to 80% of them have not entered into a marriage yet and do have no children. Around a half of the protestors live with their parents and depend upon them.

The part of the society that supports so-called “liberal opposition” rioting in Moscow do have some general characteristics. These people grew up in the comfort, safety and amenities of the modern world.

  • They are convinced of their own uniqueness. They value themselves highly and lack respect for others.
  • They capricious and have experienced no sacrifices.
  • They are not ready to accept responsibility, but willingly shift the blame on others and circumstances.
  • They are very sensitive, suspicious, impressionable, and easily offended. They put their own safety (including emotional) and interests above all.
  • They believe that the world must be fair to them personally. If their ideas do not coincide with real life, they experience serious stress.
  • They want to be bosses already at the start, but they are afraid of competition. They declare equality, but more at the expense of belittling the rest.
  • They are poorly able to communicate in real life, but they greatly value virtual (for example, social media) status.
  • They do not understand the value of things, unconditionally reject the word “duty” and “need” (“We owe nothing to anyone” – the main slogan) believe in reasons that are not related to reality
  • They rely on a happy occasion and good luck to achieve a success. In general, they value people who do nothing outstanding, but thanks to luck receive all social benefits.
  • They reject the past and all “conservative”. They consider history a dirty series of murders and tortures, from which it is necessary to completely disown (including world art).
  • They demonstrate a love to labels, stereotypes, clip thinking and react painfully to other opinions. They condemn intolerance by others, but themselves they demonstrate examples of unconditional intolerance.

Authorities have opened an investigation into the July 27 riots and detained 9 suspects involved in instigating or paritipating in the violence. The information about these persons allows to get an inside look at the most active supporters of ‘liberal opposition’ in Moscow. This is an ordinary sitaution for the young part of Moscow’s “snowflakes”. Often they are also scared by any kind of physical labor.

  • Samariddin Rajabov – 21yo, born in Tadjikistan, officially unemployed. Rajabov was detained because he threw a bottle into police officers;
  • Egor Zhukov – 21yo, officially unemployed. He claims that he’s a video blogger and a student of so-called “Higher School of Economics”, the hotbed of various anti-goverment activists and student organizations. He’s detained for the participation in mass riots;
  • Vladislav Barabanov – 22yo, unemployed. He’s not living in Moscow (thus, he cannot participate in the local election). He came from Nijni Novgorod and participated in coordination of the riots.
  • Danil Konon – 22yo, officially unemployed, a student. He lives with his parents in Moscow. Konon was detained for participation in the riots;
  • Sergei Abanichev – 25yo, lives with his father. He’s a sales manager. Abanichev is registered in a medical institution after two years ago he received a head injury. He was detained for participation in riots and throwing a stone at police officers;
  • Aleksey Menyailo – 34yo, a “volunteer” working for one of the opposition candidates that failed to register;
  • Kiril Jukov – he was detained to attacking a police officer during riots;
  • Ivan Podkopaev – The 25yo man was detained with a kinfe, a pepper spray, a gas mask and a driver during the riots of July 27;
  • Egor Kovalenko – He participated in the July 27 riots and threw an orderly bin into a police officer.




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