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What is history rewriting?


Polls curried out in France in 1945 (in the country hardly had seen a Red Army soldier on its soil, right after the war) shows that, despite the abundance of US and British troops in Paris, French people were unambiguously aware of the fact – whom they owe the liberation of Europe from fascism .

And then russophobe propaganda machine came over ..

What is history rewriting?

Actually, russophobia is a very gentle word, my dear silent friends. But don’t make mistake it’s exactly what anti-semitism is. The difference though is that to be an anti-semite is something unacceptable in civilized world, whereas to be a russophobe is normal and even trendy in some European countries.

Rewriting history greatly helps to support russophobe sentiments. It’s not popular to recall and remember who had crashed 85% of military Nazi power and at what cost. I understand that European boycott of our 70 years Victory Parade in Moscow is a loud manifestation of this policy.

The losses of USSR in the Second World War was more than 25 million men and women, loved ones from every family in my country. Direct combat Losses – over 9 million.

Many European countries committed their military power and even more European countries helped economically to realize the German exceptionalism theory and genocide on the territory of USSR.

This is not old history for us, because it was not question of surrender and life under occupation for us, as it was for some European countries, it was question of very existence and total extermination of all our people…

It’s time to call the extermination of Slavic people in former USSR during WW2 – a genocide. Apart direct battle losses, USSR (mostly – Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) lost 15-18 million lives of civil population in the occupied areas.

The most profound impact on Nazi’s ability to rise to their power, was made by silence in late 30s about German world domination dreams and their exceptionalism theory danger. Perhaps, there was great excuse for that silence and ignorance – that is huge propaganda pressure applied by Nazi sympathizers. Nobody had internet to check information with different sources.



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