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What If Beirut Port Explosion Was Attack?

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What If Beirut Port Explosion Was Attack?

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On August 11, 3 Israeli battle tanks crossed a technical fence on the Israeli-Lebanese contact line, the official Lebanese News Agency reported.

According to the Lebanese side, Israeli forces broke through the technical fence in the town of Mays al-Jabal and at least one of the battle tanks fired a phosphorous bomb was fired by one of the tanks.

Later, the battle tanks withdrew from the area. No casualties were reported.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) did not comment on the incident. The technical fence is an Israeli constructed fence along the 79 km contact line between Lebanese and Israeli forces.

In the recent weeks, tensions between Israel and Hezbollah/Iran were especially high on the Lebanese-Israeli contact line and in the Israeli-occupied area of the Syrian Golan Heights. The IDF announced that it had deployed additional forces there and several times threatened Hezbollah with strikes inside Lebanon. An earlier Israeli strike also killed a Hezbollah member in Syria.

What If Beirut Port Explosion Was Attack?

Israeli soldiers manuever Merkava tanks and Namer armored personnel carriers (APCs) during the last day of a military exercise in the northern part of the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights on September 13, 2017. (Photo credit should read JALAA MAREY/AFP/Getty Images)

The August 4 explosion in Beirut port contributed to even further escalation of tensions in the region. The Beirut explosion, that left more than 200 dead and 6,000 injured, caused a deep political and social crisis in Lebanon. While the official version is still that it was a result of the accident with poorly stored 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate, the version about some ‘attack’ or ‘sbotage act’ in Beirut has been becoming more and more popular. Probably, the most interesting fact is that this version is supported by the United States on the highest level.

US President Donald Trump was among first to say that the Beirut explosion may have been a result of the attack. Trump described the incident as a “terrible attack.”

“It would seem like it based on the explosion,” Trump said. “I’ve met with some of our great generals and they just seem to feel that it was not a — some kind of manufacturing explosion type of event. This was a… seems to be according to them, they would know better than I would, but they seem to think it was an attack. It was a bomb of some kind.”

Later, Defense Secretary Mark Esper also confirmed that the United States is considering this version.

“The bottom line is we still don’t know” what caused the explosion, Esper told Fox News. “On the first day, as President Trump rightly said, we thought it might have been an attack, some of us speculated it could have been, for example, a Hezbollah arms shipment that blew up, maybe a Hezbollah bomb making facility, who knows?”

This stance of the United States contributed to the speculations with both pro-Iranian/Hezbollah and pro-Israeli sources accusing each others of the tragedy. According to the Israeli version of the events, the explosion may have been caused by some incident at a Hezbollah weapon depot that triggered a larger explosion of ammonium nitrate. In own turn, pro-Iranian sources even accused Israel of conducting a missile or sabotage attack that resulted in the August 4 tragedy.

If one theoretically accepts this hypothesis as true, it would be interesting to look what players may have been interested in such a scenario.

1. Hezbollah and Iran cannot be interested in staging any such situation because the ongoing crisis in Lebanon in fact undermined their positions in the country. There are no doubts that the wide social instability and political crisis will impact negatively the popularity of Hezbollah as one of the main powerbrokers in Lebanon.

2. The Sunni Lebanese elites also suffered negative consequences in the political and economic sphere. The entire government, including Prime Minister Hassan Diab, resigned.

3. Hamas and forces affiliated with radical Sunni groups and movements operating across the Middle East also do not look like a real suspect. The blast and the following crisis undermined positions of not only Hezbollah and Iran, but also the Sunni elites in Lebanon.

4. Turkey and Gulf states play own regional games, but they prefer the controlled development of the situation in this part of the region rather than the new point of spreading chaos.

5. In these conditions, the only parties that could be really interested in the destabilization of Lebanon is Israel and the United States.

Tel Aviv is not hiding that the cornerstone of its regional policy is to undermine positions of Hezbollah and Iran, and neutralize this ‘threat’ to the Israeli regional expansion, based on the full-scale and unconditional diplomatic support from Washington and the US military power.

The instability in Lebanon will also allow Israel and the United States to achieve their tactical geopolitical goals more effective because the crisis will draw resources and attention of their main adversaries, and set conditions for additional diplomatic, economic and even limited military actions against them. This will be especially effective after the US-Israeli bloc accuse Hezbollah and Iran of being responsible for the tragedy.

A one more opportunity for Tel Aviv and Washington is to exploit the political crisis to impact the forming of a new Lebanese government (through clandestine measures for example) in order to get a more ‘pro-Western’ variant of it.

The increasing diplomatic and military presence of the US and its European allies in Lebanon under pretext of the humanitarian mission is not even a secret. The UK Royal Navy survey vessel HMS Enterprise is officially deploying to Beirut to supposedly survey the damage to the city’s port.

Another known ally of the modern United States, France is deploying the Mistral-class helicopter carrier Tonnerre. The warship with an additional force of about 700 troops on board is set to deploy in Beirut on August 13. More foreign forces are expected to come.

Therefore, if one wants to speculate about the possible attack on Beirut on August 4, it’s easy to find what foreign forces may have been interested in it. Nonetheless, in this scenario, mainstream media outlets and the ‘democratic world’ will likely blame Hezbollah and Iran.


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  1. MADE MAKER says:


    1. captainnemo2 says:

      which it certainly was. Nuking a capital city surely counts as “an attack”?
      Probably a uh3 based mini nuke, hardly any fallout and radiation levels more or less back to normal in 72 hours.
      The only weapon that leaves a fourty foot deep and 400 ft wide crater in solid rock is a nuke.
      Radiation spike registered in cyprus Iaea station.
      5Kt yield or thereabouts.
      So lets have an end to the pussyfooting around this it was a tactical nuke, same as has been used in syria, yemen, tianjin, iraq.

      1. Luke Hemmming says:

        Veteranstoday.com published a picture of radiation data on the day of the explosion taken by a monitoring group in Italy that recorded a radiation spike in the area at the time of the attack.

        1. tzatz says:


          They detected a Latte Macchiato … eh?


      2. tzatz says:

        YOUR testimony is valuable … YOU seem to know … eh?


    2. Phoron says:

      It wasnt a nuke, lol.

      Dozens of cameras captured the blast. No heat wave, no flash, no persistent fireball. Thus, not a nuke.

      There should also be plenty of fission byproducts like cesium 137 around.

      People seem to be hung up on the torus shaped condensation wave that superficially resembles a nuke, but that’s where the similarities end.

      I wouldnt be surprised if “Israel” is involved in some way, tho.

      1. Selbstdenker says:

        what do you know about modern low yield tactical nukes? Phoron sounds like moron. Is this a coincidence?

        1. Phoron says:

          Yes, it was obviously a jewtron bomb. I apologize now for believing such wives’ tales that ammonium nitrate is explosive. I checked out Veterans Today and saw the article, it was right between the one where extraterrestrials are keeping Hitler’s head alive and the other one that proves that Trump is hiring warlocks to put a hex on J.O. Biden.

      2. tzatz says:

        II wasn’t a Nuke BUT Israel must be involved … eh?

        Cuz … YOU’VE got a ‘hunch’ … lol

        1. Phoron says:

          Your words, not mine, Shlomo.

          key words: “wouldnt be surprised”.

          English not your first language?

          1. tzatz says:

            No … Canadian English …. is … eh mo?

          2. tzatz says:

            Wouldn’t be surprised? That’s evidence moron?

          3. Phoron says:

            You read English at around a fifth grade level. I never gave any evidence because I never made a claim they were involved.

            But, if evidence does show up, I won’t be surprised. It fits the bill of kikeistan, who wrecked Beirut the last time.

            I am sure that if indeed it is shown to be kikeistani sabotage, the Lebanese accomplices will probably be counted on the death toll, but currently sipping Mogen-David in some shitty kikeistani resort town.

          4. tzatz says:

            Resort town? Where ? No one sips Mogen-David

  2. <> says:

    “What if you are all full of propaganda and lies”?
    Try to answer that.
    Anyway, Hezbollah better dont test our determination, we are just waiting for their fatal mistake which would make their shia SL villagers pay the price first.

    1. paolinks says:

      You talk too much to be really confident. We understand the trauma Hezbollah gave you lot in 2006, when they kicked your crying butts. Just stay out of their country, and nothing will happen.

      1. <> says:

        What trauma? it’s the Lebanese in trauma not us. Did you see Beirut post 2006? that was only 5% of our firepower in less than a month. Some parts are still ruined to this day. Lebanese should ask themselves is war against Israel for Iran’s interests worths it.

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          Silly boy.

        2. paolinks says:

          And your soldiers with their diapers dirty? Hezbollah did it with much less hardware than it has today.

          1. <> says:

            It’s not my fault you wear a diaper so you think everyone is like you. idiot.

        3. Phoron says:

          Lyin’ Zion,

          I have to admit, there is one area where the IDF is still effective, and that is the air force.

          But you know that 2006 was a real drubbing for the IDF ground farces, even if you dont wanna admit it publicly.

          It’s doubtful the IDF will ever fix the morale damage that was done to it’s supposedly mighty army in 2006, being repulsed from Lebanon by a militia(for the second time, nonetheless).

          The IDF has come a long way downhill since 1967; from storming the Sinai and Golan, to now being unable to hold a mere strip of land in Lebanon.

          But your people can still carry out high altitude bombing, for now. It’s a pretty tenuous grasp on existence when you rely on an air force and political subversion of the USA to keep on breathing.

          1. tzatz says:

            Reality? What’s better than a 1st World Airforce?

          2. Phoron says:

            It’s nice but you have to realize it’s limited in what is can do.

            Aircraft cannot take nor hold ground, only infantry can.

            Air campaigns as a rule- especially the kind that the jews wage- increase the determination of the population being bombed.

            On the other hand, this is likely what the jews of the state called “Israel” want- to be hated by the goyim. It increases jewish cohesiveness, and ossifies ingroup/outgroup distinctions, based on perceptions -real or imagined- of antisemitism.

          3. tzatz says:

            Phoron rhymes with moron …. you own it

          4. tzatz says:

            Hold ground … as in Occupy? lol

            Punish the attackers … that’s what the IAF can do

            The use of ground forces should be reserved for specific targets that need neutralizing …

            Goyim like YOU hate without being fired upon …. lol


      2. shylockracy says:

        Iran’s capacity to launch a missile counterattack against the Zioterrorist scum concentrated at the beachhead that’s the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine has grown exponentially since 2006. The US/UK/France sponsors of Zioterror in Palestine must be desperate at the thought the “Samson option” won’t work anymore for their murderous neo-Crusader quest.

        1. tzatz says:

          Iran launching any counter attacks against Israel? lol

          Seems to me that Iran is getting blown up ‘real good’ in Syria all WITHOUT a counter attack … Paper Tiger … pmsl

    2. PZIVJ says:

      Your mother is probably upset you are not doing well in school right now, as you spend too much time trolling the internet. :)

      1. <> says:

        Do you have a proof I’m some kind of a school student? or do you just want to be a smartass like Ashok? maybe this can help you.

        1. PZIVJ says:

          Those belong to your dad?
          What are the two merit badges for, cleaning the barracks and working the chow hall?

          1. <> says:

            Google them.

          2. Furkan Sahin says:

            this month Israel and Gaza go to war wait and see :D

          3. <> says:

            It will be good :)

          4. tzatz says:

            Let’s check back in a week … eh?

            I’ll wait for your response …

          5. Zionism = EVIL says:

            LOL, you are the dumbest PUNK hasbara has ever hired. Fake photos of Vietnam era Americunt M-16 mags from a surplus store don’t fool anyone. No real soldier any any kind would be posting such dumb shit ROFLMAO.

          6. Ashok Varma says:

            Silly boy has clown uniforms.

          7. Lux et Veritas says:

            Boy scouts badges and old used clothing from flea market. No combat fatigues have ribbons unless you are an Italian cinema usher.

        2. Cromwell says:

          Looks like a suicide vest LOL!! feel free to use it inside your house https://media0.giphy.com/media/9tojedo1cjxNm/giphy.gif

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Actually US surplus shops sell this junk, the magazine is from an old M-16 vintage Vietnam, the main Zionist IDF cowards assault rifle is Tavor with a different mag.

          2. Cromwell says:

            Yes he is talking Bollocks!! sounds like a hysterical schoolgirl.

        3. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Photoshopped from a US gun magazine LOL

        4. Ashok Varma says:

          Silly little chit of boy, you can buy better quality used uniforms in New Dehli landa bazaar (surplus clothing) stores. If that is the IDF uniform then they are in real trouble.

          1. <> says:

            It’s my reserve uniform, the active units have the new ones. Also, why would I buy uniform jsut to post them online? stop being a dumb traitor.

          2. Ashok Varma says:

            Reserve for what? drama school, that is no uniform of any kind. Even Indian soldiers now have Kevlar kit. If your IDF is dressed in olive drab from good morning Vietnam, than your elders are really in trouble. Olive drab in Middle east topography will stand out like a sore thumb. Why are you so infatuated with wars and soldiers? do your homework, be nice to your mum and don’t forget to eat your corn flakes.

          3. <> says:

            I have been a reserve for the past 12 years, we get new uniform when we’re called into service but that is our current uniform. Keep talkng your shit, but it won’t change anything when we start our operation and hunt down your terroristic friends. After all you’re a terrorists lover, who else would support Pakistan over his own country and people. Atleast I’m not a traitor like you.

          4. Lux et Veritas says:

            At least pick quality used clothing from flea markets.

          5. tzatz says:

            Didn’t India just lose a bunch of soldiers killed by China?

            India better learn how to fight …

        5. Lux et Veritas says:

          Zara summer wear? or used flea market?

        6. Jim Allen says:

          Do you have any proof any of your claims are true ?
          Those items are easily obtained, even photographed, and posted in a comment by a troll that has a severe case of factiphobia, and apparently incurable , untreatable mental illness.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        LOL. :)

    3. El libanes says:

      You are really butt hurted by the shia…haha
      I dont blame you ,2006 fisted you good

    4. Jim Allen says:

      No “what if” about it.
      You are full of propaganda, and lies.
      Yes, yes, of course Hezbollah must not
      “test” our (you mean Zionist Khazar pretenders) determination.
      The militia really isn’t in the habit of making “fatal mistakes.” You pretenders have shown talent in this area.
      All you fake Jews keep telling everyone how you’re so fearsome, an’ everbody just gotta’ wait so we can brag how we’re so macho, and why. Be makin’ a bunch more threats, too. Then…then y’all will see “us”
      Comin’ just a whoopin’, and a runnin’ hard as we can go, an’ smack right into them Hezbollah tellers.
      And that will be it. “We’re” done here. You Betcha’…
      Just like the last attempt you pretenders made, all arrogant, and shit, we’re badasses, we’re gettin’ after them scruffy little bunch of…whatever they call themselves, and beat their ass severely…, and the camels they rode here on…
      What you Zionist Khazar Atheists pretending to be God’s chosen by one’s when you’re not, (as if God would choose atheists in the first place) got then, and will receive a much larger one, is a beatin’ !
      Israel’s second defeat.
      (if you dipshits can come up with something better than this blundered false flag terrorist attack on civilian infrastructure with a WMD. Then there you are yellin’ your ass off, doing the pee-pee dance, all that Ammonium Nitrate that was so dangerous just sitting there, waiting for Hezbollah to hoist itself by it’s own petard,an’ it did…
      No it didn’t. Some pretender dumbass forgot the damn diesel cans.
      Everyone knows ya’ gotta’ have diesel for this stuff to go bang. Soaked in diesel.
      You idiot’s failed to cover your tracks too. Stevie Wonder could’ve followed the tracks back to location this goofiness originated.
      No one thought about Hezbollah being responsible for your blundered attack long enough to forget it.
      Backfired, Lebanon’s puppet Government had to run away, the fallout fell on the puppets, made the protesters more agitated, at the puppets. The militia is popular as it’s been.
      Hezbollah has 13 seats, and is expected to win more in the upcoming election. Which is what this idiocy is all about. Pretenders cannot tolerate the militia being Lebanon’s Government. That would put a sizable crimp in pretender style.
      Oh, and throwing out that threat to attack Lebanon’s civilian population, (a crime against humanity) at the end there like that, is sheer genius.
      I’m thinkin’ your protector, US military, may not be so much protection as in the past.
      Well Lebanon isn’t just sitting there waiting for y’all to get another puppet set up, so you can keep the country destabilized, and poverty stricken, ya’ know. Best y’all git to workin’ on some new plan, so it can fail, like this last blunder.
      I don’t want war, of any kind. But I can’t help hoping Hezbollah is kind, and thoughtful enough to give you what you say you want.
      The Palestinians have been abused, stolen from, lives ruined, murdered, imprisoned, starved their homes bulldozed at the slighted perceived infraction, kids charged with high crimes, convicted, thrown in prison, where you pedophiles got your perverted little rocks off abusing her. You’d have been first, execpt for that small dysfunction thing, wouldn’t you. Bad luck old chap.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        Well said, again.

      2. Phoron says:

        I largely agree with what you poasted, except for your assumption that ammonium nitrate wont detonate without diesel. There are a dozens of examples of it exploding during the course of a fire, see the 1947 explosion of the Grandcamp for example.

        Shortly before the explosion in Beirut, some sort of other explosives were cooking off, so it may have been initiated by those, rather than the fire itself.

        1. Jim Allen says:

          Ammonium Nitrate burns, but it remains it will not explode as a stand alone element.
          Were that the case, it would be treated as a Class “A” or “B” Explosive, there would be these square orange placards about 10″ square on any transport vehicle, or vessel, handled at a seperate dock away from commercial facilities. It would be stored in a bunker designed to withstand a fair size bomb. In the case of an explosion originating inside the bunker it’s designed to direct the overpressure wave away from other storage bunkers. Bunkers are small limiting the amount of explosive
          2,750 tonnes of explosive would be spread by roughly the same number of bunkers. Crews handling explosives are trained not to blow themselves up.
          There was none of this on the dock, there’s zero record of the Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer, by accounts of people familiar with this product the warehouse, and the farmers loading, and transporting it to the site it was to be used. No mention of explosive labeling, of the nature described above.
          Something I’m familiar with. These requirements are universal, worldwide.
          Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer is not an explosive, Period.
          No amount of Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer is going to punch a hole the size of the one on that dock. Or, overpressure that blew the shit out of Beirut.

          1. Phoron says:

            Ammonium nitrate is stable enough under normal circumstances that it’s not explosive, true; but there are other materials which also fit that bill. Two of them I can think of off the top of my head are grain and acetylene. Neither are placarded as explosive A nor B but both have explosive potential under the correct conditions.

            AN as you know is placarded as an oxidizer. Who knows what else was stored there at the port, other than what was quite apparently fireworks or some other low explosives which can be clearly seen cooking off right before the detonation.

            AN also becomes unstable above 400 degrees. Dont you think the fire in the warehouse went above that temp? I sure do. The explosive potential for AN in presence of heat is well established:


            With regards to the what was actually in the port warehouses at the time, I cant speak to that, but the blast released an enormous column of red gases, indicative of nitrous oxides, supportive of a AN blast.

            What I do know, is that the blast wasnt a nuclear bomb. Prima facie evidence available for everyone to see via dozens of cameras does not support the nuclear bomb hypothesis in any way.

          2. Jim Allen says:

            You’re determined to assert that an inert element, and non,-explosive, non-hazardous fertilizer, that is only an Oxidizer when used as directed. Is not flammable, but does burn, but does not produce Oxygen when burning. Nitrogen Oxides that tend to produce smoke in the color seen.
            Nothing will cause this product to explode without the addition of a hydrocarbon product such as the previously stated diesel, or equivalent. Even then a significant amount of TNT, or equivalent yield explosive as a primary detonator is required to initiate this sloppy mess to explode.
            You’re ignoring the fact that the alleged amount of AN that may, or may not have been present has not the explosive force when combined with the correct amount of hydrocarbons of the 600 kilotonne explosion, a group of explosives experts, (most wearing the insignia of a Generals rank) agree was produced to create a crater in solid rock, 500 feet across, 40 feet deep, and the overpressure that destroyed civilian infrastructure for miles.
            There is no conventional explosive that can produce an explosion the size that was witnessed in Beirut. Leaving the nuclear device, that is capable of producing the explosion seen in Beirut.
            I suggest you update your pretense of knowledge of today’s tactical nuclear devices. This is without doubt a tactical nuke sent by Israel that followed a conventional anti-ship missile that started the fire some 20 minutes before the the strike by a 30 foot long missile with a tactical nuke warhead. This was a staged false flag attack by Israel to turn popular opinion against Hezbollah.
            A legitimate Lebanese militia that is the country’s main defense against invasion. Israel fears the militia after it presented the Zionist Khazar pretenders with their first defeat in 2006. Israel used nukes in this invasion attempt, in USA, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Syria, and other countries.
            My own experience with explosives, and that my dad worked for Hercules Powder Company at Hercules California USA that produced dynamite, and Blue Chip brand AN fertilizer. Taught me everything he knew. So go tell your shitfuckery to the tourists, I’m not buying.

          3. Phoron says:

            LOL, OK, I’ll play along anyway.

            Where do you get this 600kt yield from, or is this just a number you plucked from the air?

          4. Jim Allen says:

            Search it yourself, dumbass.
            If I found the information, so can you.

          5. Phoron says:

            I couldnt find anything that backs you up. That’s strange, since supposedly a major city just suffered a nuclear attack, and no one of significance, including the Lebanese PM nor Hassan Nasrallah, are saying anything about it, so why are they silent?

            There’s a good tool to check these claims, since the effects of nuclear blasts are well documented:


            Go ahead and punch in your data over Beirut and see if 600 kt makes any sense to you.

            Obviously your claim of 600kt is totally bogus, but there’s no need to be a sore loser…

          6. Jim Allen says:

            Just keep on watching Western MSM. You’ll
            never find a syllable of fact there was ever any other view than the only narrative presented you. Which you unquestioningly accecpt as fact. You’ve been conditioned not to question anything this source tells you, or to search for yourself any other views worldwide. Your Government has thoughtfully censored the sources of this blasphemy to “protect” you.
            Your excuses, and inability to present anything more than ad hominem that shows your stupidity, and absence of imagination to the world, is boring, and repetitive. It also demonstrates you are incapable of logical rational, and reasonable thought.

      3. tzatz says:

        Who won the War in 2006?

        Nasrallah hasn’t been back for more abuse … except in Syria … eh?

        The next War will see 200,000 DEAD Lebanese in the opening 72 hrs …. getaway now

        1. Jim Allen says:

          Are you so dull, and inarticulate so as not to possess the slightest ability to comprehend the data presented you ?
          It is completely transparent to those exposed to your pretense of knowledge, opinions based on pre-concieved notions, and no factual content of any kind. As does your arrogance, and sociopathic lunacy.
          You take great pride in knowing you’re a walking/talking crime against humanity.

          1. tzatz says:


            You’re an ignorant blogger with a POV …. go ahead write your spam

          2. Jim Allen says:

            Facts are not spam, my POV is factual, not opinion.
            You are ignorant, willfully ignorant, and determined to remain that way.
            I’m not a blogger.
            If you’re so smart, why are you trolling me to provide what you don’t know, and can’t be bothered to search for yourself ? You won’t accecpt anything I provide, you’ve certainly done everything possible to avoid acknowledging you have no honest tangible evidence to prove me wrong. Youre entitled to your pretense of knowledge. You’re also entitled to shut the fuck up, and so stop embarrassing yourself.
            Stupid cannot be fixed.

          3. tzatz says:

            No Data … Stupid cannot be fixed

          4. tzatz says:

            Data … no data

            Facts … no facts

          5. tzatz says:


            Lebanon is a bankrupt / failed state … full stop

            Your kaffiyeh is showing … lol

            YOU don’t sound like an Arab … more like a pasty American Christian sh Xt head …

          6. Jim Allen says:

            Poor ad hominem you pitiful troll.
            Prove me wrong, and this is not a religious war, and comments do not have a religious bias.
            It appears statements of fact disturb your delicate sensibilities, and provoke morally outraged responses,as facts are offensive to you. Tough shit pitiful troll.

          7. tzatz says:

            The Arab/Israeli Conflict is a war of religion …

            The Arab/Muslims believe that Jewish sovereignty over Muslims is an affront to their belief system … full stop

            Otherwise a real estate deal was set up to close on May 14, 1948 … but instead the Arab States attacked to STOP Jewish sovereignty … the rest is in the daily papers … hello?

          8. Jim Allen says:

            You’re a liar.
            You’ve proven nothing other than you’re Zionist Khazar pretender.
            “Real estate deal.” Yeah……
            No !

          9. tzatz says:

            pathetic mumbling of a stupid goy

          10. Jim Allen says:

            Response to to the arrogant sociopath, and lunatic,so stupid, and inept it cannot fabricate even the simplest of falsehoods, then responding with ad hominem when bullshit is called on the poorly conjured fakery of a Zionist Khazar Atheist pretending to be something that never existed in the first place. Everything about the Zionist Khazar is a fraud, a poorly assembled façade of deception, manipulation, of lies, false bravado, and shitfuckery. A thin screen to mask the pretender’s nefarious purposes, criminality, and the fact the Zionist Khazar, are poser’s, that are in no way possess intelligence sufficient to create any plausible, or believable, imaginative, and convincing false narrative. That will fool the dullest goyim, into believing, Zionist Khazars are somehow a superior, and seperate race of human beings, and chosen by a God you don’t believe exists to rule over all of this God’s creations, so opposed to His teachings. You’re not of Royalty, and you’re not demi-Gods. You are not a seperate race of people, and you’re far from superior in any way, (apart from your criminality)
            Your arrogance causes you to believe any not of your ethnicity, are inferior, and subject to your pleasure is false.
            A false sense of reality, in which you see yourselves in a perspective that education= intelligence, that
            equal= identical, Perception is not always reality. Factual history of the attempts you pretenders have made to take control of populations you insist are inferior to your inflated sense of self have all failed. You’ve done harm, turned the world against you, and exposed you as what you are behind the thin façade that shows your stupidity.
            You’ve grossly underestimated those you’re determined to kill, your plans to control by means of fear have served only to cause contempt, and resistance.
            Your plans, stupid in concept, and in practice, sloppy, has allowed your goyim to build defenses against you advancing
            your stubbornly wrongheaded agenda’s.
            Defenses your puppet protectors are unable to cope with. You’re controlled by your own fear of being destroyed. This frustration, and the demonstration of the effectiveness of the defensive forces, makes you anxious, this anxiety, , at recovering from the loss of planning destroyed by the resistance, prevention of advancing your Globalist agendas, and the lack of ability to cope with the opposition. You’ve become desperate to slow, and/or stop the forces resisting your carrying out your Globalist agenda.
            Poor, and stupid response to opposition, have resulted in blunders, frequent blunders, that result in turning the people totally against you, and your genocidal plans. Zionist Khazars are masters of the false flag attack, for the purpose of projecting blame onto the enemy, and so turn the people against their Government. What Zionist Khazars are masters of is blundering the false flag attack.
            Your arrogance, and sociopathic lunacy will once again be your undoing.
            Destroying your economic base, and ability to wage war, defend resources necessary to wage war, against an enemy that is winning, knows exactly where to strike at your weakest, most vulnerable sites. Those of your puppet protectors you’re destroying from the inside as they continue to serve in protecting you. Protection that may turn on you at any time, and is well aware of the actions against it. Without protection your fake State of Israel, will cease to exist in hours. You are the second most hated country on earth, by your behavior towards your neighbors, and the world in general.
            Proving you’re neither intelligent, or smart.

          11. tzatz says:

            Proving you’re neither intelligent, or smart. goy


          12. Jim Allen says:

            Smarter than you.

          13. tzatz says:

            So …. you got nothing … eh mo?

    5. Zionism = EVIL says:

      HUSH you stupid PUNK CUNT! Liar to boot LOL

  3. shylockracy says:

    Iran’s determination to provide Syria and Lebanon help to defend themselves against Ziowahhabi terrorist aggression, from sanctions and bloackades to huge explosions, massmurder and terrorism, mustn’t waver at this point in history. Ziocorporate regimes, like US, UK or France can’t be trusted except to try to covertly control other countries’ resources and socioeconomic policy, and the unfair advantage given to Ziojew terrorist scum in the form of nuclear and military tech justifies the support Iran’s providing its neighbors.

    Russia’s and China’s push to “reform” the post-WW2 global Ziocorporate world order can’t be expected to achieve much beyond initial “investment” commitments so far, so the resistance’s gotta be prepared for the worst case scenario in the Levant.

    1. Rhodium 10 says:

      Years ago Israel attacked a warehouse in Latakia port..then pro Jews sources told that it was a cruise misile launched from sea ( submarine) but the SANA told that it was a bomb planted in a warehouse.

      1. tzatz says:

        Thanks for the details … LMAO

    2. Fog of War says:

      ” Russia’s and China’s push to “reform” the post-WW2 global Ziocorporate world order ”

      That is why their actions are suspect. By trying to reform a ” system ” , that needs to be completely destroyed to free humanity , they also perpetuate all the current power / wealth structures. The Rothschilds dont care which country ” leads the world militarly ” or who has the best economy.

      1. tzatz says:

        Rothschild = Jews

        That’s anti-Judaism HATE SPEECH


    3. tzatz says:

      So … a Hezbollah/Iran supporter … eh?

      YOUR payback is coming … YOU ain’t seen nothing yet …


  4. johnny rotten says:

    Applying logic to these subjects is useless, they have been in a loop of delusions for too long, in practice they do not know how to move, against whom or what the israhell tank fired? here, against no one, just like Don Quixote and the windmills, these former colonial powers must be treated like any madman obscenely sick with greed, with no capacity to adapt to a world that is historical, therefore in continuous evolution, and not as a static world as they wish.

  5. Luke Hemmming says:

    Realky SF? Your author of this article is only now realising it was an attack and still puts a question mark over this? I think the majority of us commenters here knew this was an attack pretty much minutes, if not hours, after the event happened. Now your playing catch up? Ammonium nitrate pfft!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah Naaaaaaaah!

    1. tzatz says:

      Still sticking to your bs story?

  6. HiaNd says:

    China and Russia are still not strong enough to prevail against Unified Western allays in multi polar world. Hezbollah will have to fight the evil invader alone. I hope they are as ready as before.

  7. HiaNd says:

    China and Russia are still not strong enough to prevail against Unified Western allays in multi polar world. Hezbollah will have to fight the evil invader alone. I hope they are as ready as before.World is warming up for global conflict..

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      Correct. However, Russia is already fighting which I’ll give them credit. China on the other hand is bidding their time for something. They probably are following the same playbook as the US did 79 years ago.

      1. Fog of War says:

        ” They probably are following the same playbook as the US did 79 years ago. ”

        And look where that ” playbook ” led ZioAmerica to. Its not a future I want, especially from a totalitarian Communist nation.

      2. HiaNd says:

        China is very big country with 1.5 billion people for fuck sake, they need time for everything.
        Like very big cruise ship comparing to speed boat gives impression that it doesn’t move.
        But once they get in motion, nothing will stop them …..
        Also Russia has still military edge and is kind of logical that they take burden of the military Western nuisance.
        While China stays focused on her economy and also speeding up military development in the same time.
        So it is not really complicated to see what are they doing and why..

  8. Rhodium 10 says:

    Israel use to attack warehouse in Syria, also have attacked at least one Irani plant linked to Nuclear program…I dont have doubts that Israel planted a bomb in one warehouse close to where amonium nitrate was stored…there is one explosion before amonium nitrate exploded!

  9. AleK says:

    Cui bono is the best first question (who benefits?). And we all know the answer…

    1. kamalashila says:


      1. PZIVJ says:

        But first letter is correct.
        Feel free to play again. :)

        1. kamalashila says:

          only iran can prfitate from new government. tha actual is pro-west.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Moron, check the demographics of Lebanon, retardo LOL

  10. kamalashila says:

    What If Beirut Port Explosion Was Attack?

    in your wet dreams

  11. chris chuba says:

    Plausible. Especially one in which it was an accidental secondary explosion. Israel targets the fireworks warehouse either claiming or thinking it is a Hezbollah missile factory, the fire / explosion from that sets off the nitrate.

    1. Israel is constantly bombing civilian targets in Syria claiming they are Hez. / Iranian military sites without any blowback, so why wouldn’t Bibi pull the same stunt in Lebanon?

    2. Bibi has bombed Beirut within the past year and is constantly proclaiming his right to do so in the same of preemptive self-defense with full U.S. backing. It’s like giving a drug addict a stack of $100 bills. Israel dropped cluster bombs on Lebanese cities and screamed ‘self-defense’ in 2006.

    3. The Mossad is overrated, basically all Israel really has is satellite imagery and they will bomb any large building w/crates like they do in Syria, a fireworks factory would actually signal an improvement in their normal target selection.

    4. They immediately offered aid to Lebanon, this betrays a guilty conscience, when has Israel ever offered aid to an Arab country?

    5. Israel wants to test out their new terror toy, the cargo ship that shoots container missiles. This would be hard to detect even w/Russia’s S400. Very short flight path.

    I don’t even see this as far fetched but I am not dismissing the accident scenario either.

    1. Fog of War says:

      ” The Mossad is overrated, basically all Israel really has is satellite imagery and they will bomb any large building w/crates like they do in Syria, a fireworks factory would actually signal an improvement in their normal target selection. ”

      Check your premise. Israhell has direct access to all NSA signals and is fully integrated in the US defense network. Not to mention having access to the ” 5 eyes ” systems. Israhelli companies also control many national cell phone networks. They know exactly what they were going to hit and was hit. No accident at all.

      1. chris chuba says:

        Good one :-), yeah, if you count the Intel they suck out of us, I stand corrected LOL.
        Israeli SIGINT is probably pretty good too. I was referring to their vastly overrated HUMINT. I bet it was pretty good up until about the 70’s but now it’s theater.

        1. tzatz says:

          ‘Fauda’ ….

        2. tzatz says:

          Now it’s theater? lol

      2. Icarus Tanović says:

        No they don’t. No more spy US planes over Syria.

        1. tzatz says:

          Drones do that work these days …

      3. tzatz says:

        So YOU have pwoof … eh?

        1. Fog of War says:

          Thats a dumb comment. The things I’ve stated are common knowledge in military and intelligence circles. These arent hidden secrets. Also, do your own research, I’m not you ” boy “.

          1. tzatz says:

            ‘Common Knowledge’ like International Law or Crimes Against Humanity?

    2. Glen McGrath says:

      Go to Veterans Today for what really happened !

      1. ravenise says:

        1. 28 February 2016 article: Why an Israeli Newspaper Wanted to ‘Flatten’ a City of Millions … Beirut. https://www.globalresearch.ca/why-an-israeli-newspaper-wanted-to-flatten-a-city-of-millions-beirut/5510960

        2. On September 27 2018 Israel publicly declared the building housing the confiscated ammonium nitrate at the port of Beirut to be a potential target of the occupiers, (video minute 40): https://www.trunews.com/stream/beirut-bedlam-what-did-u-s-generals-tells-president-trump-about-explosion

        3. Jews love nothing more than a holocaust, especially when it involves women and children, especially on their holy days.

        1. tzatz says:

          Crude anti-Judaism HATE SPEECH …

          1. Did Beirut get flattened in 2016 ?

          2. Who occupies Beirut 2018?

          3. Jews love a Holocaust?

          Like I said …. crude bs

      2. Garga says:

        Let me guess: They say it’s a nuke?

        With every passing they and article I lose more respect for them. They used to be better than this (or I was more illiterate then).

        I’d do other things before I read an “analyst” that doesn’t understand the difference between a thermal image and a negative image.

        All their evidence with “thermal imaging of the explosion” was in fact the first footage of the explosion (including the shaking, cameraman falling to the ground, the whole nine yard) with negative filter, Somebody messes with them and they take it seriously. I checked all the images with a simple ctrl+i in Photoshop and voila! They are normal pics turned negative.

        The saddest part was +100 comments congratulating them on their discovery!

        PS …and Shrimpy writes there too for crying out loud!

    3. Zionism = EVIL says:

      There is no question that this was a planned CIA and Zionist attack, but the results won’t turn out to their benefit. Just watch how all this unfolds.

      1. tzatz says:

        YOU know ? Spit it out …

    4. Lux et Veritas says:

      Total madness, investigative experts call Lebanese government criminal and mad

      Beirut: Cans of paint thinner and other combustible material most likely may have been stored alongside highly explosive ammonium nitrate in a Beirut warehouse and caught fire, igniting the blast that devastated the city, according to a fire official at the port.

      Investigations are not yet complete, but accounts of port workers suggest that a
      hazardous mix of materials was stored inside Warehouse 12, said
      Lieutenant Michel al-Murr, head of search and rescue for the Lebanese fire crew at the port.

      1. Selbstdenker says:

        just read a bit about explosions and detonation on surface level. As the majority of the explosive force is unblocked, minimal damage is done to the surface. A crater as seen where the warehouse stood cannot be achieved by a surface explosion. To be able to remove that amount of rock (Beirut is build on rock as well as the sea port is) it needs a below surface explosion/detonation. And the rock was not just expelled, but smashed to dust or even evaporated. Dustification happens in detonations; evaporation happens in the presence of plasma. An investigation of the crater and its perimeter would show clearly, what the cause of the crater really was.

    5. tzatz says:

      So … no pwoof … eh princess?

  12. Fog of War says:


    Well if it was, that means Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and the rest of the sane world blinked again. As always, Israhell goes unpunished or even named. Israhelll scores another victory. Queue the Russia apologists.

  13. Fog of War says:

    ” Her crew will support the people of #Lebanon by offloading vital supplies of aid and surveying the damage done to the port. ”

    And also making sure any leftover evidence is promptly hidden.

  14. Fog of War says:

    Nothing to see here, just an accident. Keep moving folks, just an accident.

    ” The firefighters who likely died in Beirut’s port explosions were not provided keys to the burning warehouse at the epicentre of the blast or shown its location, costing them precious minutes that could have saved lives, officials revealed on Monday.

    Speaking to The Independent, fire department officials said the “unusual” lack of information during last Tuesday’s emergency call delayed the already ill-prepared crew, meaning they were not able to contain an initial smaller fire that likely detonated a stockpile of 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate. ”


  15. fayez chergui says:

    It was an attack!

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      With collusion with local Phalangists, whose leader was killed in the port blast as he misjudged the force of main ammonium nitrate blast after the first smaller primary explosion which his team had set off. It also shows culpability at the highest level as the corrupt government of Lebanon knew for 7 years that the almost 3,000 tons of highly combustible ammonium nitrate was stored in central Beirut in a totally unguarded and insecure shed.

      1. Selbstdenker says:

        I doubt the explositivity of amonium nitrate stored there for 6 years, simply because of the fact, that amonium nitrate is hygroscopic and would have degraded a lot. It may also be possible that it was not pure AN, but mixed with other materials. After 6 years one would expect the AN to be baked together. In such case no explosion could have happened by a fire. The only possibility would be a detonation, which would have initiated the explosion of the AN.
        Some background about stroage and handling can be read here:


  16. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Israeli tactical weapon already used within Syria and against Iranian shipping at Iran’s Bushehr port. Beirut explosion was a boosted aerially dropped bomb explosion.
    Seven ships damaged after fire breaks out at Iran’s Bushehr port

    1. tzatz says:

      Tactical weapon? Oh my …

  17. hvaiallverden says:

    Hmmm, what is it, how can you stil not realise that sometimes shit happens, when the proverbial turd slaps into the fan, others will make it to be something else, even when the shit is sliding down the wall.

    I dont doubt that some body will make this to be something that fits their own perspetions of reality, others benefits from this by twisting everything and VT have been cought serving sniveling drivel, and this time to, nukes, give me an break, again this time I dont even bother to debate all the fake videos, most of you dont even know the difference between an Shock wave and an Presure wave, havent bothered to read links witch tells you the facts, of course, since they dont fit whatever nonsense you clam to know, and I have even linked to them all, incl the Safty sheet from Orica about Nitropril HD, witch isnt the same as standard fertilizer, to others whom is able to explain why we got what we have seen, incl the color of the “mushroom”.
    I wounder sometimes why do I even bother to link to articles etc that explains something more thruout than whatever drivel some of the so called Alternative sites have managed to charf up from time to time.

    So morons, read this one at least, so you have an idea of what happened.

    Then we can talk about ISISrael, etc and one thing must be clear, the Jews never do anything, just like the Turds, unless its backed by Trumsptein & Co, and their desperate atempts to do something, I am not entirly shure why, because I know they, the IDF will be crushed, and their constant provocations as we speak is more due to make Hezb, act, so they and the HasbaRats can whine about, look the Hezb as evil attacking the eternal pissefull Jews when they wanted, honestly to help and liberate the Lebanes people, right, morons, I know that game thruout, but thats an side show, but never the less an problem, but I again dont think an war is iminent, just petty provocations, because IDF have lost every war effort they have instigated decades back in time, this provoactions are for ISISraeli domestic abuse, etc, but then again, you never know, the ISISraelis are indeed insane and evil.
    I can debate the issue further but this rant is more due to the Lebanons problems regarding the event in Beirut, ISISraeli scumbags acid tripping along the border where they see Hezb behind every bush/rock, and so on, I leave to another time.

    Get an grip.


    1. Selbstdenker says:

      I read this piece, but it is not really describing the situation seen in the videos. One thing which does not fit is the storage of AN in the harbor. How high was the AN stacked? The warehouse has a height of about 5 meters. if the AN was packed in 1100kg transport sacks, each occupying 1 sqm and a height of 1m, you could assume a 3 layer stacking. The warehous was roughly 10 meters deep, which would lead to the following area calculation: 2700t/1,1t/3/10m, which gives a length of the storage area of aprox 82 meters. this does not acount for separation walls, empty passway space etc. The explosion is not showing a lengthy chain reaction, but a punctual pattern. The produced crater also shows a punctual explosion, not a lengthy explosion, and it is showing a deepness, which cannot be achieved by a above surface explosion.

  18. Robert Browning says:

    It is worse if Nasrallah does not retaliate. it means something big is in the works.

    1. tzatz says:

      The imminent collapse of Lebanese society?

  19. Lazy Gamer says:

    It could either be one of these:
    A 3rd party pouring fuel to the conflict
    An Israeli strike to Hezbollah explosives factory
    A self inflicted wound by Hezbollah
    An accident – lol

  20. Icarus Tanović says:

    It may be. But also, it made Hezbollah,even stronger. Backfired, and three tanks with one shell on yhe Lebanese border and all Wahhabis are running away, resignating etc. No more scenarios like it was in 70s.
    Hezbollah grew even stronger.

    1. <> says:

      When do you come to Israel coward?

      1. Icarus Tanović says:

        As soon as you give me your real name.
        Then we can choose neutral ground.
        Don’t be so pathetic.

        1. <> says:

          Can’t do that sorry. Just promise me you’ll come when we have an operation and you’ll join our enemies at the frontline as you are so brave. Then you can kill many Israeli as you want, if you can..

          1. Icarus Tanović says:

            No, I want you. Not really to kill you, but let’s have a duel.

          2. <> says:

            You can’t kill me, I will blow your head off and you won’t even see it.

          3. Icarus Tanović says:

            Just give me location, real name. As I said, I beat your ass.

  21. RichardD says:

    Lebanon has been allowing violation of airspace Israeli overflights to attack Syria without resistance for decades. They might want to think about getting some help in correcting this problem.

    1. tzatz says:

      What problem?

      1. RichardD says:

        Israel violating Lebanese airspace to attack Lebanon and Syria.

        1. tzatz says:

          Take it up with the UN … both Syria and Lebanon have not signed an end of conflict peace agreement with Israel … eh?

          1. RichardD says:

            They don’t have diplomatic relations with Israel or recognize it’s right to exist. Like 29 other UN members.

            A UN convention abolishing Judaism, similar to what’s been done with slavery and torture would be a positive development for humanity. To help create a Jew free world. So that Jews and Israel go extinct.

          2. tzatz says:

            Abolishing Judaism? lol

            Ok … but abolish Christianity and Islam simultaneously as well …. deal?


          3. RichardD says:

            Child rape is an official Jew ritual. Judaism needs to be outlawed.

          4. tzatz says:

            Christianity … diddling priests raping little boys and girls

            Islam …. too many perversions to mention but FGM / Honour Killing top the list

            Christians and Muslims … must be neutralized (castration duly enforced)

            Problem solved …

          5. RichardD says:

            The Church condemns pedophilia. The Jews ritually rape 1,000 children worldwide every week with blood sucking canibal prostitutes that infect their victims with venereal disease, brain damage and murder them. Judaism needs to be classified as a criminal organization and outlawed.

            “The Vatican revealed Tuesday that over the past decade, it has defrocked 848 priests who raped or molested children and sanctioned another 2,572 with lesser penalties, providing the first ever breakdown of how it handled the more than 3,400 cases of abuse reported to the Holy See since 2004.”

            – Vatican reveals how many priests defrocked for sex abuse since 2004 –


          6. tzatz says:

            Too late for Christianity … it’s terminal illness

            Islam … backwards culturally … tribal/ clannish / sectarian

            They’ve both past their sell date … garbage out now!

          7. RichardD says:

            Islam and Christianity don’t have felony criminal activity as one of their primary ritual practices. Judaism does and needs to be outlawed and abolished worldwide.

            “as with any right, the freedom of religion can be abridged if its exercise would infringe on the rights of others.

            As a result, several groups have been made into recognized criminal organizations. … typically after a cult group has been involved with a criminal enterprise. These cults have generally been involved with activities like murder, abduction, statutory rape, or other serious crimes. Often, they hold an illegal activity to be a primary focus of their religious teachings, making adherence to the group’s beliefs a virtual guarantee of grossly illegal activity directly harming others.”

            – Are Cults Legal? –


          8. tzatz says:

            Rape? As a ritual practice?

            Any pwoof? lol

            How did this enter your alleged brain ?

          9. RichardD says:

            “metzitzah b’peh — requires a mohel, the person performing the circumcision, to suck blood from the incision on an infant’s penis. …

            According to the Health Department, 24 cases of herpes have been linked to circumcision since 2000. Two of the infants died and two others suffered brain damage.”

            – New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision –


            “Oral copulation is defined as any contact—no matter how slight—between the mouth of one person, and the sexual organ or anus of another. Neither penetration nor ejaculation/orgasm is required. …

            Oral copulation with a minor is necessarily a felony if both of the following are true:

            The “victim” was younger than sixteen (16) at the time of the alleged sex act; AND
            The defendant was older than twenty-one (21) at the time of the alleged sex act.””

            – Penal Code 288a PC – Oral Copulation with a Minor –


            – Israel’s Chief Rabbinate Says Oral Suction at Circumcision Is Preferred –


          10. tzatz says:

            Thanks … slug

          11. RichardD says:

            Are you a Jew, is that why you have a problem with these truths being exposed?

          12. tzatz says:

            truths ? lol

            Save it for the coffee shop …

          13. RichardD says:

            You’re making a fool of yourself with your stupid comments rejecting obvious truths.

          14. RichardD says:

            I don’t think that all of the victims think that it’s funny.


          15. tzatz says:

            Fantasy …. you’re a sick puppy

          16. RichardD says:

            I don’t think that those who’ve been raped at birth by blood sucking Jew cannibal prostitutes like this, and infected with venereal disease for life think that it’s a fantasy. Which just shows that you’re the sick and twisted one making false allegations and rejecting the obvious truth.

          17. tzatz says:

            Sick sack of sh Xt …

          18. RichardD says:

            It’s basic law, why do you have a problem with it?

          19. tzatz says:

            Basic to a loser like YOU …


          20. RichardD says:

            Basic to any rational right thinking person. I can understand how someone with a mind as warped as your’s is has trouble getting their head around it.

  22. Traiano Welcome says:

    Where is the “smoking gun” evidence?

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