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What Do We Know About Russian ‘Satellite Killer Weapon’ – Nudol?

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In 2014 it was unveiled that Russia was working on the A-235 Nudol anti-missile defense system, dubbed the Satellite Killer. It is to replace the A-135 Amur system, which covers Moscow and the central industrial region (from Bryansk to Kostroma, about 486,000 sq. Km) and equipped with silo-based antimissiles.

According to media reoports, the initial contract for the creation of the A-235 system was signed in 1991, and the completion of the project was scheduled for 2015. The initial project for the modernization of the A-135 was set out in soviet times on June 7th, 1978. However, the development of the system seems to be still ongoing.

The main contractor for the project is Almaz-Antey, who created the S-300, S-400 and is working on the S-500. Presumably, the A-235 will receive a supercomputer “Elbrus-3M”, a radar station “Don-2N” and two echelons of large and medium-range interceptors. The Don-2N radar station, which resembles a Maya pyramid, has one objective and it is to detect enemy intercontinental ballistic missiles and direct the A-235 Nudol antimissile system.

It is to operate in three stages: long-range, based on the 51T6 and capable of destroying targets at distances up to 1500 km (930 miles), at altitudes up to 800,000 m; medium-range, an update of the 58R6, designed to hit targets at distances up to 1000 km (620 miles), at altitudes up to 120,000 m; and short-range (the 53T6M or 45T6 (based on the 53T6)), with an operating range of 350 km (215 miles) and a flight ceiling of 40,000-50,000 m.

According to military experts, the future of the missile defense systems A-235 and S-500 will form the basis for the comprehensive, integrated aerospace defense system of Russia, which will include a variety of modern ground-based detection tools.

Most recently, on January 20th, commercial satellite imagery allowed to find a testing range for the A-235 anti-ballistic missile and anti-satellite weapon system in the area of Plestesk spaceport in northern Russia.

Media reports pointed November 18th, 2015 as the first successful launch of the Nudol missile, while overall it was the third launch from the system. In May 2016, system elements were tested as part of the exercises of the Military Space Forces of the Russian Federation.

More recently, media reports suggested that in 2018 the A-235 Nudol was successfully tested twice in 2018. The of the two tests took place on March 26th. The second test was reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense on December 1st, 2018, it was the 7th test overall. The weapon flew for 17 minutes and reached an apogee of 1,864 miles. According to CNBC, the missile flew with 10 600 km/h or almost 3 km/s, according to CIA data.

In 2019’s Pentagon Missile Defense Review the report concluded that “Russia is developing a diverse suite of anti-satellite capabilities, including ground-launched missiles and directed-energy weapons, and continues to launch ‘experimental’ satellites that conduct sophisticated on-orbit activities to advance counterspace capabilities.”

After a 2016 test of the A-235, former Pentagon official Mark Schneider warned that the consequences of an anti-satellite attack on the U.S. could be devastating. “The loss of GPS guidance due to [anti-satellite] attack would take out a substantial part of our precision weapons delivery capability and essentially all of our standoff capability.”

Separately, Air Force Lt. Gen. David J. Buck, commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, said in the same year that “Russia views U.S. dependency on space as an exploitable vulnerability, and they are taking deliberate actions to strengthen their counter-space capabilities.”

Russian military expert Alexey Leonkov also commented on the A-235, according to him, Russia is rushing to develop the missile defense system, since the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty put it in a disadvantage.

“It is clear that this is not enough, but unlike the Americans, we did not build new missile defense areas and complied with the terms of this agreement. So, the creation of this complex is the response of the Russian Federation to these actions of the United States.” He also noted that the INF Treaty falling through called for the modification of the A-235 to be mobile, rather than static.

According to him, in addition to mobility and anti-missile defense, the A-235 also provides much needed protection from space-based threats. According to him, in the case of a global conflict, small satellite groups would be launched into space to carry out various military operations. The destruction of said groups would then be a way to get the edge in the conflict.


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If U$ army is denied its precision weapons its communication and radar systems which are all basically depend on satellite technologies, then the U$’s transgendered and already effeminated army would be rendered blind, very ineffective, stricken with PTSDs, totally cowardly and unwilling to fight and die in a real war!

paul ( original )

I think you are correct. In such an event I would expect the same politicians who have denigrated their ‘backbone’ populations for decades would suddenly do a complete about face. I hope no one falls for this. Let the their precious ‘minorities’ show their gratitude on the battle field.

Tony B.

Already a large number of the U.S. military consists of illegal aliens who have been promised citizenship, against the people’s wishes, for completing X years in the service. The U.S. military, in general, is in no way a reflexion of the native population.

paul ( original )

Bloody hell! Who do you think these people will be fighting? That’s right, they will be turning their guns on the native population.

Tony B.

Wouldn’t be any surprise.


It worked for the Roman army, turning non-Romans into Roman citizens, until the system broke down in the later Roman empire. I dare say that anyone who enlists in a Western army and puts his life on the line for a number of years at least earned their citizenship. As opposed to those who just sneak into the country, put on a sob story and then expect cash and prizes.

Tony B.

Likely depends upon the individual. The U.S. military doesn’t exactly have the same discipline as the Roman army did. Also, the majority of those in the U.S. military DID sneak into the country, were caught and given the option of prison, deportation or the military. Not their original choice by any means.


I beg to differ though. The Roman legions burned, raped and pillaged their way across the Ancient world. Because being able to collect loot and slaves was probably a bigger incentive to join the legions then the regular pay. I don’t see that happening in today’s US Army.

Also discipline had to be tight in the Roman army because of the way it fought. Battles were won or lost in Antiquity by the army that maintained its formation the longest. When the guy next to you flees in battle that opens up your immediate flank to the enemy and once that started to happen more would follow. And most people killed in Ancient battles did so after their armies were routed while they were trying to flee the battlefield. We see this need for strict discipline to maintain battlefield formation all the way up to WW1, when excessive firepower finally did away with the mass infantry formation and dispersal became the norm.

So strict discipline on the battlefield, coupled with no discipline once the battle had been won and the time came to reward the troops with loot and plunder. And punish the loser of course by letting them get looted and plundered.

Ole Johansen

Russia needs to make a satkiller that can fly around with a hard noose and just crash trough satelittes as they will come in great numbers.

Elon Musk the Deep State agent was given this job. Please understand that when they reintroduce the GM EV1 as Tesla, we got that shit head genius alongside and his job is to scare the living shit out of people with AI, piss on the real Tesla and furthermore launch military stuff into space hidden as a civilian.

A satellite killer might need to take our several hundreds and the only way to not spend any ammo or ekstra fuel on each, is to go through them with a hard nose


Putin will send you a $million check for your brilliant idea


It seems Russia is working on mini killer satellites.

These mini satellites were observed disembarking from a mother satellite and making complex maneuvers before returning to the mother ship. They have a new propulsion system that allows them to repeatedly change altitudes orbits and velocity.

A small satellite could latch on or just park close to a normal satellite and could remain dormant until detonated.

It would mean Russia could destroy all American satellites instantaneously. Or it could as has been suggested by France, listen in to satellite comms.

You don’t need to break the encryption to locate the signal source on earth. It seems Russia has been able to locate FUKUS forces in Syria via their satellite comms.




Since the A-235 Nudol anti-missile defense system, dubbed the Satellite Killer. It is to replace the A-135 Amur system Then I vote that the A-135 Amur system be sold to Syria and Iran.

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