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“We’ve Reached Our Limits” – Greece Begins Blocking Refugees

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"We've Reached Our Limits" - Greece Begins Blocking Refugees

Originally appeared at Zerohedge

Greece will cease taking back refugees under the controversial Dublin Regulation, as the country’s limited capacities to host people are already on the brink of collapse, the Greek migration minister announced in an interview.

RT reports that as the European Commission pressures Athens to re-implement the Dublin Regulation – stipulating that refugees can be returned to the first EU state they arrived in – the Greek migration minister told Spiegel his country is not in a position to do so. The agreement was put on hold for Greece back in 2011 over problems in the country’s asylum system.

“Greece is already shouldering a heavy burden,” Ioannis Mouzalas, the migration minister, said.

We accommodate 60,000 refugees… and it would be a mistake to make Greece’s burden heavier by the revival of the Dublin agreement,” he said, also adding that Germany, the primary destination for most refugees, “wants countries where refugees arrive first to bear a large portion of the burden.”

Asked if Athens is ruling out implementation of the Dublin Regulation, Mouzalas answered in the affirmative, adding, “I want the Germans to understand that this is not because of political or ideological reasons, or failure to appreciate Germany’s assistance.

“Greece simply has no capacities to cope with additional arrival of refugees,” he said. “We’ve just pulled ourselves together, so please, don’t make us falter again.”

At this stage, Mouzalas said, Greece is ready to accommodate only a small number of refugees as a symbolic gesture, showing “that we’re not opposed to the Dublin agreement.” Greece “reached its limits” and “we can’t bring in a single refugee,” he reaffirmed, appealing “to the common sense of Europe.”

Human rights groups warn that imminent transfers from other EU countries back to Greece in line with the regulations are likely to cause more refugees than ever to go underground in western European countries, as many are desperate to stay there because of family links or successful attempts to start a new life. The scheme also adds even greater pressure to existing refugee facilities in Greece and beyond.

Of course, should Greece really go against Merkel’s dream of assimilation, she will simply unleash further austerical despair on the nation in return for their next bailout. How much longer will the Greeks take it?

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Part of the blame lies with Greece which has let all this migrants in and didn’t do anything to stop them from coming, passing the buck on to the destination countries. The other half of the blame lies with the rest of the EU with the absurd policy that anyone claiming to be coming from a country in war while having crossed countless safe countries is still a refugee.

We should only accept refugees coming from neighboring war torn countries. Since no country in the EU is in a state of war that means nobody qualifies and all should be sent back. Anyone coming from further away is an immigrant, for which different rules apply. A harsh policy but which in the long run will save lives as soon as migrants realize there really is no chance in hell for them to get legal status inside the EU. The current legal refugee nonsense is what keeps drawing them in and sees thousands drown and line the pockets of smugglers. And with the money saved from no longer having to process, house and integrate fake refugees we can provide good housing and living conditions in neighboring countries of actual war torn countries.


Turkey let all these migrants go to Greece, so the blame is all on it.


Mons is absolutely right!!!Erdogan is playing gaims with Greece and Europe.


The refugees are a spit distance away between Greece and Turkey. There is no way to stop them in the sea, they drop in the sea and they have to be rescued.

Julius Meinel

Sink the ships … these are no refugees. Let us be clear, these are Muslim invaders who are hell bend to accomplish what the Turks and the Arabs before them ( in Spain) have failed to; they use the western European humanism as weapon again the host country. Once they reach critical numbers in max 25-30 years- if the current level of immigration continues- they will take over the host countries and turn them in to Wahhabi caliphats. I can only blame the filthy goat fuckers so much. I mostly blame the brainwashed western Europeans for committing mass cultural and national suicide. But as Putin once said.” If God want to do away with a nation, the first thing it does, it to rob it of is natural instincts and common sense ( mind).” We are witnessing the twilights of the western civilization as we have known it from Renaissance.

Dod Grile

The one to go after is Merkel’s poodle Tsipras. That faker has sold the Greek people down the river to the IMF and the World Bank. He has done more harm to Greece than Hitler ever did.

Time for Greece to have a revolution, leave NATO and the EU and ally itself with Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and the coalition of the free.

Close down the CIA, NSA and other Big Brother agencies of oppression, dismantle NATO and end the War Racket

Solomon Krupacek

tsipras is stupid. he had any other choice, because they did not prepare drachma. if he wwere choose bancrupcy, the next day would be no money. after bacrupcy the could not use euro.

Solomon Krupacek

Sink the ships … these are no refugees

this is no way. this is pirate style.

on the sea you MUST help people. this is hard international law.


And then be delivered straight back onto a Turkish shore. Isn’t that what the EU sold its soul to Turkey for in that migrant deal?

Solomon Krupacek

good written.

“We should only accept refugees coming from neighboring war torn countries.”
this is what does not accept Merkel and her gang


That’s what you get for letting your emotions cloud your judgment. These refugees passed through half a dozen safe countries to get to Western Europe. When you ask them why they did not ask for asylum in those countries they all say that those countries are not good for them. THEY ACTUALLY ADMIT IT!!! They’re not looking for safety, they’re looking for a good life. They’re immigrants, not refugees! I can’t blame them for that. I can blame the bleeding heart liberals and socialists for believing that bullshit though.

Solomon Krupacek

i told the same :)

Real Anti-Racist Action

The ethnic-Greeks are conquered and are on the final stage of genocide through racial-replacement.
Send all the racist-invaders back to Turkey and Israel.

Solomon Krupacek

please, do not contaminate this forum with these bullshits. ethnicity is continuously changig phenomena. another greeks lived 2000 bc, 500 bc, 1000, 1500 and now. like romans, latins, italian. celts, gauls, franks, french. this is absolitely normal thing.

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