West’s failed Russia take-over


West's failed Russia take-over

Original by Krakauer published by Obserwator Polityczny; translation by J.Hawk

The West has a sense of strange and wholly unjustified superiority over Russia and the Russians. Unfortunately it can also be found among a sizable portion of Poland’s elites which, due to their inability to think independently, are susceptible to propaganda and emotions and infect the society with malevolent stereotypes and hatred. Unfortunately, contemporary Russophobia is rooted in the fertile soil of historical past which is heavily represented in contemporary culture and official rhetoric. But even in 1812, more Poles fought under Kutuzov’s leadership than under Napoleon’s and Poniatowski’s. There are many more such instances in Polish history, which are not being studied by historians or are being actively concealed.

The West’s opinion of own cultural and civilizational superiority over Russia is based on a total lack of knowledge of the Russian World and on primitive stereotypes which imagine Moscow overrun by drunk bears swilling moonshine from glass jars, even on a hot summer day! Alas, propaganda is effective, and contemporary Russia has inherited the ballast of Cold War propaganda which tended to present issues in stark contrast. Back then the USSR was officially referred to as the Evil Empire, while today Mr. Vladimir Putin is described by the industry of contempt as “the Satan of the North”, and Russians as 140 million devils.

USSR’s treacherous self-liquidation is one of the most important events in world history who significance is still under-appreciated, unlike its negative consequences. The Soviet elites sold their state in return for the fiction of being West’s future “partner”. They also completely abandoned the Eastern Block countries, whose societies were put at the mercy of predatory 19th Century-style Western capitalism which, clothed in the neo-liberal lies, offered the people the illusion of freedom for a few tens of dollars a month. People who stood in lines in front of of shops were replaced by people standing  in lines at labor exchanges. Central Europe was orphaned and enslaved by Western loans. Now that noose is tightening. Russians are feeling its squeeze in their wallets, the global speculators have sucked much of its wealth out of the country. The Western glitter and illusions of partnership conceal the age-old desire to take over Russia and its material wealth which, as is known since the time of Napoleon and Hitler, can only be done using Russian hands.

A well-governed, modernizing Russia–exemplified by the outstanding Sochi Olympics–is no longer attractive to the West and has become an obstacle instead. The West realized that Putin’s Russia will not be a pliable facilitator of the theft of the Soviet legacies. Since the beginning of the transformation, Russia succeeded in establishing its own economic elite which managed, with a few exceptions, to weave itself into a system of state capitalism. Some members of the new propertied class turned out to be ordinary thieves who expedited mountains of wealth to the West from where they are spitting on their compatriots and the Motherland which gave them such great  opportunities. Some are dreaming of returning, courtesy of Russia’s external foes.

All of that, and the unjust and illegal sanctions, prove that the West cannot defeat Russia in any kind of confrontation, be it through military or soft power, infiltrating traitors, propagating an ideology of consumerism and atheism, because Russians as a rule have patriotism in their genes.

This fact of Russia’s patriotic gene cannot be understood without first understanding the Orthodoxy, Russian literature, history, the heritage of victory in the Great Patriotic War (which obligates), and even the contemporary Russian Islam which Russia actively defends and protects.

However, it was Mr. Vladimir Putin who proved the greatest shock to the West. He not only consolidated the elites and the People around the contemporary Russian state idea, but also made the Russian state idea the foundation of all-Russian patriotism for centuries to come. This in itself is priceless, because it distinguishes Russia from other countries, since countries with a state idea can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

A dozen-plus years of President Putin’s rule showed the world that Russia is the only truly sovereign and independent country in the world. Which is really painful to the West, as all of its efforts to take over Russia, or at least establish bridgeheads in the Russian World, failed due to the deliberate and focused Russian policies.

Even the latest product of the Western evil machine, the bleeding Ukraine that is being torn apart by the greedy oligarchs, will ultimately extend its broken arms toward Mother Russia. This brutal and, as Western opinion centers begin to admit, failed experiment in contemporary colonialism, a veritable attempt to fashion Ukraine into an anti-Russian bridgehead, is being rejected by more and more Ukrainians. The cost of this operation is borne by ordinary people whose children cannot leave the country or who are becoming the casualties of the shameful war against the heroic Donbass Insurgents.

Russia’s behavior and actions on the international arena are both rational and balanced, as evidenced by Russia’s dignified response to the provocative shooting down of one of its aircraft in Syria’s airspace by a NATO member state.

That’s the reward for being a predictable, stable, partnership-seeking country.

However, truth always prevails, Russia’s sacrifice for the sake of peace is slowly being noticed and appreciated even in the West, which is buried under mountains of its own hypocrisy and submerged in cynicism. Just as USSR did not accede to bargaining with evil in Munich in1938, contemporary Russia cannot accede to the leading Western powers’ neocolonial ambitions.

If it weren’t for Mr. Putin’s Russia, more peoples would have been forced to accept the West’s yoke, all the while expressing the obligatory thanks. Unfortunately, this is what the West’s neoliberal neocolonialism amounts to. It is offered up in a pretty wrapper bearing phrases of human rights, women, and other high-minded sentiments. But the mechanics of Western neo-colonialism are unchanged and will forever remain so: if you won’t buy from us when we ask, if you don’t want to accept our price policies, if you prefer your pork and sour milk to hamburgers and carbonated poison, then we’ll liberate you, bringing you the freedom from independent thinking and ability to make own choices.

Even the Poles are beginning to realize they were manipulated and enslaved. The illusion of freedom turned out to be the contemporary version of slavery, with 3 million Poles choosing a better-paying version in the form of looking for work in the West. Many Poles envy Russians their independence and ability to be the masters of their own home. The current right-wing government in Poland is attempting to regain some of the control over Poland’s political system and economy. Unfortunately, Poland lacks a leader on Vladimir Putin’s scale, and its elites and society lack the understanding of the times in which we live.



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