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Western Zero-Sum Geopolitics is a Dead-End

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Western Zero-Sum Geopolitics is a Dead-End


Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

The US and its Western allies are creating more international tensions and instability in a futile bid to carve the globe into “spheres of interest” and “exclusivity”. That’s the way Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov views it, and few objective observers of international relations could disagree with his admonishment.

Russia’s top diplomat says the only way forward is for multilateralism to prevail and for all states to abide by the principles of the United Nations’ Charter, to which they are signatories.

A prime example of the destructive US-led Western policy is seen in the Persian Gulf where tensions have reached an explosive pitch which could trigger an all-out war across the Middle East, possibly embroiling the entire world.

There can be little doubt that the precarious situation in the Gulf is extant because of Washington’s irresponsible provocations towards Iran. The unilateral abrogation of the landmark 2015 nuclear accord by the Trump administration and the militarization of an already dominant US presence in the Gulf over recent months is a brazen case of Washington going it alone in contravention of international law and norms. (Alas, has the US ever been different?, one might demur.)

In its unilateral initiative, the US has cobbled together a clique of nations to support its presumed military right to act as a policeman in the Persian Gulf: Britain, Australia and Saudi Arabia have indicated they are willing to join a US “coalition” to purportedly safeguard “freedom of navigation” through the  vital chokepoint in global oil trade.

Declared intentions aside, the problem is Washington’s attempt to demarcate a “sphere of influence” in the strategically important Middle East. No matter, it seems, that this action is seriously aggravating tensions and instability in the region. Iran has every right to protest what it sees as a US-led campaign of aggression, piled on top of Washington’s bad faith regarding the UN-endorsed nuclear accord.

However, by contrast, a viable way out of the dead-end that Washington’s policy of unilateralism has created is the formation of a multilateral naval security system, which involves all nations in the Persian Gulf, including Iran, Saudi Arabia and others. Extra-regional nations can also be involved, including China, India, Japan, the European Union, as well as Russia and the US.

Such a proposal has been submitted to the UN by Russia earlier this year. This week during a meeting with Sergei Lavrov, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif gave his full support for such a multilateral security mechanism. The initiative is consistent with UN principles of respecting national sovereignties and non-aggression. It obviates the notion of nations presuming to have “spheres of influence”. The latter concept is a relic of colonialism and imperialism, and should be obsolete in today’s world.

Another contemporary example of destructive unilateralism is the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The country has been trapped in a nearly five-year war in which civilians in the eastern Donbass region have suffered greatly. Western governments and media accuse Russia of meddling in Ukraine. But the reality is that it was Washington and European states that interfered by illegally overthrowing an elected government in Kiev with a violent CIA-backed coup in February 2014.

Ukraine has been turned into a failed state because Washington and its Western allies wanted to impose a “sphere of influence” on Russia’s border.

It is patently obvious that such unilateral policy is a violation of international law and democratic principles. It is a criminal assertion of geopolitical “interests” and “objectives”. Moreover, such misconduct inevitably leads to a morass of conflict, destruction and immense human suffering.

The disgraceful irony is that while Russia is constantly accused, without evidence, of interfering in other countries, the abundant, irrefutable proof is the opposite: Washington and its Western allies have an incessant habit of violating and destabilizing nations and regions in presumed zero-sum geopolitical games.

For the sake of world peace and progressive development, all nations must adhere to the concept of multilateralism, mutual respect and genuine cooperation, free of stereotyping and demonizing others for propaganda gains.

The question is though: can US corporate capitalism and its militarist machine abide by that reasonable, minimal demand for international cooperation?

If not, then the American political system and its coterie of Western minions are driving the world into an abysmal dead-end.

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Zionism = EVIL

The FACT is that the so-called “western” losers manipulated by Zionist parasites are fading into the sewer of history where they belong. These viscous arseholes brought nothing but misery, conflict, injustice, global plunder, racism and every perversion known to humanity. The Anglo mind is really warped, petty, evil and destructive. It is a good thing that all strategic, economic and political power has permanently shifted to more stable, peaceful and cooperative old Eurasian order.


The Empire is running out of masks to cover their atrocities. Russia & allies constantly offering the world “Peace & Stability”, while US & NATO are barking for the destruction of the world in nuke war. This is truly the day where things are divided to Good vs Evil, any person who fail to see where the world is heading, have had their internal insight blinded. Repent now!

Tommy Jensen

You forget America is a free nation and we bow to nobody!

Who was gobbling more land masses to itself in Crimea? Certainly not USA!
Who are trying to gobble all the gold in the world for itself to jeopardize the International Usury Rules of Order? Not US!
Who are kissing $42 trillion oil and gas reserves farting the International Energy Rules or Order up in the face? Not US.
USA wants peace for everybody, but the axis of evils don’t want peace. They want instability and chaos.
They want to gobble all oil and gas and gold for themselves, steal our intellectual properties and leave all Americans in the soup kitchens.
The answer from America and me is NO little boy! We wont let that happen!

Peter Bozich

You very obviously have no idea what’s happening , take your U.S fogged up Goggles off Tommy.
The U.S wants peace, what dreamland are you living in.


But the reality is that it was Washington and European states that interfered by illegally overthrowing an elected government in Kiev with a violent CIA-backed coup in February 2014.

Ukraine has been turned into a failed state because Washington and its Western allies wanted to impose a “sphere of influence” on Russia’s border

This is entirely false on many levels. The CIA had little to do with the coup in Ukraine – or the illegal invasions of Ukraine which were conducted on the basis of the Medvedev Doctrine. The Medvedev Doctrine was specifically tailored to allow Russian interference and control of her near abroad i.e., sphere of influence. Principles four and five spell out the so called Russian sphere of influence and justification for their illegal invasions of Eastern Ukraine and their illegal annexation of Crimea (Stratfor:The Medvedev Doctrine and American Strategy https://stratforshare.page.link/92Au via @Stratfor Worldview):

Fourth, protecting the lives and dignity of our citizens, wherever they may be, is an unquestionable priority for our country. Our foreign policy decisions will be based on this need. We will also protect the interests of our business community abroad. It should be clear to all that we will respond to any aggressive acts committed against us.

Finally, fifth, as is the case of other countries, there are regions in which Russia has privileged interests. These regions are home to countries with which we share special historical relations and are bound together as friends and good neighbors. We will pay particular attention to our work in these regions and build friendly ties with these countries, our close neighbors.

Ironically, principle one which states that “Russia recognizes the primacy of the fundamental principles of international law” is an oxymoron with respect to Russian military interference in Ukraine. The Medvedev Doctrine is a call for a multilateral world carved into spheres of influence. On that basis, the US has a sphere of influence (Central and South America), Russia has a sphere of influence (Eastern Europe) and, for that matter, Saudi Arabia has a sphere of influence – Yemen. This is a might makes right doctrine. The concept of a sphere of influence is a relic of the past and a dangerous view of the world promoted by Russia.

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