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Western Media: Ka-35 spotted in Syria – Putin’s terrifying weapon

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According to Daily Star, a fleet of new “top secret” high-precision military helicopters has been created by Russian President Vladimir Putin in an attempt to win the Syrian war.

Western Media: Ka-35 spotted in Syria - Putin's terrifying weapon

The Kamov Ka-35 attack helicopter (Photo: warfiles.ru)

Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to create a fleet of new high-precision military helicopters in an attempt to win the Syrian war, the Daily Star informational website reported. According to the British tabloid, this “state-of-the-art super weapon, referred to with the codename Kamov Ka-35,” has already been spotted in the sky over Syria.

The helicopter is equipped with a complex of electronic intelligence of ground targets, which gives an advantage to Russian pilots, warning them about possible threats in advance. According to rumors, this “top secret espionage device” is also capable to disrupt lines of communication and suppress electronic systems, which, probably, explains the recent shutdown of Internet in Syria.

The Russian military-industrial complex declared that the Ka-35, which was rebuilt on the basis of the K-31 helicopter, passed all necessary tests and entered the service in the past year. However, Daily Star noted that a video footage, showing the “terrifying covert spy weapon of Putin” has become available for the general public for the first time.

The publication of the video of the helicopter coincided with warnings by some experts about the fact that Russia has enough power to smash the NATO. According to Daily Star, amid the continuing worsening of the Syrian crisis, Moscow set its tactical bombers on hair-trigger alert.

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Simon Ese

Holy media hysteria, yaaaaarl

Picapau amarelo

The usual drivel which comes from British media. “Attack helicopter”?, my ass. It is a radar surveillance helicopter, still in prototype stage, used to spot enemy targets on the battlefield. It seems that Russia has sent one of the two prototypes to Syria to try it in real combat operations, that’s all.

Tommy Jensen

Which means that Russia with only 1 Ka-35 monster helicopter can freeze all Nato forces within a radius of 100km and shoot all enemy units down in one single multiple-nano-shot.


Don´t forget their ability to grow nano-trees that then brings down aircrafts with their branches before the pilote can even react. -)

Simon Gunson

Wow with such super weapons how surprising that they have not attacked the Ukraine. Reading the hysteria by NATO one has to ask out loud with all this capability why has Russia NOT intervened in the Ukraine?

Simple answer may be that Russia has no direct involvement.

This is a golden opportunity for Russia to analyse the effectiveness of new hardware and software.
Iran should be doing the same also with all of their new inventions.

Simon Gunson

This is a simple battle field synthetic aperture radar capable of observing movement of men & vehicles at great distances. The West has many similar radar systems available mounted on many different types of aircraft …Yawn… excuse me I need my sleep.

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