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Western Media “Found” Russian Missiles Fallen On Iranian Soil

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This time they claimed that 4 of the 26 missiles, launched by the Russian ships in the Caspian sea, actually fell on Iranian soil.

Western Media "Found" Russian Missiles Fallen On Iranian Soil

On Thursday, the one and only CNN, stated that four of the twenty-six Russian missiles who were launched against ISIS’ targets in Syria, actually failed to reach their targets and fell in Iran. The information came from an unknown source of the Pentagon which, yet again, showed no proof of their claim – no footage or information about where exactly these missiles fell.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia refuted those claims and stated that all of the missiles hit their targets, and added that it might be unpleasant for their American colleagues to hear that all of ISIS’ targets were hit precisely but that’s the truth.

Iran was not late, and commented that US’ claims are just another piece to the ‘psychological war.’

This is not the first time when the US and its media have claimed something without showing any proof. For more than a year they were claiming that there were thousands of Russian troops fighting in Donbass, and never showed a single piece of proof of their claims. But in the end, who needs proof? If CNN states it – it’s a fact!

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