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Western Media Can Rest: Russia Will Bomb ‘Moderate Rebels’ Moderately

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The Russian Ministry of Defense has explained that it will follow the fair approach in Syria.
Western Media Can Rest: Russia Will Bomb 'Moderate Rebels' Moderately
As a Western journalist concerned that Russia is bombing the liberal opposition in Syria, I called the Russian Ministry of Defense to specify the Russian Air Forces’ approach. A secretary put me through to a Russian officer who politely explained to me the Russian attitude:

“The Russian Federation made a responsible decision to follow the principles of law and differences in the Syrian military operation. Thus, all our weapons were divided into 2 categories: common and moderate. We use the common weapons against the common terrorists. Against moderate terrorists, we use only the moderate weapons. Our aviators carefully follow these instructions. So, you can be sure that we took into account the terrorists’ level of moderation.”

After these words, I felt much better. BUT as a real unbiased journalist I asked again, just to be sure: “Do you really use only moderate weapons against the moderate terrorists. Is that true?”

The interlocutor answered:

“An officer’s words!”

My concerns about the situation disappeared immediately, and I decided to clarify the situation. I asked: “How do your moderate weapons differ from common weapons?”

“Our common weapons differ from moderate weapons as common terrorists differ from moderate terrorists. They have different colors. Moderate weapons’ colors are lighter and moderate.” the officer said and hanged up the phone.

Source: memes in the Russian blogosphere

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Gabriel Brito Vieira


Gabriel Brito Vieira

“We will bomb moderate terrorists with moderate bombs.” ~ Vlad

hahahahahahaahhaahah I love this man..

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