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Western Media Became ‘Victim’ of the Terrorists’ Propaganda

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Scandalous publications of Western media about a wounded Syrian boy in Aleppo were a propaganda of the terrorists?

Western Media Became 'Victim' of the Terrorists' Propaganda

Photo: Aleppo Media Center

During two last days, leading Western media have been publishing photos and videos of the rescue of a five-year-old boy Omran Daqneesh from a ruined building in one of the blocked by terrorists districts of Aleppo. Pieces, citing activists and volunteers of some Medical Center of Aleppo, reported that the building was destroyed as a result of the alleged Russian air strikes. Media claimed that it happened on August 17. The photos were provided by a photographer Mahmoud Rslan.

An official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry denied information about Russian airstrikes on Aleppo: “We have repeatedly stressed that Russian aircraft, operating on the Syrian territory, never work on targets, located within the boundaries of settlements.”

The nature of the building’s damages, shown by western TV channels during a rescue of the boy and unbroken windows in another building, located a few meters over against the damaged house, suggest that if the strike really took place, it was carried out not with an air-delivered munition, but with a mine or a gas cylinder, which are used by terrorists.

In addition, earlier, Mahmoud Rslan, who took Omran’s photo and sent it to Western media, has published online a selfie with the Nour al Din al-Zinki terrorists, who beheaded 12-year-old boy. Terrorists of the group that is considered as an opposition movement and supported by the US, executed the boy, accusing him of involvement in the fighting on the side of the Liwa al-Quds group, which supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Western Media Became 'Victim' of the Terrorists' Propaganda

Mahmoud Rslan is making a selfie with US-backed “moderate rebels”

“Most likely, the photos of Omran Daqneesh are a crudely made falsification. We can see a makeup, unnatural calm of the boy, hair on his head, despite a declared terrible burn, and other inconsistencies. But the most important is the fact that the photographer is an accomplice of the ISIS. This means that we deal with propaganda, which, unfortunately, has been easily swallowed by Western media,” a Syrian military source Ahmad Marzouk said to Riafan.

Civilian casualties are a terrible part of the Syrian war. But the constant falsification, exaggeration and usage of various kind of “media reports” in order to support terrorist groups in Syria make to think twice and to approach to each case from a critical point of view.

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Hallo Hou

Bullshit. First of all, the district controlled in Aleppo city bu the opposition is NOT part of IS, there are FSA groups in control of Eaatern Aleppo city, not even radical islamic groups like ahrar al sham or jabhat al nusra. The boy was hit by a russian bombardment and his hole appartment collapsed, wounding and killing his family member. Secondly, the Palestinian “Boy” beheaded was not 9, it was a 19 year old. This doesnt justify it, but it is still propaganda to claim he was a child, while in fact he was an adult combatant. Moreover, what about the 80 000 CIVILIANS (not fighters, like doctors, journalists, aidworkers) who were TORTURED to death in the Assad regime prisons? What about the 350 000 deaths in Syria of whom 98% were killed by russian and assad bombardments? Indeed reading this shitty propaganda on both sputnik and southfront makes you realize what kind of backward country and shithole Russia is and makes you wish Syria will never become like it. Southfront is the kind of propaganda that is fed to Russians sincd they are born in that shitty totalitarian country in which they have “democracy”. Just like Assad has been democratically elected and did not just become a dictator after his father Hafez, its not like he is the most hated man in Syria and corrupt the votes or anything


you just hope people reading your lies have never seen the beheading video of that kid. there is no way in hell he was 19. i would guess 12 at most, maybe 10.

That Guy

Go fuck yourself with a cactus us backed terrorist sympathizer.


Another western propaganda, don’t bother reading this

Tom Johnson

You do realize that 50% of the Russian population believes in the stuff they read on the internet. A country where old man Putain scores 7 goals in a game and is cheered-they are a degenerate culture who desire servitude.


Get the fuck off this website idiot. Your country is ON THE SIDE OF AL QAIDA NOW – THE SAME AL QAIDA THAT CARRIED OUT 9/11. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT, MORON?


When I want to see propaganda, I read Reuters.

Tom Johnson

This responce reminds me of some of the blatant fabrications put forth by Moscow after they shot down Malaysia 17 over the Ukraine in July 2014.


As a propaganda troll you’re fifth rate. They’re wasting their money on worthless idiots like you guys. Go get a life scumbag.


The FSA long ago cessed to be something that was real. It may have started out as a group of rebellious Syrian Army members and and others who chose war but, that ended a while ago. Resistance at this point is from die hard Islamists, exchanging supplies and fighters. Any towns and parts of the country who could get themselves away from the fighting have done what they could to do so.

“In war, truth is the first casualty” by Aeschylus, still stands in testament to reality in Syria. Why it started, who is responsible, what were the original goals of those sponsoring this mess, where is it going now and or for whom…… the quesions all goe on and on almost without answers. So, with regards to this article, I have no problem with the idea that situation involving the boy is something crafted to be of advantage for some and disadvantage to others. The truth has been damned.

My news sources are varied. I read the ridiculus, the sane, the seemingly informed, the official, and as much as I can stomach ,to get as close to the truth as possible in my understanding of what is going on in the world. I am also getting in the habit of waiting longer periods to form opinions on what I am observing. One thing that has been ever clearer is simple. SouthFront has been more on the side of truth than many of the other publications, which just tow some sort of propagandistic line. Further, Russia and it’s representatives have been much more forthcoming about what goes down, than the representatives of countries whom actively portray themselves as fountains of unadulterated truth.

The other thing I have noted is equally more obvious at times passes. Those who voices assert themselves with anger, with hatred, disrespect and a host of others personal deficiencies (myself included in the times I have done so ), are not to be listened to for an understading of the truth. They are misguided voices. And so ……. Go SouthFront!

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