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Western-Led ‘International’ Organizations Have No Future

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Western-Led 'International' Organizations Have No Future

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While most countries were trying to focus on actual global issues, the G7 members within the G20 were trying to hijack the summit and make it entirely Ukraine-focused, which failed for the most part.

Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

On November 18, the Polish foreign ministry stated that it will not allow a Russian delegation to attend the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) summit next month. OSCE is one of the most prominent regional security organizations in the world and its stated goal is to establish a viable security framework that would prevent conflicts in Europe and beyond. However, the reality is a bit different from the organization’s publicly altruistic intentions. The Associated Press asked the Polish foreign ministry if Russia would be denied entry to the OSCE’s December conference and Spokesman Lukasz Jasina responded that it would.

Russia, one of the most important members of the organization, as well as a key player in European security, is being denied entry due to politics. The very fact that this is even possible calls into question the purpose of OSCE or any similar organization dominated by the political West. This year, Poland is chairing the 57-nation organization, with the annual ministerial conference scheduled to be held in the city of Lodz on December 1-2. When asked if Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov would be attending the conference, Jasina responded, “We are not expecting a visit by minister Lavrov to Lodz.”

“Delegations should be adjusted to the current EU regulations and not include persons that are sanctioned by the European Union,” according to an announcement by the Polish OSCE Chairmanship. “…a number of Russian nationals were added to the list of sanctioned individuals, including Minister Lavrov,” it added.

OSCE should be excluded from EU regulations, as the very purpose of the organization is to be a forum for security dialogue between European and other countries and prevent any escalation or spillover of local conflicts. By denying Russia the opportunity to attend the December 1-2 confidence in Lodz, precisely this security dialogue is being prevented, eliminating the need for OSCE altogether. However, in recent months, certain events have led many to believe the organization is hardly a neutral one, as its actions have often been used to aid one side in a particular conflict.

For instance, the war in Donbass, which has been going on for nearly a decade, and which has taken the lives of around 15,000 local men, women and children by early 2022, pushed the role of OSCE into more of a gray area. Its mission in Donbass, which the organization itself claims to be “arms control, promotion of human rights, early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management” failed back in April. In fact, it has continually been failing for over 8 years, as the Kiev regime’s shelling of the people of Donbass never stopped. Worse yet, it turned out that OSCE didn’t just fail to prevent the conflict, but it might have even done certain things to facilitate it.

In a rather disturbing revelation by war correspondent Alexander Sladkov, the organization was using high-resolution cameras, originally placed to conduct ceasefire monitoring, to relay DPR and LPR positions to the Kiev regime forces which then used the provided data to target or correct their artillery fire. The OSCE mission provided their observation data, captured by cameras and other monitoring equipment they installed over the years. In essence, OSCE was spying and effectively waging war on the side of the Neo-Nazi junta. To make matters worse, the provided monitoring data also included the movement of regular Russian military personnel in the early days of the special military operation.

The report was heavily censored by the mainstream propaganda machine, making it virtually impossible for most people in Europe to see how a supposedly impartial international organization effectively became a party to the conflict which could not only undermine security in Europe, but the world as well. To make matters worse, these issues aren’t only limited to OSCE, but many other apparently “international” organizations, including the United Nations. Back in February, twelve Russian UN diplomats were ordered to leave the US after being accused they were “intelligence operatives engaged in espionage.” The same pretext could be used to expel virtually anyone deemed a “security challenge” by the US, which would affect entire nations or groups of nations the ability to defend their interests at the UN.

The latest G20 summit held in Bali was also a clear indicator that the world is moving away from Western-led “international” organizations. While most members were trying to focus on actual global issues, the G7 members within the G20 were effectively trying to hijack the summit and make it entirely Ukraine-focused, which failed for the most part. All of this is happening at a time when BRICS is expanding across the world, with approximately a dozen major nations showing direct interest in joining the organization. The BRICS+ framework allows countries to maintain their sovereignty while becoming members of the world’s largest truly international organization.


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All these organisations have been compromised by the American Reich,either through bribery or threats or both,as for the Polish Regime they are totally rabid,don’t know about most Polish people because we never hear them.

Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

You hear little from them because they work in other countries and steal everything that is not bolted down.

Sometimes they manage to steal those things and the bolts too.

USA is the worst human farm

I thought those were the Romanians!

Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

Romani women and disabled people beg on the street and the men sell prostitutes and pills.

Now Central European countries pay for a plane ticket back to Romania to get rid of the problem and the disabled refuse the offer.

The others take it as a paid holiday trip and are back after a few weeks.


Just like with the UN the US found out a long time ago that it is advantages to fund such organisations.

Without the us funding they would have to let go most of their workers and give up most of the buildings they are renting.

There is no need to bribe or even tell them what to do. They will not do something that the us does not like just like a journalist will not get a article printed in a newspaper which goes against one of the mayor advertisers in that paper.


“most Polish people because we never hear them.”

most Polish people are not so fanatic and russophob like the ruling elite and a relative small brainwashed part of the society. There is a lot of tolerance. But there is also a dangerous trend to racism and fascism among the younger generation. Such things like violence against refugees or LGBT are that’s why possible and documented. I think also the hate against Ukrainian “refugees” (most of them are simply migrants , who live on costs of others) will escalate , when the people finally realise , Russia will be not defeated, Poland gets no war revenue and will be left alone by the US (and its slaves from EU) with millions of “refugees” now living in Poland.

In my opinion the country is rather an unreliable ally to whomsoever. In the past not reliable for the Sovjet Union and actually not for the US. It will be visible when the conflict will be more and more lost by the US/NATO.

USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

It would be for Polish glory to stand against any oppressor no matter what!

If they stab the USA deep state war mongers in their back, then Glory to Poles! If they take their territories from the Bolshevik project now CIA refurbished Ukraine, then Hail Poland!

Maybe Romania would give a hand in cutting the USA crap in this part of the world. We do not need their wars!

Last edited 2 months ago by USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

If they stab the USA deep state war mongers in their back, then Glory to Poles!”

I doubt if they are brave enough for that. They will wait first , if the hegemon is really loosing.

But they have the wonderful ability , to take nothing really serious. They have sense of humour. So they make every ideology – communism , neoliberalism , American globalism … whatsoever…. simply ridiculous and compromised in their daily actions. That’s their best contribution to the world’s peace and freedom. There are some ugly character traits too but I will mention the positive first

Last edited 2 months ago by Darius

The West has no more ideas……………………. it is a sick system, very negative, which hates its own people and all the others. The Western “elites” are evil, ignoble, false and filthy. They are now at the end of their days. Wish you die soon.

USA is the worst human farm

It is like FTX . A LOT of ideala for treachery and theft.

Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

It wasn’t like that before here in civilized Western Europe, but due to large immigration from the Middle East and Eastern Europe we have been forced into a cultural collision that does no good.

USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

First were the Eurotrash, the Eastern European slaves eagger to get as low as possible for a penny to feed their imbecility (breeding and making those oriental-like noise Serbs call turbofolk and Romanians “manele”).


Then the real retards started heading west and now we have shitt Russians here too.

William White

Nothing but a feeding trough for retired politicians like all UN crap. It’s a dead organization.


The OSCE has given target intel to us asociated troops at least since the kosovo war if not even earlier.

It is russias own fault letting all these us organisations pretend to be international ones for decades. They only care once these organisations to something that hurts russia.

China to this day does not care. And will be surprised when taiwan gets target intel and when every military action of them against taiwan will be called genocide.


Don’t forget the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation org,) Those two organisations will lead to a multi polar world and the end of the WEF agenda and the NWO implementation. The Western World will become a relic of their own travesty of democracy.


It’s OK poor Russia you won’t need to worry about the rest of the world because you won’t be part of it for decades to come.

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