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Western Leaders And Diplomats Cry Foul In Attempt To Meddle In Russian Internal Affairs And Pressure Court Over Navalny Case

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Western Leaders And Diplomats Cry Foul In Attempt To Meddle In Russian Internal Affairs And Pressure Court Over Navalny Case


The US Secretary of State, the French President, the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, the British Foreign Secretary and other ‘big friends of democracy’ in Russia seem to be very concerned by the recent decision of the Russian court to sentence Alexey Navalny to 2 years and 8 months in jail.

The suspended sentence was changed with the real one as a result of the regular and blatant violations of the terms of the suspended sentence by Navalny. The initial sentence was 3.5 years, but he already served a part of the term under house arrest.

The absurdity of the situation is that his initial sentence was related to corruption – something Navalny allegedly fights against in Russia.

Nonetheless, MSM and the Western leadership do not care about real facts and blatantly try to meddle in the Russian internal affairs demanding to release their useful toll in the campaign against Russia.

Such actions are unprecedented and it is easy to imagine how the United States or any other ‘democratic state’ would react of China, Iran or Russia send their diplomats to their courts and start making statements demanding Washington to finally respect at least some democracy and to not persecute the Capitol protesters or so.

Macron even speaks Russian now:

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry decided to remind its Western counterparts so ‘concerned’ about the alleged ‘Police brutality’ in Russia how the real police brutality looks like.

“The facts of police violence against peaceful protesters in the OSCE countries are stubbornly ignored by officials and mainstream media.

For the doubters, a visual demonstration was prepared, “in contrast”. As with them, and as with us. Feel the difference,” the Russian side said in a comment to the video dedicated to the situation.


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johnny rotten

The United Kingdom accuses Russia while crushing Julian Assange’s neck with the boot.


The injustice is in “the West” is becoming so obvious and blatant, it is appalling, and yet there is hope that more people will see now. I do hope that other countries try their utmost to keep seeking justice and not sink to similar standards.


I agree.

Russians remember all to well the horrors of total Khazar jew control after the US/UK Khazar inspired revolution of 1917 that continued until the 50’s.
The Gulags (Fema Camps) became the brutal home for millions of Russians.
Death from depravation was the only release from de facto slavery, especially during the initial 20 years.
There is much to learn if one is interested in the period.

It is the turn of the US and Europe to suffer the domination of the Khazars now.

It’s nearly time to fight back.


It was their own who pulled the triggers, communism won in Russia, China, Korea, Cambodia etc because backwards people given guns will be happy to shot their own

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans incarcerate more per capita than any nation in history–now prosecuting many for protesting the illegal installation of dementia patient prez by emperor gates. UK killed bobby sands, etc, now trying to assassinate Assange. hypocrisy
Navalny is a common embezzler narcissist that will now be punished for ignoring terms of parole. of course , brutal police in Netherlands, Germany, France, denmark have permanently maimed many covid protesters/yellow vests in recent months with many prosecutions. idiots living in broken glass houses should throw stones at each other, or in Ukraine for bacon–cheese for jens, for embarrassed hindoo doo doo, for tratz matzo novichok mouthwash

Jihadi Colin

To repeat: why does Russia still have diplomatic relations with the Amerikastani Empire and its NATO/EU/AustraliaNewZealandistani slaves? Their embassies are enemy territory in the heart of Moscow. There is zero point of maintaining relations with any of the slaves in any case since they just parrot their master’s orders. And the Imperialist States of Amerikastan can be engaged with by hotline or special envoy when necessary; diplomatic relations are absolutely not essential, quite the contrary. One does not give one’s sworn enemy a room in one’s home so he can sneak out at night and put a knife in one’s back.

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