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JUNE 2023

Western Information Warfare Is Aimed At Subjugating Russia And World: Defense Minister

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Western Information Warfare Is Aimed At Subjugating Russia And World: Defense Minister


On June 26th, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu gave a speech at the “Actual issues of information counteraction” conference at the International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2019.”

The defense minister said the aim of the information war led by the Western establishment against Russia has the ultimate aim of subjugating it.

The main and basic goal of this war is to control Russia and, ultimately, the world,” he said.

According to him, the aggressive Western information influence against Russia is due to it recovering its status of “the second pole” in ensuring global stability.

“What is all this agony (let’s name it that) of the West related to?” the minister continued. “It all comes down to the appearance of the second pole of the world order, which seemed buried and gone – a monument was built, a wreath laid, but then the second pole was reborn. And it is currently being born.”

The minister stressed that for Russia, this is not a painful process. “For us this is creation, energy. We do all this willingly. The world is becoming multipolar again. Of course, some do not like it. However, the West does not understand yet that it is impossible to rule today’s world on a whim,” the minister stressed.

At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Defense stated that the world is becoming multipolar and the West still does not understand that it is impossible for them to “just want to take it and begin to rule.”

Shoigu also said that he expected the Russian State Duma to approve a bill that imposes sanctions on those who demolish and desecrate monuments soldiers-liberators.

“This is our second attempt, I hope it will be successful,” Sergei Shoigu said.

At the same time, the Minister of Defence stressed that, along with an expert discussion of issues related to the distortion of historical facts, acts of vandalism, “we must proceed to very specific steps and real actions.”

“Therefore, we have introduced the bill – I hope it will be supported by our colleagues,” which speaks of responsibility for the destruction of our monuments, the distortion of history. “Such actions must have consequences,” he said.

According to him, the person who made the decision, and the one who condoned the destruction of the monument, must both bear responsibility for it.

“At least under our laws,” Shoigu continued. “Such people should not have the right to do business in this country. They must not be allowed to enter the Russian Federation. And if they managed to, they should be subjected to our law for their actions.”

At the same conference, First Deputy Minister of Defense Ruslan Tsalikov said that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the non-military confrontation with the West has not stopped for even a second.

“At first sight, the risks of military confrontation are gone. However, non-military confrontation has never stopped event for a moment. This is an expansion in terms of language, religion, culture, history,” he said.

According to him, today the very existence of Russia largely depends on the correct response to non-military threats from the West.

“A lot depends on us today: will we miss another opportunity to save our country or not? Shall we respond to the challenges and threats our society is faced today with?” Ruslan Tsalikov noted.

“The correct diagnosis is a very important step to recovery, he said. “If one fails to understand this fact, it leads to wrong management decisions,” Ruslan Tsalikov stated. He also stressed that “in a military confrontation one could not do anything against us.”

Tsalikov further underlined the need for an adequate response to the US’ offensive cyberoperations.

He recalled that earlier national security adviser to the US president John Bolton accused the previous administration headed by Barack Obama of passivity and inaction in cyberspace.

“But the administration headed by Donald Trump, according to Bolton, turned the tide and, above all, began to actively conduct offensive operations in cyberspace,” added Ruslan Tsalikov.

Tsalikov said that these operations relate to the impact on the mind and psychology of man, and man-made. The US cyber corps was granted the right to attack without the president’s sanction both on social networks and energy systems, the First Deputy Defenсe Minister noted.

“It depends on us whether we will respond to the challenges and threats that society faces today. After all, correct diagnosis is the first step to recovery,” said Ruslan Tsalikov.

Earlier in June, Second Deputy Defense Minister Andrei Kartapolov said that the United States and its allies launched a full-scale information war against Moscow. He stressed that Western countries are trying to “reformat individual and mass consciousness” of Russians and citizens of CSTO member countries with the help of the media “in the right way for themselves.”


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Hasbara Hunter




I see that The US wants Holland to send troops to Syria.

I wonder if the Dutch soldiers who fled off a bridge and left civilians to die during the Balkan war of the 90’s are available :)

Hasbara Hunter

Holland doesn’t have an Army….


Playing wargames by day and games with playing with prostitutes by night, same sex as well, is about the capability of most NATO forces these days. That’s partly why the Democratic West uses ‘terrorists for hire’ in the really bloody fighting.

The Western drone operators are the bravest of the brave though :)

Hasbara Hunter

That is why Holland gave all those nice Toyotas, Night Vision Goggles & Other Handy Equipment to the “Moderate” Headchoppers… Saves lives of Dutch Soldiers…if others do the Fightin’ & Dyin’ for you….sounds fairly logical doesn’t it?

Jens Holm

Its not like that at all. There is a top with an american a number 1 and one military from each participators.

They make the plans.

Next is making the plans come through. Here You pay according to Your GDP and what You have in all kinds of needs.

The Countries can choose from lists which is from airplanes to toiletpaper, food is needed too.

By that the Dutch by not being well armed pay instead.

And Yes. I like Your frustration very much. No man to man with swords, bow and arrow, sticks and stones and like that.

It makes me laugh rodents kind of like You even calculate on USA might invade Iran. It wont happen.

If it escalates Iranians fx will have no electricity as well as no transportsystem or something like that. It is of great importance here, we dont let our soldiers killed for nothing, and nothing fx are Iranians.

But You love it and certainly making internal respect and honeur killing so far 55.000 in Syria. Glory Glory Halleluja. Hard times when the many enemies of Yours regimes shoot back.


Perfectly logical. Especially when getting involved in a vicious war that the vast majority of Dutch people would protest in their tens of thousands about.

As the UK and others have found, its easier to send highly trained Special Forces to train Al Nusra and ISIS ‘rebels’ in first aid and wild camping, and to then further support ‘rebels’ with weapons and logistics :)

Including civilian sanitary products such as chlorine.

Hasbara Hunter

Yeah that is basically it….

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

The only good thing dutch has is famke janssen.and heineken lmao

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hahaha useless pieces of shit they are

John Whitehot

once there is the realization that the west has nothing to teach to Russia or other countries in ethical and moral themes, a good part of the job is done.

“western style democracy” is already being demasked as a massive lie. It would be better described as “western style NON-democracy”, as it what happens in fact, is that EVERYTHING is done in order to keep the power of the state away from the elected officials, hence from the people.

this is largely reflected in the lobbying power of financial elites in washington dc. an healthy democracy will BAN lobbies entirely, as they are in direct contradiction of EVERY democratic principle. In the US, all attempts to even only regulate them have failed.

Elected officials must answer ONLY to the voters, and that’s it. Anything else is anti-democratic. The US, UK and EU officials answer ONLY to lobbies and financial markets.

Thus, the US, UK and EU are NOT democratic entities – the level of democracy has never been so low.

S Melanson

I would say the West has little to OFFER Russia but there is much to learn.

The West is an extension and instrument of US hegemonic power, which is in an accelerating process of unraveling despite all US efforts. Russia is exercising restraint (strategic patience) to allow the process to go to its conclusion as the US comes undone by its own hand. This has happened before. It was the same approach the US took in opposition to the Soviet Union.

Kennan, architect of the Post-WWII Policy of containment, correctly predicted the eventual dissolution of the Soviet Union due to its corrosive internal contradictions. Hence why Kennan advocated strategic patience to contain and refrain from roll-back to allow the Soviet Union to destroy itself from within.

Russia appears to have learned well the lessons of the Dissolution of the Soviet Empire as they have, since 2014, turned the tables on the US in an ironic twist of payback. Now it is Russia that patiently contains the hegemon (Syria, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba…) as the hegemon, like the Soviet Union, destroys itself from within, only this time, it is a much faster death.


The quicker the ‘death’ of Western pseudo democracies the better in my opinion.

The US and UK in particular are so infested with parasites deep within the bowels of power and the 4th Estate feeding off the Government body, that the smell of death and decay is now blowing around the globe.



Hasbara Hunter

Sure Chief Conquering-Kosher-Pig…


I’m controlling Russia bitchezz! Y’all banging your heads to stop me

Hasbara Hunter

You are not even in control of yourself Hasbararat…let alone Russia….


Why should I control myself when I can control and subjugate Russia?

Jens Holm

We can parashute some. Where do You live.

Hasbara Hunter

Holland…. Bring’m in…

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