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Western Campaign Against Non-Mainstream Media Achieves First Goal. Russia Boosts RT Budget

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Western Campaign Against Non-Mainstream Media Achieves First Goal. Russia Boosts RT Budget

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke during his visit to the new studio of television channel RT in Moscow. Photo: Yuri Kochetkov/Reuters/Pool

The Russian state-run news outlet RT will receive an extra 1.2 billion rubles (about 19 million USD) in state funding over the next two years, the government announced on December 8.

Deputy Communications Minister Alexei Volin said that an additional funding aimed to help the channel with “a number of language tasks.”

Additional reports said that the development of French RT outlet is one of these tasks. The funds will be allocated at the start of 2017.

Initially, RT was set to receive 19 billion rubles (over 300 million USD from the Federal Budget of the Russian Federation in 2016. In January 2016, RT was subject to a budget cut of 10%.

Now, it seems the Russian government has reconsidered the issue and decided to provide more money to its main “propagada outlet” aimed to target the Wetstern audience.

In other words, the Euro-Atlantic establishment will face an increased media pressure from RT as resutl of its own actions.

Meanwhile, numerous alternative media outlets successfully provide various points of view on the ongoing events with minimal budgets or on a volunteer basis.

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I put RT more or less in the MSM category as I do Press TV. I can scarcely bring myself to view either of them. They both have a progressive ( read regressive) slant on most social issues. SouthFront on the other hand I hold in high regard, way above RT.


RT has some good stories/news but the get overshadowed by it’s propaganda news these days i rarely watch or read anything of RT too tired of fact checking every news article

Daniel Martin

I find RT and Sputnik international, to be a breath of fresh air compared to most Western MSM, since they cover such stories, you will never find in the West. No wonder RT is so popular amongst Western readers. They can clearly see that what is reported in the WMSM doesn’t correspond with reality. Keep up the good work RT, from a faithful western reader.


SouthFront is basically the only site that I use to give me information. All the MSM sites like BBC, CNN etc don’t give information, they give opinion. Even if they appear to give some information it is slanted to conform to their opinion; so it is not really information at all. They are selective in what they tell you to the point of dishonesty.

I would say virtually all sites including RT and PressTV share the same social progressive values. So there is little difference between say The Guardian and RT on certain issues. For example they all sneered at Brexit, and continue to do so. They all have a strong feminist bias ( even Press TV).Yes do have a good look and you will see that they all share the same progressive liberal outlook. That is to say they act as SJW and I don’t say that as a compliment.


I would appreciate if southfront got some founding, too. RT and Sputnik have some news around aspects of the russian society, but southfront is by far – by exponents – better than those two when it comes to hotspots of civil wars. They all have their propaganda elements – but you dont get any news around the world without propaganda at all. You have to become used to it, learn the aims of it depending on the media owners and learn to filter it out. Thereafter southfront is by far the best fact deliverer writing in a european language. (I would prefer to read arabic sources directly, but that would require finding some arabic teachers, which seams still not as easy despite the many immigrants we have these days…)

Jewish Watchman

Originally held RT and Sputnik in some regard but have lowered the bar in recent times. Would be great if they were just as ‘investigative’ on Russian politics/events as they ‘are’ on western administrations. Have tired of drinking from a one-sided fountain, and having contributions deleted when holding Russia to account. Both outlets run the grave risk of alienating themselves from their target market due to having such a narrow narrative.


The battle for the minds of the world , is the real battle. “The battle is won before it is started”, Art of War . I hope Rt nudges Iranian “Fars News” into a bit more polish , as it is excellent but the PR needs improvement . This is critical , because the big bad wolf the US , sees Iran the promoter of “terrorists” rather than their “friend” , Saudi Arabia . The Russian awareness of the importance of “information presentation” , shows , very well done RT and Sputnik .

Alain Broders

What great news ! It is so important to broadcast RT in French. French people are the most ill informed people, and deserve better than what they’ve got. Néanmoins, soyez déjà très attentif à la syntaxe de vos articles traduits en Français. Le plus léger glissement de sens peut, en Français, renverser une perspective…

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