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Western-backed ‘Moderate Rebels’ Don’t Want to Distance Themselves from al-Nusra


Western-backed 'Moderate Rebels' Don't Want to Distance Themselves from al-Nusra

Vitaly Churkin

The US should do everything it can to stop the terrorist flow from Turkey to Syria, Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, told the Security Council on April 12.

The Russian representative also voiced concern over the militants buildup around Aleppo.

“There are some problems around Aleppo and Mr. de Mistura confirmed that it was al-Nusra who launched an offensive in the region of Aleppo which was responded by the Syrian government,” he said.

Churkin added that he doesn’t rule out that not only al-Nusra is responsible for violations of the ceasefire but also some groups considered by the American partners as moderate but which did not take enough effort to distance themselves from al-Nusra.

The UNSC held a closed-door meeting as another round of peace talks is due to in Geneva. This will be the second meeting since the beginning of the ceasefire in February.

We remember, on Monday, the Russian military announced that based on their intelligence, some 10,000 Al Nusra militants are actively preparing to storm the Aleppo city. Russia also warned that Turkey continues to send men and weapons to Al-Nusra in Syria across its border.




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