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JUNE 2021

Western-backed Libyan Government Calls For International Intervention As Clashes Continue In Tripoli

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Western-backed Libyan Government Calls For International Intervention As Clashes Continue In Tripoli

Click to see full-size image, By al-Libyah 218 TV

A new round of violent clashes broke out on September 22 in the Libyan capital of Tripoli between local militias and forces from areas surrounding the capital led by the Tarhona 7th Brigade and the al-Sumud Brigade. Libyan sources said that the local militias managed to recapture some positions in Tripoli.

The internal conflict, which began on August 27, has led to the death of more than 106 fighters and civilians and the injury of 365 others so far, according to the Ministry of Health of Libya.

According to a Libyan official, financial problems and the poor management of the Libyan Government of National Accord (LGNA) were reportedly the main reasons behind the clashes.

Earlier this month, a U.N. sponsored ceasefire was reached. However, it collapsed within a few days despite that many large forces on the ground, such as the 7th Brigade, supported it.

Now with the situation spinning out of its control, the LGNA, which controls most of western Libya, called on the U.N. to take “concrete and effective” action to protect civilians and end the fighting in Tripoli.

In an official statement, the LGNA said that the U.N. should “present the Security Council with the reality of the bloody events in Libya so that it can… protect the lives and property of civilians.”

The conflict in Tripoli will not likely end anytime soon because the LGNA appears to be separated from the reality on the ground. One of the reasons is its unwillingness to admit that its poor management based on foreign interests has led to this situation.

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Tommy Jensen

U.N. “concrete and effective”? Not as long US and UK are sitting in the chairs.


united nations ……………….LOLOLOLOL


oh don’t you dogs realise the western powers that “saved” you from gaddafi don’t give a shit about you their Libyan agenda is complete Libyans are to now live through war poverty and misery which quite frankly many Libyans deserve for being dogs that betrayed their country


Manufacturing a long term failed Libyan state – with permanent conflict between war-lords that are easily played off against each other – just what NATO and its corporate backers ordered for Libya in 2011. Can expect years of plundered state hydro-carbon resources being sold off by war-lords at basement prices – pumped into tankers destined for EU and Israel.

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