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JUNE 2021

Western-backed “Free Syrian Police” Exposed For Paying Money To Terrorist Groups

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On December 23, the Free Syrian Police (FSP) announced that the support for it was resumed once again,  after it was suspended by the UK earlier on December when BBC’s Panorama exposed the supposed “police” in an investigation titled “Jihadis you pay for”.

Western-backed "Free Syrian Police" Exposed For Paying Money To Terrorist Groups

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Panorama’s investigation revealed shocking facts about the FSP, like that the group is paying the money it receives from the UK through Access to Justice and Community Security (AJACS) program to terrorist groups in Syria.

The BBC also revealed that the FSA is working side by side with courts that carry out summary executions, and that most FSA member are handpicked by terrorist group. The FSP was also accused of enlisting dead or fictional people on its payroll.

Since the BBC has aired the investigation, several main stream media (MSM) outlets defended the FSP and the AJACS program. The Guardian even published an article titled “Free Syrian Police are courageous and selfless people” in which it attacked the BBC.

Adam Smith International, a UK company that’s running the AJACS program said it strongly denies the allegations against the FSP, according the BBC.

Syrian pro-government activists say that the truth about the FSP is way worse than what the BBC reported in its investigation and claim that the whole police force exists only on Facebook and in front of camera lenses. According to the activists, the only real security force of the Syrian oppositions is backed by Turkey and exists in the Euphrates Shield-held area in northern Syria.

Moreover, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham publicly announces on daily bases that its security forces, called the Executive Force is the one responsible for security and fighting crime in the Syrian Idlib governorate.

The FSP didn’t reveal in its statement if the UK was the side that’s supporting it again, or if it’s now receiving support from Turkey as Syrian pro-opposition source suggested.

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With a FM like Boris Johnson, one can expect anything, so no surprise here.

Mahmoud Larfi

Boris is a Turk just look who’s his paternal grandfather. He secretly pursue the neo-ottomanian dream and is eager to see Turkey expanding its borders to neighboring countries. It’s a personal affair.


Boris used to be quite critical of Western backing of Syrian Jihadis and Russia bashing before becoming foreign secretary. I suspect he is far more interested in setting himself up to succeed Theresa May, once she inevitably fucks up over Brexit, and not with actual coming up with foreign policy of his own. Come to think of it he probably has no policy ideas other then those that further his own career.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Bomb all the arm rebel bastions because rebellion will never end.Terrorism will continue as long as illegal non legitimate forces get weapons and money from USA illegal Syrian bases.Boris is useless British fat manwoman.

Racist still think that the world is rule with white skin.

Hide Behind

Sad to say, world is ruled by white skinned EuroCentrics, but, they find it very easy to find members of pigmented skins, who for pay, ego trip, or just plain downright lacking in moral character, some of course are cultural traits, in any nation, who join in with them.
What is even sadder, are they who lacking courage run away to pose as refugees ; lacking nternal fortitude, so that instead of trying to find decent people to join with, in order to fight an enemy ; they run and hide.
And yet for many what had been previously in place as Rulers most certainly never instilled deeply enough unity of purpose in nations peoples.


There has been a slow but noticeable shift of opinion away from promoting the US narrative of Syria in recent weeks. I would think that the UK has been forced to accept reality and that the US /Israeli proxy terror gangs are in rapid decline.

The BBC as we all realise is a State funded media outlet that is dominated by Zionists. That being the case , the great horrors in Syria that the UK Government has sought to conceal will bring anger to the streets of Britain and the state controllers are now attempting to mitigate the problem.


UK is as ZIO controlled as US. Which means money controlled.
Unlimited money from thin air via fiat money fractional reserve banking/lending is the root of the problem.
Two books:
1) Pawns in the Game, William Guy Carr.
2) The Creature from Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin.

Have a good Christmas.

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