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West Plays for Broke in the Global Balance of Power

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Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the End of the World War II in Beijing Showed Global Balance of Power

West Plays for Broke in the Global Balance of Power

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This article originally appeared at Svpress, translated by Olga Seletskaia exclusively for SouthFront

September 2, 1945, the representatives of Japan, aboard the US battleship “Missouri”, signed the Instrument of Surrender. The event marked an important event for all humanity – the end of the Second World War. However, the course of celebrations in China shows that the West would prefer to forget the lessons of World War II, it would prefer to rewrite the international law established after the War. At the same time the celebrations showed a consistent desire of Russia and the East to defend the historical truth .

For the first time in 70 years the People’s Republic holds a parade marking the end of World War II. But surprisingly the leaders of the Western world have refused to come to Beijing. US president did not come, and among leaders of the European Union only Czech President Milos Zeman attended the Victory parade in China. In fact, Western politicians repeated the history with the boycott of Victory parade in Moscow on May 9. But China can’t be blamed for “the annexation of foreign territories”, or ” violation of international law.” So , we are talking about the unwillingness of the Western world to recognize the results of the Second World War.

Moreover, the West intends to exert pressure on those who have learned the lessons of history. Sanctions against Russia were imposed on the pretext of Crimea’s annexation and downing of Malaysian “Boeing” (though Russia’s guilt has not been proven). Now they are going to impose sanctions against China ostensibly because of hacker attacks on the US database back in June.

As we can see, their actions are not limited to sanctions. In 1947, Japan adopted a constitution, and in its article 9 it says, “The Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation, as well as they renounce the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes … never again will be created land, naval and air forces, as well as other means of war. The right of belligerency of the state is not recognized. ” But the amendments to the interpretation of the Constitution were approved in July this year. From now on, Self-Defense Forces (Army analogue) can be used not only for peacekeeping missions, but also abroad in the event of an attack on the allies. As you know, Japan’s main ally is the United States. Therefore it is difficult to say where a new interpretation of the Constitution could lead to. Moreover, in October last year, the deputy head of the Pentagon Robert Works threatened China with possible military action in the case of aggravation of relations between Beijing and Tokyo.

In May this year the Czech General Peter Pavel said that he does not rule out the possibility of using nuclear weapons against Russia. And, basically, the American public is already mentally prepared for such a development. In June, journalist Mark Dice conducted an experiment in the US: he decided to collect signatures of the street passers on a petition to President Obama to put Russia on a preventive nuclear strike. “We are collecting signatures in support of Obama’s plan for a preemptive nuclear strike on Russia. To show Russians that we are still the first and only superpower in the world, “- said an American journalist to people; and no one objected it, all willingly signed “the petition.”

It is not clear how much the US government is ready for such a scenario, but in the information field pre-war propaganda is already in full swing. First of all, society of the Old World is being prepared for a possible confrontation.

Not surprising that the President of Ukraine Poroshenko’s statement on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II had the same spirit. “Daring Russian aggression is a threat not only for Ukraine but for the whole civilized world, its security and stability. The bloody lessons of the Second World War should not be in vain. Only joint efforts can stop the aggressor, as it was 70 years ago “, – the statement says.

As you know, the Ukrainian head of state is not independent in international politics. Poroshenko often only voices the West’s thoughts. If the presidential speech was written in coordination with Washington and Brussels, the text can be regarded as another attempt by the West to turn the history “upside down. “In fact, in January Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk already told the German TV that the Soviet Army” invaded the Ukraine and Germany,” and now Russia allegedly “wants to rewrite the outcome of World War II …”

At the same time, his rhetoric and policies of the West turn against themselves not only Russia but other countries – true history remembers. As a result, the chief guest at the parade in Beijing was Russian President Vladimir Putin. “It is extremely important that our nations are united in an effort to continue to vigorously defend the historical truth, to defend the overall victory. The joint celebration of the 70th anniversary of victory in World War II demonstrates that commitment, “- he said on the eve of his visit to China. His words were appreciated in China. Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui said that Xi Jinping’s successful visit to Moscow in May confirmed the determination of both countries to uphold the postwar world order .

– For more than a decade there has been a desire in the West to revise the results of World War II; however, it does not work – says the vice – president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Vladimir Anokhin. – People carry the historical memory, and blood can not be washed off the pages of history, even if such attempts are being made a century later.

Not only the memory of war is alive, but the organizational structure of international relations in the form of the United Nations exists as the obvious outcome of the war. It has already lost its former role, but it still helps to stabilize the situation on the planet.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world understands the consequences of a possible new war. Hence there is the growth of sentiment in the US that nuclear war is very real. If a country does not receive a rebuff, if its territory has never been bombed, the country becomes impudent. Americans simply do not realize what they can get if their country is at war with a really strong opponent, not with small states somewhere in Iraq or Africa.

“SP”: – US military rhetoric is constantly increasing.

– The United States has not learned any lessons from the Second World War. Psychological qualities of US forces do not enable them to fight seriously. It is silly to rely on high-tech weapons only. Unfortunately, Europe does not cool down the ardor of the American military commanders and politicians.

“SP”: – Is it possible to convince Europe that its submission to the States will lead to catastrophic consequences for the Old World ?

– We have explained numerous times to EU, that it is much better to be friends than to fight. Actually, Europe understands everything. But it is necessary to tell ordinary Europeans, who have plenty of their own problems and have no interest in Russian or American Affairs from European elites. Elites are so dependent, intimidated, so blackmailed that they have to carry out the will of Washington. At the same time they understand that the present course leads to the abyss.

The Americans know how to play on the fear of European elites, and they draw them into a big economic war. The Federal Reserve has become the world dictator.

“SP”: – Will the united efforts of Russia and the countries of the East be able to save what was accomplished by the victory in World War II?

– The center of world history, the center of cultural influence, and of the economy is shifting all the time. At one time it was in Europe. Now we see how the center of power is shifting to the East. Joint efforts of Russia, China, India and other Eastern countries create preconditions when Europe can become the periphery. Ancient ruins indicate that Greece was once the center, just as the ruins of present-day Europe would indicate that some day there was an advanced civilization. The real power is shifting to the East.

– Now comes the battle of civilization, – says a leading expert of the Center for Military and Political Studies Mikhail Alexandrov. – The West is trying to maintain its global dominance, which it acquired after the “cold war.” But the situation has changed, there are new centers of power like China, India and Latin America. Iran has become a regional leader. And the role of the United States and Europe has been reduced.

Western leaders’ failure to come to Beijing demonstrates a refusal to recognize the prominent role of the Chinese people in the victory in World War II. We must remember that China played a decisive role in the fact that Japan did not attack the Soviet Union.

“SP”: – But it turns out, the West is pushing China away.

– West and President Obama are heading to confrontation with the rest world civilizations. The US national security strategy says that America and its allies will stand for their global leadership. That is, the West will rule the world, and all others must obey. But Russia, China, India, Iran and many other countries do not agree.

Through the parade in Beijing, China emphasizes its role in the world economy and geopolitics. Everybody acknowledged the value of China to the global economy, but not everyone wants the country to claim the leading political position. That is why they boycotted the Chinese events, like they boycotted the parade in Moscow.
Confrontation has been going on for a long time. The previous US national security strategy already mentioned the reorientation of the military power from the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific region.

By the way, we helped China a lot: Russia did not allow Ukraine to join NATO, and the West was forced to transfer troops from the Pacific Ocean to Europe.

If Moscow and Beijing acted aggressively, that the West wouldn’t have enough resources to respond to the challenges. Especially considering that Iran, India, Indonesia could be on Russia’s side.

“SP”: – Is Europe ready to join the United States in a global confrontation?

– Europe also wants to maintain its dominance, it does not accept the restoration of Russia’s status in Eurasia. Europeans simply do not want war, but they are ready for “low intensity conflict”, that is for confrontation through third countries. Like in the days of the “cold war”, when the confrontation between the USSR and the United States went through the wars in Africa and Nicaragua, Europeans are leading now a war against us by means of the Kiev authorities.

“SP”: – There are some discussions about the possibility of nuclear war In the United States, some even discuss the possibility of nuclear war.

– In fact, the Americans do not want to fight. Ordinary American citizens requiring a nuclear attack on Russia, can not imagine what consequences it may bring. But US political leadership has a lot of smart people who understand that their country will not win a nuclear war with Russia.

US rely on the economic and informational war, on support for terrorist groups, on an aggravation of the internal problems in other countries, on the so-called “soft power”. The techniques perfected long ago, now the actions are better coordinated.

“SP”: – Is it possible to persuade Europe not to participate in this “game”?

– If the Old World faces a real danger of war, it will start seeking a compromise with us, it will start negotiating. In the meantime the Europeans do not believe in the possibility of war, and therefore they are not seeking ways to re-approach Russia.

I do not know how confident in their abilities Americans are. But we can say for sure that they will not give up, they will cling to world hegemony as long as they can. We need to take actions. We need to generate alternative financial system, we are already working on it. We did not succeed with using the “soft power” as it the example with Ukraine shows. But gradually our elites start seeing more clearly.

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