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Weapons of Syrian War: Mi-28N ‘Night Hunter’ Attack Helicopter (Infographics)

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The Mi-28N ‘Night Hunter’ (NATO reporting name ‘Havoc’) is a Russian all-weather, day-night, military tandem, two-seat attack helicopter. The Russian military has acitively used Mi-28N “Night Hunter” attack helicopters in anti-terrorist operations across Syria.

Weapons of Syrian War: Mi-28N 'Night Hunter' Attack Helicopter (Infographics)

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For the first time, the Mi-28N was used during the campaign to liberate the historical city of Palmyra from the ISIS terrorist group.  The video below shows the destruction of ISIS armored vehicles with guided anti-tank missiles and the subsequent elimination of the militants:

Mi-28Ns are also used to guard the Khmeimim air base where the Russian air grouping is deployed.

Military Analysis: Russian Attack Helicopters Come of Age

The Russian Federation and the Soviet Union before it were always at the cutting edge of helicopter production. The attack helicopter has a Russian genesis, and the armed services of Russia have a longer history than anyone including arguably, that of the United States in the development of combat helicopters. Currently, when someone thinks of a combat helicopter they often time envision a Boeing Apache, Huey Cobra or a Mil Mi-24 Hind. Few realize that the Mi-24 Hind’s official acceptance in the Soviet military in 1972 follows the Cobra (1967) by only 5 years, and predates that of the Apache (1986) by 14 years. Russia has been producing and perfecting the concept of the attack helicopter for over 40 years, and originally started to pursue the concept in the 1960s. Although the Mi-24 Hind is unique in the category of attack helicopters, in that it is also a transport, later Russian designs fully embraced the singular role of attack for rotary wing aircraft…

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This comment is only to pay respect to all Russian service personal from reloading to ground and air support. Thank you all for your service. Your service has not only been to the Syrian people and to Russia, but you are serving the interest of all nations upon the earth except Saudi Arabia and Israel and the UK. All the rest of us are very very grateful for your professionalism in defeating these terrorist.


I believed that the Mi 28 posses a 30 mm single barrel cannon? Not the dual 23 m.m. Is this a new configuration or simple over sight?

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