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Weapons of Karabakh War: Israel’s Orbiter 1K Loitering Munition UAV

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Weapons of Karabakh War: Israel's Orbiter 1K Loitering Munition UAV

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The Orbiter 1K Mini UAV system is a loitering munition, manufactured by Israel’s Aeronautics Defense Systems.

It has been used in the Middle East since it was first developed.

The system is used for ‘Over The Hill’ reconnaissance missions, Low Intensity Conflicts and Urban warfare operations as well as any close range ISTAR mission.

Aeronautics announced in May 2015 the Orbiter 1K “Kingfisher” version with a fuselage adapted to carry a 2 kg explosive payload, turning it into a loitering munition.

It can be controlled by an operator, or is capable of being given a waypoint and independently scanning the area to detect and destroy a stationary or moving target.

Weapons of Karabakh War: Israel's Orbiter 1K Loitering Munition UAV

Click to see the full-size image

If a target is not detected, the Orbiter 1K can return to base and land for reuse.

The Oribter 1K can fly for 2–3 hours carrying an electro-optical/infrared sensor with a unique warhead that, due to its low acoustic signature, “is not detected until two seconds before it starts its kill dive”. Aeronautics announced the armed loitering UAV achieved operational status in August 2016.

An Azerbaijani variant of the Orbiter 1K was also produced by Azerbaijan called “Iti Qovan” which literally translates to “chasing like dogs” (i.e. Azebaijani forces chase Armenians).

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defence Industry has begun the mass production of “a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle”, “Iti qovan” (“Dog Chaser”), with greater destructive power. This historic expression stated by Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev has been inscribed on UAVs’ wings.

The new type is just the Orbiter 1K with a different paint scheme.


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  1. Jihadi Colin says:

    “Run like Dogs” is a historic expression?

    Everyone from Julius “Veni Vidi Vici” Caesar to Attila “I am the scourge of God” the Hun to Sunzi to Mao is mass rolling in their graves.

  2. Random Dude says:

    Who let the dogs out?

  3. HitlerWasRight says:

    Azerbaijanis converted to judaism and iran should destroy them

  4. Erol says:

    Watched in youtube the landing….the invert Parachute and airbag System is really clever.

  5. Arman Melkonyan says:


    The extant TURKISH REPUBLIC of 2020 is GUILTY of committing and perpetuating the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE!

    So WHY are Armenians being so daft?

    Fact: Turks claim Armenians were deported from war zones for their own safety — NOT with the goal of killing them and committing genocide.

    Fact: Turks TODAY conceal (and reportedly destroy) Ottoman Turkish deeds records and archives to obstruct official confirmation of Armenian ownership and thwart the inheritors of the Armenians they “deported” to reclaim and return to their homes, lands and property;


    Fact: The Turks are continuing to commit genocide on the Armenians by preventing them from returning to their homes even though WWI is OVER.


    Aren’t Armenians suing the modern day Republic of Turkey for perpetrating the ongoing genocide TODAY?

    Aren’t Armenians being self-defeating instead of helping their cause?

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