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Weapons Of Karabakh War: Israel’s LYNX Multi-Purpose MLRS

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Weapons Of Karabakh War: Israel's LYNX Multi-Purpose MLRS

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The LYNX is a multiple rocket launcher system (MLRS) developed and manufactured by Israel Military Industries (IMI) and used by Israel Defense Forces and other countries.

These other countries notably include Azerbaijan, which is currently using the system in the war for Nagorno-Karabakh for Armenia.

It can be configured to carry a variety of rockets in two sealed pod containers:

  • 40 (2 pods x 20 rockets each) 122mm Grad rockets;
  • 26 (2×13) 160mm LAR-160 or ACCULAR rockets;
  • 8 (2×4) 306mm EXTRA rockets;
  • 4 (2×2) Predator Hawk tactical ballistic missiles;
  • 2 (2×1) Delilah missiles.

In addition to the EXTRA artillery missiles that Azerbaijan has, the Azerbaijan Lynx MLRS uses 122 mm launcher pods of the Turkish T-122 Sakarya.

This is a standard pod contains 20 Grad rockets.

Weapons Of Karabakh War: Israel's LYNX Multi-Purpose MLRS

Click to see the full-size image

The standard Grad 122 mm rocket is 2.87 m long and weights 66 kg. It has a maximum range of 21 km. This rocket system is also compatible with newly-developed 122 mm rockets.

Rocket pods are packed and factory-sealed. These double as transport containers and launchers. IMI rocket pods are disposable after launch, while the BM-21 Grad pods can be reloaded manually. These are the least capable and are mainly used for training.

The LYNX MLRS features a fully autonomous ballistic calculation and launch capabilities.

The IMI Lynx can operate autonomously or integrated with larger artillery formations. The system has a fast reaction time and can launch its rockets within several minutes from travelling. A full salvo can be launched directly from the cab, or remotely from the vehicle.

The Lynx multiple launch rocket system is mounted on the KamAZ-6350 8×8 heavy utility truck chassis. It is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine, developing 360 hp.

The Lynx mobile launcher is supported by a reloading vehicle, fitted with a crane. This vehicle carries four rockets pods (two sets of reloads). Reloading usually takes place well away from firing position, to avoid counter-battery fire. Full reloading of the pods takes less than 10 minutes.

There is also a, presumably, more sophisticated MLRS called the Naiza, which was developed by IMI under an order by the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.


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Al Balog

People like to think that Russia and Iran are the one’s fueling Azerbaijan’s madness. Whenever I look at the facts, it always traces back to Israel. Even in Israel, albeit in a Zio-distorted perspective with very crappy analogies regarding Iran, Azerbaijan ironically seems to have a negative image there.


comment image

Free man

The Azeris were so wise to form an alliance with Israel. In addition to Turkey.
The Armenians, on the other hand, gambled on Iran.


Armenia has alliance with Iran?

Free man

In a way yes.



Free man

Azerbaijani MP Sabir Rustamkhanli : Iran was engaged in transporting weapons from various countries to Armenia.


And Georgia was tranited bt Turkish weapons to Azerbaijan. They don’t need an official alliance for that.

Potato Man

Zion State is poor state on it own, without US/EU donations, and no one was stupid to sell weapons to Azer because of N-K. Goy needed oil from non Arab states (70%) and Azer needed weapons…both are scared of Iran and Zion wants to piss on Russia. “an alliance”…Zion make no friends buddy, they only want money.

The Armenians, on the other hand, gambled on Iran.

You poor thing awwww so cute…really Iran. You mean NATO/EU*** buddy.

Did you forgot about anti-Russian shit that happened in Armenia as well….what they did it to please Iran as well? Fuk off, Free Ape.

Free man

“Zion State is poor state on it own” – Enough with the stupid propaganda.
The Azeris just won the war thanks to Israeli weapons.
One has to be especially stupid not to understand reality. And you sure are especially stupid.

Potato Man

Moron stop saying BS like “The Armenians, on the other hand, gambled on Iran.”
Fuk face, why didn’t Azer bought weapons from other countries? huh?
Only the Zion fukers KILL CIVILIANS and happy to help….a fuking history for you, people of N-K are Armenian and lived there for years. Ofc you moron, Zion State help Azer to kill the rightful owners of N-K like what they did to Palestine.
You are the most fuking moronic person I have meet….EU shithead, Armenia suck on EU/NATO NOT IRAN.
You fuking ape call that a war….fuk face I said they (Armenian) gonna lose from day one…people N-K have nothing to fight with….nothing beside shit from WWII.

Good quote of me you got there buddy….show all of it “without US/EU donations” It is facts Ape 3+Billion a year send to Zion which is small State of 8 million people you fuking ape That not including all other aid they get from EU and US.

Free man

Take the pink pills and go to sleep. When you wake up the voices in your head will disappear, until next time.


It’s clear that Russia’s arms industry has a major problem. The complete failure of Armenian S-300 and other Russian air defense systems, with the possible exception of manpads, is going to have a negative effect on Russia’s ability to maintain military, diplomatic and political alliances. The Russian government is effectively shooting itself in the foot with the failure of it’s weapons systems in the Armenian war. And serving as an advertising agency for it’s adversary’s military industrial complexes. Something that the JWO is quick to fill. As it seeks to destroy Russia with the parasitical Jews rushing in to cannibalize it’s rotting corpse. As they almost succeeded in doing before Putin assumed the presidency.

Everyone understands that Pashinyan is a JWO flunkie and traitor who deliberately mismanaged the Artsahk war, and was very close to losing it completely. And that politics played a strong role in the tepid Russian response during the conflict prior to ending it. But the glaring failure of Russian air defense systems against minimal threats. Is going to haunt the Russian government and defense industry for years. The JWO message is clear. Russian equipment is inferior, buy your weapons from Israel and it’s allies.


Turks have been killing, raping, and robbing Armenians and other Christians for a thousand years (see below for links to just the last century or so).

By rights, ALL of Artsakh, plus Nakhitchevan and Ararat AT LEAST should go to Armenia as even MINIMAL compensation. They were all Armenian land (whether fully independent or under Perso-Roman suzerainty) for over a thousand years before the Turks turned up, copiously established and documented in history and scholarship. The Turko-Azeri claim, based on previous dispossession by force and massacre of the Armenians, is not only countered by that key fact, but by the rights of the Armenians of Artsakh to self-determination also under international and humanitarian law, by the right of Artsakh and Armenia to a viable and secure territory, especially in face of ongoing Turkic-Islamist threats and genocide-denial, and by the fact that Azerbaijan as a nation never held lasting sovereignty over them EXCEPT as part of other empires, most recently the Russian and Soviet ones for almost all of the last two centuries. Therefore, if the Azeri claim is ‘valid’, then so is the prior longstanding claim of the Russians to rule Azerbaijan itself, along with eg Kars and Sarikamis in Turkey, and Ukraine, and conversely, if the Armenian ‘separatist’ claim to Artsakh is invalid, then so are the separatist claims of Russian and Turkish ‘annexations’ like South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Crimea, Transnistria, and northern Cyprus. The fact is that this attack on Artsakh is a dirty piece of Satanic skulduggery and ‘might is right’ thuggery cooked up by crooks and thieves, and a continuation of the thouand-year long Turkic aggression against and dispossession of the Armenians and other Christians, disgracefully aided and abetted by outside ‘Judeo-Christian’ powers who never seem to learn their lesson: that whilst such evil may “succeed” and “profit” in the short term, it plants the Devil-seed and sows the Divine Destinic wind for even greater retributive evils down the track, which history provides myriad examples of, and which they most assuredly will draw upon themselves as a result of this evil upon evils..











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