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“We Will No Longer Deal With Him”: Trump Reacts To Leaked British Memos Slamming US Administration

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A recent scandal with the leaked British memos that described Donald Trump as ‘inept’, ‘insecure’ and ‘incompetent’ got its continuation. The UK’s Ambassador to Washington Sir Kim Darroch is now de-facto banned in the US.

In this situation, it’s hard to imagine how Sir Darroch would be able to perform his duties. Now, the UK should do something to change it.

If London changes its ambassador in the US under pressure from Trump, it will lose its face. At the same time, it is unlikely that the US will answer to Trump in a similar harsh manner because the British-US relations are already complicated.

Therefore, the only hope for the UK is to attempt to settle this situation by some ‘soft power’ measures blaming and shaming its own ambassador for the critical remarks. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt already started doing it by claiming that it “was a personal view.”

” It’s not the view of the British government. It’s not my view,” he said on the leaked memos.


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paul ( original )

I am certainly not partisan, and there are no politicians I either believe in or endow with any confidence. I just look for what good I can find. Trump does sometimes very pleasantly surprise me. I am glad to read his tweets and applaud the way he has responded. There may be other thing when he disappoints, but as I say I just look for what good I can find and am grateful for it.


the ambassador of uk is right and the government in washington dc is just so disorganized that it’s frightening with bolton doingwhat he thinks is right and propped up by fatso, they are running a parallel government for the deep state and which trump has no handle on.

Brother Ma

Exactly as Cheney had with President Bush Junior and other cases.


Trump told to UK government that Iranian tanker is coming and hijack it and UK government did that. LOL

I think the UK politicians should get some school education that hijacking and piracy is a crime or not. LOL

Anyway this is a worst crime for a government with some .1% moral sense because UK is not an ISIS or Israeli state to commit piracy in International water. Now UK will face Iran and will give answer to the world that why they have commit this piracy.


I think leaking the report was a shortcut to change the UK ambassador to the US, knowing the big baby sitting in the White House and his enormous but fragile ego. I don’t know the British Ambassador and I don’t know whom he made angry, but he made someone angry no doubt. Such reports (directly from ambassadors) are confidential, limited in recipients and normally they don’t get leaked as it should be easy to identify who did it.

So, what did he do?

The US used to be very eager for Brexit a few years ago, something about the control of Gibraltar, British bases in Cyprus, Oman, Aden(?) and elsewhere, rent of Diego Garcia, etc. and transfer of their control to US, which required UK to be no longer in EU. They’re not so eager now, are they?

PS. Haven’t heard from our friend Prometheas Appolonius for sometimes. Anybody got any news? I hope he’s well.

Brother Ma

Quite true and yes I miss Prometheus as well . Even you have been quiet too.


I disagree. British ambassador to Washington is a central and key position in the Brit establishment and he will not be publicly shamed just to change the guard. There would be absolutely no need for that. I think this is a genuine leak and Trump is showing that people can’t just take cheap shots at him. He can publicly tear this guy to pieces and the Brits will have no come back. And that is not about Trump’s ego, he’s been under relentless 24/7 media attack for the last two years, some of which have been orchestrated from Britain! You will see that as the swamp creatures swirl around the pond many heads will roll, heads that have unnecessarily made an enemy of the president. That is stupid people. The Brit Ambassador is just one of them.


Well, knowing that the UK ambassador to DC is not a small position is among my reasoning to reach to that conclusion. The person who occupies this position is within the power structure and many powerful people back him. There’s really no justification to change him unless the US administration refuses to work with him and since leaving the situation like that would be harmful for UK, he should be replaced.

Hunt even blamed “hostile foreign government” (read Russia, is there anybody beside Russia as the Britain government’s favourite boogeyman?) for the leak of a report which he himself is it’s recipient; without -as usual- any kind of investigation.

And of course whoever planned this counted on Trump’s ego and if prior actions of someone is any indication for their future behaviour, they were right in their assessment. Trump cannot tolerate the tiniest of criticism and in the past repeatedly took refuge to Twitter to smear the ones who dared to criticize him with no regard to his position -as the president of 300 and some millions country- or his criticizers, big or small. Knowing this, it’s fairly easy to take Trump where they want, “they” being the ones with enough access and also motivation to do something harmful.

But feel free to disagree, As I pointed out, it’s my personal take. Naturally you have your own opinion.

PS. What a shock! Darroch resigned, despite May’s defence. Let’s see who will replace him. I think the next one will be an Israel-firster Johnson crony (a passionate Zionist if you will) as there’s no difference between Johnson and Hunt in this regard.

Concrete Mike

I havent seen him either, he will be fine .

Rakean Jaya

Glad to see you back Garga, I have saw him at fortress and thesaker. Always excited to read your analysis.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

both problem countries


the best solution would be if the world would say, could say, that it will no longer work with the idiot in the white house, or any other idiots from washington dc.

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