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‘We Were Facing An Angry Mob’: Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Tell Their Side Of The Story

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Update (1115ET): The St. Louis couple seen defending their mansion on Sunday have spoken publicly about what happened.

'We Were Facing An Angry Mob': Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Tell Their Side Of The Story

Personal injury lawyers Mark McCloskey, 63, and his wife Patricia, 61, told KMOV4 that they were having dinner with family outside their home when the BLM protesters broke through iron gates marked with “No Trespassing” and “Private Street” and “rushed” towards their home.

'We Were Facing An Angry Mob': Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Tell Their Side Of The Story

“A mob of at least 100 smashed through the historic wrought iron gates of Portland Place, destroying them, rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear of our lives,” said Mark McCloskey.

According to police, the couple told protesters that they were on trespassing on a private street and needed to leave. Shortly after, the couple grabbed their guns after noticing several armed protesters in the crowd, shouting threats.

“This is all private property. There are no public sidewalks or public streets. We were told that we would be killed, our home burned and our dog killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob,” McCloskey told News 4. –KMOV4

'We Were Facing An Angry Mob': Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Tell Their Side Of The Story

*  *  *

A St. Louis couple armed themselves and stood outside their mansion as a group of Black Lives Matter protesters who had broken into their gated community shuffled past while chanting.

The couple, identified as attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey, engaged in a shouting match with the protesters, waving what appeared to be an AR-15 rifle and a pistol (albeit employing terrible muzzle and trigger discipline and without cover).

As the Gateway Pundit‘s Cassandra Fairbanks notes, the BLM protesters can be clearly be seen entering a gate into the McCloskey’s private community.

Following the incident people began calling for the McCloskeys to be doxed – resulting in at least one publication removing their address from a 2018 article detailing the extensive renovations they performed on the 1912 mansion.

'We Were Facing An Angry Mob': Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Tell Their Side Of The Story
Photo by Alise O’Brien via St. Louis Mag

Records show the McCloskeys have donated to both Republicans and Democrats over the years, including $4,000 to the Democratic party and at least $2,400 to the Trump campaign.

'We Were Facing An Angry Mob': Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Tell Their Side Of The Story

One of those calling for doxing the McCloskeys, ‘anti-racism executive coach‘ Kyle Dennis, restricted his Twitter account after he himself was doxed.

'We Were Facing An Angry Mob': Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Tell Their Side Of The Story

And now – watch the left try their hardest to cancel the McCloskeys for letting the protesters, who had broken into their gated community, that they would not be victims.

Meanwhile, the memes didn’t take long:

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Who smashed the gate? It was intact when the BLM marchers went through it.
And the ‘threat’? That developed after he appeared with his gun. He certainly got their attention.

chris chuba

Being a bit picky, this couple showed more restraint than the police have recently. If 20+ protesters who hate the 1% break into your palatial estate, it is reasonable to feel threatened and they did not shoot anyone.

Don’t know why this author is criticizing the couple for not taking cover, the entire point was to have the guns visible to intimidate the crowd to keep them away. Regarding muzzle discipline. I’m fine with the guy, he’s pointing the gun sideways, was he supposed to point it down? He should get a B.
The woman, yeah, should not point a pistol directly at someone. That’s an escalation, give her a D. Not a gun owner willing to learn.

Peter Moy

Once again readers of this website, this is just another example of how a country is a sick, degenerate, violent, crime-infested cesspool. The US society has run amok. What this couple did was correct: they didn’t wait to call the police who now have their hands tied and didn’t want to end up as just one of many crime victims on a daily basis in the so-called “greatest country in the world” -according to the endless media propaganda. I own a rifle and as a last resort, will use it to defend myself if I were in a life threatening situation at home. I will never rely on any politician or the police.


would anybody do different?

J Roderet

Agreed. However, the article mentioned that the couple are “personal injury” attorneys, which is one of the most corrupt and parasitic “professions” in the USA. “Personal injury” attorneys are even worse than divorce attorneys. My sympathy for them instantly disappeared when I read that little detail…

chris chuba

“personal injury” attorneys, which is one of the most corrupt and parasitic “professions” in the USA.

LOL but don’t forget their partners in crime, Chiropractors, ‘my client has whiplash’.

I still give them a pass in this instance because they didn’t hurt anyone. One look at the wife and I would have ran for my life. She had that ‘my husband just cheated on me with the hot Nail Salon girl and someone is going to pay’.


True but even if we don’t like them, hard to disagree with their action.


Did the couple employ Sarin gas during this episode, I wonder?



Dick Von Dast'Ard
Icarus Tanović

Wealthy punks with guns. There are wealthy punks without guns. Seem that they’ve been making all this thing up.

cechas vodobenikov

these ignorant antiauthoritarian ill mannered bullies —so insecure that they cowered when face with resistance….envious stupid savages—-idiot amerikans tolerate any stupidity; obviously marxists don’t


Not in same league as stalin.


Lucky neither side played chicken.


Dangerous times there, where right and wrong is all mixed up and decision are made without due process.


This shows why the US 2nd Amendment isn’t as crazy as its made out to be. Yeah, it sucks when some moron goes on a shooting spree. Repeatedly. But on the other hand. when crazy BLM looters come to ransack your home, uh, peaceful loving anti-racism protesters come to peacefully tell you about your white privilege, you’ll be glad if you have an assault rifle to explain your side of the argument to them. Although personally I would have gotten an AK-47. Because nothing spells irony more then using Communism’s greatest physical export product to explain to Communists to get off your lawn.


Popup lawn sprinklers retrofitted to deploy gas coulda been a useful tool in the box.

Anyone with two functioning brain cells supports Ken & Karen for defending their property, but the couple are tactical noobs and it shows.

Ken shoulda taken cover at least; also, there was bad muzzle discipline particularly from the wife. Karen shoulda been sent back inside the house with that cheap .380 and been ready to deploy a sandwich once her man was done warding off the red Mob.

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