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JULY 2020

We need to get out of Iraq and Syria now! | Tulsi Gabbard


Despite the war-like rhetoric of the Trump administration, there are voices of reason in the US.




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  • LR captain

    smart woman too bad Mossad and the CIA might report next week that She committed suicide because of depression, while doctor that performs her autopsy with suffer a so called “heart attack” while enjoying their “free vacation” at Israeli resort. Thus the autopsy report of gabbard is finished by a university student. who then suddenly finds that his student loans are gone and replaced by $120,000 “supposedly” left to him by now dead autopsy doctor.

    That is how the game is played gentlemen kill the target, and then kill whoever can prove you did it.

    just how king David killed that same assassins that he used the kill sal’s remaining sons so there was no one to object to his claim of the Jewish throne.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Most of the “white” middle class is scared that their kids will be drafted as a war with Iran will make the one sided wars in Iraq and Afghanistan look like a picnic. There were 30 quite large spontaneous demonstrations against the illegal killing of General Soleimani in major US cities.

      • igybundy

        reported by no US media other than a small demonstration against jay walking..

      • Superfly


    • Codenamed ‘Gordon’

      Trump was smart too when he was not yet POTUS.


      they all become warmongers in the oval office study

      • Luke Hemmming

        They get like this because the Intel agencies pull out the ‘dirt file’s’ that they have compiled over many years from sources such as Epstein and Mossad madam Maxine and blackmail the POTUS into doing thy bidding. I bet the dirt files have some really juicy, toe curling and sickening material in them. Some sources that i read suggest Trump has been involved in underage sex, ordered a hit on a young girl to shut her and her family up, he has gay tendencies or bi at the least and he has had dealings with Russian criminal gangs. Trump is so far up to his neck in criminal activity that he has no choice but to do what he is told by the dual citizen Israeli first Zionist puppet masters that blackmail him into doing their dirty work. Pure satanic evil worshippers these humans are. No soul because they sold theirs to the devil years ago.

        • Z.P.

          Actually it was Hoover who invented and started all that doing systematically Long before IsraHell, Mossad or Epstein
          So I doubt that FBI stopped that practice immediately when Hoover retired.

          Hoover is the father of modern Surveillance State methods described by G. Orvell in “1984”.

          All you say about Trump is probably so but than that is exactly the reason why is he chosen to be one of the candidates.
          Because he was already deeply compromised

        • zman

          Then again, he is in his element and no coercion is really necessary. Anyone who has been aware of Trump and his shit for the last 40 years knows of all this. Those he cavorts with are the ‘deep state’…the ones who are making him do ‘bad things’ and framing him. LOL.

    • Albert Pike

      Yeah that one might not survive for much longer. But who knows, she might be a plant for later, for after the lost war, when the globalists have disarmed the Trumpheads, since all the candidates they are actors…

      • zman

        If they are an American politician, then they are suspect until proven innocent. American politics has the habit of creating patriots, heros or saviours to elect, who end up doing the same as the devil they replace. Just witness the last 40 years of US politics alone. Gabbard says mostly all the right things, but she also said that Assad gassed his own people, committed war crimes and has not questioned the OPCW report. Her only claim to fame is bring home the troops. Who else said that?

  • Mehmet Aslanak

    She will be muted by ruling elite or deep state of the US. Trump named them industrial-military-media complex & hinted that they were also behind the 9/11 attacks in order to end the recession of year 2000.

    • Z.P.

      “named them industrial-military-media complex & hinted that they were also behind the 9/11 attacks”

      The last time I have checked 9/11 it was Jews+Saudis+local US traitors in and around US government who did that crime.
      That is serious statement there.
      Do you have any credible source to back that up?

  • Kell McBanned

    Tulsi the last hope?
    I think its to late – the die has been cast and its the Zionist Terrorist Extremists that will be responsible for whats to come!

  • Z.P.

    Tulsi ( if not Manchurian candidate) is the only shining star in US politics since JFK.
    Person who has enough common sens to see US evil Empire ways of endless abuse and unjustified terror around the globe.
    Patriotic enough to understand the total impasse for the American people in this situation.
    She is the last voice of reason that rotten Empire has.
    If sincere she is direct enemy of “deep state” and everything evil that controls US (and tries to control the planet).
    If ever gets close to be elected she will share destiny of JFK, MLK.

  • Christian S

    American troops are serving endless zionist wars acting as imperial wardog mercenaries to create chaos in order for zionist imperialism to expand the yinon plan. Lead by bought off prostitues in the pentagon the US army and USAF break records in destroying sovereign nations and its infrastructure, killing tens of millions worldwide and maintaining sanctions surpressing many more of living standards and refugee status, how long till US high ups will revolt till the zionist occupation of US, what happend to the white knights

    • Z.P.

      Not so long any more.
      People are fed up with US terrorism and it will soon start to come to the surface.

  • hvaiallverden

    With all respect TG, and I mean it, and dont regard my cousing of words as attacking you personally, its just what I have observed thru the years, whatever you mean and say means jack shit, sorry, again, I dont doubt your comitment, but we know that the force behind this, runs your Gov and Trump, and there is nothing either we nor you can do about that, thats why we are even here to write this, because this is whats been planed for years, aka witch path to persia, and so on, and I was never in doubt, just the timeline and now when everything is coming to an cross road, the only road from now on is war.
    The time right now is earily packed with dejavus, I have read, heard everything before, and thats why I dont go to deep, its not nessecery, because the war as and is coming and have been in the line for years.
    MADeline Albright.
    It was wurth it, 500 000 Iraqi children, yeah, and you think they have changed, and I wounder what will the 5 colums ruling Iraq to day do, huh, piss on their graves to fuel their own pockets.

    But hey, they where just “sandniggers”, not even close to the same level of horror as if an Jew breakes hers finger nail.

    Thats the way it is.

    I am not even surpirced that the Trumps MiniMe, Bozo the Clowns new Gov, only used some few weeks to show their true faces, yeah, the rethoric is even so bad it hurts, their justifications tells me either are they idiots, or just rotten to their bone marrow, when the Brits claims the assasination is legale, yeah, should tell us all about whom runs Britain, and even that didnt surpirce me, its after all, good to know, we all can see where their alegiance lies, as far up Trumpsteins ass its possible to go.
    And the rest, France, the Germs, Russia words isnt wurth 5 rotting herrings, and China, forget them, Iraq well, what I already see, is that nothing will change, M.Sard is an western puppet and is more intrested in keeping the status quo because of just that, status, the rest, well, again, I dont think anything will happen, the UssA will stay.


    • bob

      Saddam killed those kids

      They weren’t his “people” so he made sure those against him payed

      Those dead children died because of the old Iraqi regime

  • bob

    What a silly girlie

    She should go and live in Iran!

    • jaimeintexas

      You should go and live in Saudi Arabia!

  • FlorianGeyer

    Tulsi Gabbard is the voice of reason in a nation of moral retards.